sakrecoeri'm looking into pushing the custom version of numix, numix-blue, to a new branch in ~ubuntustudio-look but i am mighty rusty on this.18:38
sakrecoerso i did "bzr branch lp:ubuntustudio-look"19:39
sakrecoerbut i want the theme to be a spearate branch...19:40
sakrecoerif i do this "bzr push lp:~sakrecoer/ubuntustudio-look/ubuntustudio-look" and ask for a merge, the theme will just be a in a subfolder of ubuntustudio-look19:41
sakrecoercould i do bzr push lp:~sakrecoer/ubuntustudio-look/ubuntustudio-look/numix-theme-blue ?19:41
sakrecoeror better yet bzr lp:~ubuntustudio-look/numix-theme-blue19:41
sakrecoeri've been told i can, but i am affraid i have missunderstood something..19:42
sakrecoerbecause i don't want the 'usr' and 'po' folders from ubuntustudio-look/trunk to be in the theme branch19:43
sakrecoergreetings DalekSec ! o/21:05
sakrecoermaybe you can help me clarify my bzr-noob dilema? :)21:06
sakrecoerzequence, OvenWerks ?21:13
sakrecoerhaj! :)23:04
sakrecoermy dilema is awfully nooby, DalekSec.23:05
sakrecoeri'm hesitant as to how and where to push the numix-blue-theme branch23:06
sakrecoeri asked on the list too, lets see... :) i have to log off for tonight. read ya tomorrow.23:13
sakrecoerbut basicaly the question is, if i put the numix-theme in the folder i get when i do: 'bzr branch lp:ubuntustudio-look'23:15
sakrecoerif i push it back with 'bzr lp:~ubuntustudio-look/numix-theme-blue' will i get a new branch, and will that branch not contain the 'usr' and 'po' folders from the trunk?23:16
sakrecoerdo i need to fiddle with debian/changelog and figure a version number?...23:17
sakrecoeranyways, at this point in time, my brain is useless, so with a little luck, i'll read you tomorrow :) g'night o/23:18

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