mhall119wxl: can you add Global Jam to the loco.ubuntu.com events?16:03
ahoneybunmhall119: who controls the mailing lists for LoCos?17:07
mhall119depends on which list you mean17:07
Flannelahoneybun: Master Blaster17:08
Flanneloh wait, wrong question.17:08
ahoneybunmhall119: ^17:08
ahoneybunthanks Flannel lol17:08
Kilosthe pakistan and bangladesh mailing lists17:08
mhall119are the lists.ubuntu.com or lists.launchpad.net?17:08
Kilosubuntu.coms iirc17:09
mhall119each one will say at the bottom of their mailman page17:10
mhall119for example: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/loco-contacts17:10
mhall119scroll to the bottom and you'll see "run by ..."17:10
mhall119if you need something done and you can't reach any of the people listed there, you can ask IS 17:11
ahoneybunmhall119: they are trying to rebuild the loco and need access17:11
ahoneybunsince the lead left and no one has access but him17:12
ahoneybunhe is not being nice about handing it over17:12
mhall119IS can add new people as owners17:12
mhall119oh, if there's a conflict then take it to the Loco Council17:12
Kilosand ubuntu-pk@ubuntu.com17:13
Kilosmhall119 pakistan has 2 that will be admins researcher and mustu, but would like to know can they have the power to hand over to others as well please17:18
Kilosand bangladesh will be pavlushka and zaki17:18
Kilosoops sorry mailto:ubuntu-pk@lists.ubuntu.com17:21
Kilosmhall119 there is basically no conflict as such anymore, the old admins are MIA17:38
mhall119Kilos: I believe anyone who admins the list can add other admins17:48
Kiloshow do i contact IS17:49
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wxlmhall119: still needs doing?18:17
ahoneybunKilos: there is some ticket system 18:29
Kilosoh my18:30
ahoneybunmhall119: how do we get to IS18:31
Kilosty wxl 18:35
ahoneybunthanks wxl18:35
wxlsure :)18:35
wxlyou may be able to login to rt.ubuntu.com and see existant tickets18:35
wxljust click on the ubuntu sso button on the main page18:36
ahoneybunoh I can file a ticket18:36
wxlrt@ubuntu.com is easiest for that tho18:37
ahoneybunKilos: going to do it or me?18:37
ahoneybunan email wxl?18:37
Kilosim trying to lodgin there18:37
wxlhey ahoneybun since you're here do you know of a tool to check ink status on networked printers for kubuntu?18:37
wxlKilos, ahoneybun: just send an email to rt@ubuntu.com. it'll create a ticket. you'll get automatically subscribed and get all updates on the ticket.18:38
ahoneybunmm I don't use printers too much and when I do it's on my mothers Ubuntu desktop18:38
wxlbah k18:38
Kiloscool will do that ty18:38
Kilosthey asked me many questions last time18:38
ahoneybunwxl: any linux tool should work18:39
nhaineswxl: get out of here with your tech support questions.  ;)18:39
ahoneybungtk apps looks decent 18:39
wxlyeah unfortunately there's not many :)18:39
wxlnhaines: i know, i know.18:39
ahoneybunwxl: you can get in #kubuntu18:39
ahoneybunhey nhaines18:39
nhaineshey ahoneybun18:39
wxlit was a random question. when it bothers me enough i'll go there :)18:39
nhainesIf I could just get my HP network printer to convince CUPS about ink levels... :)18:40
nhainesAt least that has a web interface.18:40
mhall119wxl: yes, still needs doing. Your LC membership should give you access 18:41
wxlmhall119: k i'll get on it here in a bit18:41
wxlmhall119: i was trying to hoist it off on nhaines but he deftly blocked my advance18:41
mhall119thanks wxl 18:42
Kilosmail sent18:45
Kilossigh i hate emails18:45
Kiloswe need an rt irc channel18:45
wxlKilos: you could create an irc alias to send mails for you18:45
Kilosand who would do the mailing wxl , still me ?18:46
wxlKilos: yes, but you could do it through the friendly interface of irc ;)18:46
Kiloswhew that would mean more thinking and remembering18:47
wxlKilos: i do most of my instant messaging through irc. would do text if i could find a good gateway.18:47
wxle.g. /mail "rt@ubuntu.com" "urgent" "i am lost. please help me."18:48
Kiloswow so easily18:48
Kilosdont those rt peeps ever hang out on irc18:49
wxlthey do but they manage their workload on irc18:49
wxlthey don't manage their workload on irc18:49
wxlthey manage their workload with the ticketing system18:49
wxlotherwise they'd be overwhelmed18:49
wxlbut if you really want to talk to them, #canonical-sysadmin18:49
Kilosand each rt mail creates a ticket18:49
wxlthey'll generally just tell you to file a ticket though :)18:49
Kilosyeah been there done that18:50
wxleach rt mail creates a ticket or adds a ticket depending on whether or not it's a reply to a previous ticket18:50
wxls/adds/adds to/18:50
Kiloswas told its important enough to create a ticket18:50
Kiloswhew rt auto reply must be broken19:06
wxlmhall119, nhaines: you feel ok with this? http://pad.ubuntu.com/G2Rv69DQzI19:28
wxloh well i'm just going to do it19:34
wxledit it if you want it fixed :)19:34
mhall119wxl: looks good to me, thanks!19:43
ahoneybunDoc part 20:52
ahoneybunDoc Jam20:53
wxlyep :)20:53

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