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zzarrhello! the "Porting to a new device | Ubuntu developer portal" page has not been updated in a very long time, is there a new one?09:28
zzarrthe instructions don't work on a operating system more modern then 14.0409:29
zzarr(not for me on 16.04 in any way)09:29
zzarrI tried with Ubuntu Phablet Teams ppa09:31
davmor2zzarr: I believe mhall119 and mariogrip are working on one09:39
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nanihi can someone tell me how to enable adb at boot up to get kernel messages?11:22
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mterryalex-abreu: I'm on yakkety-proposed and after updating this morning (last update on Friday), webbrowser-app seems busted.  Only shows "the rendering process has been closed for this tab" and reloading does nothing12:44
alex-abreumterry, I am not sure what landed recently in the webbrowser-app, I am just back from holidays now, ... I'll upgrade & check12:45
mterryalex-abreu: there was a webbrowser-app update, but its changelog didn't seem drastic enough to cause this.  But maybe12:46
mterryalex-abreu: welcome back  :)12:47
alex-abreumterry, thanks ;) ... I'll get back to you on this12:47
mterryalex-abreu: separately....  I didn't seem to have sound on webbrowser-app on the desktop (before this problem).  Is that a known issue?12:50
alex-abreumterry, not afaik, ... on which website? any?12:50
mterryalex-abreu: I didn't test widely, I just noticed on irccloud, I wasn't getting the audio cues that someone had pinged me.  I'd go and test youtube, but the rendering issue is stopping me  :)12:51
cwaynemariogrip: hey, did you ever get gps working on oneplus one?12:55
mariogripcwayne: not yet, haven't looked much into gps yet, have been busy with getting it more stable12:56
cwayneah, ok12:57
cwaynethat's my main blocker to stealing my wife's opo and using it as a daily driver :)12:58
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dfiloni@pmcgowan: Hi, I replied to the messaging-app MR, I'm here for any clarification14:58
dfiloni(my english is not very good :) )15:00
pmcgowandfiloni, for the old and new code I always see text like "... leading spaces"15:04
dfiloni@pmcgown: ohh, I think you're referring to keyboard, when I tried to send myself that sms my phone keyboard was always replacing leading spaces with dots15:05
pmcgowandfiloni, how did you test them?15:06
pmcgowanI ssumed it was the textarea not the osk doing the replacement15:06
dfiloniI wrote "a a a a a a a test" and removed all "a" chars15:06
pmcgowanthe ... is annoying as well, wonder why that is happening15:07
pmcgowanso white space form other phones wil work properly let me test again15:07
dfiloniI this it's related to auto-correction, my branch only fixes the viewing15:08
pmcgowandfiloni, ok will try again and comment15:08
dfilonithank you! can I please ask you what's supposed to be the band aids status after a MR? I've not found any documentation :(15:09
pmcgowanI think once the MR is approved it can be fixed committed, then once a silo lands with the fix it can be marked released15:10
dfiloniok, I'll use In progress then, thank you15:11
dobeypmcgowan: no, once silo lands (the change is committed to trunk) then the bug status is changed to fix committed, and then once released in ota, it's fix released15:27
pmcgowandobey, yeah that sounds right thanks dfiloni ^^15:27
dobeyoh, for the band aids project they might do something a little different though15:28
dobeyla_juyis: ^^ can you clarify? :)15:29
dfilonidobey: my question was motivated by the following: how can you know when an aids is in review and when no one is working on it? (supposing the status is Confirmed in both)15:29
dobeydfiloni: if someone is working on it, it should be assigned and "in progress"15:30
dfiloniso I supposed Fix committed was the right one as the bug is also triaged in package15:30
dobeydfiloni: if it's "in review" there should be a branch linked to the bug (bzr commit --fixes=lp:XXXXXX to link a bug when committing), and a merge proposal of that branch made15:30
dfiloniit was "In progress", then I requested a merge, so the status should still be "In progress"?15:31
dobeyit is still in progress15:31
dfilonithis was unclear to me15:32
dfilonithank you!15:32
dobey"fix committed" generally means the fix has been committed to the upstream branch or such, not that you've committed a fix to a branch you're proposing15:32
dobeyganeshi4u: please don't randomly PM people15:36
dobeyganeshi4u: sorry, but no, I can't help you. i don't know much about porting15:36
ganeshi4u@dobey ok sorry,my bad i'll try to search more for the issue15:38
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mterrypete-woods: why does libusermetrics use a django library for its database in the first place?  Seems like an oddly web-centric choice16:24
gb_mksdid someone install the ubuntu-sdk in ubuntu 14.04. I´m having some trouble16:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398569 in schroot (Ubuntu) "overlayfs: handle v3.18 overlay union type" [Medium,Fix released]16:32
javier4_Guys, I think I found out why my /external/openssl/ build fails with this error:16:45
javier4_<command-line>:0:3: error: expected identifier or '(' before numeric constant external/openssl/crypto/bn/bn_gcd.c:212:19: note: in expansion of macro 'Y'  BIGNUM *A,*B,*X,*Y,*M,*D,*T,*R=NULL;16:46
javier4_it seems to me that some file previously set the Y variable, and now the preprocessor try to expand it. I put an #undef Y at the beginning of that function, and actually the file gets built. Build fails later on another file with the same error.16:47
javier4_How could I find which file defines the variable?16:47
mariogriptsimonq2: ping16:50
mariogripmhall119: ping17:37
mhall119mariogrip: pong, you ready?17:37
tsimonq2mariogrip: ping18:03
tsimonq2or rather, pong :P18:03
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javier4_I think I need to set __STDC_VERSION__ for my compiler. Anybody knows what's the smoothest way to do it in the ubuntu tree?21:43
mcphailjavier4_: no idea about your specific situation, but for most compiles, you set the C version from the compiler command line (e.g. "-std=gnu99")21:59
cwaynewhats the best way to debug why location-service is failing to start?22:01
cwaynetvoss: ^22:01
javier4_mcphail, thanks for your reply. my tree makes some check on that variable, but my compiler doesn't set it, and this make fail some build. I know that I could set it on commandline, but I want to know what's the best way to include it cleanly inside the tree: adding a flag in a makefile? defining it in a c source file?22:03
mcphailjavier4_: generally, you pass it as a CFLAG variable to the ./configure script or the makefile22:04
mcphailjavier4_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFLAGS22:06
javier4_mcphail, thanks again. But I know a little about cflags. My doubt are in regards of the ubuntu tree. Should I set it in the toplevel makefile? Or somewhere else?22:07
mcphailjavier4_: I haven't ever tried to compile the ubuntu tree, so I wouldn't be able to help22:08
SebthreeBQM10HDis there a link for ota 1322:08
SebthreeBQM10HDthe features22:08
SebthreeBQM10HDI guess so22:08
SebthreeBQM10HDbeen trying to find that before, but no luck22:08
mcphailjavier4_: it is odd that this isn't set by default, although I think recent versions of GCC have switched from using C90 to C11 by default22:10
mcphailjavier4_: you "never" set __STDC_VERSION__ directly yourself, of course22:10
javier4_mcphail, I use a mediatek customized toolchain (they patched gcc, too...), it seems to be left unset, and in a clang sourcefile I found this directive22:12
javier4_mcphail, // RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c99 -E -dM < /dev/null | FileCheck -check-prefix C99 %s22:12
javier4_/ C99:#define __STDC_VERSION__ 199901L22:12
javier4_but clang is not built by ubuntu code. It's instead built by my android tree, and in fact aosp build without problems.22:13
mcphailjavier4_: without knowing the code and the build process I'm not goin to be of any help, I'm afraid22:17
javier4_mcphail, thanks anyway.22:21
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