islandtrollevery time i log computer says unlock keyring00:06
islandtrollany1 know how to fix that pop up00:06
jmaderoislandtroll: http://askubuntu.com/questions/495957/how-to-disable-the-unlock-your-keyring-popup00:07
IndyJoenzhi! In Ubuntu 16.04 I've disabled lightdm and the splash startup, so I can see the bootup messages and get a text login screen. However, when the bootup messages are done scrolling, it clears the screen before presenting the login prompt (so I don't see the last few startup messages). Does anyone know how I might prevent it from clearing the console screen before it shows the login prompt?00:19
IndyJoenz(on tty1)00:20
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arooniif i run rm on a file and delete it; is it unrecoverabel?00:29
orlockarooni: depends00:29
orlockarooni: are you still using the computer, and do you have another one?00:30
arooniyes and yes00:31
arooniits just a text file; but i would like it back00:31
cspluginsIt good, it worked with the disk maker tool fine00:31
arooniif i cant get it back ; not a huge deal00:31
cspluginsthanks for the help00:31
arooniis encryptfs-utils removed from ubuntu 16.04 ; i cant find it00:32
orlockarooni: I've never had to do it, but there are several ways00:32
orlockarooni: i'd just be asking google "linux how to recover a deleted file" anyway00:33
arooniok thank you or00:33
OerHeksdeleted from an encrypted volume?00:33
arooniregular volume00:40
aroonii also happen to want ot mount an encrypted volume00:40
aroonias i think it will have a more recent version of the files00:40
ubuntuisawesomehi, what is the strongest available encryption for the newest version of ubuntu? thanks for the help.00:40
aroonido i need to add a source to be able to install encryptfs-utils on ubuntu 16.04 ?  i cant find it with sudo apt install encryptfs-utils00:42
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pavlosarooni, the name seems to be ecrypt (skip the -n)00:47
OerHeksstrongest encryption would be trowing away the key https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity or https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/disk_encryption#Comparison_table00:47
energizerwhy is ln target source00:58
energizerinstead of ln source target00:58
energizeri screw it up every time00:58
denchmanz?join #Noodles01:00
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aroonihow come my $HOSTNAME variable isnt set (ubuntu 16.04)01:19
OerHeks hostnamectl status01:20
pamI just installed the latest version of Ubuntu to a laptop...and the wireless isn't working.  How can I diagnose it via terminal commands?01:33
Ben64pam: ifconfig; iwconfig; lshw -C NETWORK; lspci; lsusb01:36
mmethI had to ifconfig down & up the wlan device once before it started working01:37
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers list01:38
OerHeksor take the highway: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall01:38
pam ben64: iwconfig shows lo - no wireless.  wlp12s0 IEEE 80201:39
Ben64use a pastebin01:39
pamI can't...no internet on that laptop01:40
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Ben64plug in a cable01:41
pamI can't.  Its got an external monitor hooked up...the laptop screen is busted...so I can't move it...argh01:42
mmethit's a linux security feature, wlan disabled sorry01:42
pamI think I need to DL the drivers...01:42
jkbbIs this the channel for support?01:42
pamI've had to use these commands before I think sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic sudo apt-get install --reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source sudo modprobe wl  ben64: is there anyway to add these drivers to a flash drive and install them that way?01:43
Ben64pam: don't even know what card you have yet, so no01:43
pam its the broadcom BCM431201:44
Ben64best of luck01:44
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD01:44
OerHekssoftwarecenter gives that option iirc01:46
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wemeetagainare c++ libraries compiled with dual ABI support(c++98 & c++11) in 16.04?01:48
wemeetagainis there any documentation on how ubuntu is handling the transition to the new c++ abi?01:49
mmethHow do I get the path to the binary from the launcher/search thingy?01:49
wemeetagainmmeth: from a terminal, you can use the `which` command, eg: which firefox01:51
mmeththanks. visual studio code hides pretty good. which returned some script and had to dig the path from that01:53
capum321hello, i have a svn upgrade command asking for a keyring. I set once, even email the guys overs the repository host, I thought I had removed this password, but, again it is being asked (Password for 'default' gnome keyring), unfortunate i lost the registry of this password?02:00
OerHekswemeetagain, you might want to reask in  ​#ubuntu-toolchain https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ToolChain https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test02:01
SubCoolhow do you unzip .lz02:03
kg_ebooksSubCool: have you tried using tar?02:05
wemeetagainOerHeks: Ok, thanks02:05
SubCoolnot really, i try to rightclick and there is no uncompress02:05
SubCooltar -e -......02:06
kg_ebookstar -xv file.lz02:06
_44trentso i'm trying to use my USB headset but for some reason it's telling me it's disabled02:08
_44trenti see absolutely no way to enable it02:09
capum321do you know about password keyring?02:09
_44trentuh, does anyone know how to enable it?02:11
mmethsame problem, pc says connected but headset still waiting for someone to pair02:12
SubCoolkg_ebooks, its not moving02:12
_44trentthis is really weird02:14
_44trenti swear i'm about to switch to pulseaudio02:14
kg_ebooksSubCool: no error nothing?02:14
SubCoolkg_ebooks, nada. its just sitting as if its doing something, but the file is only 76k.02:15
SubCoolits dd-rescue02:15
kg_ebooksSubCool: weird id expect some type of error out of tar, according to SO (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16976696/extract-gnutls-library-files-of-tar-xz-and-tar-lz-for-ubuntu-10-04-lts) the lzip package should handle it02:16
SubCooli tried to run p7zip ... error aswell02:16
SubCoollet me try another version of the file.02:16
eliranis this the proper channel to ask to upgrade the youtube-dl package?02:16
kg_ebooksSubCool: yeah idk check the md5 to make sure its not corrupt02:17
kg_ebookseliran: you can ask, may fall on deaf ears. #ubuntu-dev may be better02:17
SubCoolkg_ebooks, same affect.02:17
aroonianyone use trash-cli ??  when i do and boot up fish i see trash-put: cannot trash regular file `/tmp/user/1000/rvm.fish.FusLT83KI2'02:19
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SubCoolkg_ebooks, lzip worked perfectly :/02:29
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kg_ebooksSubCool: awesome, now we know!02:29
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SubCoolnow im in trouble again. - ugh.02:32
SubCooli use to have a data recovery tool, but i forgot what it was. It was a bootable linux distro it was awesome.02:32
SubCoolwhat i just used.. is just a program.02:32
kg_ebooksSubCool: the distro was prolly just a livecd with said tool preinstalled?02:33
SubCoolno clue02:33
SubCooloh- no..02:33
SubCoolit was a rescue usb with only the recue program it was amazing02:33
SubCooli forgot what it was though02:34
kg_ebookstry distrowatch to search fo rit02:34
mmeththere was some alternative window manager you could enable on mint to get a bunch of new options, anything like that for ubuntu?02:36
BluezHrpHi,  How  to I import  a  signing key for a repository into synaptic?02:42
BluezHrpI'm  trying to add a repository to synaptic.  I found the key which is posted on a pg in text form. I think I need to import it as a file. I'm finfing the documentation  brutal. There  seems to be little pieces  as I progress through the information that  I'm  missing.02:46
capum321BluezHrp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu02:48
N1CK53RVI finally figured out channel forwardinf02:53
N1CK53RVso now i made #cuntporn forward to my new double hash channel ##CuntPorn02:54
Elec_A_Hi, it is possible to install a software in ubuntu live, right? so If we restart it do we still have the installed software?02:54
Elec_A_If not, How can we make permanent changes to ubuntu live ?02:55
capum321Elec_A_: look for making a usb persistent02:55
hananiyou can make new isntallitation02:55
Elec_A_nice, thank you, let me try it.02:55
mmethyou can also install the OS to the drive like you would for any drive02:56
Elec_A_mmeth: but what about bootloader?02:57
Elec_A_I mean, can I still boot it on another computer?02:57
mmethpersistence is meant for that02:57
Elec_A_mmeth: right, thanks. I'm reading it.02:57
mmethidk if you install it on the drive, might have some driver issues then but never tried02:58
-N1CK53RV:#ubuntu- join ##CuntPorn02:58
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BluezHrphow do you find a key hash ?03:10
BluezHrpThx very much to the person that posted the previous link. I can't seem to find how to scroll up in the channel  chat area.03:11
lordcirth12 seconds!  A record for impatience/03:12
capum321what is the purpose of keyring password?03:18
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BluezHrpI went to  https://ftp-master.debian.org/keys.html to get the key for the repo I want to add.  The doc suggests I use: gpg --keyserver [name of keyserver] --recv-keys [keyhash]03:28
hendryhow does the initial ubuntu boot message work ? like how do i know when a machine requires rebooting ?03:32
Ben64what ubuntu boot message? you should reboot after installing a new kernel03:34
BluezHrpthe signing key @ ,https://ftp-master.debian.org/keys.html , but it lists a finger print and when I click the link it lists the actual key.  how do I use this information to associate the key with the repo.?03:34
BluezHrpIn synaptic.03:35
soundbastardhi :) I'm wondering if there's any way to get my laptop speakers working even though there isn't a kernel available for it.03:37
soundbastardIs pulsed audio used to bypass that?03:37
hendryBen64: this thing http://s.natalian.org/2016-08-15/login-message.txt03:43
BluezHrpIf I use gpg --keyserver [name of keyserver] --recv-keys [keyhash] How do I find the key hash for the gpg signing key i  need so I can import the information nto my package manager?03:56
BluezHrpThe fact that the docs don't provide how to find the needed information is extremely rude!04:01
ApteryxHi! Is there any way to tell apt-get to uninstall any updates installed on day X ?04:03
ApteryxI found /var/log/apt/history.log, but I'd still need to clean this up with awk or sed before I can run apt-get purge on it.04:04
elspruhow can I get realtek 8139 drivers in Xenial 16.04 ?04:06
elspruoh I think I found a tutorial04:08
eliranApteryx maybe ask in #debian04:08
mgorApteryx, maybe you can get some hints from http://blog.mgor.se/2016/05/23/packet-history-in-ubuntu/04:11
pavloselspru, does this help? https://books.google.com/books?id=I5HvCgAAQBAJ&pg=PT554&lpg=PT554&dq=rtl8139+ubuntu+16.04&source=bl&ots=FVTiQyPy1b&sig=3wJX5zC3e1UPdJCh84fv69ce7kg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjBt5nexsLOAhWJ8CYKHYxmBKoQ6AEIWDAH#v=onepage&q=rtl8139%20ubuntu%2016.04&f=false04:12
InfinityDickDoes ext4 ensure my data is undamaged?04:13
InfinityDickand attempt to repair it04:13
InfinityDick(int he event it becomes)04:14
BluezHrpI want to add the following repo: http://httpredir.debian.org/debian The key info is @ https://ftp-master.debian.org/keys.html. The docs say I should use: gpg --keyserver pgpkeys.mit.edu--recv-keys [keyhash]  I don't know how to derive the hash key info from what is listed for the debian jessie repo.04:25
BluezHrpor the infor listed on https://ftp-master.debian.org/keys.html. The page has the full signing key and its finger print but the command the docs list use a "hash key"04:28
kg_ebooksBluezHrp: i believe its the 'fingerprint'04:33
kg_ebooksBluezHrp: 126C 0D24 BD8A 2942 CC7D F8AC 7638 D044 2B90 D010 in this case04:33
kg_ebooksbut idk about using Debian repos in Ubuntu04:34
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R13oseHow do I map my touchpad so that I can have half of the touchpad for the left button and other half for the right button?04:37
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bpotternick turkey04:39
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BluezHrpKg_ebooks, This is the doc I'm following: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu04:40
BluezHrpDo key servers  lookup signing keys by their finger print?04:40
kg_ebooksi doubt you put the full 2048b sig in there04:41
BluezHrpkg_ebooks, how would you add a signed repo to your package manager?04:46
christian_does anyone know if there is a fix to the problem with nfs mounts on clients with systemd?04:49
R13oseHow do I map my touchpad so that I can have half of the touchpad for the left button and other half for the right button?04:51
kg_ebooksBluezHrp: with vim, adding the key to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg and adding the repo to /etc/apt/sources.list04:51
kg_ebooksBluezHrp: https://wiki.debian.org/SecureApt04:52
kg_ebooksBluezHrp: apt-key may help too04:54
BluezHrpThanx for responding. debian refers to  'hash key" as key id.04:56
reisioR13ose: you wouldn't rather have one-finger for "left" and two-finger for "right"?04:57
R13osereisio: I am unsure what is better04:57
reisioI think you're probably more practiced at knowing whether you're moving one or two fingers than you are at knowing whether a specific finger is over a specific side of an arbitrarily sized area04:58
R13osereisio: how do I test that out?04:59
BluezHrpkg_ebooks,  what is really bothersome is  when i figure this out I'll probally be able to summarize it  in about 10 - 15 steps if that. The way things are laid out is garbage!05:00
reisiohi lazy05:03
ThetaOrionisHey guys, I've a 5-year-old Dell Inspiron for work (separate from my home machine), and I kinda use it like a high-powered netbook these days. I need it to stay ON from morning to night (and keep it off when I sleep) for ready accessibility. If I keep it in SUSPEND state while charging (and occasionally use battery power), will the battery be adversely affected?05:04
R13osereisio: thanks05:04
reisioThetaOrionis: yes05:05
reisioThetaOrionis: you could get a timer that disables the outlet (and optionally re-enables, etc.) for durations you have predetermined to be required for charging & discharging05:06
reisioThetaOrionis: or get a new laptop that allows control via software (thinkpads have this, some new HPs, too, I want to say)05:06
reisioThetaOrionis: you could taket he battery out, too; the battery would be adversely affected by just sitting, but not as much as being constantly charged, I would think05:07
energizerabout how long should it take to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04?05:07
reisioThetaOrionis: or you could just not worry about it; by the time the battery has deteriorated to the point it doesn't keep a charge long enough to be useful, you will want to get another laptop anyway05:07
reisioenergizer: does it matter?05:07
energizerreisio: i'm thikning about how well it will fit into my schedule right now05:08
ThetaOrionisreisio: I see. I guess I'll stop worrying about the battery and purchase a new one when this one dies out, then. Many thanks. :)05:09
reisioThetaOrionis: they're like, really cheap these days, computadors05:09
ThetaOrionisIndeed :)05:09
reisioand the battery duration gets longer and longer (as, mostly, power management becomes more efficient)05:09
reisioenergizer: you can use any app you don't close during an upgrade; shouldn't be too big of a deal05:11
ThetaOrionisenergizer: That depends on your Internet speed. It takes about 1GB-1.5GB of packages + installation time (15-30 minutes).05:12
energizerok thanks05:13
ThetaOrionisMost welcome05:13
pamI'm in a tight bind.  Wireless isn't working on my inspiron 1545 laptop...I need a driver on there.  To get it I need  to use a wired connection.  Laptops ethernet port is borked.  How can I do this?05:17
Elec_AHi, I want to connect two computers using ethernet to eachother. but When I connect the Ethernet cable, the Network Indicator start moving but it does not stop, I think It does not assign any IP address. I tried googling, but I really didn't know what to look for.05:18
Elec_AI tried setting IP manually, Network indicator showed two arrows meaning it is ok but I cannot find my second's computer's hostname05:19
Elec_ATwo look for Hostnames I look at Network section of filemanager.05:20
Elec_AI am sorry-> to*05:20
FlannelElec_A: If they're not both gigabit (or otherwise support automatic crossover detection), you'll need a crossover ethernet cable (or adapter), at a minimum.05:21
Flannelpam: sneakernet from another computer.  Or USB ethernet adapter?05:22
Elec_AFlannel: I think you are right, because one of them is an embedded system.05:23
FlannelElec_A: That doesn't mean anything, embedded systems can have auto-crossover05:23
FlannelElec_A: but you do need something to do the crossover, otherwise TX talks to TX and RX listens to RX, and that won't work very well.05:24
Elec_AFlannel: I litterally tried everything, my only hope is this solution. when I conenct it to a router, It will have an IP address but my computer cannot find its hostname. and When I connect it to my computer, it doesn't get an IP address at all.05:25
FlannelElec_A: through a router will do the RX/TX stuff automatically, so probably through the router is your best bet.05:26
Elec_AFlannel: Ok, let me try.05:26
ThetaOrionispam: You can download the required driver from another computer, shift it to your original machine and install offline05:27
ThetaOrionisObviously, dependencies will have to be met, but drivers usually don't have many of them.05:27
DilloDroiddoes anyone have a succinct explanation of how to share files between two Ubuntu machines over a network?05:29
DilloDroidApple makes it so easy05:30
DilloDroidand I see nothing equivalent in the System Settings to Apple's File Sharing in the Preference Panels05:30
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pavlosDilloDroid, you can use openssh between the machines ...05:47
pamI need to install a driver for the broadcom BCM4312 wireless adapter...and I've got no wired connection.  How can I do this?05:48
EriC^^pam: download the driver on another pc then install it usinga  usb05:48
EriC^^i think it comes in the iso05:48
EriC^^1 sec05:49
pameric^^ any help is appreciated05:49
DilloDroidpavlos> DilloDroid, you can use openssh between the machines ... << from what utility?05:49
DilloDroidI'm used to using the File Sharing Preference Pane in mac05:50
DilloDroidand my Ubuntu machines can see my Mac shares just fine05:50
reisioscp, sshfs, etc.05:51
EriC^^pam: there's a file in the iso in pool/b/b43-fwcutter....deb05:51
pavlosDilloDroid, http://askubuntu.com/questions/156169/how-do-i-set-up-file-sharing-between-two-ubuntu-laptops-on-my-wireless-network05:51
EriC^^pam: i'm not entirely sure it'll suffice but it's worth a shot05:51
pam_eric^^ where is this pool directory?05:51
DilloDroidI'm wired through a router05:51
DilloDroidbut thanks pavlos05:52
alirezaI am looking for a resources05:52
EriC^^pam_: do you still have the .iso you used?05:52
pam_eric^^ for live install?  I did it via a usb05:52
DilloDroidand as I said pavlos, my Ubuntu machines can see my Mac shares just fine05:52
EriC^^pam_: ok plug the usb in05:53
EriC^^type sudo parted -l and look for the usb and the partitions it has05:53
pam_found it :D05:53
pam_installing it..fingers crossed05:53
pam_hmm...it opened the ubuntu software window...I click the install button and nothing happens05:54
ghostmachine88 /run adv_windowlist05:55
EriC^^pam_: ok open a terminal05:55
EriC^^pam_: i think that file needs other files from the internet to get the wifi working, but there's another file that works out of the box05:56
EriC^^found it on this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43_-_No_Internet_access05:56
EriC^^the sta driver one doesn't need internet, but it's proprietary not open source05:57
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EriC^^it's in pool/restricted/b/bmwl....05:57
dafrankenstein2hp laptop becomes hot while using ubuntu..what to do?05:57
EriC^^pam_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#STA_-_No_Internet_access05:58
EriC^^pam_: once you open the terminal, go to the place where the ubuntu iso is mounted05:58
EriC^^or type "mount" and look for the location, it might be /media/<user>/something05:58
EriC^^dafrankenstein2: check the running processes using "top"06:00
EriC^^!fan | dafrankenstein206:00
ubottudafrankenstein2: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.06:00
pam_damnit..I'll be back...gotta pick up gf...shes drinking with friends06:00
Tin_mandafrankenstein2, couple of links about heat and laptops with ubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/247033/why-is-my-laptop-running-so-hot-with-ubuntu/25093706:01
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sayeedhow to dual boot sony vaio laptop with ubuntu and windows?06:12
sayeedi have made ubuntu bootable usb it boot in legacy mode but not in uefi,i want to boot it in uefi mode?06:14
hateball!dualboot | sayeed06:17
ubottusayeed: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:17
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sayeedi want to boot ubuntu from bootable usb in sony vaio laptop in uefi mode but there comes an error in uefi mode it boots well in legacy mode06:32
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reisiosayeed: so use legacy mode?06:36
reisioyou realize that if the mobo supports it, it isn't actually a legacy in the sense that it isn't supported, right?06:36
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johnc4510i'm retired....i don't do test :-}07:03
ochikun007hello too07:05
hateball!test | ochikun00707:08
ubottuochikun007: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...07:08
johnc4510!greet | ochikun00707:09
ochikun007hello world07:09
reisioit's "hello, world"07:09
Redjokehello nice too meet you guys07:10
ochikun007ren -_- gagal paham aku07:10
nbastindoes anyone know why I always have to reimport my zfs pools when I reboot 16.04 server?07:13
johnc4510hateball: ahh i found the ubottu factoids07:15
jzawnbastin, check /etc/default/zfs07:22
jzaw# Run `zfs mount -a` during system start?07:22
nbastinjzaw: hrm, that's not even in my file, although I clearly need to fix ZFS_SHARE07:23
jzawi took that from my debian box07:24
jzawnot sure if your ubuntu (latest?) is exactly the same but it might be07:24
jzawcheck for a conf example somewhere07:24
nbastinyeah this ubuntu 16.04 setup is a little weird, or at least not hugely well documented at the moment07:24
* jzaw nods07:24
jzawyeah try looking at freeswitch  or asterisk !07:24
jzawlots of documentation ... just not exactly the bit i need ;)07:25
jzawnbastin, what command do you issue to reimport your pools ?07:25
jzawzfs mount -a would do it manuall ytoo07:26
nbastinoh right of course why wouldn't there be a deb-systemd-helper for zfs.target.... /facepalm-hate-systemd07:26
nbastinI used zpool import <pool>07:26
nbastinbecause for some reason even zpool list doesn't show it on reboot07:26
jzawalso ... just incase ... do have them imported by disk/by-id    not by sd[abcd]07:26
jzawcos if your disk letters change for what ever reason your pool wont import07:27
nbastinyeah, I need to fix that, apparently zpool create doesn't allow that and I have to convert it afterwards?07:27
nbastinI mean this should not change because the LSI is holding all the disks, but in general..07:27
nbastinjzaw: I found something that says I need to export it and then reimport as -d /dev/disk/by-id -aN?07:28
leeyaaafter upgrading to 16.04 apache reload stopped working for logrotate07:28
nbastindoes that sound right?07:28
keanhi guys can I ask a question about shell ?07:28
jzaw(from memory)    zfs export <pool>      then     zfs import <pool> by id <- what ever the correct syntax ... sorry too early and i cant even see straight yet ! :P07:28
leeyaahere are the errors i get07:29
nbastinjzaw: no worries, that sounds similar to what I have here07:29
leeyaaany tips what is the problem ?07:29
nbastinjzaw: so I'll try that07:29
jzawyeah nbastin that's the ticket07:29
nbastinjzaw: this is a test system for linux zfs, so if bad *%^& happens it's ok07:29
jzawalways worked for me ... ymmv .. fingers crossed07:29
keanI write down a shell script but can't work normal under regular user,07:29
keanwhat should I do ?07:29
keanfor example :use the  chmod command07:30
keanin my shell script07:30
keanI write down a shell script but can't work normal under regular user, for example :use the  chmod command ,in my shell script07:31
pam_Damnit!  I can't get wireless working on my inspiron 1545...  Trying this to no avail https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43_-_No_Internet_access07:33
hateballkean: run the script as a user that has the proper permissions to use chmod07:34
keanhateball, how write use shell ?07:35
keanhateball, error like that :touch: cannot touch ‘.service_if_restart.sh.temp’: Permission denied07:35
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pam_Can anyone help me figure out how to get wireless internet working for the broadcom chipset?  Driving me nuts!07:41
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lunixc128Hello everyeone. Is anyone present is this channel who uses iBus for Korean (Hangeul) input?07:42
pam_Can anyone help me figure out how to get wireless internet working for the broadcom chipset?  Driving me nuts!07:48
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pam_got it! thanks folks07:49
AfdlaWhy does my screen stay black after booting my docked laptop with two monitors attached? Undocked I get screen on laptop and then I can boot and dock again and xrandr my monitors up. Any way to debug this or which program is responsible for something like this?07:49
YankDownUnderAh...right when I found the URL...07:49
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lunixc128iBus has a bug regarding Korean input when using it with Openbox and I wonder whether there's a way to fix this07:50
amsharmacan i get apt get to upgrade already downloaded packages only08:16
amsharma"Need to get 238 MB/447 MB of archives."08:17
amsharmaa switch that allows me to upgrade packages that can be upgraded without downloading anything08:17
amsharmarelated: how does apt get order the downloads? i'd like to get smallest first!08:18
gm_hi all08:26
YankDownUnderamsharma: It gets the packages in the order of "installation" - as per required.08:28
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Mnemonic^ Hi, I have some truble with Ubuntu 16.04. My MacBook Pro cannot shutdown. This seams to be a known issue, but I cannot find an official Bug Report on it. What catagori would it make sense to create this report in, or is there somewhere I should start?08:31
YankDownUnderMnemonic^: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs08:32
amsharmaYankDownUnder: can the order not be configured?08:33
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, Yes, point 5 sais to report the bug at the programs bug tracker, but I am uncertain what software is responsible for shutting down my PC. Would that be the kernel, or could it be something else?08:34
YankDownUnderamsharma: It's been setup the way it has for reasons - and, for more than 15 years, it works the way it works, quite well...SO, that being said, you could always ask in the developer's channel...08:34
YankDownUnderMnemonic^: If you look through the log files, you should be able to "discern" where the "hang" is...so, that being said, generally, it would be the kernel at that point - shutdown, that is...and a question would then be begged to ask - what happens when you do a restart? Does the same thing happen when you initiate a "reboot"?08:35
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, No restart works08:36
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, What log file should I investigate?08:36
YankDownUnderMnemonic^: So then, logically, it *is* one of the "shutdown" processes - which could either be "kernel" or "system" => look through the system logs - the answer truly lies there (and it would obviously be the last log entries...)08:37
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, So that would be /var/log/syslog.log ?08:38
YankDownUnderMnemonic^: You'd want to be looking in "/var/log" -> most likely at "syslog" -> as well, look at "dmesg" => great places to start, mate.08:39
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, Thanks for now..08:39
YankDownUnderMnemonic^: Cheers08:39
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, Is there something to look for in the log to determine when a Shutdown was initiated, or start up for that matter?08:41
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, Just a note.. Standby does not work either...08:42
YankDownUnderMnemonic^: Each system is different - therefore, if you look through, say, the last 100 lines of the log, you should be able to see what's "hung" - even if logically it would be THE LAST thing in the log...still...digging is a good thing.08:42
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, Yes but it does not seam to rotate logs, so it is cluttered but the startup that occures after the shutdown...08:43
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, Huh.. dmesg is empty..08:44
Guest88028Hello, anyone using awesomewm? How do you configure running the window manager with multiple monitors?08:45
YankDownUnderMnemonic^: Then I'd assume "kern.log" and "syslog" would be where to look08:45
YankDownUnderGuest88028: You'd probably want to install "arandr" -> which is a graphical utility that uses "xrandr" to deal with multiple monitor placements/resolutions08:46
Mnemonic^YankDownUnder, I am going to restart to get a timestamp to look for...08:46
YankDownUnderGuest88028: Cheers08:47
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finsewhat are the commands to free pkg cache08:59
EriC^^finse: sudo apt-get autoclean09:00
EriC^^sudo apt-get clean removes everything09:00
joelioapt-get clean?09:00
joelioyea :)09:00
finseok thx09:00
EriC^^finse: np09:01
Guest38645YankDownUnder, Hi, I have pasted by syslog here: http://pastebin.com/BnfaDHQm kern.log does not say anything during the shutdown. And I do not see anything in the syslog, that in my oppinion, indicates where the problem lies. Do you agree?09:01
Guest38645YankDownUnder, The shutdown occured 10:47, and the startup was initiated 10:4909:02
YankDownUnderFar out - yeah - save that, though - use that in filing the bug report...09:05
wish^Hi. Having some problems running my VM after an update "Starting VirtualBox kernel modules ...failed!" .. Getting this error when trying to reload kernel modules. Is there anyone around that has experience with this?09:06
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Mnemonic^_YankDownUnder, Hi, did you see my msg as Guest38645?09:08
Mnemonic^_YankDownUnder, Nick trouble..09:08
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aryohi all09:36
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aryoknock knock09:38
MonkeyDustaryo  type    /names09:39
k1laryo: we still wait for a technical support question :)09:39
acresearchhello people, i have a pearl script and i want to run it, but i cannot it gives me : Permission denied i tried using sudo, but it gave me : command not found---- What should i do? please help09:48
ubinewbii need to attach another sata for more hdd space, what should i do to add it to a current installation and link it to the pkg cache09:48
YankDownUnderacresearch: How are you running the script?09:49
acresearchYankDownUnder: yes i want to run the script09:49
acresearchYankDownUnder: oh sorry miss read your question09:49
acresearchYankDownUnder: /location of script/script command09:50
acresearchYankDownUnder: /location of script/script.pl command09:50
YankDownUnderacresearch: So wouldn't trying: sudo perl /location/of/script/script.pl work?09:50
fbo1acresearch: chmod a+x scriptname.pl09:51
acresearchYankDownUnder: pearl: more than one argument supplied09:51
YankDownUnderacresearch: And you've done this whilst IN the directory where the script resides?09:51
acresearchYankDownUnder: yes09:52
acresearchfbo1: i got bad interpreter: No such file or directory09:52
YankDownUnderacresearch: Strange that - HOWEVER, the answer might be found in #perl => where vast amounts of experts in perl live!09:52
wish^Anyone here have any experience with Virtualbox on ubuntu?09:52
fbo1acresearch: in this case you'll haveto fix the first line of the script09:52
karolaksoHello can anyone help me with my question on askubuntu? Its been a day since I asked and still no answer09:53
YankDownUnderwish^: In what context?09:53
fbo1it should be "#!/usr/bin/perl" or something like that09:53
acresearchfbo1: yep it is09:53
fbo1find the correct path with "which perl"09:53
fbo1common mistake is to have a whitespace after the interpreter name09:53
acresearchfbo1: oh so i have to add it to a certain directory, not run it from my desktop?09:53
wish^YankDownUnder, I am having some problems with Kernel Modules failing09:53
YankDownUnderYep - "perl" happily lives in /usr/bin09:53
karolaksohttp://askubuntu.com/questions/812244/games-freezing-after-some-time-on-steam-audio-works-can-move-coursor-around <-if anyone could help with this i would be thankful09:53
alkisgacresearch: it sounds that you are running the script with perl, but you are not passing the correct parameters to it. What is "command"?09:54
aryohow to open deep web on linux mint rossa09:54
MonkeyDust!mint | aryo09:54
ubottuaryo: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:54
YankDownUnderwish^: And after you've installed VB you've done and update/upgrade on your system and rebooted, yes?09:54
karolaksohey aryo09:54
karolaksoyou can just use tor browser09:54
karolaksodistro doesnt matter09:54
karolaksobut its not really much to see there09:55
aryoahhh i see, thank you09:55
acresearchalkisg: that command is a bit complex, it is a script written by my professor, i just saw it work, but replicating the work in order to learn09:55
aryoso i should make ubuntu huh?09:55
karolaksotor should work on any linux09:55
fbo1acresearch: what does the command "head -n1 scriptname | hexdump" show09:55
wish^YankDownUnder, I was using this VM yesterday. Did a halt, ran ubuntu update and shutdown the system, then this morning i can no longer start my vm09:55
karolaksomint uses deb packages as well so there is no difference imo09:55
fbo1(replace scriptname by the name of the file)09:55
karolakso@aryo https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en#linux09:56
alkisgacresearch: I think that you managed to run the script, so it's no longer an ubuntu issue, but an issue on you reading the script and passing the correct parameters that it needs.09:56
acresearchfbo1: 0000000 2123 752f 7273 622f 6e69 702f 7265 0d6c09:56
acresearch0000010 000a09:56
wish^YankDownUnder, I have tried purging the box from my system and reinstalled . I have installed dkms and so on09:56
k1lkarolakso: you can discuss how to do that on mint on ##linux or in the mint channels on the other irc network.09:56
aryoi am Linux new user and want to  learn much about this operating system09:57
fbo1acresearch: remove the first line and type it again09:57
wish^YankDownUnder, i am on kernel 3.16.0-77-generic09:57
k1laryo: this channel is for ubuntu. see the mint channels or ##linux . thanks09:57
fbo1there a piece of an old windows line terminator in it09:57
acresearchthe #!/user line?09:57
karolaksokil excuse me but tor is also avaliable on ubuntu and mint is ubuntu based so way to install is the same. but okay09:57
karolaksosorry for that09:57
YankDownUnderwish^: That is where some of the issues are going to lie, my friend...have you asked in #virtualbox yet?09:57
karolaksonow can anyone help me with my question on askubuntu?09:57
acresearchfbo1: i got /usr/bin/perl^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory09:57
karolaksohttp://askubuntu.com/questions/812244/games-freezing-after-some-time-on-steam-audio-works-can-move-coursor-around I cant resove this myself no matter what i do09:58
wish^YankDownUnder, I have not but heading there now09:59
wish^YankDownUnder, Thanks09:59
alkisgwish^: which ubuntu version has that kernel?10:00
k1lkarolakso: look at the logs in /var/log/ for dmesg or xorg.log. maybe you need to look at the cycled ones if you needed to reboot.10:00
wish^alkisg, 14.0410:00
alkisgwish^: I think you have the wrong kernel, e.g. the lts-vivid kernel, instead of the newer one10:01
acresearchfbo1: did you get my last copy/paste?10:01
karolaksokil: i need to reboot always after the freeze happens, i just cant do anything even in ttyl10:01
alkisgwish^: dpkg -l '*linux*' | grep ^ii ==> put the result to pastebin10:02
k1lkarolakso: then look at the dmesg.o or dmesg.1 logfiles there10:02
Ice_Strike2I can login to Linux server key and then do sudo -s to login as root10:02
Ice_Strike2when I try to logging direct like root@ip it wont work10:02
karolaksokil: i have no dmesg.o, just xorg.0.log and xorg.0.log.old10:03
MonkeyDustIce_Strike2  you shouldnt (try to) login as root10:03
Ice_Strike2How do I allow root@ip login as root using key10:03
wish^alkisg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23057859/10:03
alkisgwish^: ah, you probably have the lts-utopic kernel. Do upgrade to the last 4.x one provided in trusty. Check the hwe wiki page.10:03
alkisgwish^: yup, linux-signed-image-generic-lts-utopic10:03
alkisgwish^: install the newest kernel for trusty, and remove the old ones...10:04
alkisgwish^: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack10:04
wish^But how can this have changed since yesterday?10:04
karolaksokil: what should i look for in xorg.0.log?10:04
k1lkarolakso: what happend when the xserver crashed10:05
acresearchfbo1: alkisg YankDownUnder guys i fixed it, turns out i have to write #!/usr/bin/perl -w    i did and it worked, thank you guys for pointing me to how to fix the error :-)10:05
alkisgwish^: I'm not saying that it changed since yesterday... but vbox kernel issues with an utopic kernel may be solved if you use the xenial kernel (both available for -trusty)10:05
PlasmodiumHey all, I have a strange network issue i'm trying to diagnose10:05
wish^alkisg, Ok i will give it a go. Thanks10:05
karolaksokil: but while file is about x crash or what? Im new to linux never actually tried to analise those logs10:06
hateball!details | Plasmodium10:06
ubottuPlasmodium: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.10:06
wish^alkisg, So i just run the commands under 14.04 LTS on that page ?10:06
alkisgwish^: btw, if you uninstal all those old kernels you have , you'll save a lot of gigabytes of disk space10:06
PlasmodiumI'm running ubuntu 14.04 with an intel 8260 wifi card, using wpa_supplicant to connect to wifi. For some reason I'm consistently getting between 5% and 15% packet losses when pinging
alkisgwish^: yes10:06
alkisgand rebot10:06
PlasmodiumI'm connecting to a vpn so this packet loss causes constant disconnects and reconnects10:07
wish^Ok cheers!10:07
PlasmodiumLinux 05q8n3n 4.2.0-27-generic #32~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 22 15:32:26 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:07
wish^Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have10:07
wish^requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable10:07
wish^distribution that some required packages have not yet been created10:07
wish^or been moved out of Incoming.10:07
PlasmodiumOn my laptop with an intel 7260 on ubuntu 16.04 I have 0% packet loss10:07
gwozthey there people, i was wondering if i can write code that would work in terminal like some code that kills some processes and navigates me to some folder10:08
Plasmodiumusing systemd-networkd10:08
karolaksoare there any specific lines i should look for in xorg.0.log?10:08
MonkeyDustgwozt  there's also #bash for scripting10:08
alkisgwish^: what's the output of this? sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-xenial10:08
YankDownUndergwozt: Never been done before. You might make history! (joking)10:08
k1lwish^: put all that temrinal output into paste.ubuntu.com and show the url here10:08
gwoztthx yo YankDownUnder , MonkeyDust10:09
ameuruxgwozt   look for scripting10:09
karolaksomy xorg.0.log is full of lines like this :[     4.557] (II) modeset(0): Modeline "1360x768"x60.0   72.00  1360 1408 1440 1520  768 771 781 790 +hsync -vsync (47.4 kHz d)10:09
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gwoztameurux, word scripting covers so many things i guess :D10:10
ameuruxBash scripting10:10
wish^alkisg, It iran alot of stuff10:10
karolaksoanyone? i dont know what i should do. here is my whole xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/6Zv4JLYw10:11
wish^http://paste.ubuntu.com/23058001/ alkisg10:11
gwoztameurux, thx im lookin10:11
alkisgwish^: ok, reboot and check if vbox runs fine10:12
wish^Ok brb10:12
karolaksoplease, can anyone help?10:13
xubuntuhi folks10:13
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Ice_Strike2In /etc/ssh/sshd_config, PermitRootLogin is set to yes. When I try logging as root like root@ip with key,  it won't let me login. However when I login as normal user with key and then execute command: sudo -s then it will work.10:13
ameuruxgwozt  I personaly started by typing commands each line end with & or && depends on the need10:13
gwoztameurux, what does putting & at the end of the line do?10:14
Ice_Strike2I get eror "server refused our key"10:14
Ice_Strike2when I login as root10:14
Ice_Strike2but it work with normal user10:14
karolaksoplease guys i really need help. I know i may sound like a crying kid but infact im a bit like a kid because i have no idea what i should do10:16
islandtrolldoes any1 usin opera? i am havin trouble to install flash to opera / xubuntu user10:16
ameuruxgwozt  & will execute the next command regarless the first one is comleted or not, and && will have to w8 for the command to finnish10:17
PlasmodiumAnyone have any ideas? I'm totally stuck10:17
islandtrollwhats problem karo?10:17
gwoztameurux, got it thx10:17
karolaksoi have described it on askubuntu bat noone answers me: http://askubuntu.com/questions/812244/games-freezing-after-some-time-on-steam-audio-works-can-move-coursor-around10:17
flux242islandtroll: don't install flash10:18
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MonkeyDustkarolakso  hit the up arrow to repeat your question every 10-15 minutes, until someone enters who can help10:18
ameuruxgwozt  and I just write my commands needed and save the file as something.sh10:18
islandtrollwhat do u offer flux242? any alternative to that?10:18
ameuruxgwozt  then I execute it by  bash something.sh10:18
karolaksosome guy here told me to check xorg.0.log i did it but i have no idea what it means, http://pastebin.com/6Zv4JLYw <-here is the content10:18
gwoztameurux,  you're so helpful thx so much10:19
ameuruxgwozt  or sudo bash something.sh if you have something u need as root10:19
sayeedhow to dual boot sont laptops with ubutu and windows?10:19
wish^alkisg, I am getting the error "* No suitable module for running kernel found10:19
wish^" when i install virtualbox from the command line10:19
ameuruxgwozt  np anytime10:19
wish^alkisg, I am installing dkms now10:19
sayeedhow to dual boot sony laptops with ubuntu and windows?10:19
alkisgwish^: put the whole output to pastebin. Yup,you're supposed to get dkms along when installing virtualbox10:20
flux242karolakso: gaming under linux sucks because graphics subsystem and drivers sucks.10:21
wish^alkisg, Yea it works now after i installed dkms10:21
karolaksoyes i know but everything worked like 2 distros ago10:21
karolaksoi mean10:21
karolaksoubuntu 1410:21
karolaksoand now its all messed up again10:21
islandtrollwell my xubuntu gamin performance better than windows shit:D:D:10:22
ameuruxwhat kind of HW you have?10:22
flux242karolakso: yeah, that's linux10:22
wish^Thanks alot alkisg. Really helpful, i wonder why I was running an old kernel10:22
wish^Seems strange that the kernel would not be updated along with the system?10:22
karolaksoi guess installing porpertiary drivers would actually help but i heard you can only use open source on ubuntu 1610:22
alkisgwish^: it's explained in the lts wiki page10:22
karolaksoso i didnt even try10:22
islandtrollmaybe u usin an old compter and system couldnt detect ur gpu or some other drivers10:22
hateballkarolakso: what's changed is that fglrx is deprecated, and amdgpu isnt yet up to snuff10:23
ameuruxonly Nvidia graphics that works ok under Linux10:23
karolaksodo you think they will update it? how long could it take?10:23
ameuruxI have 7xxM  series it works ok but with some tearing10:24
hateballkarolakso: well it is a work in progress. if you want to keep up you'd have to use mainline kernels and mesa from git10:24
hateballkarolakso: or easier, upgrade every 6 months and not wait for next LTS10:24
karolaksosounds good10:24
karolaksoso 16.10 could fix it right?10:25
flux242or it could make it worse10:25
karolaksohow do i use mesa from git then/10:26
karolaksoas i mentioned im total newb with linux10:26
=== psycho is now known as Guest84070
hateballkarolakso: Then you probably do not want to be using git :)10:27
karolaksookay lol10:27
freakyyhi all. i have a problem. i have a system with dualboot linux and windows (ubuntu, windows10) but ubuntu keeps setting my time to 2 hours backwards. so the time in ubuntu is always correct, but my time in windows is getting reset by -2hours and i don tknow how i can stop that?10:27
hateballkarolakso: or even a !PPA, as they are unsupported and can break things in unexpected ways10:27
islandtrollhow can i  install flash to opera? usin xubuntu10:27
karolaksookay then i guess i will just wait10:28
karolaksothank you guys, maybe it will get fixed soon10:28
Guest84070freakyy, you just need to set up your location to utc (not + or - 1 etc), and in bios or uefi set up your current time10:29
freakyyislandtroll: try apt install xubuntu-restricted-extras10:29
freakyysudo apt install xubuntu-restricted-extras10:29
freakyyGuest84070: wher ecan i do that?10:29
freakyyits now set to auto get the time and data wait10:29
jjkoilkhello how to put window buttons in their proper place?10:29
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freakyyGuest84070: hm, i set my timezone to europe/berlin like it should be.10:30
Guest84070freakyy, in windows time setting and ubuntu time settings dont choose auto, choose utc and reboot into bios and change time10:30
freakyyGuest84070: but thats not the way it should work10:30
freakyyi want my correct timezone10:31
freakyyas websites also get ti10:31
freakyyautodetect my timezone10:31
freakyyfrom system10:31
islandtrollfreakky that command enough? will it fix ? or do i need to install flash after that sir?10:31
Guest84070freakyy, i understand, but every time when you reboot, ubuntu changes time in bios, windows reads its time and think that this time is UTC not German timezone and - or + time to your timezone10:32
Guest84070thats why always after reboot time in windows another that time in ubuntu)10:32
freakyyislandtroll: u can also try sudo apt install flashplugin-installer10:33
freakyyand then restart opera10:33
freakyyGuest84070: isnt there a way to keep ubuntu set it to utc?10:33
freakyyand calculate from it +2 (rigth now)?10:33
islandtrollflashplugin-installer is already the newest version (
islandtroll how it is possible ? gonna restart and test flash thanks anyway sir10:34
hateballfreakyy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Multiple_Boot_Systems_Time_Conflicts10:34
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Guest84070freakyy, maybe solution is to always update time from internet (in windows and in ubuntu), but in my windows, time dont updates from their time servers10:35
freakyyGuest84070: i have to turn it off and back on again so it resets time to correct setting.10:35
freakyyin windows10:35
freakyyok ive now set both to update themselves10:36
freakyyill now reboot and see if it helped10:36
Guest84070freakyy, i just changed my timezone to UTC in windows and linux, and in bios changed my time to correct10:36
islandtrolldid all commands but still dizibox webpage says Adobe Flash Player is missing :S10:36
freakyyislandtroll: restart the browser10:36
k1lislandtroll: install flashplugin-installer and run it10:37
islandtrolldid that but gonna restart pc too10:37
freakyybrb booting into winodws10:37
hateballk1l: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser suggests Opera uses chromiums pepperflash10:38
hateballas opposed to the npapi flash provided by flashplugin-installer10:39
jjkoilkhello how can i put window buttons and menu bar back (i'm on xenius something)10:39
EriC^^jjkoilk: settings > appearance > behavior10:41
islandtrollfreakyy thanks dude restartin pc worked10:41
gwozthey guys, i was gonna delete some directory and when i typed rmdir "directoryname" it gave an error saying directory isnt empty then i tried rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empt "directoryname" then it seemed executed but then when i typed ls i saw the same directory in current path10:42
MonkeyDustgwozt  try rm -r10:42
jjkoilkEriC^^: it doesn't work10:42
Guest84070islandtroll, in opera for linux they added adblocker and vpn?10:42
gwoztit worked thx10:42
hateballislandtroll: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser10:43
islandtrollwell when u install they inform u to if u wanna use default browser blocker but i use adguard extension which is fine for me10:44
islandtrollhateball will try that too thanks10:44
Guest84070islandtroll, thx for information10:44
islandtrollnp i guess its usin less system resources than firefox as i read on forums and light fast i suggest u to try at least once10:45
freakyyislandtroll:  np ,d10:46
freakyyGuest84070: i got a fix. u can set a key in the windows registry which tells windows that bios time is UTC ;D10:47
hateballislandtroll: opera dropped its own engine and is now using webkit, so thats why you need chromiums plugins instead10:47
Guest84070freakyy,oh will try it, thx)10:48
freakyyGuest84070:  wiat ill look it up10:48
hateball... I just linked you it, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Multiple_Boot_Systems_Time_Conflicts10:48
Guest84070hateball, thx too )10:48
freakyyGuest84070: http://lifehacker.com/5742148/fix-windows-clock-issues-when-dual-booting-with-os-x <-- this applies also to linux10:49
Guest84070freakyy, thx again )10:50
freakyynp :)10:50
freakyyhi gnomeselpa10:52
islandtrollwell some videos wasnt able to open till i do this command sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree    and now no problem10:53
islandtrollthanks again hateball also if u guys havin trouble with opera check that page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser10:53
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gebbione_hi, i have added a new user11:00
gebbione_and then tried to ssh-copy-id for him but now for some reason sshing does not work in password less mode11:00
gebbione_what have i broken? i tried restarting ssh but it made no difference11:00
pictionarygebbione_ : what was the exact ssh-copy-id command?11:06
gebbione_pictionary: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub remote-host11:07
jjkoilkis there a way to fix window buttons in ubuntu X-something? i don' t want mac layout11:07
EriC^^jjkoilk: you mean xubuntu?11:08
EriC^^or unity?11:08
jjkoilkno I mean recent ubuntu11:08
EriC^^in unity you can't change them, in ubuntu mate i know for a fact you can11:09
jjkoilkbut i like unity.... what a joke11:09
MonkeyDustjjkoilk  then better get used to it11:11
jjkoilklinux can do nothing properly11:11
gebbione_pictionary: any suggestions?11:12
gebbione_it is a machine problem now11:12
gebbione_even re running ssh-copy-id doesnt fix the problem11:13
EriC^^gebbione_: what's the problem?11:14
MonkeyDustjjkoilk  'linux' is very broad ... as said before, Mate DE lets you move the buttons ... matter of the dev's choices11:15
gebbione_EriC^^: i added a new user and then run a ssh-copy-id to set a passwordless access with that user11:15
gebbione_since then i cannot just ssh, it asks passwords all the times11:15
pictionarywhat is the shell of the user ?11:16
jjkoilkmate is not serious11:16
EriC^^pictionary: by default "bash"11:16
gebbione_ -> /bin/bash11:16
EriC^^pictionary: ah nevermind :)11:16
gebbione_i have set it esplicitly11:16
EriC^^gebbione_: can you upload the sshd_config ?11:17
jjkoilkthere is only 3 serious GUIs and their developers are sick in their heads sadly11:17
EriC^^gebbione_: also try ssh -vvv and pastebin it as well11:17
pictionarycan you pastebin the ssh -v output from the clinet too please?11:17
pictionaryyep ^^11:17
fbo1gebbione_: have a look at the authorized_keys file on the ssh server. maybe there was a newline missing on the last entry before the ssh-copy-id call11:17
gebbione_is the sshd config somewhere specific?11:17
gebbione_fbo1: should i just try deleting all keys11:18
gebbione_i can re-add them11:18
EriC^^gebbione_: /etc/ssh/sshd_config11:18
fbo1gebbione: deleting all of them and re-adding the last one should work if my theory is right.11:18
EriC^^gebbione_: sure why not, also make sure the perms are correct for the .ssh dir and authorized_keys file11:18
gebbione_that is 700 right?11:19
gebbione_btw i havent changed anything for the original user11:20
EriC^^600 for authorized_keys11:20
MonkeyDustjjkoilk  http://insights.ubuntu.com/category/case-studies?topic=desktop11:20
EriC^^and maybe 750 for ~/.ssh11:20
jjkoilkMonkeyDust: what is that supposed to mean?11:21
gebbione_permissions didint work11:22
EriC^^gebbione_: ok, try ssh -vvv that should help big time11:22
fbo1gebbione_: actually 755 for ~ and ~/.ssh is better. 644 for ~/.ssh/authorized_keys11:22
EriC^^755 for ~ hmm maybe 750 ?11:22
Eth0sHi, anyone using or tried MaaS?11:23
EriC^^else others can access the files11:23
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gebbione_EriC^^: btw ssh -vvv doesnt work11:25
EriC^^how so?11:25
gebbione_it gives me usage instructions11:25
EriC^^gebbione_: what exactly is the command you're using?11:26
gebbione_this is the ssh conf11:26
EriC^^ssh -vvv user@host11:26
gebbione_ok i though u wanted just -v11:26
gebbione_EriC^^: is the attempt http://paste.ubuntu.com/23058127/11:27
gebbione_does that show anything meaningful11:29
gebbione_ -> Offering RSA public key: /c/Users... so it knows a key is present on the client11:31
gebbione_why it is not using this anymore11:31
gebbione_especially just after i did a useradd11:31
EriC^^gebbione_: did you try deleting the authorized_keys and using ssh-copy-id again?11:32
gebbione_not yet11:32
gebbione_doing now11:32
pictionaryalso - could you try passing the id_rsa file explicitly - ssh -i ./.ssh/.id_rsa user@host11:33
gebbione_made no difference11:33
EriC^^these things always turn out to be something really simple btw11:34
gebbione_these things are really annoying :p11:35
gebbione_but to be honest i have no clue on what i might have done wrong11:35
gebbione_i just created a new user that has all groups as a similar user11:35
gebbione_then passwd for that user11:35
gebbione_and ssh-copy-id11:36
EriC^^gebbione_: do other user's pubkey work?11:38
EriC^^this line is kind of odd identity file /c/Users/diego.gullo/.ssh/id_rsa type 1 debug1: key_load_public: No such file or directory11:40
EriC^^later though it does mention the file and says it sent a publickey packet and is waiting for a reply11:42
gebbione_EriC^^: btw it is definitely not a client problem11:44
gebbione_since the problem appeared on my machine11:44
gebbione_i saw the break happening on a remote server too11:45
gebbione_so nothing can ssh into this builder machine11:45
gebbione_unless password is used11:45
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EriC^^gebbione_: what are the permissions on ~ and ~/.ssh ?11:46
fbo1gebbione_: can you pastebin the authorized_keys file?11:46
gebbione_drwxr-xr-x  2 devadmin devadmin  4096 Aug 15 12:34 .ssh11:46
EriC^^gebbione_: and ~ ?11:47
gebbione_EriC^^:  on ~ drwxrwxr-x 13 devadmin devadmin  4096 Aug 15 12:34 .11:47
EriC^^gebbione_: set the permissions for ~ to 750 , as well as ~/.ssh11:47
gebbione_EriC^^: looks like it worked11:49
gebbione_now i need to re add keys for the server11:49
EriC^^gebbione_: no problem11:49
islandtrollguys i installed sauerbraten from software manager but cant hear any sound also i cant see any volume icon :D:D11:56
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christian__hi Im using xubuntu 14.04. if I install compiz, will it remove screen tearing? thanks12:02
kernelkatzebut compiz is pretty heavy12:02
kernelkatzeu should try compton instead12:02
k1lchristian__: what video card and what driver is in use?12:02
hateballchristian__: What is tearing? Everything? Video? What GPU/Driver?12:02
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christian__Graphics:  Card: Intel 82Q963/Q965 Integrated Graphics Controller12:03
christian__           X.Org: 1.17.1 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution: 1366x768@59.8hz12:03
christian__           GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel 965Q x86/MMX/SSE2 GLX Version: 2.1 Mesa 10.5.912:03
kernelkatzeif u want to get rid of tearing. check this out: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214446812:03
k1lchristian__: what shows "uname -a"?12:04
christian__compton feels bare-bones. I want to enable shadows on windows, with no window animations, at the same time no screen tearing12:04
kernelkatzechris r u german?12:04
christian__uname -a output = Linux christian-Veriton-1000 3.19.0-66-generic #74~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 19 19:56:23 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux12:05
christian__kernelkatze_: no12:05
k1lchristian__: your kernel (and xorg) is outdated anyway.12:05
christian__k1l_: yes I know...I dont like the bugs being complained about in Xubuntu 16.0412:06
k1lchristian__: first i would suggest to use the proper enablement stack from xenial now:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack12:06
kernelkatzeits not outdated. its lts ^^12:06
m0ordzieKHi everyone , i have a problem , suddenly after a reboot , my sambaserver stopped functioning, i tried purging/removing it and reinstall it but a reinstall isnt posible because of dependency problems which i don't understand, can anyone help me please12:06
k1lchristian__: you dont need to leave 14.04. but you need to change the kernel and xorg verisons to the ones that still have support12:06
EriC^^m0ordzieK: paste the output of apt-get12:06
kernelkatzesure m0ord...12:06
kernelkatzehave u tried apt-get -f install?12:07
christian__kernelkatze_: how heavy is compiz? how much ram will it gobble up?12:07
k1lkernelkatze: please dont confuse the user with wrong informations12:07
m0ordzieKYes kernelkatze12:07
m0ordzieKi did12:07
m0ordzieKi searched stackoverflow and tried all the solutions12:07
m0ordzieKnone of them work12:07
k1lkernelkatze: look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2FSupport.A14.04.x_Ubuntu_Kernel_Support . his kernel and xorg is outdated. christian__12:07
kernelkatzeyeah... i think i should back to my arch irc12:07
m0ordzieKi'll paste the output hold on12:07
christian__k1l: I have problems with kernel 4.4 when using wine when I play NFS MW and AOE312:08
m0ordzieKThe following packages have unmet dependencies:12:08
m0ordzieK samba-common-bin : Depends: libwbclient0 (>= 2:4.0.3+dfsg1) but it is not going to be installed12:08
m0ordzieK samba-libs : Depends: libwbclient0 (>= 2:4.0.3+dfsg1) but it is not going to be installed12:08
m0ordzieKE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).12:08
EriC^^!paste | m0ordzieK12:08
ubottum0ordzieK: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:08
m0ordzieKokay sorry12:08
m0ordzieKdidn't know that12:08
m0ordzieKeverything worked as a charm before12:09
k1lchristian__: did you try the original 3.13 kernel and xorg, too?12:09
m0ordzieKdon't really understand what went wrong i didn't do any updates or anything12:09
christian__k1l_: its pretty slow on games I mentioned12:10
islandtrollhi folks how do u check that ? There are seven different libsdl1.2debian-* packages available. Check that you have the one that's appropriate for your sound system12:10
christian__Currently Im using compton12:10
k1lchristian__: so let me clear that facts: you tried the original 14.04 kernel and xorg, and the xenial lts hwe stack for kernel and xrog already?12:11
christian__k1l_:I have installed ubuntu 16.0412:11
k1lchristian__: i am not talking about the 16.04 install. i am talking about the hardware-enablement-stacks that i linked you12:12
christian__k1l_: didnt like my experience with the kernel12:12
christian__I have not tried HWE From 16.0412:12
christian__k1l_: Im using xubuntu 14.04.3 (came with 3.19 kernel)12:12
EriC^^m0ordzieK: try sudo apt-get install libwbclient012:13
DirkosIm looking for a way to delete all the files except certain ones. Problem is that find is way too slow. Question is how to improve the performance or to run it with "locate" for example?12:13
k1lchristian__: the 3.19 kernel and xorg you use actually, you cant use anymore. and there will be no fixes for bugs or security ones. so i ask you to test if the original 3.13 stack is working or the xenial backports stack.12:13
Guest27412christian, mate system monitor shows that compiz using 50 mb of ram12:13
EriC^^m0ordzieK: any ppa's installed? try tail -v /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*12:13
k1lchristian__: please see what i linked you to get to know what i talk about. you cant use 3.19 anymore.12:13
m0ordzieKi dont think so EriC^^ only thing thats installed is  sickbeard & couchpotato atm , also python12:14
christian__Guest27412_: what about in xfce?12:14
christian__k1l_: sorry.. ok Ill see the link12:14
islandtrollcant hear sound in games such as sauerbraten from software manager but i listen music whats wrong12:14
Guest27412@christian__ , dont know, havent xfce de installed12:15
christian__k1l_: 3.19 ceased to be supported? Should I switch back to 3.13 (14.04.1 at least)?12:17
k1l<k1l> christian__: the 3.19 kernel and xorg you use actually, you cant use anymore. and there will be no fixes for bugs or security ones. so i ask you to test if the original 3.13 stack is working or the xenial backports stack.12:17
christian__Guest27412_: I have to experiment then... thanks12:18
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christian__k1l_:ok ok... can I also do a clean install of 3.13?12:20
christian__k1l_: I want to start from scratch12:21
oberthello I just upgraded to the latest version of kubuntu now I cannot connect to internet while the wifi password is right, how could i solve it?12:21
k1lno need for a reinstall. you can install the original kernel and xorg with: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-all xserver-xorg-input-all libwayland-egl1-mesa12:22
m0ordzieKI really hope i can get this fixed without having to perform a complete reinstall..12:22
othmaneguys is there any alternative for internet download manager for linux ?12:24
christian__k1l_: thanks sir. Uhm 1 more question... do you know how much ram will  compiz consume? I have 3GB and using 32bit12:24
EriC^^m0ordzieK: sorry im back12:24
EriC^^checking the log12:25
m0ordzieKOké thanks mate12:25
othmaneWget in terminal12:25
MonkeyDustothmane  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DownloadManager12:25
k1lchristian__: uh, 32bit? is the hardware 32bit only? but running compiz will consume some more ram of course12:25
EriC^^m0ordzieK: which pc is this?12:25
EriC^^it says arm as the architecture12:25
m0ordzieKindeed raspberrypi12:26
EriC^^oh ok12:26
othmanethank you12:26
m0ordzieKworked like a charm12:26
MonkeyDustm0ordzieK  there's also #ubuntu-arm12:26
christian__k1l_:oh and one more thing sir. You asked for my uname -a output and it says there that 3.19.0-66 released in July 19, will it be the last support date for that kernel? because you said no more bug fixes and most importantly, security updates?12:26
EriC^^m0ordzieK: try sudo apt-get remove samba-libs:armhf12:26
k1lm0ordzieK: not all 3rd party repos and PPAs have arm packages12:26
m0ordzieKk1l i know but it worked before12:27
m0ordzieKits just samba12:27
k1lchristian__: yes. no more updates12:27
christian__k1l_:I have Core2 Duo E6600 2.4ghz12:27
EriC^^m0ordzieK: and sudo apt-get remove samba-common-bin12:27
k1lchristian__: that is a 64bit cpu. no need to run a 32bit OS then12:27
k1lm0ordzieK: apt-cache policy samba-libs:armhf12:28
m0ordzieKsamba-common-bin also whines about dependencys12:28
christian__k1l_:But I only 3gb ram... people say you must have atleast 4?12:28
k1lchristian__: no. that is false informations.12:29
m0ordzieKInstalled: 2:4.2.10+dfsg-0+deb8u312:29
k1lchristian__: some ages ago it was the other way around: 32bit only could handle less than 4gb ram. so most people think that you need 32bit for less than 4gb and 64bit for more than 4gb, which is wrong12:30
k1lm0ordzieK: can you show the output in a pastebin?12:30
k1lchristian__: OS and programs are stopping support for 32bit. like google chrome etc.12:30
christian__k1l_: ok thanks for everything. I would try to use 64bit.. So im actually running a very unsecure system with 3.19 kernel all this time12:30
islandtrollcant hear sound in games such as sauerbraten from software manager but i listen music whats wrong12:30
islandtrolltried that didnt work sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i38612:31
m0ordzieKit is raspbian but thats a debian derrivate so i guess it shouldnt be a problem , im running ubuntu on my laptop and its the same12:31
k1lm0ordzieK: that is a raspbian, not an ubuntu. i guess the guys in #raspbian will know how to solve their depency issues12:31
m0ordzieKOh well okay than12:32
m0ordzieKthanks for the help anyway , i'll stick around , having ubuntu installed on my laptop , and as an appreciation for the quick responds12:33
slip309quick question: from the grub menu, what parameters do you add to the kernel line to get ubuntu into text mode?12:33
MonkeyDust!text | slip309 quick answeer12:33
ubottuslip309 quick answeer: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode12:33
k1lslip309: it was "text" but systemd seems to have issues with that12:33
EriC^^m0ordzieK: try removing all the samba related packages at the same time if possible12:33
slip309just add it at the end? tried that and still got my dm12:33
m0ordzieKEriC^^ i did that before12:34
m0ordzieKi'll try it again12:34
EriC^^m0ordzieK: and try to install just the dependencies and see what happens maybe12:34
m0ordzieKEriC^^ how to do that? i mean what are the dependencies i should install12:34
EriC^^try removing them all and run sudo apt-get -f install and sudo dpkg --configure -a12:34
EriC^^try apt-cache show samba and look for Depends:12:34
m0ordzieKis there a way to remove all sambarelated packages at once12:34
EriC^^m0ordzieK: try putting them all in the same sudo apt-get remove <packages> line maybe apt-get will know how to remove them all at once12:35
slip309k1l: any way to deal with systemd?12:35
k1lslip309: sorry, i dont know if systemd fixed that yet/at all12:35
EriC^^m0ordzieK: also dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii should list the packages that aren't installed properly (ignore the rc ones as those are just left over configs)12:36
MonkeyDustm0ordzieK  after you removed the packages, use this to purge even more    sudo apt install aptitude && sudo aptitude purge ~c12:36
slip309k1l: grrr...thanks. I can get it to work by editing the grub files and rebooting, but didn't want to make a permanent change.12:36
m0ordzieKi'm currently overwhelmed :P12:37
m0ordzieKsudo dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii12:37
m0ordzieKgives me loads of information12:37
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christian__hi is it recommended to install xserver-xorg-video-modesetting on i96512:38
m0ordzieKit's all rc except for a couple thatare iU12:38
m0ordzieKare those the ones i should remove?12:39
brainwash!info xserver-xorg-video-modesetting12:39
ubottuPackage xserver-xorg-video-modesetting does not exist in xenial12:39
m0ordzieKwhen i do that12:40
m0ordzieK sudo apt-get remove samba samba-common-bin samba-dsdb-modules samba-libs samba-vfs-modules12:40
m0ordzieKit says : Unmet dependencies for => python-samba depends samba-libs12:40
EriC^^is python samba just samba related? maybe remove that one too12:41
m0ordzieKits removing now but it gives errors again12:42
devopshow to develop ubuntu App ?12:42
BluesKajHiyas all12:42
EriC^^m0ordzieK: paste them12:42
=== florent_ is now known as Guest91330
EriC^^m0ordzieK: ah there's an error in the post removal script of libwbclient012:43
m0ordzieKAnd what exactly does that mean :D12:43
m0ordzieKlearning everyday :D thats what linux s all about i guess :D12:44
EriC^^m0ordzieK: try real quickly to reinstall just libwbclient0 right now, but if it asks to install other stuff ignore it12:44
m0ordzieKso purge it first?12:44
m0ordzieKor just remove12:45
EriC^^apt-get install --reinstall libwb...12:45
MonkeyDustdevops  there's also #ubuntu-app-devel12:46
m0ordzieKi think that worked12:46
EriC^^m0ordzieK: ok try to remove it now12:46
EriC^^and see if it works12:46
k1lm0ordzieK: EriC^^ mind to take that to the #raspbian channel since that is clearly a raspbian issue and that is not even ubuntu based? thanks12:47
EriC^^m0ordzieK: ok try installing those dependencies one by one and see if they all install12:47
m0ordzieKEriC^^ if you want we can discuss this private? as k1l would like us to stop here12:47
m0ordzieKthanks !12:48
slip309k1l: finally got it to work by modifying the grub files updating and then running sudo systemctl "set-default multi-user.target". good times.12:53
MonkeyDustslip309  where / how did you find that?12:54
slip309talks about modding grub, but that didn't work12:54
slip309WAY down in the comments someone mentions running sudo systemctl... after update-grub12:55
slip309working on the LFCSA course and needed a pure console version of ubuntu12:56
BluesKajslip309, you can also just let the OS boot to the login then use ctk+alt +F1-F612:58
slip309BluesKaj: yeah, thanks for that. Was just trying to follow along in the book which requires modding grub.12:59
BluesKajwell, fooling with grub can muck things up, but that's your call13:00
slip309I totally agree! that's why it's a virtualbox vm13:00
slip309had things go bad more times than I can count.13:00
kvmmmso if I use XFCE, am I limited with certain software? e.g. if it needs KDE dependencies?13:02
kvmmmI mean, I'm looking for a lightweight GUI that lets me use basic things; skype, browser, KVM, Office13:03
kvmmmbut I don't want to end up installing huge dependency libraries for some other desktop. Is it ok to go with something like OpenBox?13:03
k1lif you want kde programs that will pull in all the kde depencies (which are a lot)13:03
alkisgNone of the programs you mentioned strictly require kde13:04
slip309just for the record: sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target gets systemd pointed to the text console13:06
slip309sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target resets it back to lightdm on ubuntu13:07
OerHeksgood tip, slip309 , i knew the 1st one13:07
k1lslip309: thanks13:07
BluesKajslip309, I agree, that's usable info13:09
slip309and...drum roll...if you append systemd.unit=multi-user.target to the kernel line in grub you get it one-time13:10
jpmhI would like to do "text to speech" to a file on an ubuntu 14.4 server.  Any suggestions?13:11
MonkeyDustjpmh  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TextToSpeech13:12
jpmhMonkeyDust: ty, I'll have a look -13:14
arch-userHello Friends. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 on my office laptop. Since this is not my personal laptop, I can't upgrade to 16.04. I have Intel Graphics. Can someone link me the website where I can download the Intel graphics driver for my version of Ubuntu??13:18
k1l!hwe | arch-user13:18
ubottuarch-user: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:18
alkisgarch-user: they should be included with ubuntu 14.04 with no need for separate downoad13:18
k1lno need to load drivers when the driver is in the kernel and you can change the kernel and xorg version with the enablement stack13:19
ntiyHello #ubuntu! I've created a symlink /lala pointing to /home and inside /home  I've created /home/some/dir. Now I've added /lala/some/dir to my PATH. Question: why don't I see binary "some.bin" that I put in /lala/some/dir with "which" command?13:31
MonkeyDustntiy  first try with   whereis13:33
akikntiy: i just tested symlinkin /home to /lala13:35
akikntiy: it works just fine13:35
akikntiy: i.e. i have now /lala/akik/bin in PATH as the first path and a script "reddit" is found from there13:36
ntiyakik: now if you "touch /lala/some.bin; chmod +x /lala/some.bin; which some.bin" -- this works?13:36
ntiyakik: ah, ok. well... wtf?13:37
mmethHey. Any simple method to make ctrl + alt work like alt gr?13:37
akikntiy: i have /lala/akik/bin/reddit and it has +x and is found with which13:37
mmethfor special keys13:38
ntiyakik: right... its supposed to work like that... doesnt for me... :-\13:38
Sven_vBi'm trying to stub missing accessibility features into help.ubuntu.com, and there's that anonymous table cell with direct styling instead of a class name like "table-of-contents-wrapper". whom can I ask to fix that?13:38
akikntiy: did you skip /lala/*some*/bin13:38
akikntiy: can you pastebin "echo $PATH", "ls -al /lala/some/dir" ?13:40
ntiyakik: no. I don't actually have //lala/some.bin, I made these names up for example here. My actual paths are all correct (and named differently)13:40
Sven_vBor even: where do I volonteer to fix certain webdesign aspects on help.ubuntu.com?13:45
akikSven_vB: maybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam13:46
Sven_vBakik, thanks!13:46
k1lSven_vB: i would ask in #ubuntu-website13:46
akikSven_vB: the link was at the bottom of help.ubuntu.com13:46
Sven_vBakik, sorry, my cleverness was temporarily stunned by some of the code that I had read.13:47
akikSven_vB: it also lists #ubuntu-doc as a contact point13:48
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ztanelowriter, localc std::bad_alloc all the time, what is the way to debug this?13:57
k1lztane: 32bit OS?13:58
jiinsome one her13:59
k1ljiin: some are here13:59
jiinplis repair the fakint 16.04 and 16.10 ubuntu for amd13:59
jiinit wont install on amd am 214:00
ztane64-bit, enough mem14:00
ztane10G free ram, 16G free swap14:00
k1ljiin: what is the exact issue?14:00
jiinit starts to install  and stucks and my pc is shuding down14:00
jiini have 3 GB ram14:00
jiin46000 mhz amd am 214:00
jiini can install  ubuntu 14   but the 16 stucks14:01
k1lztane: what ubuntu is it?14:01
jiinand 16.1014:01
ztanek1l: 16.04 up-to-date.14:02
jiinubuntu is shit  i swer to goot14:02
k1lztane: so is the ram ok? do you have other issues with ram?14:03
k1ljiin: stop that ranting and insulting14:03
jiinyou dont have no nor opcios as ity was at the beginign 1 sayt  is red hat 2 deb or  ubuntu  all  are  schit distro14:03
jiinubuntu is coruptet i am teling the truf it hase beck doors14:03
MonkeyDustjiin  you're from to not use it14:03
notadeveloperis iptables still used in ubuntu14:06
k1lnotadeveloper: in the background yes. but most use some programs that use iptables as base.14:06
MonkeyDustnotadeveloper  yes14:06
k1lztane: what package version is it?14:07
ztaneI got it working again, this is so confusing14:08
k1lztane: everything i find with that is a bug from 2014 that was fixed then.14:08
ztaneyeah :/14:09
ztanewasn't my user profile, wasn't my diskspace, wasn't my memory14:09
ztanebut after I killed firefox, localc/lowriter started working again14:09
MonkeyDust!info lowriter14:10
ubottuPackage lowriter does not exist in xenial14:10
ubuntuuser1Can someone help me?14:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:11
ross`how can I add an init script to ubuntu if I cannot run shell commands but can only do file system level operations?14:12
ross`what exactly do I need to add to /etc/init.d/ etc14:12
moijkHi. I'm having a bit of an issue with VLC after I upgraded my graphics card. I used to use intel 4600, but got a 750ti now. however, in VLC (but not in ubuntus native video program nor in kodi) the image is very pixelated like it is something wrong. which is a bummer since vlc is my favorite video software. any idea what to do, i presume the problem has to do with the nvidia card14:12
ubuntuuser1I had a Ubuntu 14 installation on a hard drive, but I really messed up the packages and deleted a lot of system packages including the kernel. This is also on a encrypted hard drive (full disk). I would like to install Ubuntu 16 on the hard drive, but  I don't want to lose any of the files in /home/myuser/ and I also have files in other directories. Can the installer do that?14:14
ross`I tried adding this and it did not work: http://scpb.in/ready14:14
elhoirubuntuuser1, did you split HDD in partitions?14:14
ubuntuuser1elhoir: I don't remember. I just used the Ubuntu 14 installer and I told it to do full disk encryption14:15
elhoiruh uh14:15
elhoirand did you reboot?14:15
ubuntuuser1it doesnt boot14:15
elhoiryeah of course, as u deleted kernel14:16
ubuntuuser1it gets to Grub14:16
ubuntuuser1and then error is: no linux image file14:16
ubuntuuser1I deleted the linux img14:16
ioriamoijk, same issue with totem ? and 14.04 or 16.04 ?14:16
elhoirmaybe you can install it again, but you may be forced to compile it from sources14:16
ubuntuuser1so can I use the installer to just install the system files/Unity over an existing installation without messing up the files ?14:17
ubuntuuser1my files *14:17
k1lubuntuuser1: why not chroot to it from a live-sub/dvd and install linux-generic again?14:17
elhoirk1l, ah, i didnt know i can do that :)14:17
elhoiryeah, thats a good point, ubuntuuser114:18
ubuntuuser1k1l: I have Ubuntu linux 16 running right now and I have the hard drive hooked up through SATA, and when I try to mount the old hard drive with ubuntu 14, I get this error: Error unlocking /dev/sdb1: Command-line `cryptsetup luksOpen "/dev/sdb1" "luks-9c729eef30ef" ' exited with non-zero exit status 1: Device /dev/sdb1 is not a valid LUKS device.14:18
k1lubuntuuser1: no, i doubt the installer will not delete some files.14:19
elhoirk1l, the thing is, HDD is encrypted :)14:19
monica-78_hi all14:19
monica-78_hi all14:19
elhoirhola monica :)14:19
N0RM4Nhi monica14:19
monica-78_I'm using ubuntu 16 on my travelmate 533514:20
monica-78_but I haven't brightness control14:20
k1lubuntuuser1: elhoir well, i am not familiar with luks and how to mount that (when there are such errors)14:20
monica-78_I tried with the command acpi_backlight=vendor inside grub but it doesn't resolve the problem14:20
monica-78_what I can to do?14:20
ioriaubuntuuser1, when you mount an encrypted device with nautilus or Disks, it should prompt you with a pop up requiring the passphrase14:22
elhoirk1l, ubuntuuser1 nor i am.... you can give gparted a tryt....14:22
=== elhoir is now known as elhoir|afk
MonkeyDustfull disk encryption always sounds bad to me14:23
ioriaubuntuuser1, have you installed the cryptsetup pkgs  ?14:23
ubuntuuser1ioria: it did, then it gave me that error14:25
ubuntuuser1k1l: I'll try that now.14:27
ubuntuuser1ioria: it is installed14:29
ubuntuuser1same problem14:29
ubuntuuser1cant mount it14:30
joelioand you're sure that sdb1 is the dm-crypt?14:30
joeliono LVM involved?14:31
ross`can someone tell me what I have to do so that these 2 things actually do something?14:31
ross`http://scpb.in/ready.conf http://scpb.in/ready14:31
ubuntuuser1I chose the full-disk encryption option when isntalling ubuntu 14 on it14:32
ubuntuuser1joelio: ^14:32
joelioonto sdb? Ok - could you pase #sudo blkid | grep crypto_LUKS14:33
ubuntuuser1yeah /dev/sdb14:33
joeliosbd or sdb1?14:34
joelioalso, if you chose the installer.. it won't be 114:34
joelioas 1 is boot partition14:34
ubuntuuser1it says /dev/sda only14:35
ubuntuuser1it doesn't list sdb14:35
joelioI'm really not following you14:35
joelioright, so it's not sdb1 is it14:35
=== Afrotoast is now known as afro
ubuntuuser1sda is the hd Im booted to right now14:35
ioriaubuntuuser1,  udisksctl unlock -b /dev/sdb1   what returns ?14:35
=== Guest46 is now known as McLight
ubuntuuser1Error unlocking /dev/sdb1: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.UDisks2.Error.Failed: Error unlocking /dev/sdb1: Command-line `cryptsetup luksOpen "/dev/sdb1" "luks-9c729ebe-09c8-46ea-9f6b-6e5299ef30ef" ' exited with non-zero exit status 1: Device /dev/sdb1 is not a valid LUKS device.14:36
joelioubuntuuser1: could you paste the *actual* output I asked for14:36
ubuntuuser1it is14:36
ubuntuuser1user@host1:~$ udisksctl unlock -b /dev/sdb1 Passphrase:  Error unlocking /dev/sdb1: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.UDisks2.Error.Failed: Error unlocking /dev/sdb1: Command-line `cryptsetup luksOpen "/dev/sdb1" "luks-9c729ebe-09c8-46ea-9f6b-6e5299ef30ef" ' exited with non-zero exit status 1: Device /dev/sdb1 is not a valid LUKS device.14:36
linminthow to compile a source code for linux mint?14:37
linmintmake install?14:37
joelioubuntuuser1: could you paste teh output please, properly (redact the UUID if that bothered)14:37
ubuntuuser1joelio: but the installer can mount it14:37
ubuntuuser1joelio: If I run the Ubuntu Minimum installer for 16, I can unlock it14:38
linmintteh output is my hair slowly standing up14:38
ubuntuuser1joelio: my question is, can I use the installer without it wiping out the /home/14:38
ubuntuuser1and also I have some other files14:38
ubuntuuser1like DB data files, etc14:38
ubuntuuser1will the installer wipe that out?14:38
joelioit'll do what you tell it to14:39
ubuntuuser1like mysql data files14:39
joeliothere are custom partitions14:39
joelioI'd backup if you're not sure14:39
joelioeasy way then14:39
linmintwhat's the difference between backup and backdown14:39
linmintwhy no forward feature?14:39
xangua9:38 AM <ubuntuuser1> joelio: my question is, can I use the installer without it wiping out the /home/ | depends if you put home in a separate partition the first time14:40
linmintyes of course, you could wipe /baby/butt14:40
ubuntuuser1xangua: I don't remember. I used the ubuntu 14 and I selected the full-disk encryption that's all I knpw14:40
ubuntuuser1know *14:40
linmintdont forget to partition the asses14:41
linmintbuntu in malay language is deadend14:41
linmintubuntu is u're a deadend14:41
joeliolinmint: do you want any help or are you just being obtuse14:42
linmintim just being linux user14:42
linmintu want me to dance my fingers on the keyboard?14:42
ioriaubuntuuser1, sorry for asking, are you sure it's encrypted ?14:42
linminti can fingers break dance14:42
ubuntuuser1the installer can unlock it14:43
MonkeyDustlinmint  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue14:43
ioriaubuntuuser1,  can you paste sudo parted -l14:43
ubuntuuser1ok, let me get back14:43
ubuntuuser1I'll run the installer again and see if I can unlock it14:43
linmintthe output is mice/wondering/around14:43
linmintioria where are you14:44
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
linminthow to compile a source code14:45
linmintor make install14:45
OerHekslinmint, why?14:45
linminti don't know how14:45
linmintare u human or robot?14:45
linmintif ur a human please sing a song14:46
CommanderJroclinmint, what are yoy trying to compile?14:46
linminti tried installing clamav from sudo14:46
CommanderJrocif your project has a makefile14:46
linmintbut it was outdated program and i don't know how to update it14:46
OerHeksplease don't feed the troll14:46
walter__i have a raspberry pi with ubuntu ma14:46
linmintso i go to the clamav website to download the recent source code, but don't know how to install it14:46
linmintany human can help me out please14:47
walter__what is your problem14:47
CommanderJrocassuming you have a makefile14:47
CommanderJrocyou can do make install14:47
linminti want to install clamav on linux mint, but i can't14:47
walter__linmint was is your problem?14:47
linmintunable to install clamav on linux mint mate 64bit14:48
joeliomaybe try the right channel? This is #ubuntu14:48
walter__what have you for a pc14:48
linminti did sudo apt-get install clamav, and then sudo freshclam14:48
OerHekssad, the mint guys love to help you14:48
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:48
linmintwrong room lol14:49
walter__hello why can i see the temperature on my raspberry pi on ubuntu mate14:49
clamportHello all, is there anyone who could help me debug a preseed script?14:50
joeliowalter__: try     cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp14:50
joeliootherwise maybe lmsensors and a sensors-detect will work14:50
joelioit'll need to be divided by 100014:51
joelioto get proper units of Centigrade/Celcius14:51
walter__what is the celsius14:51
walter__i will that the cpu temperatur appear on my tasks14:52
walter__a icon14:52
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.14:54
walter__but i have a raspberry pi 314:54
MonkeyDustwalter__  raspberry is not supported here14:55
walter__who is he supported14:55
MonkeyDustwalter__  try #ubuntu-arm or #raspberrypi14:55
joelioI did say just divide by 1000 :)14:56
ross`can someone tell me what I have to do so that these 2 things actually do something I am trying to get an init script to work on boot:14:59
ross`http://scpb.in/ready.conf http://scpb.in/ready14:59
MonkeyDustevery animal its pleasure15:01
intel23anyone know how to use showtext shell?15:05
=== dog_galaxy is now known as cockerspaniel
intel23Anyone familiar with showtext shell?15:06
joelioross`: you need to give more info - have you ran update-rc.d - are the files in the right place, what's the excercise etc.15:06
Piciintel23: never heard of it.15:07
joelioross`: I see both upstart and sysvinit too... so which one ;)15:07
joelioalso.. what OS.. as well, systemd15:07
intel23I'd like to switch to showtext if its possible (kali linux)15:07
joelio!kali | intel2315:07
ubottuintel23: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)15:07
MonkeyDust!kali | intel2315:07
joelioahh, pen testers :)15:08
intel23ya :)15:08
Huliohi guys, i've been looking around, anyone know if there is car channel in this server?15:09
intel23Do you need more info?15:09
joeliointel23: you're in the wrong channel, try #kali15:10
joeliothis is #ubuntu15:10
intel23Alright thanks15:10
PiciHulio: try ##cars15:10
ownhello i have orange yellow light and cannot connect to isp using evdo connection by nmapplet but i connect using windows xp driver software where on run dialer  yellow turns to green and able to browse through isp15:19
nonhi, quick question: i just got another (old) display for my ubuntu-workstation and was wondering if there are any "advanced" settings for such mundane things like "different wallpapers"?15:20
ownany one have solution to ello i have orange yellow light and cannot connect to isp using evdo connection by nmapplet but i connect using windows xp driver software where on run dialer  yellow turns to green and able to browse through isp15:20
livingBEEFHeyo. How do I erase usb disk label after having it as liveusb? The partition is new, yet it has name of the liveusb..15:21
ownuse gparted15:22
livingBEEFit has something to do with the way that hibrid iso label works15:22
livingBEEFand standard "partition label" way does not fix it15:22
=== dellhem_ is now known as dellhem
ownany one have solution to ello i have orange yellow light and cannot connect to isp using evdo connection by nmapplet but i connect using windows xp driver software where on run dialer  yellow turns to green and able to browse through isp15:23
livingBEEFI had this issue like a year ago and gparted did not help if I recall correctly15:26
livingBEEFIt has new, clean partition table, new, clean fat32 partition, but the label is still there15:27
LorneHey - I just upgraded from 14 to 16...and its booting to a black screen... :/15:34
Lorne...maybe its a dumb question...but do I need to do anything special to get my desktop back?15:34
livingBEEFwipefs -a did it. Needed to erase devace signatures.15:38
LorneI upgraded from 14 to 16, and its booting to a black screen (with falshing cursor...but not accepting text)...do I need to any anything special to get my desktop back?15:38
texlaUpgraded 14.04.4 to 16.04.1 the upgrade went through the entire sequence of items ---when login I get a message that it is cleaning files and blocks on /dev/sda615:39
Lornetexla - I think same thing is happeneing to me.....15:40
Lornetexla... but then the 'clean' line disappears...and its all black (cursor stops flashing)...15:41
texlalorne-My message disappears and the o/s works as normal15:43
Lornetexla - mine is black!15:44
ioriaLorne, can you open a console alt+ctrl+f1 (or f2) ?15:44
Lorne...but my problem might be related to my NVIDIA card...usually after upgrades, I need to reinstall the NVIDIA driver...15:44
ioriaLorne,  ctrl+alt+f115:45
k1lLorne: did you install it from the ubuntu repo?15:45
Lorneioria...but it wasn't letting me sudo stop lightdm ...like I usualy do - when I tried to install NVIDIA driver (from nvidia) it says X isn't stopped15:45
ioriaLorne,  sudo systemctl restart lightdm   ?15:46
ioriaLorne,  and you did do-relese-upgrade ?15:47
Lornek1l i got the upgrade from the regular upgrade notices that show up...15:48
Lorneioria no... not sure what that is...15:48
gb_mkshas anyone tried to install ubuntu-sdk in Ubuntu 14.04?15:48
islandtrollis there a way to see xubuntu installed right display driver for my laptop?? or even is there a driver installed :D:D15:48
ioriaLorne,  no, it's ok  ... sudo systemctl restart lightdm15:48
gb_mksI´m having an issue with it -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/schroot/+bug/139856915:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1398569 in schroot (Ubuntu) "overlayfs: handle v3.18 overlay union type" [Medium,Fix released]15:48
Lorneioria OK that command takes me back to the /dev/sda1: clean....yadda yadda files screen...15:49
Lorneioria and it seems to be working on cleaning....(flashing cursor...?)15:50
ioriaLorne,  sudo lshw -C Video | grep driver15:50
Lorneioria so you want me to alt-ctrl f1 and in the command screen send that command?15:51
ioriaLorne,  that's the tail of the bootstrap, i think .... yes15:51
islandtroll       configuration: driver=radeon latency=015:51
islandtrollso i guess installed driver?15:51
islandtrolldo i have a display driver ? how to check games laggy...15:52
Lorneioria (FYI: I have a motherboard monitor port...and a NVIDIA card.... when plugged into the motherboard, the video says "system running in low graphics mode")15:52
ioriaLorne,  driver issue i think,   sudo lshw -C Video | grep driver15:53
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=== Starkythefox is now known as Starky
Lorneioria YES...   red DRIVER=nouveau latency=015:54
ioriaLorne,  optimus laptop or what ?15:54
Lorneioria I have the NVIDIA driver on my drive...but the regular command I used to stop lightdm doesn't work!15:54
Lorneioria I built it myself...15:55
ioriaLorne,  desktop ?15:55
Lorneioria I use "sudo service lightdm stop" - before executing the NVIDIA driver update - but it responds X isn't stopped....15:56
Lorneioria yes - desktop tower15:56
Lorneioria - and the NVIDIA driver install quits15:56
MalogarIs there a way to force a specific shell when using ssh and a key?15:56
ioriaLorne,   how are you installing nvidia-driver , from the repo or with the nvidia-website-installer ?15:57
Lorneioria I have the driver/install package all in a .run file on the sda115:57
ioriaLorne,   you have already run it  ?15:58
Lorneioria when I tried, it tells me X is still running!15:58
Lorneioria I used "sudo serice lightdm stop".... but its not stopping X15:59
ioriaLorne,   ok, what's wrong with the nvidia driver  provided by the ubuntu repo ?15:59
joelio16.04 uses systemd - so some commands via service {service} {function} may not work16:00
MalogarIs there a way to force a specific shell when using ssh and a key?16:00
=== AuroraBorealis is now known as solveig
joeliosystemctl restart lightdm.service16:00
Lorneioria I guess a year ago it wasn't working for me... can you give me a cmd line to get it?16:00
joelioMalogar: you can set restricted shells16:01
Lorneioria maybe it will be fine now...esp. I'm on 1616:01
ioriaLorne,   ubuntu-drivers list16:01
joelioMalogar: do you want different shell for tty vs. ssh? if not, just change the user's shell16:01
MalogarI want to change the shell for the remote user account16:01
joelioMalogar: ok, so the remote user is just a user, there's no difference16:02
ioriaLorne,   are you using graphics ppa ?16:02
joeliowhether they come in via ssh or console16:02
joelioMalogar: usermod -s {path to shell} {user}16:03
Lorneioria output is " nvidia-361 ... and intel-microcode"16:03
ioriaLorne,   that's all ?16:03
MalogarThats for the remote machine?16:03
Lorneioria not sure what is graphcs ppa16:03
Lorneioria yes...only 2 lines there...16:03
joelioMalogar: umm, no. You get a shell defined by the thing you're loggin in to16:03
ioriaLorne,   never mind,  and you nvidia card is ?16:03
MalogarCan i change that?16:04
durka42Hi, I need some help reading /var/log/dpkg.log. I'm trying to downgrade libc to the version I had before the latest upgrade, and the log says "upgrade linux-libc-dev:amd64 3.13.0-91.138 3.13.0-92.139". But I tried `apt-get install linux-libc-dev=3.13.0-91.138` to downgrade and it says no such version. What gives?16:04
Lorneioria is there a way to figure it out?  I forgot what I bought and put in there...(sorry)16:04
joelioMalogar: I just gave the command to run on the ssh server16:04
ioriaLorne,   lspci | grep VGA16:04
MalogarOk ill try it16:04
joeliothe -s flag changes shell in usermod16:05
=== precise|snek is now known as precise
joelioyou could vipw too, but best to use that16:05
Lorneioria Intel corp Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th  (etc...)....and GeForce GTX 970 (rev a1)16:05
=== precise is now known as precise|gudsnek
* eelstrebor doesn't understand why there is an nvidia utility for configuring graphics when a reboot wipes out the changes16:06
ioriaLorne,   can you try from Grub -> Advanced Options -> Recovery   Mode  and then resume  ?16:07
Lorneioria sure I can try... gimme a sec...16:08
MalogarI need the full syntax16:08
=== cockerspaniel is now known as sXe|cockerspanie
=== sXe|cockerspanie is now known as cockerspaniel
MalogarI dont understand the syntax16:11
\9what do you not understand of it?16:12
Lorneioria I'm gonna need instructions on how to get to grub... sorry16:12
\9"I dont understand the syntax" is not a question16:12
Lorneioria sorry...I tried googling...16:12
ioriaLorne,   press shift16:12
MalogarI was talking to joelio before16:12
ioriaLorne,   right after bios screen16:12
\9yeah and nobody else can chime in16:13
MalogarWell i need to know how to change shell when using ssh16:13
MalogarHe gave me this usermod -s {path to shell} {user}16:13
Lorneioria ok - now we're there... :)16:14
ioriaLorne,  ok16:14
ioriaLorne,  advanced options -> recovery16:14
k1lMalogar: change the shell and the user in that command to your needs16:14
=== precise|gudsnek is now known as precise|gudtroll
redtuxedocashhow to enable bluetooth on ubuntu?16:15
pavlosMalogar, you could log on to the remote server as root and then vipw /etc/passwd where you can change the shell for that user16:15
m0ordzieKHi , i'm experiencing problems with Samba16:15
m0ordzieKI did everything as i should do but i can't connect from my Wind00z machine16:15
MalogarI dont have root access16:15
m0ordzieKsmbpasswd etc...16:16
k1lMalogar: then you cant do that at all. ask the admin16:16
m0ordzieKcan someone help me out :)16:16
Lorneioria ok - weird...it looks MUCH better...got to my regular login screen...but I type password and it goes "System program problem detected" screen frashes...and then goes back to login screen16:16
akikMalogar: you can use chsh to change the user shell also16:16
MalogarOnly root can change the sehll for the users?16:16
akikMalogar: you need root access to change other users' shells16:16
MalogarYes i tried chsh but there not enough time before the connection closes16:17
k1lMalogar: you need root access on that machine to do that. so ask the admin16:17
ioriaLorne, ok, reboot , open a console and we try with nomodeset16:17
Lorneioria ok - rebooting16:17
Lorneioria got the "clean" line...to the black screen...I'm about to ctrl_Alt F1...to get cmd line..16:18
MalogarI cant pipe it, i need to use the ssh command to do it16:18
Lorneioria ok ready for instructions16:18
ioriaLorne,  sudo nano /etc/default/grub16:18
=== precise|gudtroll is now known as precise|lunch
akikMalogar: ask the sys admin for help if chsh timeouts16:19
Lorneioria ok - good.16:19
MalogarOk, thanks for helping16:19
ioriaLorne,     add   nomodeset afte   quiet splash  in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line16:20
Lorneioria ok I'm editing GNU nano 2.5.3 ...right?16:20
ioriaLorne,     yes16:20
m0ordzieKCan someone help me out don't know why i can't connect to my sambashare16:21
Lorneioria - ok save and exit?16:21
ioriaLorne,     yes16:21
m0ordzieKUser is set up , and share is also16:21
ioriaLorne,     and sudo update-grub16:21
Lorneioria nomodeset: not found16:22
pavlosm0ordzieK, can you do smbtree and see if your share is available?16:22
ioriaLorne,    mmm, you wrote something wrong... paste the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line16:23
m0ordzieKis that a server-side command?16:23
m0ordzieKbecause i currently have no linux smb client16:24
m0ordzieKi'm using windows to connect16:24
pavlosm0ordzieK, also, testparm /etc/samba/smb.conf to see if the definitions are good16:24
ioriaLorne,  you wrote nomodeset outside the quotes16:24
pavlosm0ordzieK, disregard16:24
m0ordzieKtestparm gives no errors16:25
Lorneioria (its a different computer, so can't paste) but the line is : GRUB_CMDLINE_DEFAULT="quiet splash" nomodeset16:25
k1lm0ordzieK: so its a connection: windows to raspbian?16:25
ioriaLorne,  nomodeset, inside the quotes not out16:25
Lorneioria so it goes inside the quotes next to quiet splash?  or instead of quiet splash?16:25
ioriaLorne,  "quiet splash nomodeset"16:26
Lorneioria ok...2nd try...16:26
Lorneioria done.  (seems to be good )16:26
ioriaLorne,  it was working that gtx on 14.04 ? and with what driver ?16:27
Lorneioria after each video driver update, I resinstalled the NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-346.47.run (file)...after stopping Lightdm...reboot - and it always worked...16:28
Lorneioria (it was a pain in the a$$...but it worked)16:28
ioriaLorne,  ok,  uname -r ?16:29
Lorneioria 4.4.0-34-generic16:29
ioriaLorne,  have you run sudo update-grrub ?16:30
Lorneioria yes16:30
Lorneioria time for a reboot?16:31
ioriaLorne,  sudo apt update && sudo full-upgrade16:31
ioriaLorne,  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade16:31
Lorneioria ok - that sounds fun... lemme try16:31
Lorneioria ok - its churning...16:32
Lorneioria its back!16:32
ioriaLorne,  ok, reboot16:32
Lorneioria ok, I was hopeful for a minute...it went to my nice bootscreen...but after typing password got the same "system problem detected" and it kicked me out back to bootscreen16:34
ioriaLorne,   ls -al ~/.Xauthority16:34
Lorneioria -rw------- 1 colin 58 aug 15 12:33 /home/colin/.Xauthority16:36
sarekI have 137, 138, 139, and 445 port forwarded and ufw allow for all those ports but i cant seem to commect to my drive smb from outside my network. Any ideas?16:36
=== Guest17436 is now known as xenchrarr
Lorneioria (colin in the computer's name and its there twice)16:36
ioriaLorne,   try the Guest Account16:36
Lorneioria good idea...16:37
lirakisi am running 16.04, and am unable to install mariadb-server - it ALWAYS fails to dpkg -configure16:37
=== RalphBa|away is now known as RalphBa
lirakisi have done: purged both mariadb* and mysql* before installing16:38
lirakisbut i always get that error16:38
ioriaLorne,   you can switch text <> guio with ctrl+alt+f1  -> f6 (or f7)16:38
Lorneioria guest account keep kicking me out (brief flash of what might be the 'clean' cmd line...but it kicks me bck to login16:39
ioriaLorne,   ok, now we reverse /etc/default/grub deleting nomodeset16:39
ioriaLorne,  and rerunning sudo update-grub16:40
anekdotin_speaking of grub .. I have win10 and ubuntu 16.04 on seperate ssd's..Grub loads on both, but 1ssd only recognizes win10, and other only recognizes ubuntu..it says "no such device"16:42
Lorneioria ok - done...and generated config file16:42
Lorneioria reboot again? and try to log in?16:43
ioriaLorne,  i'am afraid you cannot login without the proper nvidia drivers16:43
ioriaLorne,  reboot for now16:43
Lorneioria but I believe I have a good .run file to install them... but X won't shut down!!16:44
Lorneioria (it alwas worked on 14...)16:44
ioriaLorne, we try again to stop it, after reboot16:44
Lorneioria - ok I usually use Sudo service lightdm stop - is it still the right command to use?16:45
ioriaLorne, it should,  try also  sudo systemctl stop lightdm.service16:45
ioriaLorne,  and then check with ps -A | grep lightdm16:46
montyrhello.. i could not find a recent tutorial.. i try to get a bluetooth stick to work.. its found with lsusb.. i don't know if i need the package bluetooth or bluez and the bluetooth service always says status inactive16:46
ioriaLorne,  if you want you can install lubuntu-desktop , that should let you to login so you can prive logs16:47
gamesterI'm copying some files from an NTFS partition to an EXT4 partition and I'm getting a file name too long error. The file name is 157 characters with the full path not much longer... - What's going on?16:48
Lorneioria the Nvidia installer still gets the error "You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing."16:48
anekdotin_@gamester ..its to long for GUI ..use terminal16:48
Lorneioria... either the installer is lying...or we're not stopping X with those commands16:48
ioriaLorne,   ps -A | grep lightdm16:48
Lorneioria ok- did that... now what?  re reun the installer?16:49
ioriaLorne,   what's the output ?16:49
gamesteranekdotin_: What the... what does that even mean? If the GUI is written in C and uses a fixed size stack buffer, a programmer would normally make it 256 elements anyway.16:50
Lorneioria nothing...no output..just went to a new input line16:50
gamesterWhat an incredibly weird error.16:50
ioriaLorne,   so lightdm is stopped16:50
anekdotin_@gamestar I have to use a mac at work..and the filenames are extremly long..terminal is the only way to accomplish moving them.  I believe the cutoff is half that in size ..16:51
Lorneok - I can try to see if NVIDIA has any new drivers on their website...16:51
ioriaLorne,  brb16:51
worbilhow can I figure out what process a keyboard shortcut trigger ?16:53
trismgamester: are you copying to an encrypted filesystem? bug 344878 suggests the limit on ecryptfs is 143 when filename encryption is enabled16:53
ubottubug 344878 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "file name too long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup: lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34487816:53
worbilif I press super+space a emty input form pop up on the screen16:54
worbilI been trying to figure out what this is for an hour now16:54
ioriaLorne,  try to install lubuntu-desktop and log in16:54
worbilrunning lubuntu16:54
ioriaworbil, usually swith keyboard layout16:55
tyler_dworbil: trace it or tail the logs16:55
tyler_dworbil: or leave it and add a label "more magic"16:56
texlaUpgraded 14.04.4 to 16.04.1 the upgrade went through the entire sequence of items ---when login I get a message that it is cleaning files and blocks on /dev/sda616:56
worbilyes I want to "trace it or tail the logs" but how do I do that ?16:56
tyler_dworbil: it's likely a run dialogue, try typing "term" and pressing enter in there16:57
Lorneioria I just found a newer driver on the NVIDIA website...so can i put that on a thumb drive and try doing that?16:58
tyler_dLorne: you have to drop to a terminal to do that... ie. kill x16:59
worbil   tyler_d thanks, nothing happens doing that,16:59
ioriaLorne,  i-m not familiar with that installer, have you tried with the --no-x-check   flag _16:59
tyler_dworbil: I seen that. but still, the end goal right...17:00
tyler_dworbil: further to that, I was of the impression that the nvidia drivers were not supported in here.17:00
Lornetyler_d thx...I can get to that...ok17:00
ubottuFor nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing »17:00
gamestertrism: It could be that my home folder is encrypted, yes. I'm afraid I've forgotten how to check, but copying to root works, thanks.17:00
Lorneioria but how do I ffind the newly inserted thumb drive?17:00
gamesterbut I haven't tried copying with command line to home yet, I'll do that now17:00
worbiltyler_d, I will come back later have to leav now17:01
montyrwhy does my xenial modprobe say btusb not found?17:01
ioriaLorne, don't think it automount in console , run   mount17:02
redtuxedocashhow to enable bluetooth on ubuntu?17:03
_adbLorne: run dmesg after plugging in the drive, it'll let you know what the device name is. your system may mount it automatically, but if not, the mount command will be useful. something like "sudo mkdir /media/sdb1; sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1"17:03
ioriaLorne,  sudo parted -l also will tell you the sdX name17:05
Lorneioria ok ...this is where it all sounds greek to me... let me try some of that... gimme a tic...17:05
ioriaLorne,  sudo parted -l17:06
ioriaLorne,  do you see your pendrive ?17:06
ioriaLorne,  if you have one hhd, (sda) the usb should be sdb17:07
Lorneioria YES... I see it sdc17:07
ioriaLorne,  sudo mount /dev/sdc1  /mnt17:08
Lorneioria ok done.  that command didnt' return anything...is that OK17:08
ioriaLorne,  ls /mnt17:09
Lorneioria its there!  Should I run it from there?  Or copy it over to annother location?17:10
ioriaLorne,  nope, cp to your home17:10
ioriaLorne,  cp /mnt/inteller.run /home/-myname-17:11
Lorneioria ok - so that cmd is somehting like copy NVIDIA...yadd...  ???17:11
ioriaLorne,  after copy , sudo umount /mnt17:11
=== precise|lunch is now known as precise|snek
ioriaLorne,  but iirc the installer does not blacklist nouveau or other stuff...17:12
Elec_AI have eth1 and I have no eth0. why is that? can I have eth0 instead of eth1 ?17:14
Elec_AI mean when I run Ifconfig Iget eth1 and lo.17:14
megamindhw r u>?17:15
akikElec_A: check if you have /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and see what it contains17:16
sinediosguys? what is the best way to learn javascript?17:16
megamindim first time here17:16
akikmegamind: it shows17:17
Indiahelp! my default shown hidden folder is always on .. how to uncheck it as default.17:17
megamindhow many use backbox here17:18
Lorneioria ok making progress...sorry took a sec to figure out the copying...17:18
ioriaLorne,  ok17:19
Elec_Aakik: yes I have it. Two entries. eth0 and eth1 and both of them have ATTR{address}, Drivers=="?*", Action=="add" and Subsystem options.17:19
akikElec_A: that file controls the naming of the interfaces17:20
Lorneioria ...ok I still get the error that it thinks X is still running...17:20
ioriaLorne,  ps -A | grep Xorg17:20
Elec_Aakik: can I delete it?17:20
Lorneioria ok17:20
akikElec_A: probably but you can also edit it17:20
ioriaLorne,  the output ?17:21
Lorneioria 3428 tty2 00:00:00 Xorg17:21
Elec_Aakik: I mean If I delete it, will it find interfaces automatically ?17:21
akikElec_A: yes i think so17:21
ioriaLorne,  it is right Xorg is running17:21
akikElec_A: but you can tell your system that the interface should be eth0 and not eth117:22
ioriaLorne,  sudo killall Xorg ... wait ...17:22
ioriaLorne,  sudo killall X17:22
Lorneioria X : no process found17:23
ioriaLorne,  sudo killall Xorg17:23
Lorneioria cleaned the screen to the "clean" line again...flashing cursor...no entry...so I wait?17:24
* eelstrebor tried out adding acpi_osi= to grub according to https://askubuntu.com/questions/471847/brightness-fn-key-shortcut-doesnt-work-on-asus-laptop/603980#603980 - it got the function keys doing something but the brightness doesn't change even though the brightness graph changes17:24
ioriaLorne,  you have to stop X,  console and  sudo kill -9 342817:24
akikeelstrebor: you should put some value for acpi_osi from "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows"17:25
Lorneioria  ok - might have worked... I tried the ps command  and this time nothing returned... shall I try sudo sh NVIDIA...again?17:25
ioriaLorne,  well usually when the repo's driver don't work, people use ppa, but if already have tested the installer and it worked, go on17:26
akikeelstrebor: for example: /etc/default/grub: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi_osi=\"Windows 2015\"17:27
Lorneioria it seems to be working .....17:27
=== RalphBa is now known as RalphBa|smoking
Lorneioria so the dude who said something about nouveau driver ...appears to be right...its asking me to disable nouveaux17:28
yamoonsunHow do I install an application that's packaged in a .zip file and the extension is .pro?17:28
ioriaLorne,  yep17:28
ioriaLorne,  disable17:28
* zaggynl zaps17:29
* yamoonsun waits patiently17:30
Lorneioria so rebooting... which cmds do we need to disable X and nouveau?17:30
pavlosyamoonsun, you can rename the pkg.pro pkg.zip and unzip it17:30
ioriaLorne,  you don't disable X or you don't have a gui...17:30
zaggynlyamoonsun: I'd guess, unzip and then chmod +x filename.pro and ./filename.pro ?17:30
yamoonsunpavlos, I unzipped it to it's own directory, but the .pro opens with a text editor for whatever reason.17:31
ioriaLorne,  and it looks, that the installer took care of nouveau17:31
yamoonsunzaggynl, I'm a nub, sounds a bit difficult17:31
Lorneioria so I just try the installer again (it rebooted btw...)17:31
eelstreborakik, too bad these things aren't simple fixes17:32
pavlosyamoonsun, look into that dir if there is a README file explaining what to do next17:32
yamoonsunpavlos, There doesn't appear to be. When I open the zip in windows it's a .exe, so it's weird that it's .pro now. I just assume there's some way to make it a terminal application17:36
Lorneioria OK tried again after reboot and its still telling me I need to disable nouveaux...17:37
pavlosyamoonsun, you cant use .exe in Linux, I have no idea about that pkg17:38
zaggynlyamoonsun: what's the source of the zip file?17:38
zaggynlwhat are you trying to run?17:38
=== RalphBa|smoking is now known as RalphBa
ioriaLorne,  when and where it tells you that ?17:39
=== RalphBa is now known as RalphBa|serving
islandtrollwho is good at volume control stuff?17:40
yamoonsunzaggynl, It's fourchan-dl from sourceforge17:42
Lorneioria during the install script of NVIDIA...it says it created a file...but then it asks to reboot...and instructs you to look for Ubuntu instructions on how to stop nouveaux17:42
ioriaLorne,  so  the installed aborted ?17:43
zaggynlyamoonsun: the .zip file only has the source from the looks of it, will have to be compiled into binary if you want to run it17:45
zaggynlyou could try to run the .exe with wine17:45
eelstreborakik, turned out that removing 'acpi_osi=' and adding 'acpi_backlight=native' fixed my problem - progress!17:45
Lorneioria yes.17:45
akikeelstrebor: now if we only had a wiki to enter these infos17:46
ioriaLorne,  ok, reboot in recovery mode , as before , and choose root shell17:46
eelstreborakik, it's interesting that different people get different results - that makes it difficult to create a wiki17:47
akikeelstrebor: acpi_backlight=vendor works in my acer17:47
Lorneioria (btw:  when I plug the monitor into the motherboard video outlet, there's a screen saying its low on video respurces...and I can't even seem to find a mouse there!!  Not sure if that screen is set up as an extension screen or what?!?!)17:47
* eelstrebor is thinking that he should'17:47
yamoonsun_Got dc'd17:47
* eelstrebor is thinking that he should've paid the extra $800 for a dell17:48
Lorneioria how do I get to that menu again?  Im holding shit and its not working17:48
akikeelstrebor: is there some other hw in your machine that is not working?17:49
ioriaLorne,  try again17:49
Lorneioria - I'm in... Advanced options?17:50
KuroloxHello! I'm trying to format an external HDD and create an ext4 partition with gparted. It seems like I can't. It says that there was trouble writing out superblocks. I've tried to wipe it and install other file systems like ntfs, but it doesn't work.17:50
ioriaLorne,  yes, recovery -> root shell17:51
eelstreborakik, well, it's experimental but the nvidia configuration utility says that i should be able to got 30 bit depth for 1 billion colors but the changes keep getting overwritten17:51
eelstreboron a reboot17:51
ioriaLorne,  sorry, enable networking first17:52
* eelstrebor hasn't tried the hdmi port yet - didn't work on an xps15 but maybe it'll work on this asus rog17:52
Lorneioria...how do I do that?17:53
ioriaLorne,  already in root shell or still on the menu ?17:53
KuroloxWell, I'll ask it in another way. What is the best way to completely wipe an HDD and then format it to ext4?17:54
* eelstrebor doesn't like the keyboard red backlight on the asus lappy either17:54
Lorneioria still in menu option in Advancedd are 6 kinds of Ubntu (4.4 or 3.16  generic, upstart, recovery)17:54
ioriaLorne,  recovery -> enable networking17:54
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
eelstreborKurolox, try booting with knoppix or some other live cd and try re-partitioning and reformatting that way17:55
akikeelstrebor: do you mean that the nvidia settings file in your home directory keeps changing with wrong values?17:56
Lorneioria so you want me to boot 4.4 generic to recovery mode (??)17:56
ioriaLorne,  yes17:57
eelstreborakik, the nvidia utility is suppose to modify the xorg.conf file so the changes are system wide17:57
Lorneioria ok - working17:57
ioriaLorne,  enable networking17:57
Lorneioria ok its back to the recovery menu17:57
ioriaLorne,  enable networking17:58
akikeelstrebor: check also ~/.nvidia-settings-rc17:58
eelstreborKurolox, there's a built-in utility for modern HDD that will secure wipe the drive if you need to do that17:58
Lorneioria I selected that...looked ok...but brought me back to the same menu... do I "resume"?17:59
ioriaLorne,  it's ok... sudo apt-get remove nvidia*17:59
=== al_ is now known as Guest55540
KuroloxIt's not a really new HDD. I believe it's from 2012 or so.17:59
pavlosKurolox, the disk needs to be umount, then use gparted to wipe it and make it ext417:59
Lorneioria   or do you want me to root?17:59
Lorneioria  ...yeah...I think you want root here right?17:59
ioriaLorne, you are root17:59
Kuroloxpavlos that's what I've done 5 times before asking here18:00
ioriaLorne,  sudo apt-get remove nvidia*18:00
KuroloxI've tried directly making it ex4, also wiping then going to ext4, then wiping, going to ntfs, then to ext4... Nothing works.18:00
pavlosKurolox, does gparted give you errors?18:00
KuroloxThe only one that I said. "Warning: Had trouble writing out superblocks"18:01
Lorneioria Im still in the recovery menu...I selected root - and it asked for root password for maintenance...and I used my admin pass - and it didnt' work...?18:01
Lorneioria  Ctrl D takes me back to recovery menu18:01
=== messy_rolls is now known as messy
ioriaLorne,  select root shell and type enter when it asks for passwd18:03
pavlosKurolox, there is also a Disk utility in System, does this work better with your disk?18:03
Lorneioria it doesn't like enter...keeps asking18:03
Lorneioria login incorrect18:04
ioriaLorne,  ok, never mind, reboot we'll do it from console18:04
Lorneioria ok I F1'ed out18:07
ioriaLorne,  sudo apt-get remove nvidia*18:07
pavlosKurolox, the Warning indicates a hardware issue, the disk may be failing. Can you try smart tools? (smartctl -t device)18:08
Lorneioria done18:08
ioriaLorne,  sudo apt-get autoremove  what it says ?18:08
Lorneioria 10 to remove18:09
ioriaLorne,  like what ?18:09
Lorneioria removing librtmp-dev:amd64 ...libgnutls28-dev etc...etc18:11
ioriaLorne,  ok, sudo apt-get install dkms build-essential linux-headers-generic18:11
bluenemohi guys. I have a workstation with 14.04 with a thinkpad usb keyboard (usb cable). The keyboard works fine to operate the BIOS and grub, but after grub in the initramfs when I'm being asked to enter the cryptsetup password, it doesnt work anymore - keyboard also doesnt seem to have power (capslock LED isnt working). It does work in grub for choosing the kernel and so on, just not the cryptsetup password line in initramfs.18:13
Lorneioria ok done18:14
Lorneioria "setting up dkms"18:14
ioriaLorne,  sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf  and put in it this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23059208/18:14
Lorneioria how do I paste it into anywhere...from a cmd line prompt on the linux machine?18:15
Tuckeri got an error while upgrading from 14.04 to 16.0418:16
ioriaLorne,  create  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf  and put in it the content of  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23059208/18:16
Lorneioria ok good news is...its empty...18:16
Tuckerhow could i dientify packages installed from ppas?18:16
OerHeksTucker, upgrade disables ppa's18:17
ioriaLorne,  you have to fill it18:17
Tuckeryes i got a message about disabling package sources18:18
Tuckerbut still run into errors then18:18
Lorneioria - sorry - just got that :P   (I'm an idiot!)18:18
Tuckeri think i have to uninstall the ppa software18:18
ioriaLorne,  :þ18:18
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html18:18
Tuckerah thx will try that18:19
Lorneioria DONE18:19
Lorneioria saved and closed18:19
ubottuoptima: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:20
Lorneioria ...next?18:21
ioriaLorne,  echo options nouveau modeset=0 | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau-kms.conf18:21
Lorneioria no such file...  ddid I misname it?18:24
energizerOn the unity launcher, there are little marks showing how many of each application is open. Is there a way to make this count easier to see?18:24
ioriaLorne,  re-type again18:24
Alex132anyone know any decent looking dark xfce themes?18:25
Lorneioria tee: /etc/modeprobe.d/nouveau-kms.conf : No such file or dir18:27
kg_ebooksAlex132: check out http://reddit.com/r/unixporn18:27
Lorneioria options nouveau modeset=018:27
=== max__ is now known as Guest18940
ioriaLorne,  modprobpe not modeprob18:27
Alex132dont you mean modprobe iroria?18:28
ioriaLorne,  modprobe.d not modeprobe.d18:28
ioriaAlex132, yes :þ18:28
=== Muppens2 is now known as Muppens1
Lorneioria ok - seems to work... :)18:28
Alex132you made a typo before your last statement ioria18:29
merpnderpOkay, would you trust cameras in your house on their own wifi network, managed by an ubuntu server with only a single ssh port open to the outside? My sister wants a camera security system, but is rightly anxious about security of cameras in her house.18:29
ioriaLorne,  cat  /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau-kms.conf18:29
OerHeksmerpnderp, more scared of cameras then burglars ..?18:30
Lorneioria good... options nouveau modeset=018:30
OerHeksmerpnderp, dont run ssh on the standard port ( tip)18:30
ioriaLorne,  sudo update-initramfs -u18:30
merpnderpOerHeks: no one wants their ip pasted on some weirdo camera site on the wbe.18:30
merpnderpOerHeks: only pub/priv keys over ssh, so doesn't matter the port.18:31
jacquesdupontdHello. Since i installed the last ubuntu updates 16.04.1 the boot process if very very long (i have a ssd, it usually takes a few seconds). So i wanted to boot in verbose and see what's happening, but remove ing quiet splash or/and adding --verbose did nothing, both in /etc/default/grub or at boot selection. Any idea ?18:31
Lorneioria its working....18:31
Lorneioria ...done18:32
ioriaLorne,  sudo service lightdm stop18:32
Lorneioria done18:32
OerHeksjacquesdupontd, ' systemd-analyze blame  'can tell what takes time18:32
ioriaLorne,  ps -A | grep Xorg18:32
Lorneioria returns nothing18:33
jacquesdupontdso ? what can i do ?18:33
OerHeksjacquesdupontd, or ' systemd-analyze plot > filename.svg  ' gives a nice graphic18:33
ioriaLorne,  ok, try to run the installer gain ...18:33
jacquesdupontdoh ok18:33
ioriaLorne,  no, wait reboot18:33
jacquesdupontdOerHeks: gonna try this, thanks18:33
MalogarHow do i use ssh with no shell?18:33
Lorneioria "Would you like to register the kernal modules with DKMS?"18:34
merpnderpMalogar: libssh?18:34
ioriaLorne,  have you rebooted ?18:34
Lorneioria "Would you like to register the kernal modules with DKMS?"   Yes or No?18:34
jacquesdupontdhmm, the biggest is 1.418:34
Lorneioria (its part of the install script....)_18:35
ioriaLorne,  you need to reboot, first18:35
ioriaLorne,  exit from the installer18:35
jacquesdupontd1.4 seconds sorry and it's the gpu, this doesn't explain the few minutes it's taking at boot time, Can't i verbose ?18:35
MalogarI dont think so18:35
Lorneioria... but it looks like the installer is working!!18:35
MalogarI need to use ssh with shell18:35
Malogarno shell*18:36
ioriaLorne,  mmmmm18:36
jacquesdupontdOerHeks: https://s4.postimg.io/fp6hk2o1p/Capture_du_2016_08_15_20_35_51.png18:36
Lorneioria!!  IT WORKS!!!18:36
Lorneioria - I now have my desktop back...18:37
merpnderpMalogar: what are you trying to do?18:37
ioriaLorne, goo job18:37
akikMalogar: do you mean you don't get a shell from the ssh server but some application?18:37
OerHeksjacquesdupontd, what gpu is this? lspci | grep VGA18:37
MalogarIm trying to ssh in to a remote machine without shell. Using a key18:37
Lorneioria it still says there's an internal problem to report...but it seems minor because the desktop is back18:37
jacquesdupontdit's my geforce gt750m 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)18:38
ioriaLorne,   ls /var/crash18:38
Lorneioria nah... just "internal problem  to report click continue.. yadda yadda"18:38
akikMalogar: ahh you mean without password?18:38
ioriaLorne,   ls /var/crash18:38
jacquesdupontdOerHeks: it's a bi card, one from the intel proc and the nvidia gpu18:38
MalogarYes but i get disconnected18:38
ezraholm50guys how would i use a whiptail --passwordbox variable in bash script to ask for a sudo password and then use that input to run sudo -i ?18:39
ezraholm50I have the VAR just the: password | sudo -i18:39
ioriaLorne,   install pastebinit, it's simpler18:39
ezraholm50or something similar is needed18:39
jacquesdupontdOerHeks: but i don't think it's the faulty one here, you didn't answer, ain't it possible to get the verbose in my boot process ?18:39
ioriaLorne,   and do   ls /var/crash | pastebinit18:40
iio7I am trying to make a group for iptables that cannot access the Internet following this http://askubuntu.com/a/423105, however I STILL gets asked the stupid sudo password when trying to issue the "sudo -g no-internet" command, and I get "Sorry, user foo is not allowed to execute '/bin/ping google.com' as foo:no-internet on bar"18:40
MalogarThe user account has "showtext" as a shell idk why.18:40
OerHeksjacquesdupontd, i don'tknow the verbose one, you can pipe it to a file  systemd-analyze blame > blame.txt18:40
OerHekselse journalctl -b -0 shows messages from the current boot18:41
iio7I have this in my sudoers "%sudo     ALL=(:no-internet)      NOPASSWD: ALL"18:41
OerHeksjacquesdupontd, or look into the driver menu, are there drivers available?18:41
jacquesdupontdGuys, isnt it possible to boot with the text ? The Verbose mode ? Seriously ?18:41
akikMalogar: and chsh gives you a timeout?18:41
MalogarWell i have no option to enter a pass18:41
jacquesdupontdlet me see...18:41
akikjacquesdupontd: yes it's possible to boot in text mode. remove quiet and splash from kernel boot parameters18:42
MalogarUsing ssh i get authenticated with the key but immediately get connection closed18:43
Lorneioria paste.ubuntu.com/23059246/18:43
MalogarI dont think it lets me use a shell18:43
jacquesdupontdi'm using the Nvidia (Libre/Open) xserver-xorg-video-nouveau for the nvida GT750M and i just activated the processor microcode firmware for intel cpus but i don't htink it will change something. akik I know, i removed quiet splash at start and also in /etc/default/grub and i have a violet background without any text, that's why i'm puzzled18:44
ioriaLorne,   cd /var/crash   and remove those files18:44
jacquesdupontdlet me reboot and come back18:44
Lorneioria I could find pastebinit in my app store thingy18:44
ioriaLorne,   yup18:44
akikjacquesdupontd: you need to run also sudo update-grub18:44
jacquesdupontdrebooting now18:45
Lorneioria what the delete command?18:45
Lorneioria ...I tried del *.*   haha18:46
ioriaLorne,   cd /var/crash   and rm *18:46
ioriaLorne,   you may need sudo18:46
Malogarakik: You know a way?18:46
Lorneioria yes...good.  needed sudo :)18:46
ioriaLorne,   otherwise it will pop up again18:47
akikMalogar: not if you can't get a shell18:47
Malogarakik: what does it mean when i check the passwd file and it says user has "showtext" as a shell?18:47
akikMalogar: how can you see the showtext thing from the remote side?18:47
Malogarakik: i have another account that i can use18:48
akikMalogar: ahhh18:48
akikMalogar: you can probably use "su -s /bin/bash - username"18:49
Malogarakik: i dont have root permissions18:49
Lorneioria OK thanks.  system is up.  do I need to remove anything else - or should  I be good now?  (we went to a huge effort to kill nouveau...do I need to clean that up? or leave it?)18:49
akikMalogar: if showtext is defined as a shell it should be listed in /etc/shells18:49
b6s3dany help on teamspeak setup18:49
Malogarakik: itis18:50
akikMalogar: su uses the target user's password18:50
ioriaLorne,   keep your system updated and run autoremove to gain space18:50
akikMalogar: you can probably use "su -s /bin/bash - username"18:50
Lorneioria ok thanks.18:50
ioriaLorne,   no problem , good job18:50
akikMalogar: that command doesn't ask for root user's password18:51
Malogarakik: yes but i cant use that account since it throws me right out och the ssh connection after auhtneticating18:51
ma__rcguys, anyone using intel hd 3000 with 16.04? is the performance smooth enough with unity?18:51
Malogarakik: of the*18:51
akikMalogar: you tried the su command?18:51
texlaLorne, did thaat remove your clean files message18:52
Malogarakik: i cant cuz i cant access the account18:52
LorneMalogar YES it did...seemed to have solved all my probs18:52
ducasseMalogar: the account needs a proper shell for ssh to work18:52
akikMalogar: run the su command in the shell that you *have* access to18:52
LorneMalogar it booted right into th GUI login screen...no black "clean" message thingy18:53
MalogarSo how do i get it to use a proper shell then?18:53
akikMalogar: you tried the su command?18:54
ducasseMalogar: you can change a user's shell with chsh18:54
opollenhowdy.  what package include the section 2 syscall manpages?  in general, is there an apt-cache command that will tell me where to find a manpage by name?18:55
minimecma__rc: I don't see a problem...18:55
ducasseopollen: you can use apt-file18:55
minimecma__rc:  my mother has even an erlier i5 and has no problems.18:56
farhadhi, i installed ubuntu on ext4. i want use snapper. i have installed snapper. when i enter:  < snapper -c root create-config >   for configure snapper. i see this error:  < creating config failed (/sbin/chsnap not installed.) > . its very crucial to solve.thanks for any help18:56
ma__rcbeen using it a few weeks ago and it seemed a little sluggish. my specs: i3 something-core-something with 2.x ghz, 4 gb ddr3 ram and hd 3000... not sure what the problem was18:56
Lorneok thanks a ton ioria et. al.   I'm off to enjoy my newly working 16.04 ha!  cya18:56
MalogarIm trying to ssh into a machine using an account that cant be accessed locally. As soon as i use ssh with the key it closes the connection so theres no possible way to run any commands.18:56
akikMalogar: you tried the su command?18:57
opollenMalogar: sounds like that user has nologin or something as its shell.  You'll need to change that first.18:57
akikthis is like talking to wind18:58
ducasseMalogar: login as a user with sudo access and change the shell for the user you want to ssh in as18:58
Malogaroppollen: How?18:58
opollenas ducasse says.18:59
OerHeksMalogar, simple, walk to that server, login, etc18:59
opollenif you're thinking that there's some ssh invocation that will let you select a shell, there isn't.18:59
MalogarI dont have physical access to the server and no root permissions19:00
ducasseMalogar: then you can't do it19:00
mustmodifyI have an issue in production and could use someone to help me double-check my thinking because I'm having a hard time isolating it.19:00
SchrodingersScat!ask | mustmodify19:00
ubottumustmodify: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:00
akikMalogar: why are you ignoring me? i'm trying to help you19:00
mustmodifyWe use cron to run several rake tasks (rake is sort of Ruby's version of make.)19:01
farhadhi, i installed ubuntu on ext4. i want use snapper. i have installed snapper. when i enter:  < snapper -c root create-config >   for configure snapper. i see this error:  < creating config failed (/sbin/chsnap not installed.) > . its very crucial to solve.thanks for any help19:01
ducasse!patience | farhad19:01
ubottufarhad: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:01
opollenfarhad - well, there error tells you that it needs that file.  try providing that file.19:01
Malogarakik why dont you understand? i cant use su command because i have no rights to do so19:01
mustmodifySeveral cron jobs have failed to run today. When I ran them manually, they worked. So it isn't likely to be a bug in the Ruby code... that would show up in our error tracking software.19:02
akikMalogar: your sys admin has changed permissions on /bin/su ?19:02
opollenmustmodify: they failed today, and not previously, the same cronjobs?19:02
ma__rcmaybe i'll just give it another shot19:02
mustmodifyopollen: yes.19:03
mustmodifythey have worked for ... I don't know... years. Two run weekly, one runs every hour.19:03
ma__rcmaybe the ".1" will make the difference19:03
akikMalogar: su is not limited only to change into root account. you can use it to change from user1 to user219:03
mustmodifySo my thinking is if it isn't cron (because ... I mean ... it's cron. If there were a bug it would have been found by now)19:04
Malogaryes i understand but i cant even do that19:04
opollenmustmodify: then it probably isn't the cron environment that matters.  i.e., there's nothing you need to fix in the cronjobs themselves.  It's probably that the environment of this server was different when those cronjobs ran.  i.e., although the manual commands work *now*, they would not have worked *then*19:04
mustmodifyand it isn't likely Ruby because I would have been notified about that.19:04
Steve___Can someone help me? I'm trying to install Backbox on an old Dell Latitude e4300, but I can't find an ethernet cord to get it online. Is there a simple way I can download/install the WiFi driver (Intel N 5300) off a USB during a live boot before installation?19:04
akikMalogar: what's the error message?19:04
mustmodifythen it it's likely an environment issue...19:04
CuriousErnestBroI have a question19:04
mustmodifyie bash ... what is it... interactive vs not=interactive?19:04
opollenmustmodify: if you haven't silenced the output of those cronjobs, you should't gotten an email with the error output.  you could check that.  if you are suppressing output, I recommend making sure that non-error runs have no output, and then removing that suppression so that you get output19:05
ducasseMalogar: there is probably a good reason for that, so talk to the server's admin - you can't do it otherwise19:05
Malogar-bash: /bin/su: Permission denied19:05
poopBotanyone know whenr is JDK installed by defoult?19:05
opollenmustmodify: since the same cronjobs worked fine before, that's not likely to be the issue19:05
mustmodifyHow do I fully simulate the environment from which cron runs these jobs?19:05
akikMalogar: ok it looks like you need to contact your sys admin to fix that shell19:05
CuriousErnestBroI need to run one (or more) line of command line code as soon as my laptop wakes up from shutdown/hibernation/lock screen19:06
CuriousErnestBrohow would I do this19:06
akikMalogar: what output do you get from showtext if you run it from the other user account?19:06
mustmodifyor alternately dump stdout to a logfile.19:06
jacquesdupontdre, i came back, my long boot problem is fixed. It was because of a "a start job is running for xxx", i don't know since when but my /etc/fstab was faulty and waiting for my swap, so i removed the line linked to my swap in fstab, reformated the swap, reactivated it and rebooted. Works perfect now and boots in 5 seconds. Thanks19:06
timypYou would place the commands in a bash file .sh19:06
mustmodifyopollen: Also I can see that at least one cron job is working.19:06
CuriousErnestBroI found this but I'm very new to ubuntu and don't quite get it http://askubuntu.com/questions/183516/how-do-i-detect-when-my-system-wakes-up-from-suspend-via-dbus-or-similar-in-a-py19:07
OerHeksjacquesdupontd, awesome find19:07
Malogarakik i can only access one account19:07
mustmodifyopollen: Oh... hey... where are cron jobs logged? Must be in /var/logs somewhere, right?19:07
jacquesdupontdOerHeks: thanks19:07
timypset the bash file to executable chmod +x scriptname.sh19:07
opollenmustmodify: yes, but you'll only see the invocations logged in that file.  and changes of crontabs, etc.19:07
akikMalogar: yes, i understand. but if showtext is defined as a shell for your user, it should be something that you can run19:07
Malogarakik: http://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/bandit26.html19:08
Malogarakik: there lol19:08
timypand than add this to crontab -e @reboot /path/to/script.sh19:08
opollenmustmodify: by default, crond sends an email including any output, stdout or stderr, from cronjobs.  That's how people usually debug failed cronjobs (or more often fill an inbox with ignored emails )19:08
timypmake sense CouriousErnestBro ?19:08
akikMalogar: what?19:08
mustmodifytimyp: is that for me?19:09
Malogarakik: did the link work?19:09
mustmodifyabout the bash file?19:09
akikMalogar: you get that url from showtext?19:09
opollenuh, how is apt-file used?  this has no ooutput:  sudo apt-file search '*opendir*'  # to find the opendir manpage19:09
timypnope that was for CouriousErnestBro who asked I need to run one (or more) line of command line code as soon as my laptop wakes up from shutdown/hibernation/lock screen19:09
opollenI've already installed apt-file, and performed apt-file update.19:09
Malogarakik: no its a regular url and its a challenge19:10
akikMalogar: please stop wasting peoples' time19:10
timypand for wake script http://askubuntu.com/questions/226278/run-script-on-wakeup19:10
CuriousErnestBrotimyp, not really.. how would it detect if my laptop woke up from standby/hibernation/shut-down19:10
mustmodifyok sorry19:10
timypwhich should also work for hibernation but not lock screen, the lock screen commands I'm not really sure. What is it that you are trying to do ?19:11
mustmodifyopollen: any thoughts about how I can fully simulate the environment from which cron runs these jobs?19:11
ducasseopollen: try 'apt-file search opendir.3.gz'19:11
timypCouriousErnestBro  ^^^^19:11
opollenmustmodify: no, but you already know that's not the problem19:12
opollenducasse: ah, ty19:12
CuriousErnestBrotimyp, 1. using xrandr to scale my 2nd screen (it messes  up whenever I wake the laptop up, but doesn't mess up when screen is off) and I need to run a sudo python script to fix white noise every time19:12
ducasseopollen: you can also provide the full path if you know it to get fewer hits19:12
CuriousErnestBroso basically, now I have a .sh file with only the 2 lines I  wanna run19:14
timypWhy not just prevent the computer from sleeping and set The Turn screen off when inactive for option?19:14
opollenah, all this work to discover that I'd gotten the name of the syscall wrong and that I already had the manpages19:14
timypthan on reboot the scrips will run from cron ?19:15
timypand stop it from hibernation19:15
CuriousErnestBrotimyp, it also happens at the lock screen. and I kind of need the lock screen19:16
timypin the above example the script can just call the python script19:17
timypso what you want to do can't be done in one swoop you will need to get the scripts to fire per event19:18
timypso contab for boot and reboot, and http://askubuntu.com/questions/226278/run-script-on-wakeup http://askubuntu.com/questions/429716/how-to-run-a-command-or-script-at-screen-lock-unlock19:19
timypfor the lock screen read the last comment in the link if you are using 14.0419:19
timypthat I believe would work for ubuntu 16.04 as well19:20
ioriai think systemd need a .service in /etc/systemd/system19:22
CuriousErnestBrosystemd is a term Ive come across on multiple forums19:25
CuriousErnestBroalso I'm dualbooting19:26
timypdualbooting shoot have no effect on what you are trying to pull off19:26
irregularhi guys when I do apt-get update on Ubuntu 14.04, I get Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused for some repos19:28
irregular 19:28
irregulari.e. Err https://apt.dockerproject.org ubuntu-trusty/main i386 Packages19:29
irregular  Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused19:29
Bashing-omirregular: Show us in a pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' See if we identify the offending source .19:30
timypshoot = should19:32
ykzis it possible to install an older version of a package, i.e. not the latest, most up-to-date one =19:33
ykzwhen I do sudo apt-get install XYZ, I get the latest version of XYZ, but can I comehow force it to instead install the previous version?19:33
irregularBashing-om:I'm following the steps to download docker `apt-cache policy docker-engine` doesn't find docker-engine though19:35
=== sicsscam_ is now known as sicsscam
Bashing-omirregular: Well . I tried to access the dockerproject server , requires one to have authorization to do so . I look at your last paste . be back soonest .19:37
irregularBashing-om:i also did step 4 involving which was `sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://p80.pool.sks-keyservers.net:80 --recv-keys 58118E89F3A912897C070ADBF76221572C52609D`19:38
dmatt_uuidAnyone seen Ubuntu 16.04.1 hang a Sandforce SSD?19:38
dmatt_uuidSeems to be particularly when you install smartmontools, and, presumably, its startup scan.19:39
=== krc4267_ is now known as krc4267|afk
ducasseykz: yes, see the apt-get man page19:39
ykzducasse: ok, thank you19:40
ykzdo you happen to know the option offhand?19:40
ykzI know I should RTFM, but it is sooooo long19:40
dmatt_uuidykz: suffix the package name with the version number.19:41
ykzdmatt_uuid: thanks a bunch!!!!19:41
ducasseykz: package=2.0.whatever19:41
dmatt_uuidykz: apt-get install <package_id:revision>19:41
dmatt_uuidwell, maybe it's =19:41
dmatt_uuidbeen a while19:41
ducasseykz: it's the second section under "install"19:41
Bashing-omirregular: Well .. the system sure does not accept the dockerproject source . What release are you on .. and what is the link you are following to install the application ?19:44
minimecdmatt_uuid: MAy not be related, but I started to have system freezes with my ssd with arch linux one day. Turned out that I had to disable a kernel module introduced in the 4.X kernel series...19:44
minimecdmatt_uuid: Basically I had to add 'libata.force=noncq' to my GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT. See here. MAy be worth a try... https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=19678319:45
dmatt_uuidminimec: Yeah I have no doubt it's a kernel 4.x feature being exposed. I'm seeing the drive hang solid and drop off the bus until it receives a total power cycle.19:45
dmatt_uuidminimec: I don't believe it's the same problem as the bug you mention talks about temporary freezes19:47
dmatt_uuidin my case the drive never re-initialises.19:47
dmatt_uuid(and it's not a samsung)19:47
Guest93616#unix You need a registered nick to join that channel19:48
nico_hello, can i ask in german or english only?19:49
minimecdmatt_uuid: In my case It's a Transcend SSD and there would also be an ArchWiki link I was only able to find that one... ;)19:49
ducassenico_: try #ubuntu-de for german19:50
nico_ok, thanks19:51
minimecdmatt_uuid: Ok... Got it. --> Resolving NCQ errors https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Solid_State_Drives#Resolving_NCQ_errors19:52
Bashing-omirregular: step 4: I do " gpg --search-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 58118E89F3A912897C070ADBF76221572C52609D " and get no joy . Maybe best at this point to talk to the maintainer and see what the problem is ?19:56
dmatt_uuidminimec: I wonder if I have the drive configured in AHCI mode or not.. will take a look. I suspect it's something else, more specific to the OCZ drive tbh though. I can hang it at will without doing much I/O - just let the smartd init script run ...19:56
dmatt_uuidminimec: I will capture the errors when it hangs, properly. Will need to send them off-node to get them logged. :)19:58
ykzcool, thank you, ducasse and dmatt_uuid. It worked. Took me a while to figure out the exact verion20:03
ykzThank you very much20:03
=== stefan__1 is now known as cecep
dmatt_uuidminimec: ok here we go. Just hung it by installing smartmontools and as soon as it issued the scan to grab the SMART status of the drive it hung solid.20:06
dmatt_uuidata1.00: failed command: SMART20:07
dmatt_uuidata1.00: status: { DRDY ERR }20:07
dmatt_uuidata1.00: error: { UNC }20:07
dmatt_uuidNow it's locked in a loop as the kernel attempts to reset the bus.20:07
dmatt_uuidata1: hard resetting link20:07
dmatt_uuidata1: link is slow to respond, please be patient (ready=0)20:07
dmatt_uuidata1: COMRESET failed (errno=-16)20:07
dmatt_uuidin about one minute the filesystem gives up on the last I/O it sent and goes into error recovery.20:08
dmatt_uuidAt this point my machine is hosed.20:08
dmatt_uuidI need to a) go pull the power; b) boot from CD; c) remove or disable smartd before rebooting.20:09
=== david__ is now known as _Moz_
aroonihaving trouble getting rsync working like id like it to.  i want to sync all .txt files from a given directory rsync -va --progress -include '*.txt' --exclude '*' src destination20:14
ctjctjI'm trying to force an "fsck" on reboot.  This filesystem was bad last time I tried. I created /forcefsck.  How do I tell if it actually did anything?20:17
Shpee1So I just came back from vacation and now my computer boots into emergency mode after displaying "error: failure reading sector 0x7173800 from 'hd1'." I only have one drive connected and if I connect a flash drive the message changes to say 'hd2'. Does anyone know what's wrong?20:19
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot20:20
johnc4510ctjctj: ^20:21
johnc4510maybe that will help20:21
ctjctjjohnc4510, that is what I did.  touch /forcefsck and the file is gone at the next reboot so /etc/init/mountall.conf did run and did remove the file.  I was looking for some sort of message that says it found something or did nto find anything.20:22
Bashing-omctjctj: johnc4510 The check disk procedure differs in 16.04 (systemd) .20:22
ctjctjBashing-om, 14.04LTS20:22
Bashing-omctjctj: :) good .20:23
johnc4510Bashing-om: hmmm k20:23
Bashing-omShekharReddy: Hard drive failing ? See: https://www.smartmontools.org/ ; https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/TocDoc ; https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki...e_Test_Results ; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2192335 <-How to read output of smartctl .20:26
Bashing-omShpee1: ^^ apologies ShekharReddy for the bad highlight .20:27
_adboops, sorry20:28
ross`can someone tell me what I have to do so that these 2 things actually do something I am trying to get an init script to work on boot:20:34
ross`http://scpb.in/ready.conf http://scpb.in/ready20:34
ross`How can I get a .conf file in /etc/init to work on boot?20:34
ross`Note, I can only do it via file system level operations and not the shell20:34
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GoldschlagerAnyone been able to connect 2 ISP's to use as a single connection? (bonded)20:38
JhonnysWhat does software-properties-common contain?20:40
n0had0can i repair grub while in ubuntu, not from the live cd20:40
minimecJhonnys: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/all/software-properties-common/filelist20:41
ross`n0had0: yes20:42
ross`n0had0: you may need to make sure you have a UEFI kernel if you are trying to install UEFI grub20:42
n0had0afaik just the regular grub20:43
n0had0but thanks20:43
ross`UEFI grub is probably regular grub for you20:43
Bashing-omJhonnys: See: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial-updates/software-properties-common . Dies this suffice ?20:43
ross`Does anyone here know the upstart system?20:43
n0had0i had a windows 7 partition that i deleted20:43
n0had0if that makes a difference20:44
GoldschlagerAnyone been able to connect 2 ISP's to use as a single connection? (bonded)20:44
dax(all Ubuntu kernels support both UEFI and legacy booting. the only thing you need to make sure of is that whatever you're booted into when repairing is either UEFI or not UEFI in the same way as the actual system)20:44
ross`n0had0: That shouldn't matter20:44
Bashing-omn0had0: ' sudo update-grub ' will rebuild the config files for grub .20:45
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ni291187I'm trying to help a friend "share" Ubuntu that is installed on his laptop with his TV. (TV is full HD, laptop not)20:50
algern-ni just installed ubuntu server20:52
algern-nand somehow I cannot get wlan0 up and running20:52
algern-nany ideas?20:52
algern-nlspci -nn | grep 0280 does show my network controller []0280] qualcomm atheros ...20:53
Goldschlageralgern-n: That would be my first suggestion was to make sure it's enabled in BIOS20:55
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algern-ni'll try and return20:57
OerHeksalgern-n, try iwconfig -a , as the interface naming thing changes a lot https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/20:58
OerHeksmy guess it is not wlan0 but WLens0 or something funny20:58
OerHeksiwconfig will tell20:59
n0had0worked like a charm, many thanks21:00
Jhonnyswhich ppa do you recommend for latest php 7?21:00
OerHeksJhonnys, no need for a ppa , 7 is standard in 16.0421:01
uleHey guys.. Does anybody knows what happened with systemctl?21:02
ulesudo: systemctl: command not found21:02
k1l_ule: what ubuntu are you using?21:02
ulelemme check.. sec21:02
k1l_ule: "lsb_release -d" will tell you21:03
ule14.04.5 LTS21:03
uleI'm following a tutorial here and got stuck on this error :/21:04
k1l_ule: that is not using systemd. its still using upstart21:04
ulek1l_: so why I have some files on /etc/systemd/system21:05
ulesudo: upstart: command not found21:05
k1l_ule: what are you doing at all?21:05
ulek1l_: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-serve-flask-applications-with-uwsgi-and-nginx-on-ubuntu-16-0421:06
k1l_ule: system was already present back then since some other projects were stopped and were included into system.21:06
ulemaybe I should upgrade this distro21:06
ethanhsSo, I changed my greeter for lightdm, but when I press super+L, it sends me to the unity greeter, anyone know why?21:06
k1l_well, that is a howto for 16.04. and there are some changes between them both21:06
ulek1l_: it's a new machine21:08
uleI'll try to upgrade to 16 thanks!!21:08
k1l_ule: that whole howto is based on systemd and will not work on 14.0421:09
uleyeah.. gotcha21:09
ulethanks !21:09
islandtrolli removed additional drivers set to not use them after that when i open software center no application data found error...21:12
wolf7676is it posible to miracast with ubuntu gnome?21:14
GoldschlagerWhat's miracast?21:15
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OerHeksmaybe with crome + plugin?21:15
wolf7676sharing dipslay throu wifi21:15
R13oseI get this error "The following packages requested additional data downloads after package installation, but the data could not be downloaded or could not be processed...ttf-mscorefonts-installer..." In Update Information -- KDE Daemon. What do I do to fix this?21:19
OerHeksthere is an aethercast project running, yakety only (16.04 alfa) https://launchpad.net/aethercast https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aethercast21:19
wolf7676yep, thats hwat i'm looking for, thanks 0erHeks21:22
angular_mikestarting with which version does ubuntu include systemctl?21:23
k1l_angular_mike: since 15.04 (which is dead now) ubuntu started to use systemd as init21:23
k1l_angular_mike: so we have now supported: 14.04 with upstart and 16.04 with systemd.21:24
angular_mikek1l_: is ther a major difference between upstart and systemd in terms of creating a simple service?21:27
k1l_angular_mike: yes, they are different in creating their scripts/services. but since upstart is not to be maintained after 14.04 reaches EOL, everyone needs to change to system anyway.21:28
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units21:28
angular_mikeok, I guess it's time to spin down21:29
wifiboyhi. how do i get wifi on my desktop pc? there is no option in the networks. but on my laptop it connects to wifi perfectly fine?z21:30
JhonnysWhat is the difference between xenial vs trusty ?21:37
tgm4883Jhonnys: about 2 years21:37
Jhonnysso trusty is latest21:37
tgm4883john-mcaleely: no, x comes after t21:38
k1l_!releases | Jhonnys21:38
ubottuJhonnys: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases21:38
cluelesspersonhi all.  I'm wondering, is there a way to make the disk encryption NUKE the disk if a certain passphrase is entered?21:38
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DArqueBishopcluelessperson: why would you want to do that?21:39
tgm4883DArqueBishop: if you're required to enter the password under duress21:39
cluelesspersonDArqueBishop,   On principle, if someone forces me to give up a decryption passphrase, I want it to fucking nuke the hard drive.21:40
tgm4883We're all on a list now somewhere21:40
cluelesspersonDArqueBishop,   I can easily script it at ubuntu login, but I want it done via the disk encryption, before the disk is encrypted.21:40
Guy1524hey guys I have a question.  On my rasberry pi I have a file at /boot named config where I am able to modify overscan values.  How do I do this in ubuntu21:40
DArqueBishopcluelessperson: if I was ruthless enough where I would use force to make you give up an encryption password and you tricked me into destroying the data, your usefulness would be at an end and I'd just terminate you right there.21:41
cluelesspersonDArqueBishop, my concern is government and rights, not idiots that get angry.21:42
DArqueBishopAh, cluelessperson.21:42
DArqueBishopThen you'd just end up in prison for destroying evidence. :-)21:42
cluelesspersonDArqueBishop,  I didn't destroy evidence, I complied and gave up a decryption passphrase that unlocked the computer21:43
tgm4883this is all very off topic for this chat21:43
DArqueBishoptgm4883: point taken.21:43
tgm4883cluelessperson: a brief search suggests that patches exist for luks to do this, but it doesn't appear to be in ubuntu21:44
cluelesspersontgm4883, It's not, Ubuntu has disk encryption labeled "Ubuntu" at desktop install, and I want to enable the nuke option.21:44
cluelesspersontgm4883, exactly .:P21:44
tgm4883cluelessperson: the legality of whether or not it's destroying evidence is not up for discussion in this chat21:44
tgm4883cluelessperson: I suppose you'd need to compile luks with the patch in order to do that21:45
tgm4883cluelessperson: maybe try this http://linuxbsdos.com/2014/01/14/apply-the-nuke-patch-to-luks-cryptsetup-in-linux-mint-16-and-ubuntu-13-10/21:46
tgm4883that's the most recent I see21:46
algern-nso if I get a systemctl21:49
algern-nthere's networking.services that shows up as failed failed21:49
OerHekscluelessperson, tgm4883 https://www.kali.org/tutorials/emergency-self-destruction-luks-kali/21:49
algern-nat least ethernet is working if not wlan 6_621:50
algern-ni wonder if there's something else to be installed as I signed in to wi fi during installation and it seemlingly workey21:50
tgm4883OerHeks: 95% of respondants said they should add that feature 2 years ago, yet they still havent21:51
algern-nyet not now ---_---21:51
JhonnysIs there any good UFW alternative?21:57
tgm4883Jhonnys: what's wrong with UFW21:58
JhonnysNothing wrong22:00
JhonnysI am just asking22:00
tgm4883Jhonnys: well, dont?22:00
tgm4883Jhonnys: if it's not broke, don't fix it22:01
YankDownUnderUFW is great. Simple, no fuss, just great.22:02
k1l_you could still use iptables directly. but that is not easier22:02
JhonnysDoes unattended-upgrades also upgrade php if available?22:03
tgm4883which makes me wonder, can you configure netfilter directly?22:03
k1l_Jhonnys: ubuntu will only ship minor updates and security fixes.22:03
JhonnysI am reffering apt-get install  unattended-upgrades22:04
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tgm4883Jhonnys: yes if you configure it to do so, it will update all of your packages from the relevant release specific repository22:05
YankDownUndertgm4883: That just made me wonder...worth a bit of a dig...22:05
tgm4883YankDownUnder: tough search, google doesn't even search for netfilter in that context, it search for iptables in it's place22:06
R13oseI get this error "The following packages requested additional data downloads after package installation, but the data could not be downloaded or could not be processed...ttf-mscorefonts-installer..." In Update Information -- KDE Daemon. What do I do to fix this?22:06
Jhonnystgm4883 is that including any PPA I have added?22:07
JhonnysI see.22:07
tgm4883Jhonnys: yes22:07
JhonnysDoes --force-yes equal to --allow-downgrades, --allow-remove-essential and --allow-change-held-package all in one?22:15
k1l_Jhonnys: no22:15
JhonnysBecause I got a warning: W: --force-yes is deprecated, use one of the options starting with --allow instead.22:15
Jhonnysso which --allow-* equal to --force-yes ?22:16
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R13oseany thoughts on my question?22:17
kg_ebooksSo, ive got a fresh install of ubuntu server. No issues arose during installation. But now when I go to log in all my characters are escaped like "^H" instead of H22:17
devanmy ati radeon keeps locking the system after a few minutes of game play or any graphic intense program. dmesg showed some radeon 'ring 0' errors but I dont understand what all that means...22:18
Tin_manR13ose, was this a scheduled update? or what?22:18
R13oseTin_man: this comes up each time I reboot the laptop22:19
Tin_manhmmm, don't know then, have you updated recently, and up to date22:19
R13oseTin_man: I have updated on and off and this message still comes up.22:20
Tin_mandon't know never seen it myself, might be specific to your hardware, or software..22:21
YankDownUnderdevan: http://askubuntu.com/questions/457391/radeon-ring-0-test-failed-on-boot-ubuntu-14-0422:21
Tin_manR13ose, did find this link: ttf-mscorefonts-installer..." In Update Information -- KDE Daemon22:22
R13oseTin_man: not sure what you mean22:23
devanYankDownUnder: thanks for the the link, i will try the method suggested there.22:23
Tin_mangoto the above link in your browser22:23
Tin_manand this one22:23
YankDownUnderdevan: As well - you'll notice some "footnote" links - check them out as well - before you make a decision, mate.22:23
Tin_manbad link on the first one22:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 993672 in intltool-debian (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1005934 Ships malformed interactive upgrade hook which causes translations to be shown in the dialog" [Medium,Confirmed]22:24
devanim out of options at this point22:24
R13oseTin_man: I only see one link above you sent.22:24
Tin_manjust sent the other one22:24
Tin_manR13ose,  the bug link22:25
R13oseTin_man: there is no solution in that bug link22:26
Tin_mani know that..22:27
Tin_manjust that it's been reported22:27
Tin_manare you running KDE?22:27
CrellHi folks. I'm having an issue with mounting a USB drive.  (Not a key, an external enclosure for a hard drive.)  I'm trying to mount it executable.  However, despite running "mount /mnt/path -o noauto,exec,rw,user,suid,dev ", it's still getting mounted noexec.22:27
CrellHow do I convince it to let me mount it executable?22:28
R13oseTin_man: yes22:28
Tin_manR13ose, i just typed in this to google:: ttf-mscorefonts-installer..." In Update Information -- KDE Daemon22:29
Bashing-omCrell: What is the file system on this external drive ?22:29
Tin_manand had several hits with that text typed in..22:29
R13oseTin_man: I did too and gone nothing that helped me.22:29
NeccyHey. A new PC i bought arived todayi. I installed ubuntu (gnome env.). The problem is that i cannot connect to the internet and instal22:29
Tin_manis this recent, or a older problem thats been going on?22:30
Neccy.. any additional drivers. THe ethernet nic is not connecting and wireless aint either..22:30
R13oseTin_man: I switched to KDE recently so a recent problem22:30
Bashing-omNeccy: Using a wired connection ? Sometimes for WIFI one has to install the drivers .22:31
Tin_manI just run regular Ubuntu, but I run KDE mint, so can't really help in that regard..22:31
R13oseTin_man: no other links that might be helpful?22:31
bekksTin_man: Either you run Ubuntu, or Mint :)22:31
NeccyBashing-om: There is a problem with connecting to wired also.22:32
Tin_mani run both22:32
Tin_mandual boot22:32
bekksTin_man: ah :)22:32
devanIm getting  'Permission denied' on cat /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch even with sudo22:32
NeccyBashing-om: its constantly connecting. I think its drivers.22:32
Mitchell92Hello. Since my install about a month or two ago I've noticed that an additional 5GB of disk space is being utilized, of which I am not sure where it has gone... being that its a 128GB SSD I'm curious. Is there any graphical tool that can show me an analysis of where the disk space is being utilized at?22:33
Tin_manR13ose, i don't know of any other links that might help, but I'm sure someone on this channel should be able to help..22:33
antonio_I'm having a problem with Synaptic...Got error broken count >0 and then I get this error "E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service', which is also in package account-plugin-google 0.12+16.04.20160126-0ubuntu1"22:34
R13oseCan anyone else help me with my problem?22:34
Bashing-omNeccy: At square 1 ...show us in a pastebin : ' sudo lshw -C network ' . See what the hardware is and what driver is installed .22:34
CrellBashing-om: I also have an entry in fstab, by UUID rather than device name, that specifies exec.  That line is apparently getting ignored, too.22:34
NeccyBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/NYbMhnhe22:34
Bashing-omCrell: K .. might be we need to look and verify the formatting of the fstab entry ?22:36
NeccyBashing-om: If i could connect i would imagen i could install the other drivers though 'Additional drivers'. but..22:37
CrellBashing-om :Here's the fstab line:  UUID=9a64fd20-0c93-4642-b5bc-6cf152c681d9 /mnt/path       ext4    noauto,exec,rw,user,suid,dev22:37
antonio_How can I fix broken stuff?22:38
CrellBashing-om: Yet it is mounting on boot if the drive is plugged in, and is mounting noexec.22:38
devanoh what do ya know, there is no vgaswitcheroo located in ls /sys/kernel/debug/ in 16.0422:38
Bashing-omNeccy: Agreed .. not having a wired connection is a proble, . This is Intel .. and Intel "just works " .. and driver=igb is loaded . OK, next what returns : ' ip link ls ' ?22:39
R13oseantonio_: depends on what is broken22:39
k1l_antonio_: open terminal "sudo apt update" then "sudo apt full-upgrade"22:39
antonio_something to do with a package22:39
k1l_antonio_: if that still brings an error like that before try a "sudo apt install -f"22:40
OerHeksR13ose, read this http://askubuntu.com/questions/766491/failure-to-download-extra-data-files-with-ttf-mscorefonts-installer-on-ubuntu  that leads to this bugreport, about the UELA thing not showing up https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/154328022:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522675 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1543280 /root/.synaptic/ not created due to locking status" [Low,Confirmed]22:40
antonio_k1l_ trying apt update right now22:41
OerHeksdo you really need those ms fints?22:41
NeccyBashing-om: this will take a min. Using usb drive (and half of the usbs dont work :s). Sec.22:41
OerHeksor fonts22:41
Bashing-omCrell: A thouhgt .. run a file system check on the file system ( ext4 ) .. make sure the file system is consistent . If the system sees a problem will mount read-only .22:41
devanok my system only has one VGA compatible controller22:42
Bashing-omNeccy: I am just proud of you that you have the skills and knowledge to cope .22:42
CrellBashing-om: Hm.  Well, I just reformatted it on Friday, but OK...22:43
devandmesg shows a line: GPU lockup (current fence id 0x000000000000b4dd last fence id 0x000000000000b4eb on ring 0)22:43
R13oseOerHeks: thanks.  I will check when I reboot the computer if this comes up again.22:43
CrellBashing-om: fsck returns immediately with no errors.22:44
antonio_k1l_ : this is what I get from sudp apt install -f http://pastebin.com/Fv2vv9Sz22:44
* Crell runs a bad block test.22:44
NeccyBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/JTHjaRzq  aww thanks.22:46
k1l_antonio_: "sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb22:46
NeccyBashing-om: it might come to the point i will need to contact them if i dont get it solved. they might not expect or know how to respond to linux stuffthough .22:48
node9Hi! Is there any way I can see my headless server screen on my macbook using HDMI?22:48
node9ubuntu server 16.0422:48
Bashing-omCrell: K; what results when default mount otions are in place 'UUID=9a64fd20-0c93-4642-b5bc-6cf152c681d9 /mnt/path           ext4    defaults        0       2 " and verify the "mnt/path" exists and has the desired permissions when the external drive is connected .22:49
bekksnode9: why dont you just use ssh?22:49
node9bekks, I want to see what's happening. Just came home and server is running however disconnected from network. Router is not picking it up either22:50
node9so can't ssh in22:50
bekksnode9: So plug in a monitor then. there is no way to attach a second screen from a foreign box.22:50
tgm4883node9: here's a crazy though, it's a macbook. It has a display?22:51
node9bekks, yeah don't have monitor I can try a tv maybe lol22:51
node9tgm4883 yes22:51
bekksnode9: so thats your only option then.22:51
tgm4883node9: maybe I've missing something. I'ts a macbook. It has a display. You want to see what's going on on it. So use the attached display22:52
OerHekshdmi-out is no hdmi-in22:52
node9tgm4883, no I want to use macbook as a display to receive hdmi in from the server22:52
kamild1996Hey, I'm on Xubuntu and in the tray I see two "error" icons which I would like to get rid of. The first one say "The cache has no package named 'wine-staging-i386'". How do I fix this one?22:52
bekkstgm4883: he wants to attach a second box using hdmi and see the hdmi-out of the second box on his mac.22:52
tgm4883That's not how I read that at all :)22:52
CrellBashing-om: Well this is interesting.  When I set it to default and mount as root: 1) The mount point ownership changes to my user; 2) The files that get mounted are all correctly owned/permissioned. 3) The mount options according to "mount" are (rw,relatime,data=ordered).  Previously it said "noexec" in there, when I had stab set to mount "exec".22:53
OerHekskamild1996, there is no wine-staging-i386 in our repos, maybe some ppa?22:54
CrellBashing-om: ... And... I'm able to execute stuff.  But... how does that make any sense?22:54
kamild1996Hmm, let me check22:54
CrellBashing-om: The default for a USB device is noexec, isn't it?  So why would defaults mount it exec, but explicitly telling it "exec" mount it as noexec?  That's... backwards.22:55
kamild1996OerHeks: I seem to have this one added: http://ppa.launchpad.net/wine/wine-builds/ubuntu22:55
kamild1996The package exists, so why is there an error like that?22:55
OerHekskamild1996, good question, ask the ppa maintainer? or didn't you run updates yet?22:56
rugfreopBernie Sanders blew it. If he was not as crooked as Hillary and the democrat party. He could of ran of as third party and won by landslide22:56
tgm4883rugfreop: a bit off topic22:57
kamild1996I just started update & upgrade after not booting Ubuntu for some time already, maybe this will fix it, although I swear I seen it before. I'll do that, thank you OerHeks. One more error tho22:57
OerHeks!ot > rugfreop22:57
ubotturugfreop, please see my private message22:57
kamild1996The second error is literally an empty rectangle box. ??? http://i.imgur.com/WceFWQh.png22:58
Bashing-omNeccy: So far so good, that last says you are up on wired and running . next is : ' ifconfig enp6s0 ' . Let's see if you are getting DHCP .22:59
antonio_k1l_: this is what I got from that sudo command you told me to run http://pastebin.com/zKJRYACD23:00
OerHekslooks like related to that error icon23:01
k1l_antonio_: ok try this: "sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" install kde-config-telepathy-accounts"23:01
Bashing-omCrell: A lot depens on the ownership of the target file system . Maybe check permissions of the partition on the hard drive ?23:02
kamild1996The second icon is that package error I've mentioned earlier. So both of them are actually the same?23:02
antonio_k1l_: nothing happens... pops to a new line with a >23:02
k1l_antonio_: press ctrl+c23:03
antonio_got that :D23:03
NeccyBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/QKJXFYAy23:03
k1l_antonio_: "sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.12.3-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb"23:04
CrellBashing-om: How would I do that?23:04
NeccyBashing-om: is it fine that the wired connection was turned off when entering those commands?23:05
NeccyBashing-om: just noticed23:05
antonio_k1l_: this happened http://pastebin.com/Qqfs1d2S23:06
k1l_antonio_: yes, that works now.23:06
Bashing-omNeccy: Yeah .. makes all the difference in the world . As is now you are not getting an IP adress . turn the wired connection on ( and WIFI off ) .. and let's see now what ' ifconfig enp6s0 ' returns .23:06
Bashing-omCrell: To change the target to "you" : ' sudo chown <user_name>:<user_name> /mnt/oath . where /mnt/path is the actual real target partition.23:08
CrellOh, I see what you mean.  I thought you meant permissions of /dev/sdb1, which I didn't understand. :-)23:09
NeccyBashing-om: However, When i attempt to connect it always goes from the "wired connecting state", failes (without prompt) and turns off.23:11
NeccyBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/tGvkrKYZ23:11
waglewhat was the banning thing by Drone` ?23:11
NeccyBashing-om: attempts to connect for a while. but doesnt.23:12
k1l_wagle: i banned an ip range that is used by a troll using open proxies. and the bot (drone) saw you using the same ip range and kicked you. sorry about that23:12
waglek1l_: ah ok, nm..  I lived..  8)23:13
Bashing-omNeccy: K, that last says you are not getting a IP4 adress but an IP6  . IN the GUI what is set ?23:13
MojtabaHi, I am trying to login using TTY1, but it is blank. (16.04 LTS) Any idea?23:13
kamild1996OerHeks, the second icon disappeared after the upgrade has finished but the first icon with an empty error is still there. Hmm, what could that be?23:14
user10239812https://ideone.com/jRqZJJ      I've put the syslog error in the "stdin" field. Please help23:14
NeccyBashing-om: IPV4: IPV4= ON (DHCP), DNS automatic = ON, ROUTES automatic = ON. - does that help?23:15
MojtabaAny idea?23:15
MojtabaThere is no TTY1 to 623:15
budderhey guys i am about to install (first time) and I wanted to install alongside Windows. Will I have to manually allocate disk space? if so how much would be recommended?23:16
Bashing-omNeccy: Yeah ..looks correct to me ( I do not run a network-manager so can not directly confirm, ) . verify the in-house loop/kardware; what results ' ping -c3 ' .23:17
algern-nbudder what's the size of your disk?23:18
budderalgern-n: 12823:18
NeccyBashing-om: 100% - 0% loss23:18
NeccyBashing-om: 100% sucess i mean23:18
algern-ntoo many instances of mysql-server messed up my /etc/my.cnf23:18
algern-nbudder dunno, sounds like a small disk. why bother having a dual boot?23:19
algern-nbudder anyhow, your reasons. maybe do a 30gb with a 2gb swap?23:19
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Bashing-omNeccy: In-house is good .. what now getting out to the world ? ' ping -c3 ' where we try and talk to google's server .23:20
NeccyBashing-om: Network uneachable23:20
budderalgern-n: wait what do you mean? as in yes I will have to manually disk space?23:21
k1l_budder: the ubuntu installer got a settings to make the partitions for ubuntu (if windows and the manufacturers do not already use 4 primary partitions)23:22
NeccyBashing-om: with a prompt commin up saying 'Connection failed - activation of network connection failed'. Not sure if that is from the ping (outside terminal) or because of the settings.23:22
Bashing-omNeccy: K, not getting out . what now ' ip addr show enp6s0 ' see if we see the router ?23:22
budderk1l_: you mean I do not necessarily have to manually allocate disk space? And the installer will do so itself?23:23
k1l_budder: yes, under some circumstances.23:23
budderk1l_: what would the circumstances be?23:24
budderalgern-n: what exactly did you mean by 2gb swap? RAM?23:24
islandtrollgot a serious problem fans goin insane non stop noice23:25
k1l_budder: as i said: if there are not 4 primary partitions already in use (there cant be more than 4 primary partitions on the regular partition table)23:25
NeccyBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/XZj0B0SP23:25
k1l_islandtroll: make sure the bios is updated to the latest one23:25
hpteamosiempreelHello people23:25
islandtrollonly thing i can do set lower bios setting but if i do that i cant use my engine at maximum speed core23:26
budderk1l_: alright, i see. thank you. and how about memory? algern-n mentioned something about a 2gb swap. i'm not sure if that refers to memory and if so what then23:26
k1l_budder: in the best case the installer will handle all that.23:26
k1l_budder: but as rule of thumb: swap = ram size23:27
islandtrollyeah its updated bios i did check that when i was usin windows 723:27
budderk1l_: got it, thanks23:27
k1l_islandtroll: make sure its the latest one now. because the manufacturers do ship updates to fix such issues like noisy fans23:27
islandtrollsir i installed windows 7 one week before and now usin xubuntu23:28
Bashing-omNeccy: Still not getting IP4, is there a router involeved ? I expect something like this line " inet brd scope global eth1 " where I am eth1 ont his NIC .23:29
k1l_islandtroll: i dont know when you installed windows 7. its already some years old.23:29
islandtroll1 week earlier i swapped from windows 10 to windows 723:29
islandtrolland now xubuntu23:30
Bashing-omNeccy: Stil looking at this as a config issue . What returns ' ip route list ' ?23:32
islandtrollany fan control program?23:32
NeccyBashing-om: empty23:33
k1l_!info fancontrol | islandtroll23:33
ubottuislandtroll: fancontrol (source: lm-sensors): utility to control the fan speed. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.4.0-2 (xenial), package size 20 kB, installed size 88 kB23:33
stephenmac7Hey, I recently updated windows and now it won't boot anymore, complaining that it cannot find the boot files. I'm running grub and if I change the bios mode to EFI, it boots directly to windows without giving me the option to boot linux.23:33
Jordan_Ustephenmac7: Why was the boot firmwarw ever not booting via UEFI?23:34
mcphailislandtroll: what make/model of computer?23:34
stephenmac7It was in so-called "Legacy mode"23:34
jswagnerstephenmac7: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface#Windows_changes_boot_order23:34
islandtrolltoshiba satellite l650 psk1je23:35
Bashing-omNeccy: Ouch . I had expected something like my return : http://termbin.com/q5ys . Lemme think on this a moment . see where we go from here .23:35
Jordan_Ustephenmac7: Were you the one that put it into legacy mode?23:35
stephenmac7Jordan_U: Yeah, but it was a while ago. I don't remember why I did it.23:36
islandtrollislandtroll@islandtroll-Satellite-L655:~$ !info fancontrol23:36
islandtrollbash: !info: event not found23:36
k1l_islandtroll: that was the command in this channel to show you that package23:37
islandtroll!info fancontrol | islandtroll23:37
ubottuislandtroll: fancontrol (source: lm-sensors): utility to control the fan speed. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.4.0-2 (xenial), package size 20 kB, installed size 88 kB23:37
k1l_fancontrol is the packagename23:37
Jordan_Ustephenmac7: You don't want Ubuntu booting via legacy mode, especially if you're dual booting with anothed OS configured for UEFI boot.23:37
ubuntu244When I should restart my server? Current uptime 180 days23:38
mcphailubuntu244: much more often than that, if possible. You'll be running stale/vulnerable kernel and libs23:38
jswagnerubuntu244: whenever there is a kernel update23:38
stephenmac7Jordan_U: How would I go about putting ubuntu in efi mode?23:38
k1l_ubuntu244: you need to for kernels updates that ship security fixes for the kernel23:38
tgm4883ubuntu244: generally when a restart is required due to updates23:39
islandtrollso only thing i guess always lower core speed from bios settings nothin to do here...23:39
de-facto!info debian-goodies23:39
ubottudebian-goodies (source: debian-goodies): Small toolbox-style utilities for Debian systems. In component main, is optional. Version 0.64 (xenial), package size 59 kB, installed size 207 kB23:39
ubuntu244Like a upgrade from 16.04 to 16.04.1?23:39
k1l_islandtroll: look into the program "fancontrol" as i told you now several times, if you want to control the fans23:40
k1l_ubuntu244: no23:40
de-factoubuntu244 if you upgrade a kernel or when you did a upgrade and checkrestart from the package debian-goodies tells you to restart services :D23:40
tgm4883ubuntu244: if this file exists "/var/run/reboot-required" Then you should reboot23:40
Jordan_U!bootinfo | stephenmac723:40
ubottustephenmac7: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.23:40
de-factoubuntu244 then you either can restart the particular service, but sometimes you also may want to restart the whole server23:41
tgm4883de-facto: don't really need a separate package for that23:41
islandtrollcant see fan control program in software manager will google for terminal code23:41
de-factotgm4883 checkrestart is part of the package debian-goodies23:41
tgm4883de-facto: right, but if the system needs a restart, it's got a file you can check for that /var/run/reboot-required23:42
k1l_islandtroll: its not a gui program. its a terminal script.23:42
backboxim new in linux and dont know how can install23:43
islandtrollis that the one ?sudo apt-get install lm-sensors fancontrol23:43
k1l_islandtroll: yes23:43
de-factotgm4883 yeah im using actually debian on my server, but i bet with ubuntu its also possible to configure an automatic Unattended Upgrades cronjob which does restarts automatically when required23:43
k1l_!backbox | backbox23:44
ubottubackbox: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.23:44
tgm4883de-facto: well yea, the unattended upgrades package will restart for you if you want it to. I was just saying that if you want to know if you need to restart or not you could do "ls /var/run/reboot-required" and if that file exists then you know you need to restart23:44
stephenmac7Give me a moment. Windows decided now was the time for a major system update23:45
de-factotgm4883 yup, hope ubuntu244  reads that :D23:45
backboxhow i learn command in linux23:46
algern-nread all man -k ?23:47
algern-npractice makes perfect?23:47
algern-njust keep screwing up until you get it right23:48
murphy_how can i mount a sd card inside root to give me more HD space?23:48
stephenmac7Jordan_U: http://lpaste.net/438997843221833318423:49
de-facto!info overlayroot | murphy_23:51
ubottumurphy_: overlayroot (source: cloud-initramfs-tools): use an overlayfs on top of a read-only root filesystem. In component main, is extra. Version 0.27ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 14 kB, installed size 101 kB23:51
murphy_booya thanks de-facto!23:52
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de-factobe carefull with such things though...23:52
murphy_what could go wrong?23:53
de-factowell basically you will end up with two file systems which only together will make sense to the upper layers23:54
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de-factomurphy_ i think this is how the livecd does it, read only (CDROM) overlayed with a read write tempfs in RAM23:55
murphy_the problem is this stupid intel compute stick23:55
de-factomurphy_ alternatively you probably also can make an lvm23:56
kamild1996Hello, anyone can recommend a FTP server with an up-to-date GUI? I'm looking for something quick to set up.23:56
murphy_they say 8GB drive but you really onlt get half that because they use a partition for a restore system23:56
theoremthis is odd23:57
theoremwhy doesn;t my screen lock after a certain amount of time ?23:57
theoremliterally driving me crazy23:57
murphy_i figured i could just merge my /dev/sdb2 and /dev/sdc1 as root or something like that23:57
k1l_theorem: running a video player?23:57
theoremk1l_: no23:57
murphy_kinda like striping23:57
NeccyBashing-om: Does it all look like a network driver issue?23:57
theoremk1l_: it *never* locks23:57
theoremI can;t even trigger it from the super+L key combo23:58
theoremit does work as a lock from the system bar though23:58
murphy_actually after reading about overlayroot it sounds pretty dynamic23:59
k1l_theorem: what ubuntu exactly? what desktop?23:59
theoremk1l_: it's a little old.  13.1023:59
k1l_theorem: m(23:59

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