MakulitGidday. This might not be the right place to ask, but I will give it a run, I'm sure someone will tell me if it isn't :) I am setting up a hobby web/e-mail/ftp server and have being looking at the various distros available. I have come down to three choices: Ubuntu Server, FreeBSD and CentOS. I am not wanting to launch an advocate war, just want to know why people here would choose Ubuntu over the other two distros.03:44
blahdeblahMakulit: You won't get many avocate wars here. I use Ubuntu because I like the works-out-of-the-box feel, and the very large range of packages in the archive.04:10
blahdeblahAnd it gets timely security updates, but I'd guess the others on your list do as well.04:10
blahdeblahI choose Linux over FreeBSD because that's what I've used for the past 23 years (man I feel old), and I choose Ubuntu over CentOS because I find the package management easier.04:11
blahdeblahMakulit: And I work for Canonical, so you should take all that with a grain of salt. ;-)04:11
Makulitblahdeblah, heh no problems.04:12
MakulitOk, appreciate the reponses. It (responses) is part of my deciding factor on which to choose :) I have been to the relevant IRC channels for the other distros on various IRC networks, and pretty much found them very elitist. They are not very receptive to newbies at all. I have used FreeBSD on my latop (just mucking around with it), never used CentOS. One thing that put me off CentOS was lack of down-loadable documentation, it 04:14
Makulit(from what I could find) is all online. I prefer something I can print (pdf) and mark pages, references etc.04:14
MakulitDoes ubtuntu have the multiple terminal windows like FreeBSD does? Where you can open multiple terminals using the F keys?04:17
blahdeblahMakulit: yes, definitely04:57
blahdeblahAlthough, I prefer screen or tmux04:57
MakulitOk no problems. Apologies for the delay, been dealing with a customer of sorts. 04:59
MakulitAnother question: How do you guys mask your IP's, like @unfilliated/blahdeblah for example.05:00
blahdeblahFreenode does that automatically when you're a registered user05:01
MakulitHmm mine hasn't changed even though I registered, I am guessing you mean registered with NickServ.05:02
blahdeblahyep; can't remember what you have to do to register nowadays - ask in #freenode maybe?05:02
MakulitSo it is a different thing then nickserv yeah?05:03
blahdeblahNo, pretty sure nickserv is what controls it05:06
MakulitOk no problems. Thanks.06:20
MakulitBeing looking through the Ubuntu Server Guide, in respect to the install option of: 'Install security updates automatically' - Can this (after install obviously) be Cron'd to happen at a certain time?14:49
MakulitI am guessing yes, but want to make sure.14:49

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