teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:06
pleia2I'm giving a 16.04 presentation tonight at PLUG West14:34
pleia2should be fun :)16:03
waltmanYou know I've never seen Unity in action? I've never run an ubuntu desktop, and I've managed to miss all the PLUG talks about it.16:52
pleia2unfortunately you also won't see it at this presentation, hahaha16:52
pleia2I usually give the talk on my Ubuntu laptop, but I didn't bring it with me16:52
pleia2so you get Xubuntu16:52
pleia2my tablet will have Unity, it switches between the tablet version and desktop version of Unity 8 (Unity 7 is the default on desktops though)16:53
* pleia2 updates slides16:54
waltmanI'm not convinced there even IS a Unity!17:07
waltmanI was working on my slides last night17:08

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