superflyMaaz: tell Kilos good morning 05:02
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:02
magespawngood morning05:17
nsnzeromorning all06:19
theblazehenHi all06:57
inetprogood mornings08:16
dlPhreakMorning everyone08:19
paddatrapperMorning dlPhreak, inetpro, theblazehen, nsnzero, thatgraemeguy, everyone 08:21
theblazehenhey paddatrapper, dlPhreak, inetpro08:21
dlPhreakpaddatrapper, theblazehen, how art thee?08:25
paddatrapperdlPhreak: seems like I'm getting flu again... You? 08:26
theblazehendlPhreak: Pretty decent, you?08:29
dlPhreakMy brain is still melted and I'm typing on autopilot..08:29
theblazehendlPhreak: I know that feel..08:30
dlPhreaktheblazehen: Hah, acid?08:35
theblazehenSometimes way too little sleep combined with some of my meds. Kinda cool though. Like feel hyper alert almost. Didn't work today though :(08:36
theblazehendlPhreak: ^08:37
dlPhreakLol yeah I now the feels. I pop a tonne of adderall just to get work done but then the next day I'm a zombie.08:44
theblazehendlPhreak: Heh, okay08:47
theblazehendlPhreak: Like adhd or something?08:47
dlPhreaktheblazehen: actually no but adderall is pretty effective.08:55
dlPhreakHas anyone seen suicide squad yet?09:08
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paddatrapperdlPhreak: I have09:34
paddatrapperI quite enjoyed it09:34
dlPhreakReally? Everyone seems like like it but I really did not like it at all.09:50
stumenzHi guys09:58
theblazehenhey stumenz10:08
paddatrapperdlPhreak: what didn't you like about it? 10:09
dlPhreakpaddatrapper: I thought the story was very bland and unoriginal.10:29
theblazehendlPhreak: Bland and unoriginal: The best kind of movie to watch when you're browsing the web10:31
theblazehengotta maximize the efficiency of your chilling out times10:31
dlPhreakYeah but I paid with blood money to see that movie at imax.10:33
theblazehenAh. I just stream10:37
theblazehenRIP kat.cr :(10:37
dlPhreakIt's now here:  https://kickass.cd/10:40
MaNIbut can it still be trusted :)10:41
dlPhreakNever trust public trackers. 10:42
andrewlsdHi All11:43
andrewlsdAnyone here want to meetup for a beverage in Centurion this evening?11:43
andrewlsdI'll check back here a bit later, otherwise PM me. I'll be out of reception for a bit.11:48
theblazehenandrewlsd: What time?11:51
theblazehendlPhreak: That's what seedboxes are for, right?11:51
dlPhreaktheblazehen: and private trackers.12:10
magespawnanybody know of a progran that doea like VNC but with encyption but for free?12:16
magespawni give up12:17
theblazehenmagespawn: Windows or linux host?12:18
magespawnmostly windows12:37
MaNIwell you can of course encrypt vnc :/12:40
MaNIwindows had RDP built in which is free 12:41
MaNINX is another option12:41
theblazehenmagespawn: Yeah, probably +1 on NX, but test it first. x2go is based on nx and works great on windows. Not sure if x2go is available too. Otherwise vnc + ssh12:46
MaNIon the VNC front I've found tigerVNC to outperform the others quite drastically in the past12:47
MaNIbut I'll admit I've never been entirely happy with any VNC setup yet :(12:48
magespawnis rdp secure? it wasn't before in the older versions12:51
theblazehenmagespawn: Yes12:56
theblazehenMight need to make sure NTLM is enabled12:56
MaNIif you enable tls/ssl it's in theory as secure as those are - there were one or two issues over the year (mostly to do with the default configuration) - but I'm not aware of any major security flaws12:56
theblazehenhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pass_the_hash just make sure you're aware of this12:56
magespawncool thanks12:57
theblazehenBut if users can capture that I think you may have bigger issues12:57
MaNIthat said, not my area of expertise :p12:57
Kiloshelloooooo za peeps13:06
Kilosjust got back from last trip to pension offices13:06
theblazehenhi Kilos13:15
Symmetriaheh so, this morning we converted all our v6 clients to static ranges 14:15
Symmetriaso if you have a home user link with us in KE, you now get a /48 worth of IP space with it 14:15
theblazehenSymmetria: nice14:19
Symmetriaheh, I dont think with a /48 any home user will ever need another address again, ever14:19
theblazehenSymmetria: Yeah.. Even I only use a /16 internally14:20
Symmetriabecause in every /48 there are 120,892,581,961,462,917,470,617,6 addresses14:21
Symmetrialol I bet you don't even use a fraction of the addresses in that /16 either14:21
SymmetriaI have more gadgets and IP connected crap in my house than anyone I know and I don't even fill the 255 addresses in a /24 14:21
theblazehenSymmetria: https://linx.home.theblazehen.com/2016-08-15-1622511157x141scrot.png not even close14:22
theblazehenBrother's downloading stuff at home, got a 10 - 15 second delay on vnc.. :/14:23
theblazehenI guess I need to create a virtual interface, and route the current networks through that so I can then properly do QOS14:24
* theblazehen wonders if I should maybe just move that to a linux box rather than pfSense14:24
theblazehenOr freebsd. But I hear pf is a nice firewall14:25
* theblazehen is waiting to see if I can a ^C through to VM so terminal can stop scrolling...14:25
Symmetriaheh I think I have around 160 IPs in use at my house at the moment14:36
SymmetriaI dont use DHCP though so I'd have to really think about it to tell you exactly14:36
theblazehenheh. On what?14:36
theblazehenMax I've had was around 290 when testing how quickly I could create lxd containers14:37
Symmetriaheh, a shitload of things, just as a basic start on the normal gear, let me think14:37
SymmetriaGateway, PC has 2 IPs on it (one to the internet LAN and one to the ISCSI LAN), Server has 2 IPs on it (one to Internet LAN and one to ISCSI LAN), 7 Wifi AP's, 3 Laptops, 5 Cellphones, 2 IPAD's, 15 CCTV Cameras, 3 Baby Monitors, 5 Smart Televisions 14:39
Symmetria:P and thats just the start of it before I start talking about other random shit and virtual machines etc 14:39
Symmetriaheh so thats 44 just on physical hardware 14:40
Symmetriaoh, there are IPs on the Sound System and on the smarthome control system as well14:41
Symmetriaoh and IPs on the two UPS's and 1 rectifier 14:41
magespawni am sure that is a normal home use scenario14:41
theblazehenCCTV's are kinda cheating :) But teah, cool14:43
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Symmetriahow much would a 100/100 package cost you in ZA at the moment15:05
magespawnR1599 15:26
KilosMaaz seen chesedo15:29
MaazKilos: chesedo was last seen 3 days, 8 hours, 52 minutes and 45 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-08-11 23:36:19 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-08-12 22:19:13 PDT15:29
Symmetriamagespawn does that include last mile or not?15:34
magespawnthats the monthly cost from the isp15:42
magespawnchat later 16:18
magespawnhome time16:18
Kiloshi Cryterion 17:30
Kilosand ra1v3n 17:30
Kilosand inetpro 17:30
CryterionKilos, do you know why the bottom task bar in could suddenly stop displaying the running desktop apps?17:32
inetprooh wb Kilos17:32
Kilosoh my17:32
Kilosty inetpro , i get pension from next month wooot17:33
Kilosthen ill be able to look at better packages17:34
Cryterionheya inetpro17:34
inetprogreat news Kilos!17:39
Kilosall good there inetpro ?17:40
inetprosign up for the Unlimited deal :-)17:40
Kilosi still have to save for plane tickets hey17:40
inetproTelkom’s new contracts kill Vodacom and MTN’s http://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/172938-telkoms-new-contracts-kill-vodacom-and-mtns.html17:42
inetproKilos: how much have you been working with now?17:43
Kilosit used to be 3g for 2 months but almost 3g monthly now17:44
inetpro1GB: R99, 2GB: R149, 5GB: R299, 10GB: R399, 20GB: R599, Unlimited: R99917:46
Kilosno man the 3g is cheaper im sure17:46
Kilosthe 10G bundle could be good for me17:47
Kilosthen i can upgrade often again'17:47
Kilosbut you guys have given me too much work to have playtime anymore17:47
Kiloseven the 5gig bundle looks good17:48
Kilosdont forget ill be saving for plane tickets all the time too17:49
Kilosand maybe a faster pc17:49
Kilosmy girls will kill me17:49
inetproyou planning to travel often?17:51
Kilosdepends on the next 3 months , but atm yes as much as possible17:51
Kilos30 years to catch up17:52
Kilosexciting times ahead17:56
Kilos14 days till i fly17:56
Kilosbit scared but no other options17:56
inetproI can imagine17:58
Kiloshehe weird but ive never been in a plane17:58
inetproyou'll be fine17:58
Kilosand i get lost in town so whats gonna happen in abu dabi17:59
inetprowow, you first fly North?17:59
Kilosyes 2 hours in abu dabi17:59
Kiloscheapest flight17:59
Kilosdirect flight is 5 k more18:00
Kilosfly 30th arrive 31st and 6am board meeting at 6am on the 1st18:01
inetproand when you come back you arrive here before leaving that side?18:02
Kilosoh inetpro pavlushka has applied for membership18:02
Kiloshahaha yes weird hey18:03
Kilosim gonna have bad jet lag18:03
paddatrapperKilos: first time I was on a plane was last year. It is a weird experience, but great fun for about the first half :p18:04
Kiloseish i have a 24 hour trip18:05
Kilosand how to sleep with someone else driving 18:05
Kilosyou cant get out and push18:05
SEpticeve all18:07
paddatrapperWell you can always wake up and push! 18:07
paddatrapperHey SEptic18:07
SEptichi paddatrapper18:07
paddatrapperHow you doing SEptic? 18:08
Kiloshi SEptic 18:08
SEpticdoing good18:08
SEptichey Kilos18:08
Kiloswb magespawn 18:08
magespawnty Kilos 18:08
SEpticany1 here use Virtualbox a lot?18:09
paddatrapperGood thanks 18:09
magespawnSEptic: a bit 18:09
paddatrapperSEptic: I used to. Then realised I have no need for windows VM's18:09
Kilosyou can use vms in ubuntu as well18:09
magespawnnice one paddatrapper 18:10
Kilosi once ran one ubuntu release in another ones vm18:10
SEptici'm probably doing something stupid but ... in a win7 ultimate VM i run / work on a project from the host's share, no problems18:11
Kilosused virtualbox but hear that k thing is better18:11
paddatrapperKilos: KVM18:11
Kilosya that ty paddatrapper 18:11
Kilosi like k things18:11
paddatrapperIt is. And it's open source 18:11
magespawnhah Kilos 18:12
paddatrapperSEptic: what are you struggling with? 18:12
SEptichowever when i do a semi-intensive compile / build on the application, it just sucks CPU and doesn't get the build done18:12
Kiloseven got a k dev guy following me all over hehe18:12
SEptici've noticed this with Phoenix Contact (AutomationWorx) as well as LabView from National Instruments18:12
Kilosoh ya18:12
Kilosanyone interested in translating18:12
paddatrapperSEptic: how many cores are you giving the guest? 18:12
SEptic2 cores guest, 2 cores host ... only have 4 :/18:13
paddatrapperSEptic: And RAM?18:13
SEptic4GB ram18:13
paddatrapperTry give it another GB or so? 18:13
Kilosanother 4g18:13
magespawn4GB total?18:14
Kilosdont skimp on ram if you can18:14
SEptic4GB for the guest18:14
Kilosah thats ok18:14
SEpticthe guest VM is only using about 1.4GB RAM18:14
paddatrapperUnfortunately because of how virtualisation works it will never work as optimally on the same amount of resources as if it was running on bare metal18:14
SEpticvery true18:14
paddatrapperTry 3 cores? Though that's pushing it a bit 18:14
SEptichmm, will give it a bash18:15
paddatrapperKVM is a little more powerful when it comes to optimizing virtual hardware 18:16
SEpticthe second i change it and copy the applications to the guest C:\ and compile, it spits out the compile in 4 or 5 secs, running off a share it just loses its mind18:16
SEpticoh yea?18:16
SEptichavent looked at KVM before18:16
* magespawn goes to do some reading on KVM18:16
Kiloshey you clever guys18:17
paddatrapperI am yet to find a nice front end for it (would love to though, so if you find anything shout), but apparently it blows VirtualBox out the water 18:17
Kilosi bought a chinese webcam but have a prob now18:17
siceloyou're green? :p18:18
Kilosinternal speakers crashed so need to get and audio adapter so i can use separate headfones18:18
paddatrapperYou have slanted eyes? 18:18
Kilosdoes one get such adapters18:18
paddatrapperKilos: Does your pc have an audio out jack? 18:19
paddatrapper(small round hole). I'll get a picture now now 18:19
SEpticKilos: a USB sound card?18:19
Kilosits a lappy and yes it has one but if webcam is in i dont get audio18:19
Kilosalways only linux18:21
paddatrapperAh Kilos that is the mic input you've plugged in 18:21
sicelocheck the volume control .. look at the input/output settngs18:21
Kilosyes it has mic in and audio out all in one18:21
SEptici like that answer "always only linux"18:21
Kilosdesktop has separate sockets18:21
SEpticlaptop model?18:22
Kilosthinkpad t410i18:22
Kiloswas hoping to be able to skype for 24 hours in the sky18:22
paddatrapperAh I see. Then what you can do is find a pair of headphones that go to the combo jack or a converter that goes from 2 mini jacks to one 18:22
paddatrapperI'll see if I can find a link 18:23
Kilosya the converter thing is what i nead18:23
Kilos2 into one18:23
Kilosnt sure if they will clash though18:23
paddatrapperKilos: http://i.stack.imgur.com/6ByWv.jpg18:25
Kilosty paddatrapper 18:25
paddatrapperNot sure where you can get them locally though... I usually just make them18:26
Kilostheres the prob i worry about18:26
paddatrapperIf you're willing to wait for the post I can send you one!18:27
Kilosthe webcam plug has three sections only18:27
Kilosyou have?18:27
paddatrapperYeah because it is only a microphone18:27
paddatrapperI can make on in the next few days18:27
Kilosyes but look at it18:27
Kilosthe three connections 18:27
Kilosthe 2 nearest the plastic are solid18:28
Kiloswont that short it out18:28
Kilosthe one nearest plastic is mic i think18:28
Kilosthen neutral then left and right audio18:29
paddatrapperNo - it is designed so that connecting a 3 connector one works for speakers, and a 4 connector adds a mic18:29
Kilosoh cool18:29
paddatrapperThat's why your audio is cutting out - it thinks the mic is actually headphones and it's trying to play through it when in fact it is trying to send sound to the PC...18:30
Kilospaddatrapper first get courier cost so i can pay it . snail mail wont be here in 2 weeks18:30
Kilosor maybe i can find one locally18:31
Kilosjust need to find where18:31
paddatrapperYou should be able to find one at the local PC or audio shop18:31
MaNISEptic, FWIW I did extensive benchmarking of software compiles on both Virtualbox and KVM a few years back and KVM totally blew virtualbox out the water18:31
Kiloswhat is it called18:31
MaNII use only KVM for my dev VMs now as a result18:32
Kilossee SEptic stuff with K in are better18:32
Kilosty MaNI 18:32
MaNIif your use case is compiling things I'd strongly recommend trying KVM - using the direct passthrough for IO though is especially important18:33
paddatrapperKilos: Dual TRS 3.5" jack to single TRRS 3.5" jack (probably ask for a mic + headphone connectors to a dual connector)18:33
Kilosty frog boots18:33
SEpticMaNI: aaah i see!18:33
MaNIcompiling is usually quite an IO bound task - and VirtualBox IO hit is just too much18:33
Kilosyou handy to have around18:33
SEpticthat makes sense, i figure that pulling a compile across a share is a different type of traffic18:34
SEptichence why i can open and create applications no problem18:34
paddatrapperKilos: show them this: https://sgcdn.startech.com/005329/media/products/gallery_large/MUYHSMFF.Main.jpg18:34
SEpticand also, same issue with more than one type of 3rd party software package18:34
Kilosoh i can make that18:35
MaNIif you are compiling off a network share thats always going to hurt - compiling software usually consists of lots of small file access18:35
MaNIso any added latency to file open/read will hurt18:35
SEpticmakes perfect sense18:36
MaNIbut again if you must do that - KVM will probably do it faster at least18:36
KilosMaNI you still like us?18:36
paddatrapperKilos: even better :) 18:36
SEptici'm gonna try KVM18:37
SEpticthanks MaNI18:37
Kilosfriendliest cleverest channel on the net18:37
paddatrapperSEptic: once you've worked it out let me know? :D18:37
MaNII personally do basically all my non linux (windows osx) development in a bunch of KVM machines - the performance hit is so tiny that I barely notice it18:39
SEpticpaddatrapper: I've become a master at documenting installations so yea, will do18:39
SEpticMaNI: i guess i could just side-step the issue and copy the application onto the VM's C:\ and work on there ... but defeats the point of VMs, i'd spend all day copying files around18:41
SEpticKVM for president19:07
SEpticinstallation was too easy19:08
SEpticgonna backup this one VM then give an identical test to the issue i was having on Vbox19:08
Kilosyay for the k stuff19:11
magespawniam off19:17
magespawni am off19:17
magespawngood night all19:17
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Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:22
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