flocculantno yak iso's currently06:52
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akxwi-davemorning all... any reason why there hasn't been a build since saturday.. or shall I just request a rebuild..08:16
akxwi-daveran the rebuild anyway09:00
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akxwi-davethe iso failed to rebuild again..10:01
knome09:52  flocculant: no yak iso's currently10:07
knomeakxwi-dave, you definitely need a screen :)10:07
davmor2knome: or tmux :)10:08
knomewhatever you fancy10:09
knomedid you poke pleia2 already?10:09
davmor2byobu is my personal favourite :)10:09
akxwi-dave:-)  funny thing is I set up a raspberry pi machine to run irc While i was on  holiday, came back and found that my dearest daugther had unplugged the ower supply to charge her bloody phone.. and  didn't plugit back in..10:10
knomethat happens10:10
akxwi-daveneed to sort something a bit more permament10:11
knomepoke pleia2 10:11
davmor2akxwi-dave: tape your daughters hand in bubble wrap so she can't unplug things without you knowing? no.......oh I see you meant a permanent server not a solution for your daughter ;)10:23
akxwi-davelol.. would love too.. but as shes a medical secretary, she'll need them for typing10:23
knomepleia2, a team member asked me about @xubuntu.org email addresses, how do you feel about those again?11:49
pleia2knome: still pretty meh11:50
knomewas the argument "IS is slow"?11:50
pleia2we'd have to talk to IS to see if they'd provide such a service11:50
knomethey have @ubuntustudio.org ones11:50
pleia2even my @ubuntu.com address seems to be a bit unreliable of late (I didn't get an email from flocculant a while back)11:51
knomemy question is if they offer us authenticating smtp so we can actually use those for sending11:51
knomebecause without that, it's pretty moot IMO11:51
pleia2ah, so better than the @ubuntu.com forwards11:51
knomei don't know if US has that11:51
knomebut if we set the email forwards up, that's my requirement11:52
pleia2IS? I don't know either11:52
knomebecause without that, it's just the same as @ubuntu.com11:52
knome(eg. i won't use it, because i don't need yet another alias)11:52
pleia2and it would be lovely to see more of our team members become Ubuntu members ;)11:52
knomeor - dump alias at least11:52
pleia2all of them can on their Xubuntu work alone11:52
knomewell, we have a council soon, maybe we can set up team delegation as well11:53
knomebtw, staging.xubuntu.org is fun11:53
knomelots of deprecation messages11:53
pleia2yeah, that would be the php7 upgrade11:53
pleia2you're welcome :P11:53
knomeno worries11:54
knomei'll just set WP_DEBUG to FALSE11:54
* pleia2 nods11:54
knomebut facepalm11:54
knometry to stretch the window to a wide onw11:54
knomeon the front page11:54
knomeand see what happens to the content right below the menu11:54
knomeactually you can do that on the main site too11:54
knomefixing that next...11:55
pleia2only the top section is stretchy?11:56
knomeit shouldn't11:56
* pleia2 nods11:56
knomeat least *that* stretchy11:57
knomemeh, i hate .profile's default11:58
knome# set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists11:58
knomeif [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then11:58
knomewho would want ~/bin ? i always use ~/.bin11:58
pleia2I use ~/bin11:58
knomei don't want more visible directories in my home as needed11:58
pleia2I don't know why people would use .bin :)11:59
knomebecause it nicely hides the directory you only ever touch once a month or two11:59
knomeor maybe not even that often11:59
knome...it could add both :P11:59
pleia2I don't think .bin is a common convention11:59
knomeit's your home, who cares about conventions there? (:12:00
pleia2defaults in config files12:00
knomeyou can create a silly directory structure there anyway12:00
knomeoh well12:00
knomefortunately i can edit .profile12:00
knomei just always forget the silly defaults :P12:00
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knomepleia2, another question related to website12:24
knomepleia2, people have asked us why we don't offer the 14.04 downloads on the website any more12:24
knomepleia2, from my POV, there's no reason to install 14.04 now as there's a newer LTS out; those who *NEED* it can find it elsewhere12:24
knomepleia2, any objections to that, eg. should we offer 14.04 still, maybe from a subpage?12:25
pleia2I replied to someone asking on G+ (they also asked on Twitter) saying that we don't want to promote an LTS that will be gone in less than 8 months, and that it's still available if you search through the iso archives anyway12:26
knomeyeah, that's pretty much my opinion as well12:27
knomebasically you can get *any* version you want after a simple search12:27
flocculantakxwi-dave: btw - not just us not building - affecting kubuntu and kylin too - some issue with python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat, got same thing locally now I did an upgrade 12:42
flocculantlost printer as well :)12:44
knomeeh, lost xorg.conf on update12:47
knomewell upgrade :P12:47
knomebut i want to keep it12:47
knomeotherwise i'd have to reconnect my display cables and that's too much work...12:48
knome(not every time, once)12:48

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