Omnifroghow is that case still alive?03:23
netritiousHowdy everyone have a good weekend?19:41
wrsthey netritious doing well how are you?19:44
wrstoh and netritious, what do you think gives with this? http://susquehannamobile.org/cares-program-store/3-month-bundle19:44
netritiousPretty good wrst! Finally on at the same time lol19:45
wrstyes sir the stars and the planets have aligned :)19:46
netritiousThat looks pretty neat wrst. Sounds almost to good to be true. Is it?19:48
wrstI'm 150 bucks into it and seeing :)19:49
wrstI called them I'm sure they have a grant of some sort and they are a not for profit deal19:49
wrstif it works my quest is going to be the best way to get that to a "real" router19:49
wrstthinking of just using dd-wrt as a repeater and running all my networking through it19:49
wrst10 devices won't cut it in my house, but sprints LTE is a lot better than my DSL19:50
netritiousThat would be a sweet setup. Let me know how that goes.19:50
wrstwill do, you can use USB for tethering, I have a mikrotik router with usb but not for sure if that function will work or not I don't see it as supported19:51
wrst3-5 days and I should have some idea19:52
netritiousStill the tinkerer I see.19:53
wrstha ha of course, I mean really if that works for that type of pricing I will do away with DSL eventually19:53
wrstbought the 3 month plan19:54
wrstI get around 25-30 down and 5-8 up with sprint at my house19:54
wrstI'm paying 110 bucks for 16/119:54
wrsttotal bill with taxes and the phone I don't want19:54
netritiousDSL is slowly dying. Reminds me of AOL..19:56
wrstI'm ready to put a bullet in it19:56
wrstthey are however running fiber and I could get fiber to the home right now19:56
wrstoh and may try to track one of these down for the ethernet port: https://www.netgear.com/service-providers/products/mobile/mobile-hotspots/78XS-cradle.aspx?cid=wmt_netgear_organic19:57
netritiousWhoops, sorry...not yelling19:58
wrstplus about another 40 bucks to all of that for phones19:58
wrstand no I would understand yelling about it :D19:58
netritiousHey someone bought my handle+.or trying to sell dieting software.20:00
netritious+.org I meant20:01
netritiousThat's hilarious because I probably need that software in my life heh20:03
netritiouswrst: I am really getting into lxd/lxc on xenial.20:04
wrstha ha20:10
wrstnetritious: I'm using a mac right now... I do have a xenial server running at home20:10
wrstshhh don't tell cyberanger20:10
netritiousLol. cyberanger secretly loves ubuntu, everyone knows it.20:12
netritiousChecking out ansible too. I've been avoiding it, but I think it's time to try to learn python again.20:15
netritiousThe last time I tried, it took me hours just to write a simple http client to fetch a page. Iirc it just felt awkward.20:17
netritiousBut it seems like python is every darn place now.20:18
wrstnetritious: i didn't want him to know i was using  OS X :)20:34
netritiousOh, lol.20:35
wrsthave been for a few months, works well for me, because i really don't use a comuter at home that much20:36
netritiousIf you were to hand cyberanger a mac with osx or a pc with windows 10 I bet he picks the mac with osx.20:37
netritiousOr just walks away...that's more likely maybe.20:37
wrstha ha probably20:40
wrstOS X has all the UNIXYness I need I can easily do whatever i want to do especially with the help of macports20:41
wrstplus can run MS Office and been getting into Abelton Live on the music side of things20:41
wrstbut of course all my important stuff still resides and runs on linux20:42
netritiousLike freed ports? If so ports are cool.20:42
wrstyeah just installed some things like irssi easily and a few little command line tools, but OS X has most of what i want out of the box20:43
netritiousTux, I Choose You! If only Tux was a pokemon...20:44
wrstmy wife who is a badge wearing member of the grammar police would appreciate that correction :)20:45
netritiousHa ha. My wife has Masters in English. I'm not allowed to get away with much :)20:46
wrstha ha I would imagine not :)20:47
netritiousWell time to get ready for daughter's open house at school.20:47
netritiousGood chatting with you wrst! Promise I'll bbl!20:48
* wrst has heard that one before !20:48
wrstlater netritious :)20:48
cyberangerwrst: ouch a mac23:02
cyberangernetritious didn't give me the hardware specs on my choices, but I know the mac should have the VMX flag on the processor, and does have EFI. odds are it'd also have the higher specs (presuming a entry model for both)23:04
cyberangerI'd grab the Mac and a USB key or two and run linux.23:05
cyberangerIf that's considered cheating, I still have macports, debootstrap and chroot on a mac, or KVM virtualization.23:08

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