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dufluRAOF: I take it an Android backend (or stub) for subpixel is coming?02:38
dufluOr not required?02:38
dufluMaybe x11 too02:39
dufluAwesome. Kernel 4.7 fixes my black screen by turning it into an equally plain orange screen03:34
RAOFduflu: Nested is up next. Android already sets it to _unknown, which might be as good as we can do?04:40
dufluRAOF: I would hope Android can do better. Will grep later. Also x11 should be able with xrandr info..?04:47
RAOFYup. X11 should be reasonably easy.04:47
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dufluRAOF: I can't find any such option for Android/HAL... Probably just as well while unity8 does client-side screen rotation, which would need work in that case05:59
RAOFunity8 could certainly make the appropriate changes.06:00
RAOFOf course, that requires the nested platform to do the right thing, which it doesn't at the moment :)06:00
dufluRAOF: I think it's mostly desktop monitors that U8 just isn't ready for06:00
duflu"low" DPI06:01
RAOFSub-400DPI :)06:01
* duflu is reminded to investigate FRC06:01
dufluRAOF: I think it's also known as DRM_MODE_DITHERING_*  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_rate_control)06:05
RAOFOh, temporal dithering?06:05
dufluRAOF: I noticed recently Macbook Airs still need it06:05
dufluIn 2016 just as they did in 2010 :P06:05
RAOFSeriously? I thought Apple tended to ship non-terrible hardware.06:06
dufluYep, seriously.06:06
dufluIt looks extra bad in Ubuntu like spatial dithering. I think we need to flip a switch06:07
RAOFYay! Trade colour terribleness for 30Hz flicker!06:08
dufluYep... and I only just convinced John Lea to stop shipping pre-dithered wallpaper06:08
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dufluRAOF: What was it you said about relating surfaces to output info before? I have a plan, but don't want to conflict if you have one08:04
RAOFduflu: Pass a MirOutput* as a part of the surface-output event.08:43
dufluRAOF: That's won't work if you need to abstract it to a non-real MirOutput08:43
dufluie. clone mode or overlapping multiple outputs08:44
dufluSo you should probably wait for my general solution08:44
dufluOr go have dinner...08:44
RAOFTrue, but overlapping outputs don't make sense, and clone mode you can happily pick whichever you choose.08:45
dufluRAOF: In clone mode, two physically different arrangements should surely be generalized to disabling sub-pixel?08:46
dufluSimilarly I need to proxy frame timing info08:46
dufluSo it's not that we should say a surface is on output X, but the common traits of the outputs it is on are A,B and C08:47
dufluRAOF: I meant a surface "overlapping" multiple outputs. In such a case what is its subpixel arrangement, and frame interval, and physical resolution etc08:53
dufluThe answer may not match any 'real' output08:53
RAOFIn such a case, you pick one output.08:59
RAOF(Specifically, you pick the output with the highest scale factor ☺)09:00
dufluRAOF: Yeah I get that we can survive with that compromise. And in the single monitor case the answer is absolutely correct. I'm just trying to future-proof09:02
RAOFSurfaces should generally span multiple outputs only transiently, and you can't render them correctly anyway.09:03
dufluRAOF: I used to believe that. Till we were asked to do a monitor "wall" project09:03
dufluOne surface, many monitors09:04
dufluAlthough in that case everything except the phase of display would match09:04
* duflu now remembers what he was looking at09:05
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RAOFFor a video wall wouldn't you just do multiple surfaces?10:30
RAOFOr, alternatively, multiple buffer streams in a single surface.10:30
* ogra_ would just make vlc work :P10:34
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