shemgpHello, does anyone know if there's a plugin or extension for gnome 3 ubuntu to have global menus?11:51
pchooshemgp: you mean something like this: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/6/applications-menu/ ?12:38
shemgpThose are for starting applications. What I'm looking for is the global menu like in Unity (Ubuntu) where the application menus are in the topbar.12:43
pchooshemgp: not that I'm aware of, others may do, though13:20
shemgppchoo, thanks anyway. I think I'll have to build one myself :)13:21
linux_unix-10HI there!13:22
linux_unix-10Whenever I make my laptop (Lenovo Flex 2-14) go to sleep, it occasionally shuts off by itself.13:29
linux_unix-10Sometimes, the power button won't respond to presses for a long time!13:29
linux_unix-10I'm actually concerned that Ubuntu GNOME could damage the computer. Is there a solution to this?13:30
ceed^^My UbuntuGNOME desktop slows down over time. After an hour or so moving windows are jerky and so is minimize and restore. It's like the CPU is throttled. Nothing is hogging resources of any kind. If i restart GNOME with Alt-F2 r everything is back to normal. Never seen anything like this before. Ideas?17:48
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