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CarlFKhow do I grab the source so I can complile it on arm?00:34
CarlFKor.. will lp do arm now?00:34
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cjwatsonCarlFK: You can grab the source by running dget on the .dsc URL there.  Launchpad can do ARM builds for you, though; you just need to go to "Change details" on the PPA and edit the architecture list.08:01
cjwatson(Assuming you own the PPA.)08:01
CarlFKcjwatson: neat.  thank you!08:02
smoserdid something change or did i drop from a group that i didn't realize11:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1610784 in cloud-init "cloud-init openstack.py code does not recognize network type 'tap'" [Medium,Fix committed]11:52
smoseri click 'Nominate for series' and then11:52
smoser http://i.imgur.com/eINDE1T.png11:52
smoserno check boxes11:52
smoserhm.. seems only t affect firefox. got the check boxes in chrome.11:53
cjwatsonfirefox occasionally gets confused if it hasn't been restarted since upgrade11:59
cjwatsonthat sounds like it's lost some of its own chrome11:59
smosercjwatson, well, restarted.11:59
smoseri'll try again11:59
smoseri still see it.12:00
cjwatsonI don't think this could be caused by a problem on the LP side.12:01
smoser$ dpkg-query --show firefox12:01
smoserare you on that ?12:01
smoseryou run from proposed.12:04
cjwatson firefox | 48.0+build2-0ubuntu0.16.04.1   | xenial-updates   | source, amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, ppc64el12:05
smoseroh. odd12:05
cjwatsonyou're looking at yakkety, not xenial.12:05
smoserxenial got it before yakkety12:05
smoser(i am running yakkety)12:05
cjwatsoncommon enough what with autopkgtests and stuff12:05
smoserwell, upgrade to 48 fixed it.12:10
smoser(i dont really believe that fixed it, but the problem is gone now). thanks.12:11
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sergio-br2why am I getting "Timeout error, please try again in a few minutes."23:27
sergio-br2server problems?23:27

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