avis-how the lubuntu repo doing in Houston ?04:36
avis-are any of them corrupt ?04:37
avis-when i logged into freenode i realized their time stamp didn't match mine.  i realized, thats all they cared about log wise.04:38
avis-lubuntu is so beautiful, to me04:45
GeDaMocd /var/log14:30
GeDaMoOops, misfenestration :P14:33
GeDaMoI've just installed 16.04.01 on a new machine, it has Intel onboard video and it's crashing with garbage on the screen14:34
GeDaMoI've tried everything I can find on the forums but no success14:34
GeDaMoI've also tried 14.04 booting from USB and get the same thing14:34
GeDaMoThis is what the screen looks like https://imgur.com/a/bJDvM14:37
dmrhi all, I'm a bit new to Lubuntu.  A few questions...16:07
dmrfor reference, I'm running 16.04.116:08
dmr1) when I do `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade`, it mentions that some Linux (kernel) packages "have been kept back".  Why is that?  Is that to require me to explicitly grab those?16:09
tsimonq2dmr: you can use `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade` instead16:10
dmrtsimonq2: thanks :)16:10
tsimonq2I believe it's holding back kernel packages because it's upgrade instead of full-upgrade or dist-upgrade16:10
tsimonq2GeDaMo: send an email to lubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com16:11
tsimonq2GeDaMo: I don't know an answer to your question and they'll be able to help16:11
tsimonq2GeDaMo: I would also recommend subscribing: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/lubuntu-users16:11
tsimonq2np :)16:11
dmrtsimonq2: still along the same lines, though, are they held back to require a more thoughtful inclusion of them? i.e. to allow `upgrade` to grab non-kernel packages only?16:12
tsimonq2dmr: what packages *specifically* ?16:12
GeDaMoI don't really want to spend a lot of time on it; if I can't get a definitive answer, I'll return the machine and try something else16:12
dmrtsimonq2: and is this a Debian behavior, or something that Ubuntu introduced?16:12
dmrlinux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic16:12
tsimonq2GeDaMo: you'll get an answer, just wait a day or two :)16:13
GeDaMoActually, I see something that may be relevant16:13
tsimonq2dmr: can you get me the output of the following command? `cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit`16:13
dmrtsimonq2: hope you're fine with this pastebin alternative: https://share.riseup.net/#CtdQvEy_7hLc4AFf3ske8g16:17
tsimonq2totally fine :)16:17
tsimonq2dmr: could you get me `apt list --installed | grep "linux-"` ?16:19
dmrtsimonq2: ^16:21
tsimonq2dmr: could you pop into #ubuntu and give them those two pastebins and the information you gave me?16:21
tsimonq2dmr: it's not Lubuntu-specific and I'm not sure16:22
dmrtsimonq2: ok, will do, thanks!16:22
dmrI'll continue with my next question, though... I think that one might be lubuntu-specific...16:22
dmr2) the `update-manager` that runs (and possibly `update-notifier` as well) - is that a simple GUI for package management?16:25
tsimonq2I'm sorry but I'm not entirely sure16:25
dmr2contd) I see it mentioning [Security updates]->[Ubuntu base]->7 packages16:26
dmr2contd) all of which are related to the Linux kernel16:26
dmrtsimonq2: ah, ok.  Well thanks :)16:27
dmrok, maybe an unrelated question now, then?16:29
dmr3) if I want to start another GUI session (in tty6 instead of tty7, for instance), what do I need to run?16:30
dmr3contd) `lightdm`, `lxsession`, `startx`, ...?16:31
dmrtsimonq2: ^ :) thanks again16:31
tsimonq2dmr: http://askubuntu.com/questions/443418/start-another-gui-on-different-tty16:32
dmrtsimonq2: thanks!  I feel silly, as I probably should've done a search for that before asking...16:38
tsimonq2dmr: it's fine, but remember for the future ;)16:38
dmrtsimonq2: sadly it looks like there's uncertainty in the answers there, so I'll do a bit more investigation before attempting.16:38
dmrtsimonq2: but thanks again! :)16:38
dmrtsimonq2: 4) on a fairly different note, are there any applications/packages that you (personally) prefer and would recommend to a new (but terminal-comfortable) Lubuntu user?  I've already checked out ...16:51
dmr4contd) http://lubuntu.me/tips-tricks/ ; and16:52
dmr4contd) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing16:52
dmrerm... miscopy/paste16:52
dmr4contd) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Setup16:52
tsimonq2good idea17:04
tsimonq2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing if you want to get involved :)17:04
tsimonq2dmr: we always need more help ;)17:04
tsimonq2dmr: install htop, install vim and launch `vimtutor`17:05
nzpotheadanyone to help with a printer driver ?18:51
wxlnzpothead: possibly. which'n?18:51
lynorianhi nzpothead  which printer?18:51
nzpotheadcanon mp25018:52
nzpotheadjacqueline@jacqueline-VG257AA-ABF-CQ2301FR-FR940:~/Documents/cnijfilter-mp250series-3.40-1-deb$ ./install.sh Commande exécutée = sudo dpkg -iG ./packages/cnijfilter-common_3.40-1_i386.deb [sudo] Mot de passe de jacqueline :  Sélection du paquet cnijfilter-common précédemment désélectionné. (Lecture de la base de données... 115137 fichiers et répertoires déjà installés.) Préparation du dépaquetage de .../cnijfilter-18:52
nzpotheadgot the official driver but printer is not installed18:53
wxlnzpothead: want to translate that?18:53
wxlnzpothead: then i'm not sure i can help. however:18:54
wxl!fr | nzpothead18:54
ubottunzpothead: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:54
swift110hey all19:21
tsimonq2!offtopic | swift11019:27
ubottuswift110: #lubuntu is the Lubuntu support channel, #lubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Lubuntu, and #lubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!19:27
rach24pyon Lubuntu, my key repeat /delayed speed setting is not registered at boot, I have to open keyboard and mouse setting every time in order to have the desired key repeat speed, is there a way to fix it?22:11
lynorianrach24py, at lightdm what are you logging into, I have bug agianst this if you log into openbox22:12
lynorianI had keyboard mouse settings work in the lubuntu session22:12
rach24pylynorian: I log in just plain old lubuntu 16.04, not the openbox22:13
lynorianhmm wierd22:14
rach24pylynorian, I have the same version lubuntu installed on my macbook retina, does not have this problem.22:14
lynorianI really don't know22:15
rach24pylynoria: can I reinstall that particular package in attampt to fix it?22:16
rach24pyif i know what it is called22:16
lynorianrach24py, that probably won't work I think this is probably a config file problem22:17
rach24pylynoria: as soon as the configure file is accessed by text editor, the key repeat speed start to work as chosen, the question is , how to leave it that way without having to do it over each boot.22:48

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