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drumcode303how do I prompt the installation in Synaptic when "apply" is greyed out after having marked packages for installation? (probably need superuser?)07:16
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GeekDudeDoes the full disk encryption specified during installation include the swap space?15:39
G4b1tGeekDude: Yes. It includes every partition used by the distribution, although swap works like ram.16:28
mrkrampsafter changing the desktop background the lightdm greeter also adopted the new backgroud. but only once and now the greeter refuses to accept another background. any hints?17:52
GeekDudemrkramps: Have you tried changing the greeter background from the greeter settings?18:15
GeekDudeAnd/or disabled "User user wallpaper if available"18:16
mrkrampsGeekDude, yes18:16
GeekDudeIn the greeter settings, it's a checkbox18:16
mrkrampsah, ok … i'm still on 14.0418:16
GeekDudeHmm, I don't know. Haven't touched 14.04 in a while18:16
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generalobvioushow do i disable the "xubuntu <mouse logo>" blue background splashscreen? i tried making grub use the console, that dindn't de-activate it19:39
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n0ktI tried to install Xubuntu alongside Win 8.1 on the same drive, but it didn't recognize it20:01
n0ktso I had to set up manually the partitions (which probably I didn't do it right)20:01
n0ktnow it's booting right into Xubuntu and there's no Grub, how do I install Grub to the 350MB partition made by Windows?20:01
justMKam having problem with installing xubuntu core latest20:16
justMKit says installation has crashed... etc20:16
justMKright after copying and installing20:16
justMKam using unetbootin in a usb drive20:16
justMKmy computer is all unusable now and i have to install it20:17
justMKany help please20:19
justMKalso looking at details while installing/copying20:20
justMKit gives some sort of access denied20:20
knomejustMK, the core ISOs are not officially supported, yet. does this happen with a regular ISO?20:38
GeekDuden0kt: I would guess there's a decent chance that GRUB was installed and that it just doesn't show up during boot. Try holding shift while your computer starts up20:38
GeekDuden0kt: This may be of some help http://askubuntu.com/q/8740920:40
n0ktGeekDude, well I guess because I UEFI booted Ubuntu whereas Windows was installed booting through BIOS...20:44
n0ktwell this is confusing, not that I reinstall my PCs that often...20:44
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drrochetneed help sharing 2nd internal HDD for network access. DIY server using xubuntu22:27
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