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bjfstgraber, can you point me at the latest version of you lxc exercise script?17:24
stgraberbjf: https://github.com/lxc/lxc-pkg-ubuntu/blob/dpm-yakkety/debian/tests/exercise17:25
stgraberso whatever we currently have in the archive17:25
jbichahi, should Ubuntu follow this? https://bugs.debian.org/79509017:49
ubot5Debian bug 795090 in perf-tools-unstable "perf-tools-unstable: please update Depends: linux-tools to linux-perf" [Normal,Fixed]17:49
jbichaperf-tools-unstable is currently uninstallable in yakkety-proposed because of that17:49
jbichaI'm thinking about just reverting the change in Ubuntu's perf-tools-unstable for now17:50

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