jbicharobert_ancell: good morning00:45
robert_ancelljbicha, hi01:28
jbicharobert_ancell: do you drive the CI trains? I need this fix for evolution https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/syncevolution/fix-gcc6-ftbfs/+merge/30298001:29
robert_ancelljbicha, I don't01:29
jbichaok, I'll ask Europe about it later then01:29
TheMusough... Seems the switch to a systemd user session means that orca no longer starts automatically for me... Can gsettings keys be referred to in systemd units yet?01:31
TheMusoTHis is a vanilla yakkety unity session with latest updates.01:32
TheMusognome-session is not running.01:32
pittiBonjour tout le monde !05:42
pittihow are things after my holidays? :-)05:43
TheMusopitti: Hey there, hope you had a good break.05:46
pittihey TheMuso, how are you?05:46
pittiyes, it was great! a week of bicycling and tenting along the Danube, then some days at home with nice summer weather05:47
* duflu is jealous, and goes out for some brief sunlight05:49
TheMusopitti: Not too bad thanks.05:53
TheMusopitti: A question about the systemd user session changeover... Should gnome-session not be running, at least in unity?05:53
pittiTheMuso: it certainly has to be running -- you mean not be running under upstart/systemd?05:54
TheMusopitti: Well, I updated today, and in my current sesion gnome-session is not running.05:55
pittiwow, how does anything work then?05:55
TheMusoI dunno.05:55
pittiTheMuso: "pgrep -af gnome-session" is really empty?05:56
pittithis isn't possible05:56
TheMusoluke@buffalo:~$ pgrep -af gnome-session05:56
TheMuso5744 /usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi2-registryd --use-gnome-session05:56
TheMusoI am able to mount a network share in nautilus, plug a USB stick in, ssh, etc.05:57
TheMusoActually, I don't have an ssh agent running.05:57
pittican you pastebin "systemctl --user status gnome-session"?05:57
TheMusoThe reason why I chaced this up is because after updates and a reboot, Orca didn't start automatically, hense me going on a fact finding mission.05:57
pittiif gnome-session doesn't start at all, then not much of the desktop will work; it might be if it crashed later on05:58
TheMusoluke@buffalo:~$ systemctl --user status gnome-session05:58
TheMuso● gnome-session.service - GNOME Session Manager05:58
TheMuso   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/gnome-session.service; static; vendor preset: enabled)05:58
TheMuso   Active: inactive (dead)05:58
TheMusoWell /var/crash is empty.05:58
pittiTheMuso: I suppose ubuntu-session.target is not active either then?05:59
TheMusoI did have a lockup at the beginning of the update process, but I suspect it is hardware related, that could be the reason, although I did run dpkg --configure -a and apt-get -f install afterwards.06:00
pittiTheMuso: "initctl list | grep gnome-session"?06:00
TheMusoAgain, active (inactive dead)06:00
TheMusognome-session (Unity) start/running, process 580706:00
pittiok, so you are not actually running a systemd session, supposedly it's all upstart then06:00
TheMusoI just saw systemd --user in the process list and thought I was.06:01
pittiwell, that has always run06:01
pittiTheMuso: what's pid 5807?06:01
pittiit can't be gnome-session, as you already checked pgrep -- so it's something else06:02
TheMusosleep infinity according to ps aux06:02
pittihmm, dist-upgrading today rips out ubuntu-desktop, language-selector, aptdaemon etc.06:02
TheMusoOh right, didn't notice that.06:03
pittiTheMuso: anything interesting in .xsession-errors?06:03
TheMusoProbably would have paid more attention if things weren't working at all.06:03
TheMusoupstart: gnome-session (Unity) main process (4295) killed by TERM signal06:04
didrockshey hey pitti, welcome back \o/06:05
TheMusopitti: Hrm it may be something broken on my system, hang on.06:06
pittididrocks: merci ! comment vas-tu ?06:06
pittiTheMuso: what is "echo $DESKTOP_SESSION"?06:06
pittiTheMuso: you might be running a different session than "ubuntu"?06:06
didrockspitti: bien bien, merci ! ce sera mon tour pour les vacances dès demain soir :-)06:06
TheMusopitti: ubuntu06:07
pittiI finished dist-upgrading my clean VM, rebooted, and gnome-session is still running06:07
TheMusohrm ok, something local here, will keep digging, thanks.06:07
pitti(partial upgrade without removing ubuntu-desktop)06:07
TheMusoWell ubuntu-desktop is installed here, even though I dist-upgraded before...06:08
pittiseems to be the aptdaemon update, that's incompatible with language-selector, system-config-printer, etc.06:10
TheMusopitti: Thanks, I'll see what I can work out what is going on locally.06:20
seb128good morning desktopers:06:56
pittibonjour seb128, comment vas-tu ?06:56
seb128salut pitti !06:56
seb128ça va bien, et toi ? bonnes vacances ?06:56
pittiseb128: oui, c'était bien ! on a allée le long du Danube pour une semaine, et passé quelque jours d'été chez nous06:57
seb128ah, super !06:58
seb128vous avez eu du beau temps ?06:58
pittiseb128: le plus souvent, oui; pas trop chaud, et il a plu seulement deux fois06:58
pittitrès bien pour le velo et camping06:59
seb128oui, pas trop chaud et pas trop de pluie c'est bien !06:59
seb128welcome back ;-)06:59
pittimerci !07:01
seb128happyaron, hey, still no deb for bug #1579246? why is it taking so long?07:36
ubot5bug 1579246 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "802.1x auth issues in 16.04, keep asking for password" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157924607:36
happyaronseb128: I'm looking at that atm07:37
happyaronwas debugging the nm-ovpn build failure, merging the patch makes it ftbfs07:37
seb128we have a responsive user eager to test, we should loose him over frustration because it takes a week to provide a deb07:37
seb128hey willcooke Laney08:04
happyaronmorning Laney willcooke08:04
willcookedid I beat L_aney?08:04
willcookehey happyaron! morning seb12808:04
happyaronseb128: I've built the package locally, should I make a PPA for it?08:04
infinityLaney: Hey, can I whine at you about GTK themes?08:04
seb128happyaron, as you want, or just add the deb to the bug08:04
happyaronor just post the binary pkg as attachment?08:04
pittihey Laney, hw are you? hello willcooke and happyaron too!08:04
willcookehey pitti, wb!08:04
seb128willcooke, no, you failed by 1 minute08:05
happyaronpitti: hey hello :)08:05
pittiinfinity: can  I join your whining? :)08:05
infinitypitti: You sure can!08:05
pittifirefox has several issues (scroll bar, check boxes, etc.)08:05
Laneyinfinity: I'd rather you whined at Launchpad.08:05
infinitypitti: Which one do you like best, wrong colours, incosistent borders, misrendered/missing scroll bar grabbers, or INVISIBLE CHECKBOXES?08:05
pittiinfinity: the checkboxes for sure -- they really made me scratch my  head when I tried to buy a train ticket :)08:06
infinitypitti: Heh.  I've had to say "no, the tickbox is really there, just click around a bit" to more than one person this week. :P08:06
Laneyare you talking about firefox?08:06
infinityLaney: Yeah.08:06
LaneyGet it to migrate08:06
infinityLaney: I don't really use other GUI applications. :P08:06
infinityLaney: Oh, this is fixed in proposed?08:07
LaneyI think so - or if not then it's fixed with a rebuild08:07
infinityLaney: gedit is also FUBAR.08:07
LaneyI can't remember if they ifdef08:07
infinityLaney: dark grey on black, FTW.08:07
pittiLaney: do we care about firefox powerpc and s390x packages?08:07
LaneyDon't ask me08:07
seb128pitti, we (as maintainer&desktop) don't08:07
infinitypitti: We kinda do, for $reasons.08:08
infinitypitti: A look can be had.08:08
seb128but infinity and some other asked in the past that we don't drop those08:08
seb128infinity, we tried that08:08
seb128x_nox had a look previous week08:08
seb128but failed&had to move to other things08:08
infinityThe looking didn't go well?08:08
seb128if you want to help please do08:08
seb128well, one Dimitri volunteer and he walked away08:08
seb128which let us with the current situation08:08
pittithese are exactly the two big-endian arches08:09
seb128right, been there08:10
infinityThe story in Debian is also endian-suspicious.08:10
infinityAnyhow, grabbing build logs, might not look until tomorrow morning.08:10
pittiand I guess pretty much everything else depends on migrating glibc08:11
seb128infinity, pitti, https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/09/%23ubuntu-desktop.html#t10:2508:11
infinityIf it's going to be monumental effort, I'll let it through, but it needs investigation before release, due to some rdep fun involving firefox.08:11
seb128infinity, pitti, https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/09/%23ubuntu-desktop.html#t13:09 might be of the use/hint08:11
infinityseb128: As for the mention in that log that deps are ORed with other browsers, that's true, but it wreaks havoc with germinate and component-mismatches. :/08:12
seb128hum, k08:14
seb128infinity, x_nox tried https://launchpad.net/~xnox/+archive/ubuntu/nonvirt/+sourcepub/6790364/+listing-archive-extra08:14
infinityOh, if this was the ICU thing, the correct answer is to use the system lib.08:14
infinityI'll play tomorrow.08:14
infinityThere's exactly zero reason to use a bundled ICU.08:15
infinityNot that this shouldn't also be fixed upstream, though.  Which was the point of xnox's tests, I believe.08:15
desrtgood morning, desktop!!!08:24
seb128hey desrt! how was GUADEC?08:24
desrtabsolutely awesome08:26
desrtit may have been the best one.  i was sad i had to leave early.08:27
desrteverything was very well planned, and went off without a hitch.  ugly and boring city, but good venue.  good (and different) social events every night... and everyone in a really good mood...08:28
seb128oh, well at least it was good :-)08:28
seb128how many people this year?08:28
desrtmore than last year or the year before08:28
desrtwhich was... nice to see, for a change08:28
desrti think gotenburg was maybe some kind of a low point... good one to have missed =)08:29
seb128location was a good pick08:29
desrtya.  karlsruhe is pretty easily trainable... i'm sure that helped to raise the numbers a lot.... but there were lots of americans there as well08:30
seb128not too difficult to get too and not too expensive08:30
desrtso now it's 4am and i'm listening to wilco.08:31
desrttragically hip is tonight08:31
desrtlife is good :D08:31
desrtthere's no food in this apartment!  life sucks.08:37
* desrt enjoys her coffee08:37
seb128shouldn't you be enjoying some sleep instead? ;-)08:38
desrtand ruin my beautiful jetlag?  no way!08:38
desrtthere's work to do!08:39
xnoxinfinity, there is more than that. JITs are disabled in fedora too, system icu is used, and compilation is reduced down to -O1 there.08:39
xnoxit is buildable on s390x, for sure, cause fedora managed it.08:40
seb128desrt, speaking of work, can we get https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=767240 commited?08:40
ubot5Gnome bug 767240 in gregex "Regex failures with pcre 8.38" [Normal,New]08:40
desrtwas in conference mode, sorry :)08:40
seb128no worry08:41
desrt(and all the potential reviewers were too)08:41
desrti really need to fix my git-bz :(08:42
desrtanyway.  pushed.08:42
Laneyhi desrt!!!!08:44
desrtHI LANEY!08:44
* desrt running jump hug08:44
desrti am afraid you missed a good one :(08:44
LaneyI did eat fish and chips at the seaside though08:45
desrt...how were the chips?08:45
Laneysome sand got blown onto them :(08:46
desrtwell, texture is nice08:47
Laneymmm, gritty chips08:48
Laneyeverything still where you left it back at home?08:48
desrtyup.  just unpacking a bunch of mail now.08:49
desrtseems that my homeowners insurance got cancelled while i was gone08:49
Laneysantander just announced a 3% -> 1.5% cut on my interest rate08:50
desrti have a weird insurance company... they get upset over odd things... like when you don't pay...08:50
desrton that note, i should probably also pay some of these various electricity bills...08:51
Laney"Santander recognises that these changes may mean some customers will need to consider whether their account is still right for them."08:51
Laneyno shit08:51
* desrt searches for a clever way to combine the words "interest" or "rate" and "exit" for comic effect and comes up short08:51
Laneywouldn't be surprised if I can't find better than 1.5% elsewhere though08:55
desrtsame thing happened to me a few years ago with an online-only savings account that had a great rate.... i ended up shoving it into stocks intsead.08:58
desrtcanadian taxes sort of punish you for having savings accounts anyway...08:58
Laney2.2% on a five year fix08:58
* Laney will wait until closer to the time08:59
Laney(THANKS LEAVE)08:59
willcookeI was trying to find a savings account for the kiddies, but they have interest rates of < 1% which is quite the opposite of a savings account.09:02
willcookeso I might buy them shares in Uber or something instead09:02
seb128Saviq, hey, just for info somebody opened bug #1613297 (unsure if you already had a bug open about that, I think that you mentioned the issue at some sprint)09:19
ubot5bug 1613297 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity --replace crashes/closes some applications (but not all) since 16.04" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161329709:19
Saviqseb128, right, we had a look with Trevinho about that, it kills everything that's launched by unity, could be a cgroup thing or something09:20
seb128well, there is a bug now09:20
seb128so feel free to subscribe/comment ;-)09:21
Saviqdoing, thanks09:21
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
andyrockseb128, Saviq all the process started by unity have as process group 'compiz'09:47
Saviqandyrock, yeah sounds like that's what's getting killed09:47
desrtwillcooke: read an interesting article recently on how difficult it is to short uber, and how one might approach it anyway10:04
willcookeI dont think I've got the wherewithal to short stocks10:07
davmor2willcooke: long stocks are easy we've been putting them up since the dark ages10:08
desrtman chrome is dumb.  it keeps giving me google.de results.10:29
* desrt grumbles10:29
desrt...and after switching it to google.ca, now it gives me google.de *and* speaks german to me10:31
* desrt sobs10:31
desrtalso: i installed a firmware update on my phone when i happened to be in germany, and now the encrypted storage "please enter your pattern" screen on boot-up is german10:32
ogra_perhaps it wants you to move10:32
desrti don't understand for the life of me why this is such an awful experience.... does nobody ever travel?  i see a lot of people on airplanes... it suggests that going between countries is sort of a popular thing to do... but apparently google doesn't know this?10:33
* ogra_ just uses a sane phone :P10:33
ogra_(one where i can whine directly into the developer ears if needed ;) )10:34
desrtlol.  known problem since 2010.10:35
desrtworkaround: open some local state file in ~/.config/ with a text editor and delete some stuff10:36
Laneyjust got a letter from my savings account provider who is also cutting interest rates10:42
xnoxLaney, nothing of mine got cut. But it's all 1 year term accounts, so I'm guessing they will cut on renewal.11:09
xnoxLaney, https://www.ratesetter.com/ is the way to go....11:09
xnoxdo you want referral link into that ponzi scheme?11:10
Laneyxnox: will look soon11:13
* Laney activates the ximion sign12:29
Laneyit's much like the batman one12:29
seb128doesn't seem to work as well :-)12:33
Laneyhe's driving at 300kph across heidelberg right now12:33
* Laney goes for lunch while that happens :P12:34
Sweet5harkso, I just uploaded http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/yakkety/5.2.0/13:15
Sweet5harkOn a local rebuild the -proposed test failure cant be reproduced, so either its gone (good) or a Heisenbug (bad). Re-ran the test 7 times, always succeeding.13:15
Sweet5harkI havent tested the upgrade path with that yet with the latest changes (-impress/-draw lib move and libreoffice-gtk transitional), because that essentially needs a PPA build.13:15
Sweet5harkseb128: ^^ given the timing, still push this to proposed?13:15
seb128Sweet5hark, wfm, we can do another ppa upload round if you prefer as well13:16
Sweet5harkseb128: Id go for skipping the ppa, when the build finishes in -proposed, I will retest the upgrade path there ASAP. it should be ok from testing with plain dpkg -i testing here (instead of testing against an archive with "sudo apt" ...).13:20
Sweet5harkseb128:  FWIW, im just as worried about the heisenbug that I cant reproduce locally right now.13:21
seb128Sweet5hark, wfm, I'm going to sponsor it13:23
tedgseb128: What channel did you tell someone ask me about menus? I can't seem to find it now.13:32
tedgseb128: Really, for GNOME3 and GTK3 desrt would be a better person to chat with.13:33
seb128tedg, #ubuntu-devel13:33
Laneyomg it worked13:41
* Laney gives ximion a nod13:41
cyphermoxseb128: are you still working on the pkcompat rdeps? since I have the update for 0install and gnome-system-tools ready?13:42
ximionLaney: what worked? :D13:42
shemgpdesrt, I'm trying to build an extension in GNOME3 for it to have global menus. Can I use unity-panel-service to get the menus from applications so I can display it?13:43
ximionbtw, we learned that the PK aptcc backend has quite an amount of bugs - IMHO it needs some refactoring for a while now13:43
desrtyes... but why?13:43
desrtyou would be better to use GMenuModel directly13:44
* ximion needs more time13:44
Laneyximion: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/16/#ubuntu-desktop.html#t12:2913:44
desrtthe protocol for putting the appmenu in gnome-shell is the same one that gtk uses to export the menus13:44
desrtand even unity-gtk-module (for gtk apps that don't export their own menus) uses this13:44
Laneyximion: lemme push something, then I have a question13:44
desrtso it would be a very minor tweak to make gnome-shell display the menubar13:44
desrti expect like ~100 lines of javascript13:45
* ximion needs a service that keeps him online on IRC all the time13:46
shemgp how about for none gtk apps?13:47
Laneyximion: some people like irccloud13:48
Laneyhttps://github.com/iainlane/appstream-generator/blob/translations/source/result.d#L232 <- this doesn't work, because of https://github.com/ximion/appstream/blob/master/src/as-component.c#L99613:48
seb128cyphermox, I was looking at something else and was going back to that, please upload those you have13:48
Laneyafter I add the 'C' one, it's never empty because of that fallback13:49
Laneyfixing it by sorting C to be last seems like a hack...13:49
cyphermoxseb128: ok13:50
ximionLaney: we want to have either a new method to get the description without fallback, or a flag in AsComponent to disable the fallback13:51
ximionI would probably use the latter...13:51
ximionbut at time, anything is possible in libappstream, I am allowed to break the API in Git master at the moment < <13:52
ximionhaving a set of flags controlling whether there is a fallback in AsComponent is IMHO a good idea, since it allows software centers to still use the simple API, while allowing asgen to have full control over fallbacks. Having a set of AsValueFlags (or whatever it will be called) would also allow us to extend this later without API break, e.g. in case we want to add additional flags there13:54
ximion(I already have a few in mind)13:54
shemgpdesrt, Also, does the GMenuModel hide the menu in the app too? Am still looking at the code of indicator-appmenu to understand how it hides the menu when the applet is added to the gnome-panel in gnome-flashback.13:55
ximionLaney: I could implement this today, I think13:56
ximionwould bin you to AppStream master though (but that's inevitable anyway)13:56
Laneyximion: if you want to, that would be nice13:57
Laneymaster is okay for now, would want a release soon if possible13:58
ximionLaney: I have a big bunch of complex changes for the next (0.10) release, so I can't give an ETA on that, unfortunately...14:00
ximionI hope I can somehow get it ready for inclusion into Yakkety though14:00
Laneyximion: Oops I started adding flag stuff, let me do the first round and then you can fix it up :P14:05
Laneymy fingers worked without my permission14:05
ximioncall it AsValueFlags14:06
ximionI also want to use them to check for e.g. duplicates when adding new values to a GPtrArray14:07
ximion(because dupe check on a short GPtrArray is better than investing more memory in a GHashTable, and has almost the same speed)14:07
ximionLaney: btw, I will need to regenerate the D bindings for AppStream14:08
ximionbefore this is useful14:08
desrtshemgp: it is done by the {unity,gnome}-settings-daemon via an XSETTINGS property14:29
desrtthe settings daemon checks for a certain dbus name being owned or not to guess if the panel is showing the menu14:31
desrtit is a bit of a weird approach, and I never really cared for it...14:32
Laneyximion: https://github.com/iainlane/appstream.git has a thing, do what you will with it14:51
Laneywhere is the gir-d-generator?14:51
ximionLaney: here https://github.com/ximion/gir-d-generator14:55
Laneynot in archive then?14:55
ximionI forked it a while back to not dynamically load the shared libraries and instead link them properly14:55
Laneythx, I'll see if this works14:56
ximionsooner or later, that thing should go back upstream14:56
Laneybet it's not easy to get it to use an uninstalled copy of libas14:56
ximionLaney: LD_LIBRARY_PATH14:56
ximionpatch looks good :)14:58
Laneydidn't know if you wanted to make it be a property14:58
ximionI wonder if it's time though to make some generic helper methods for bitfield operations14:58
Laneyor have some more fancy accessors14:58
Laneybut you can do that14:58
shemgpdesrt, thanks for the pointers.  Do you think I'll still need to use the js equivalent of g_dbus_menu_model_get to get the GMenuModel?  If so, which service actually exports the menu as a dbus_menu?14:59
ximionyeah, I am thinking about just a classical get/set thing and provide some helper methods to work with bitfields14:59
desrtshemgp: the app itself exports it14:59
desrtshemgp: and there should already be appropriate wrappers in the shell, since this is exactly what is done to create the widgets of the app menu14:59
Sweet5harktwo(!) flies just drowned themselves together in my teacup.15:02
Sweet5harkI affectionally can them romeo and juliet.15:02
ximionLaney: I will add that patch asap and regenerate the bindings15:06
ximion(also good to fix the CI < < )15:06
Laneymerci monsieur15:06
Laneyximion: how do I use this gir-d-generator?15:08
Laneyit's whining about APILookup.txt15:08
ximionLaney: that is because I apparently didn't include the wrapfiles...15:12
Laneyi'll wait for you :P15:13
Laneyin the weeds a bit on this stuff15:14
* Laney drags up knowledge of langpacks15:17
ximionLaney: updated that stuff15:17
ximionLaney: btw, if you type "make", asgen will be compiled with high optimization and debug symbols by default15:28
ximionif you don't want to wait ages for the build, there is "make fast"15:28
LaneyI should rebase my branch15:28
* Laney is scared15:29
Laneygit submodule update --remote would be nice, BTW :-)15:29
ximionLaney: I learned about a cool new build system called Meson at GUADEC - that thing compiles asgen in a few seconds, and doesn't have all the limitations dub has15:29
* Laney knows the creator15:29
Laneywas he there?15:29
willcookemeeting time already15:30
* Laney snuggles Jussi15:30
ximionnice guy, he sold his build system very well15:30
willcooke#startmeeting Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-08-1615:30
Laneyhe used to work at Canonical15:30
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Aug 16 15:30:50 2016 UTC.  The chair is willcooke. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick15:30
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willcookeWont take long lots of people are out/hols today15:31
willcookeRoll call: andyrock (out), attente, desrt,  dgadomski, fjkong (out), happyaron (out), hikiko (hols), laney, qengho, seb128 (out), sweet5hark, themuso (out), tkamppeter, trevinho (hols), robert_ancell (out)15:31
willcookelet's crack on....15:33
willcooke#topic andyrock15:33
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2016-08-16 | Current topic: andyrock
willcooke# [BUG:942962] Setting ‘Menus discovery duration’ to 0 does not15:33
willcookedisable menu discovery15:33
willcooke# [BUG:1609845] sudo ubuntu-sdk ... open project ... click to file15:33
willcookeright key mouse "Show Containing Folder" .  a folder shortcut in unity15:33
willcookesidebar is not active15:33
willcooke# Looking around for15:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1613297 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity --replace crashes/closes some applications (but not all) since 16.04" [High,Triaged]15:33
willcooke# Bug triaging15:33
willcooke# Reviews15:33
willcooke#topic attente15:33
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attentei'm starting work on a snapcraft plugin to snap things using jhbuild15:34
attentethat's pretty much it, besides some gtk-mir reviews15:35
willcookethanks attente15:35
willcooke#topic desrt15:35
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desrt- went to guadec15:35
desrt- left yesterday.  got back to toronto late evening.  still very much on european time (...give it a week or so)15:35
desrt- bugs15:36
desrt- continuing dconf stuff15:36
willcookethanks desrt :)15:36
willcookeI saw you looking at a paddling pool :)15:36
desrtalso 'l'15:36
willcooke#topic dgadomski15:36
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dgadomski* working on symlink checking in glib/gvfs for bug #159818315:36
ubot5bug 1598183 in gvfs "Operation not permitted while writing to symlinked fuse locations" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159818315:36
dgadomski* made some progress with adjusting RawTherapee to work as a snap, but it's not ready yet15:37
willcookethanks dgadomski15:37
willcooke#topic FJKong15:37
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willcooke*running test case of sogou:15:37
willcooketesting passing image between qml and c++ and cpu and memory using status15:37
willcooke* bug tracing for QQuickImageProvider doesn't transfer ownership to C++15:37
willcooke* output log analyzing for missing image15:37
willcooke* localization for Meizu phone image.15:37
willcooke#topic happyaron15:37
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willcooke1. ocserv/0.11.4-115:37
willcooke2. merge some more zfs patches from Ubuntu15:37
willcooke3. libpinyin MIR15:37
willcooke4. nm-openvpn build failure debug15:37
willcooke5. fcitx/1:
willcooke#topic Laney15:37
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Laney• Short week, beach time on Friday15:38
Laney• Helped a lot (in time, maybe not so much in outcome) with an ongoing migration in yakkety-proposed. The only thing that's left now is the kernel, which is being worked on. Required some bisecting(!) of ffmpeg, various other uploads and lots of autopkgtest handholding.15:38
Laney• Prodded at gjs's failing tests, found out that it worked after a rebuild, go figure.15:38
Laney• Finalised a fix for ubiquity-dm to listen to u-s-d signals, so that it waits for the scaling factor to be set up before loading the UI, now pending review/merging.15:38
Laney• Review (ish) / merge gtk-mir refresh for 3.20.15:38
Laney• Get back to working on asgen; description translation is coming back after some other fixes get merged.15:38
willcookethanks Laney15:39
willcooke#topic qengho15:39
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Laneyfo sho15:39
qenghoHi, y'all!15:39
qengho* Finish moving Chromium to GN build tool. GYP will be removed *this month*.15:39
qengho* Still debugging Precise special toolchain shlibdeps failure.15:39
qengho* Strange renderer crash in Cr52. Debugging. Not easy.15:39
qengho* Contact at Google can't help about Google API exhaustion and geolocation failures in browsers. I want to punt this.15:39
qenghowillcooke: Want to talk to Google?15:39
willcookeqengho, yeah, lets after the meeting15:39
Sweet5harkqengho: chromium using yet-another build tools? do they have too much time?15:40
qenghoSweet5hark: Yes. Yes they do.15:40
willcooke#topic seb12815:40
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willcooke• Some yakkety merges (desktop-file-utils, libimobiledevice, cups-pk-helper)15:40
willcooke• Fixed vino eating cpu when the upnp option is activated (+SRU)15:40
willcooke• Backported a cups packaging fix from debian which impacted the build15:40
willcookeof gtk+ (then dealt with cups itself not building due to other debian15:40
willcooke• some sponsoring (onboard, libreoffice)15:40
willcooke• SRUed samba fix for gvfsd-smb eating cpu on some configurations15:40
willcooke• bugs triage and some archive admin work15:40
willcooke• helped unity8-stack-upstreams to file MIRs for their components15:40
shemgpdesrt: Found the gnome code that gets the app_menu. It's in C and not JS. Anyway, thanks for the pointers. I think I understand it more now.15:40
willcooke#topic Sweet5hark15:40
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Sweet5hark- yakkety finishing touches:15:41
Sweet5hark-- looked for the ftbfs, couldnt reproduce locally, hoping for the best now15:41
Sweet5hark-- merged a Debian fix 83318115:41
Sweet5hark-- fixed up transitional15:41
Sweet5hark- conference prep15:41
Sweet5hark- triage, bugzilla grinding, watched for regression status15:41
Sweet5hark- some upstream admin, staff leadership etc., fixed upstream regression tdf#9183215:41
willcookethanks Sweet5hark15:41
willcooke#topic TheMuso15:41
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desrtshemgp: (meeting going on now.  let's talk later)15:41
willcooke* Finished work on a11y-profile-manager functionality wise for this cycle. Decided not to refer to XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP for various reasons, so if gsettings can't be found, the library just silently moves on.15:41
willcooke* Tried reproducing bug #1574324 again, with no luck, asked if anybody is willing to wkr with me to test pulse packages with various patches enabled/disabled to find the culpret ubuntu touch patch.15:41
willcooke* Started working on updating brltty to 5.4, will be getting that in tomorrow in plenty of time before FF.15:41
ubot5bug 1574324 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "pulseaudio crashes when connecting to bluetooth headphones (due to ubuntu changes?)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157432415:41
willcooke#topic tkamppeter15:41
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shemgpdesrt: ok, sorry15:41
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Concluded modifications on cups-browsed to allow snappification, added new mupdftoraster filter from GSoC student, allow buiuld without Poppler, add -dNOMEDIAATTRS argumant to all Ghostscript calls (for Ghostscript not to interfere on media settings).15:41
tkamppeter- cups: Sort out breakage in auto-synced Debian package.15:41
tkamppeter- Ghostscript: Merged latest Debian changes for FF.15:41
tkamppeter- system-config-printer, pnm2ppa, foomatic-db, foo2zjs, splix: Updated to latest upstream/Debian versions for FF.15:41
tkamppeter- libopenjpeg2: Moved libopenjpeg MIR on to libopenjpeg2 (bug 711061).15:41
tkamppeter- foomatic-db: Started with adding -dNOMEDIAATTRS argumant to all Ghostscript calls here, too.15:41
tkamppeter- Google Summer of Code 2016: Guide students through their projects15:41
tkamppeter- Bugs15:41
ubot5bug 711061 in openjpeg2 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] openjpeg2" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71106115:41
willcookethanks tkamppeter15:42
willcooke#topic robert_ancell15:42
willcooke- snapd-glib progress15:42
willcooke- GNOME Software 3.20 merging15:42
willcooke- Simple Scan 3.21.90 release15:42
willcooke#topic aob#15:42
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willcooke#topic aob15:42
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willcookeU8 MIRs are moving forwards.  Please continue to offer help to people if they need it15:42
willcookeWe have made an offer for the #2 open rec in our team.  More news as it happens.15:43
willcookeanyone got anything else they want to talk about?15:43
willcooketimeout: 30 seconds15:44
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Aug 16 15:44:48 2016 UTC.15:44
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2016/ubuntu-desktop.2016-08-16-15.30.moin.txt15:44
willcookethanks all15:44
Laneynice and efficient15:44
ricotzSweet5hark, hey :), don't forget 5.1.5 for Xenial https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan/5.1#5.1.5_release15:56
ricotz(the official archive sru package)15:57
ximionLaney: rebasing on asgen master is a good idea16:00
ximionI had to move some stuff around to make it compile with Meson (and then ran into an LDC bug which needs to be resolved first)16:01
ximion(nothing which should result in conflicts though, unless you touched the import lines)16:04
Laneygoing to do that in a minute16:13
ximionLaney: I changed your patch a bit16:37
ximionwas mainly fixing memory leaks and the accessor methods (also, Flag fields usually don't need _LAST, since you rarely iterate over them, but a _NONE is useful)16:39
ximionI also added a few macros for bitwise operations, which are only in the C code though16:39
ximionin D, this works the same way as in C though ^^16:40
ximionLaney: rebase now and get all binding updates for free! ;-)16:48
Laneyximion: meh, can't build, but also have to go17:02
Laneywill try more tomorrow17:03
ochosijbicha: http://simon.shimmerproject.org/2016/08/16/greybird-3-20-0-to-be-clear-with-support-for-gtk3-20-released/17:03
ximionLaney: bye!17:08
ximionthe CI is happy, so an error message would have been nice ^^17:08
seb128Laney, have a nice evening!17:11
xnoxseb128, are you around? i wanted to ask you about win10 update + dual boot ubuntu17:37
xnoxwhat did it destroy and is it recoverable or not17:37
* xnox is scared to upgrade17:37
seb128xnox, it delete the ubuntu partition from the partition table, I manage to fix it using parted from a livecd and recreating a partition on the same start/end17:41
jbichaxnox: backup your partition table first17:46
jbichaI had the problem once a few months ago because I had opted in to the Windows 10 "Insider" previews17:48
jbichaand backup all your data too in case your partition table backup isn't good enough17:49
sarnoldI just realized17:50
sarnoldI may have learned that the easy way to dual boot windows and linux (two hard drives, unplug and plug whichever one you want) may predate xnox :)17:51
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willcookenight all18:10
dobeysarnold: easy way to dual boot: have two computers :)18:30
dobeykvm ftw18:30
sarnolddobey: but then you don't have the fun of plugging and unplugging those 40-pin PATA cables and hoping you don't bend the pins!18:31
dobeyalso makes it easier to isolate windows from rest of the network, when the MAC is different18:31
* qengho just edited in the wrong window for 45 minutes.19:31
qenghoI need a time machine.19:31
robert_ancellattente, hi21:48
attentehi robert_ancell21:48
robert_ancellattente, can you look at wip/ubuntu-xenial and check if the changes from origin/gnome-3-20 in src/gs-application.c make sense?21:49
attenterobert_ancell: sure21:50
robert_ancellattente, the other thing - were you making releases by running 'make distcheck' or 'make dist'? I can't seem to get the tests to pass21:51
attentei was doing make distcheck before, but i don't remember if the tests were passing then either21:53
robert_ancellattente, also, do you know what c9bcf92dc740ec5a31d108967f5d78cbf91b548e was working around?22:00
robert_ancellThat seems better fixed in the source, because every string could potentially have the same issue22:00
robert_ancellI'm pretty sure none of the current code is making that mistake (setting the origin to the value returned from gs_app_get_origin)22:02
robert_ancellThe renaming of gs_plugin_app_update to gs_plugin_update_app makes that patch really hard to understand :)22:03
attenterobert_ancell: yeah, tbh, i'm not sure i remember why i did that. we can remove it if the problem hasn't been noticed upstream22:04
robert_ancellLooks like a "I hope this helps" type of patch :)22:05
attenteheh, could very well be22:06
robert_ancellattente, regarding src/gs-application.c it looks like the reboot/refresh code is duplicated, but I'm not sure if they're actually covering two cases.22:09
attenteis there a commit upstream that does the same thing? because i think it's supposed to be in only one place22:09
robert_ancellAnd also trying to work out if any of this is safe code that can go into gnome-3-20 and reduce our delta (I've asked Richard if he'll take the patches in wip/rancell/3-20-enhancements)22:09
robert_ancellattente, that's were I'm not sure because I didn't work on that code22:10
attenterobert_ancell: ok, let me look at the diff between the two branches22:11
robert_ancellmterry, did you have a concerns about the lightdm 1.18.3 release?22:18
robert_ancellany concerns22:18
robert_ancellgot to head out, be back in 15-3022:30
robert_ancellattente, any luck on the gs-application.c changes?23:42

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