michael_Can someone help me? I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux overall and only my speakers work but my headphones aren't and I looked through a lot of forums but didn't found a solution.01:56
pavlosright click on the sound prefs and select the headphones01:58
michael_The problem is that it doesn't show me headphones02:00
michael_It only shows built in audio analog which is the speakers and HD audio controller Surround 7.102:01
michael_Which should be the headphones but it doesn't work02:01
pavlosif you plug in headphones, lsusb should list them as a device. Does it?02:03
michael_I have 3 different headphones and none of them showed up02:04
michael_I would ask my dad cause he works in Canonical but he is sleeping right now02:04
pavlosI just plugged in my headphones and lsusb gives me Bus 001 Device 003: ID 047f:c01f Plantronics, Inc.02:05
pavlosright click on the speaker (top right), Sound Prefs, Hardware it lists the headphones02:06
michael_It only lists Built in audio and GM204 for me02:07
michael_Is there a chance that I'm missing a driver?02:07
pavlosdo you know the headphone model#02:08
michael_I only know the headphone model of my razer kraken02:09
michael_But I read that Razer doesn't support linux02:09
pavlossorry dont know what razer kraken is02:11
francisany body here?06:22
francishi john06:31
francishi lichenx06:35
johnc4510francis: hey06:37
johnc4510busy roaming06:37
franciswer u from?06:42
francisHi abhishek06:43
francisi see06:43
francisim from philippines06:43
francishow long uv been using ubunto mate?06:44
johnc4510couple of yrs, but i used gnome exclusively before that06:45
francisi see me just now06:45
johnc4510ubuntu mate lts is really really nice06:45
francisIm trying to use it to retrieve my crash hard drive06:46
johnc4510ah...what fun06:46
francisusing testdisk and ddrescue but still no luck06:46
francisyup its nice to installing it on raspberry pi 306:46
francisit is also nice to have this kind of chat room06:48
johnc4510sure...i'm kind of use to #ubuntu and #freenode....very lively06:48
johnc4510i've been using ubuntu for about 10 yrs now06:49
francishave you also use this chat room ?06:50
johnc4510nope...first time06:50
gordonjcpjohnc4510: I'm tempted to fire up as many of the old releases as I can in a VM06:50
gordonjcpfrancis: IRC channel, rather than "chat room" :-)06:51
johnc4510gordonjcp: that sounds interesting06:51
gordonjcpjohnc4510: I think the first Ubuntu I used was probably 6.06, so right enough about ten years ago :-)06:51
francisHi gordon06:51
johnc4510yep...probably for me too06:51
francishehe sorry06:51
gordonjcpfrancis: handy hint, when you want to address someone directly, start typing their nickname and hit "TAB" to autocomplete it :-)06:52
johnc4510francis: yep06:52
gordonjcpjohnc4510: mostly I'd used slackware before that, and Debian and RedHat at work06:52
francisI see thanks for sharing06:52
johnc4510yeah i've tried a lot of the distros over the yrs...love to keep an extra hd working...hee hee06:53
franciswhat do u do ? johnc4510 and gordonjcp06:53
francishehe nice06:54
johnc4510sitting up in bed running laptop with ssh, screen, and weechat thru my my desktop06:55
francisgo travel :)06:55
johnc4510use to use irssi all the time but lost my config on a hd meltdown and didnt have the patiences to redo it06:57
johnc4510weechat is pretty close though06:57
johnc4510well, gotta go, dreamland is calling...i may leave the channel open though...later all06:59
francissure take care johnc451006:59
francis:) nice meeting you06:59
* gordonjcp -> work07:01
gordonjcpeep, 8am07:01
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michael_Is there any way to play SWTOR on Ubuntu?08:02
alkisgmichael_: install playonlinux and select to install it from its menu08:09
michael_Thanks, also what's the keyboard shortcut to switch language in linux like Shift+alt in Windows08:11
alkisgIt can be Alt+Shift, it depends on your language08:12
alkisgWhat's the output of this? setxkbmap -query08:13
alkisg(if you run that on a terminal)08:13
michael_The language I want to switch to is hebrew08:13
alkisgOK, paste the output here08:14
michael_This is the output?08:15
michael_rules:      evdev08:15
michael_model:      pc10508:15
michael_layout:     us,il08:15
michael_variant:    ,08:15
alkisglayout:     us,gr08:16
alkisgoptions:    grp:alt_shift_toggle08:16
alkisgThis is mine08:16
alkisgI have the "alt_shift_toggle" option, to be able to switch with alt+shift08:16
alkisgDid you install in english, or in hebrew?08:16
alkisgThat's why you didn't get the proper settings08:17
alkisgIt would be better to install in Hebrew, and then select english on login08:17
michael_And later installed hebrew in the language support08:17
alkisgNow try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration08:17
alkisgAnd select the correct settings there, then reboot08:17
michael_It tells me the keyboard configuration isn't installed08:20
alkisgAre you using ubuntu-mate?08:20
alkisgMaybe you typed something wrong?08:21
michael_Yes I'm using mate08:22
alkisgYou probably typed something wrong then, try copy/pasting the command08:23
michael_I finally found it, It was in the Control center in keyboard08:31
michael_There were a few options like Shift+alt and ctrl+alt, Thanks anyways08:32
alkisgmichael_: that's a per user option for the graphics environment only, while what I said is the correct system-wide approach08:35
alkisgBut whatever you want08:35
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francisanyone here experience retrieving unallocated hard disk? and its not even can initialize09:15
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asdfgpioI'm running from a live CD.10:18
Abdullwelcome SCHAAP13718:56
Abdullwelcome stooj18:57
Abdullcan i get simple help?18:58
Abdullim noob18:58
Abdullbut i cant change time from 24 to 1218:58
Abdullthat function is not there18:58
Abdullmy clock show 21:5918:59
Abdullany help please?18:59
Akulidconf write /org/mate/panel/objects/clock/prefs/format "'12-hour'"19:03
Akulishould work19:04
DarkPsydeLordthats simple19:04
DarkPsydeLordo lol19:04
DarkPsydeLordtoo slow19:04
Akulithe askubuntu answer has screwed up with quotes19:04
DarkPsydeLorddconf write /org/mate/panel/objects/clock/prefs/format "'12-hour"' <---19:06
DarkPsydeLordresponse to fast to spell check19:06
Akulii'm pretty sure it should be "'12-hour'"19:06
Akulior maybe its '"12-hour"'19:06
DarkPsydeLordfirst one is correct19:07
SCHAAP137hi Abdull19:08
rahtgazIt should be any in fact, no? I mean, there's no variable expansion. Just the need for a quoted string19:09
Akuli'"12-hour"' will be unquoted to "12-hour"19:10
Akuliand "'12-hour'" will be unquoted to '12-hour'19:10
Abdulli will test it now19:10
Abdullthanks all for your help19:10
Akulii think dconf will care about which it gets19:10
Akulior maybe not19:10
rahtgazprecisely. it shouldn't matter. Unless there was a shell special character there, like $ or *. In that case, the first form wouldn't work19:11
Abdulli think i need to reboot to change take affect right19:11
Akulilog out and log back in19:11
rahtgazwell, maybe it does... dconf is so picky sometimes19:11
Akulidconf settings are user-wide19:11
Abdullits now show 22:1119:11
Akuliso logging in again is enough19:11
Abdullno buttun for logout and login in mate19:12
Abdullits my first day in ubuntu mate19:12
rahtgazIt's on the System menu19:12
Abdulli will try reboot and will be back19:12
DarkPsydeLordsometimes chars need to be scaped19:12
Abdullthanks for help me19:12
rahtgazHope he didn't reboot :)19:13
rahtgazit was on the system menu19:13
DarkPsydeLordhe did XD19:13
abdulltoo bad its not work19:15
rahtgazyou mean the clock on the panel (top right)?19:16
abdulli think its show in left side becoz im arab19:16
abdullin our lang is right to left19:16
abdulli think it shuld be there a function for change time from 24hour to 12 but i dont think its display like a bug or something19:17
rahtgazif you right-click it and select Preferences, you can change the hour sformat19:17
abdullcan you write the full dirctaroty19:18
abdullfor that file19:18
abdullabdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ /sformat/format19:19
abdullbash: /sformat/format: No such file or directory19:19
abdullabdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ /sformat/format19:19
abdullbash: /sformat/format: No such file or directory19:19
abdullabdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ /sformat/format19:19
abdullbash: /sformat/format: No such file or directory19:19
abdullabdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ /sformat/format19:19
abdullbash: /sformat/format: No such file or directory19:19
abdulli think its bug19:20
rahtgazabdull: wait. Take a deep breath and follow me here :)19:20
rahtgazare you listening?19:20
abdullok sure19:20
abdullyes im with you19:20
rahtgazso are you talking about the clock that is at the top right of your screen?19:21
abdullits built in with mate19:21
abdullits fresh install19:21
rahtgazclick it with the right button of your mouse19:21
rahtgazand select the Preferences option from the menu that drops down19:21
abdullyes keep goin19:22
rahtgaz]in the window that is now showing, do you see a 12 hour and 24 hour time format that you can choose?19:22
abdullits there19:23
abdulli mean its there by default for ubuntu mate19:23
abdullbut its not appar in my system19:23
rahtgazwhat do you want to do?19:23
rahtgazoh I see19:23
abdullAs far as I know the date time display in the panel follows the language settings from "Language Support" => "Regional Formats".19:24
abdulli think that what happend to me19:24
rahtgazno. That's got nothing to do with it. I think you have a different version of Ubuntu-MATE19:24
abdullits lts version19:24
abdullLinux Abdullah-HP 4.4.0-34-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 27 16:06:39 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:25
rahtgazopen a terminal window19:25
rahtgazand type the following19:26
abdullok sure19:26
rahtgazlsb_release -a19:26
rahtgazpaste it here19:26
abdullabdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ lsb_release -a19:26
abdullNo LSB modules are available.19:26
abdullDistributor ID: Ubuntu19:26
abdullDescription: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS19:26
abdullRelease: 16.0419:26
abdullCodename: xenial19:26
rahtgazI have to see this with my own eyes... do you mean to say that on the time preferences window you opened when you chose preferences there was no 12/24 hour format? Can you post a screenshot of that window?19:27
abdullim so sure there is no 12/24 in abdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ lsb_release -a19:28
abdullNo LSB modules are available.19:28
abdullDistributor ID: Ubuntu19:28
abdullDescription: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS19:28
abdullRelease: 16.0419:28
abdullCodename: xenial19:28
abdullim so sure there is no 12/24 in  preferences19:28
abdullwait i can send you pic19:28
rahtgazplease do19:28
abdulli think its becoz the mate version is arabic19:28
abdulland its think i only have 24 format19:28
rahtgazthat could be it indeed. I don't know though. That's a great question for the Ubuntu-MATE forums, even if you find the answer here or elsewhere19:29
abdullsee this line19:31
abdullThis option is not shown if your session language does not use the 12 hour clock.19:31
rahtgazyou folks don't use that format over there?19:32
* rahtgaz nods19:32
abdulli never in my life use that time format19:32
rahtgazI think I understand the problem then.19:33
rahtgazso what you want to do exactly?19:33
abdulli need help to make it 12 clock19:33
rahtgazThe previous option in which you used dconf didn't work. But it should. So it's likely more involving than that and it's got to do something with the regional settings just like you suspected19:35
pavlosthe clock prefs should look like this http://imgur.com/a/GX3OC19:35
abdullthis is the pic https://i.gyazo.com/cd90e8a392715456898a44122dcc155f.png19:35
rahtgazSo I would advise you to go to the #ubuntu channel. There ask if there is any ubuntu arabic channel because you need help changing your regional settings19:35
rahtgazpavlos: he's not seeing the clock format options there.19:36
abdullin ubuntu and linux mint and xubuntu its work fine19:37
rahtgazabdull: with any luck there may even be some arabic users there than will be able to help you straight away19:37
abdullmaybe its the new 16.04 lts ubuntu?19:37
rahtgazI don't know, I'm sorry :(19:37
pavlosrahtgaz, the only thing I found is to edit his .profile and export LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-819:38
abdulli will do that now19:38
rahtgazpavlos that's a good idea!19:38
pavlosthen logout/login19:38
abdullnano .profile19:38
abdulland add this line "export LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-8" to the last line?19:39
abdulland save?19:39
abdullis that currect19:39
abdullabdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ nano .profile19:39
abdullabdullah@Abdullah-HP:~$ export LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-819:39
abdulli do both19:39
abdullits work thanks19:42
abdullthanks for your help both of you19:42
abdullim thanksful19:43
pavloswell done19:43
abdullnow i can read time currect19:43
abdullthanks for aowsom frindly group19:44
rahtgazhave fun. and don't forget to send pavlos a fattoush19:45
pavlosthat's a bread salad with pita ... sure.19:46
abdullin our contry our famus is al kabsa19:46
rahtgazlove your food19:47
KR121Hey guys I've just ordered the raspberry pi 3 and plan on installing Mate onto the pi. My only question is how would i go about setting up a vpn on it such as Private Internet Access?20:12

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