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ColonelPanic001I also am not permitted to get to my gutters14:02
ColonelPanic001mainly by laziness and a mild bit of acrophobia14:02
cmaloneyThat is not a good combo14:33
shakes808Scary_Guy: sorry, didn't make it downtown this weekend.  how was it?15:29
Scary_Guynot a bad turnout, 85 people15:33
Scary_Guyno where as good as it used to be, sucks that 85 is "good" now15:34
Scary_Guyalso, drama was minor so that was nice15:34
jrwrendo they post playlists?15:34
Scary_GuyCharle's doesn't, but I do and my guest DJ actually kept one15:35
Scary_Guyas soon as I get to it I'll copy it off the laptop and send it to him, he can fill in the blanks and send it back15:35
Scary_Guythen I'll post itup15:35
Scary_Guy|m| {-_-} |m|15:37
* greg-g yawns15:57
shakes808awesome! would love to hear what you played.15:58
Scary_Guyfuck, my uptime is 54 days for my desktop system.  not my longest record but I'm still impressed when it happens16:15
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hates_piercehaha, so i guess this changes in all the channels that I am in :)  Disregard the name change.  :D18:54
gamerchick02fsck fixed my laptop. woohoo!23:55
jrwrenlove that23:55

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