Sven_vBok my idea of volunteering just collapsed under the requirements, so... can I win some approved docs people to fix some web design issues on help.ubuntu.com? most urgent for me, there's that anonymous table with direct styling around the div.table-of-contents, could someone give a class or id to that? it even looks like it should probably be a <nav> instead of a single cell table.13:54
pleia2Sven_vB: are you able to send a message to the mailing list about this? I don't think the folks who can make changes are always in channel13:56
pleia2we mostly collaborate on the mailing list13:56
Sven_vBif the list allows, i could send a fire&forget mail. really joining and getting accustomed to the list would look more tedious than making my proxy rewrite it for my part of the internet.13:59
pleia2you need to be subscribed14:02
pleia2(the Ubuntu mailing lists get a TON of spam otherwise)14:04
Sven_vBok... maybe i can find a bug tracker and file a feature request for the docs instead14:04
pleia2yeah, the link in the footer of all the pages will work14:04
pleia2assuming it's the static docs on help.ubuntu.com, and not the wiki at help.ubuntu.com/community/14:06
Sven_vBindeed, above problem is on wiki pages14:10
Sven_vBI followed the wiki guide's link to login with Launchpad, and instead it leads me to Ubuntu one, have they been merged?14:11
pleia2they have14:12
Sven_vBthr transition from UbuntuOne back to help.… takes forever :<14:15
Sven_vBand I haven't even figured out which project to file the bug for. maybe i should start the local fixing approach14:16
pleia2yeah, they put a lot of caching in on the wiki since the moinmoin software version we're using hasn't scaled well14:16
pleia2so everything is slow14:16
pleia2many discussions about switching to a different wiki, but we're all volunteers and none of us has time to work on such a project14:16
Sven_vBat least now I have an idea why there's still a table in the code. :D14:18
pleia2you can file the comments against the ubuntu-doc project and someone will re-file if needed14:18
pleia2but yeah, not at all surprised by use of tables, it's old14:19
Sven_vBso that launchpad login link lead me to ubuntu one which lead me back to the wiki. then i follow the "ubuntu-wiki-editors Launchpad team" link and shall login to launchpad, but this time using launchpad's version of Ubuntu one which my browser hasn't saved the password for... this is chaos14:26
pleia2I know, I wish it wasn't such a mess14:27
pleia2the LP/Ubuntu One switch was done by Canonical IS with no communication with the community, and apparently fixing it isn't a priority of them, so we're pretty stuck14:28
Sven_vBso finally i arrived at https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-doc but there's no button to file a bug. :< i guess it's like Ubuntu forums where they expect me to clairvoyantly guess that buttons will appear once i login? (or joined the team and get approved in this case)14:31
pleia2that's the team, you want the project: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc14:32
Sven_vBoh ok, thanks14:32
Sven_vBit's filed. in case anyone wants to add heat: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docs/+bug/161330914:37
pleia2thank you14:38
Sven_vByw :)14:38

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