LaneyWe have a big migration in yakkety-proposed, which the kernel is involved in unfortunately08:53
Laneydon't suppose the new one could be unblocked today? :-)08:53
rtgdannf, can you boot a Yakkety 4.6 kernel from ppa:canonical-kernel-team/ppa no bare metal ?15:03
rtgon bare metal*15:03
dannfrtg: lemme try15:38
dannfrtg: it isn't booting on a mustang - no output. i had been testing 4.6's on here succesfully before though17:01
rtgdannf, modularization of the console perhaps ?17:02
dannfwill check17:02
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gpiccoliHi, sorry to bother you all. Need some help/advice:19:11
gpiccoliis there a way to perform a netboot install with some older kernel to test a regression?19:11
gpiccoliI want the 4.4.0-31, whereas the latest is 4.4.0-34 I guess...Xenial speaking here19:12
gpiccoliIn other words, I need an older installer image. Is there such thing available?19:12
gpiccolihmmm...in fact seems my netboot kernel is 4.4.0-3119:14
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