acheronukahoneybun: did you not use the latest to build with?00:02
ahoneybunI did00:04
ahoneybunyou grabbed it as well00:04
cyphermoxclivejo: yes00:33
cyphermoxahoneybun: I updated lp:ubiquity... if you need to do anything on ubiquity, please use that01:33
ahoneybuncyphermox: I'm getting errors about frontends now01:47
ahoneybuncyphermox: I'll grab the new one and make my changes over it02:02
ahoneybuncyphermox: I'm hitting : AttributeError in install(): No frontend available02:37
ahoneybunit 'tried kde_ui'02:38
ahoneybunso my live image is on 8/6 with a working ubiquity21:08
ahoneybunI think 16.10.521:08
ahoneybun16.10.7 might not work21:08
ahoneybunmm so I broke it21:20
* clivejo shakes head21:23
ahoneybunwell it started at least in today's daily image21:31

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