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* ahoneybun tries to build ubiquity again18:48
ahoneybunand breaks18:51
ahoneybunerrors: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23059279/18:54
cyphermoxahoneybun: lemme fix that now19:15
ahoneybunthanks cyphermox, thats when I grab the source from our repos19:50
ahoneybunsince there are files in d-i that are not on LP19:51
cyphermoxall the files are in LP and the archive20:24
cyphermoxwhen you pull the source for ubiquity, make sure you run 'make -C d-i/ update'20:24
ahoneybunthose are missing in LP20:40
ahoneybunonly in source20:40
ahoneybunany update cyphermox?21:15
ahoneybunhyo mpt21:15
cyphermoxahoneybun: they aren't missing, it's pulled from the archive.21:35
ahoneybunwhat is?21:35
ahoneybuncyphermox: I built it on LP and same error: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/279127389/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.ubiquity_16.10.9_BUILDING.txt.gz21:50
acheronukError with new GCC 6?22:00
ahoneybunthanks acheronuk22:00
acheronukA new warning -Wmisleading-indentation was added to -Wall, warning about places where the indentation of the code might mislead a human reader about the control flow:22:01
acheronukand the log says "cc1: all warnings being treated as errors"22:02
ahoneybuncyphermox: seems to be a GCC6 issue22:02
cyphermoxWe already know and its no longer an issue netcfg was fixed already.23:46
clivejocyphermox: you know about the GCC6 FTBFS?23:52

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