asushello :)02:47
Gallomimiawhen i drag a window over the top panel on my screen, it maximizes the window. How can i turn this "feature" off?04:54
Gallomimiaah, it merely threatens to maximize it. must have slipped off the mouse button earlier.04:55
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN05:10
GallomimiaKR121 ^05:10
ouroumovhello viktor_07:22
ouroumovhi waltersraspberry08:06
waltersraspberrywhat can i do i will format a windows xp and install ubuntu08:06
waltersraspberrybut i have no usb08:06
waltersraspberryi have sd card08:07
waltersraspberrywith adapter08:07
ouroumovadapter? What kind?08:08
waltersraspberryyes i have a micro sd card and a adapter kann i burn a iso with linux iso burner and install on xp when i plugged in the adapter and reboot my computer08:10
waltersraspberrywhat must i do08:11
ouroumovuse the command: "lsblk" to identify the /dev/XXXX of your SD card, then "sudo dd if=file.iso of=/dev/XXXX bs=4M && sync"08:12
waltersraspberryokay thanks08:15
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, be careful with that command08:15
waltersraspberryi will install on the windows xp08:16
ouroumovIf you give the wrong /dev/XXXX you have a good chance of nuking one of your drives.08:16
waltersraspberrywhat have you for a system08:16
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, please restate your question; I don't understand what you mean.08:17
waltersraspberryi have a computer with windows xp and i dont like windows xp i will install ubuntu mate on the xp the computer have 1GBram and AMD64 is the computer good to run ubuntu mate08:18
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, yes.08:21
waltersraspberrycan i send her screenshots08:21
waltersraspberrymy raspberry pi 3B+ works with a 64GB Samsung class 10 evo plus Micro sd with ubuntu mate08:25
waltersraspberryxenial xerus 16.0408:25
waltersraspberrybut the cpu is 55C° is this normal08:27
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, I don't have a pi, but I think it's normal.08:28
waltersraspberrywhat have you ?08:29
ouroumovI have a netbook and a Brix, both based on Intel N315008:29
waltersraspberrywhat i a Brix08:30
waltersraspberry*is a08:30
waltersraspberrya okay a mini barebone08:30
waltersraspberryi dont like windows08:31
waltersraspberrycan you like windows08:32
waltersraspberrywindows is not perfect and have problems08:32
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, what is your native language?08:32
waltersraspberryGerman why08:33
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, if you'd rather get support in your native language, you can join #ubuntu-de08:35
waltersraspberryyes my english is not perfect but i think i must learning better english the programming language is english08:36
ouroumovYes ^^08:36
waltersraspberrysudo apt-get install is an example08:36
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, you're entirely correct that English is important when writing code.08:37
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, if you want to practice you can read and contribute to our community forums @ https://ubuntu-mate.community/08:38
ouroumovI'm off to get some coffee, ttyl.08:38
waltersraspberrythanks i have found how to  install flash player :)08:39
waltersraspberry503 Service Unavailable08:41
waltersraspberry2016-08-16 10:40:37 FEHLER 503: Service Unavailable.08:41
waltersraspberryi have this get when i try to install pepperflash08:44
waltersraspberryokay it will  works08:48
waltersraspberryno it doesnt works08:55
baimakerhello,somebody is here?09:41
waltersraspberryyes i am09:42
waltersraspberrywhy i can dont running virt-manager09:43
baimakerwhat is your name?09:43
ouroumovbaimaker, you don't ask people's name on IRC09:44
waltersraspberrycan you help me09:44
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, what's your problem? Something with VMs?09:45
waltersraspberryhe said i have no connection09:45
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, who's "he"?09:46
waltersraspberrythe Virtual machine09:46
waltersraspberryVerify that:09:46
waltersraspberry - The 'libvirt-bin' package is installed09:46
waltersraspberry - The 'libvirtd' daemon has been started09:46
waltersraspberry - You are member of the 'libvirtd' group09:46
waltersraspberrywhat can i do09:46
ouroumovGive me the URL of the webpage where this is written09:47
waltersraspberryokay wait09:47
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, you've installed that from the software boutique?09:48
ouroumovCheck if those pachages are installed using: apt-cache policy libvirt-bin09:49
waltersraspberryokay i try this09:49
ouroumovcheck if daemon is started using ps axu | grep [l]ibvirtd09:50
waltersraspberrylibvirt is installed09:50
ouroumovcheck if you're in libvirt group using: grep libvirtd /etc/group09:50
waltersraspberryroot     15039  0.2  2.5 366388 22816 ?        Ssl  11:36   0:01 /usr/sbin/libvirtd09:51
waltersraspberry grep libvirtd /etc/group09:53
ouroumovand good09:53
ouroumovSo according to virt, you should not have a problem09:54
waltersraspberryerify that:09:54
waltersraspberry - The 'libvirt-bin' package is installed09:54
waltersraspberry - The 'libvirtd' daemon has been started09:54
waltersraspberry - You are member of the 'libvirtd' group09:54
waltersraspberryLibvirt URI is: qemu:///system09:54
waltersraspberryTraceback (most recent call last):09:54
waltersraspberry  File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/connection.py", line 903, in _do_open09:54
waltersraspberry    self._backend.open(self._do_creds_password)09:55
waltersraspberry  File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtinst/connection.py", line 148, in open09:55
waltersraspberry    open_flags)09:55
waltersraspberry  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/libvirt.py", line 105, in openAuth09:55
waltersraspberry    if ret is None:raise libvirtError('virConnectOpenAuth() failed')09:55
waltersraspberrylibvirtError: Socket-Erstellung zu '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock' fehlgeschlagen: Keine Berechtigung09:55
ouroumovPlease don't paste massive output onto the channel09:55
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, use pastebin.com09:55
baimakerwaltersraspberry is so talent09:56
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, what command are you using to start the VM?09:57
waltersraspberryi start it from the icon on my desktop09:57
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, to me it looks like a file permission problem. Maybe ask about it on the forums? I don't use this specific VM tool myself.09:58
waltersraspberryhow can i change my mouse icon10:01
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, go into the appearance settings and pick a cursor theme10:02
waltersraspberryi dont found this10:08
ouroumovSystem -> Preferences -> Look and feel -> Appearance, in the dialog hit "Customize" then go to "Pointer" tab. Sorry I don't know the german translation. On that note waltersraspberry you should really have installed your system in English if you're gonna use it for programming.10:10
waltersraspberryi make my system in english10:13
waltersraspberryi rebooted my pi10:14
waltersraspberryso my system is english10:21
waltersraspberryhow can i install new mouse theme10:23
raspberryhi, does anyone here know how to get ubuntu mate recognise homemade joystick?10:32
waltersraspberryhave you a raspberry pi raspberry10:33
raspberryraspbery pi 310:33
waltersraspberryi have a raspberry pi 310:33
raspberryI connected my joystick to the raspberry via SPI and it works, but I need the system to know that it is a joystick and don't know how to achieve that10:34
waltersraspberryits very fantastic the pi can run ubuntu mate10:34
baimakeri have a pi 3,too10:34
waltersraspberrycool :)10:34
waltersraspberryi love the pi10:34
baimakerit cost my 400 RMB10:35
waltersraspberrywhen the pi 4 comes in Germany i buy him wih amazon10:35
waltersraspberrythe pi 3 has bluetooth and wlan10:35
waltersraspberryand 1gb ram10:35
waltersraspberryhow many gb memory have you on your pi10:37
baimakeri want to develop a Iot by pi 310:37
waltersraspberryhow many gb memory have you on your pi10:37
waltersraspberryi have buy a 64gb samsung evo plus class 10 its very fast10:38
baimakeri am here10:39
waltersraspberryokay have you a heatsink10:39
baimakerwhat is problem?10:39
waltersraspberryi hava a heatsink but i think to buy a Ventilator10:39
baimakeri use ventilator10:42
devbieHi, I have installed 16.04.1 (ubuntu-mate-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso). After the 1st reboot post-install I can log in but the desktop only shows the Home icon. There are no other visible features. In particular, there are no panels. Is this a known issue? Can anyone help enable/display the panels (or point me in the right direction) pls?10:43
waltersraspberryon what have you installed ubuntu10:44
waltersraspberryhow many ram have your computer10:44
devbiethis is a pc where i have successfully installed and run 14.0410:45
waltersraspberrycan you say me proccese10:45
devbie#waltersraspberry what do you mean?10:46
waltersraspberryhave you tried add panel10:46
baimakeri use ubuntu 16.04 in pi 3,it's ok10:46
waltersraspberrywith right click10:47
devbiei see no option to add panel with a right click on the desktop. i have mate tweak open but see no option to add a panel there either10:48
waltersraspberrywhat is on screen you have said the home folder icon10:48
devbiethe home icon only - nothing else10:48
waltersraspberrywait a moment10:48
baimakeri get it from  pi official website10:49
devbiei'm not running UM on the rpi...10:49
devbiesince this is a fresh install i wonder if this is to do with the screen resolution: the panels are there but not visible because they sit outside the screen10:50
waltersraspberryhave you try a other resolution10:50
waltersraspberryclick strg-alt-F210:50
waltersraspberryto enter command line10:51
devbieyes that is it, it's the screen resolution. I have changed it to 800x600 (xrandr --output VGA-0 --primary --mode 800x600) and can see the panels10:52
waltersraspberryokay good10:52
devbiei know how to fix this now. i'd love to know how this happened though - i have not swapped screens between the installation and the 1st reboot10:53
waltersraspberryokay thats good10:53
devbieanyway, thx for trying to give me a hand #waltersraspberry10:53
waltersraspberryno problem10:54
waltersraspberrywhen you have a question say me10:56
waltersraspberry*ask me:)10:57
devbieok thx10:59
waltersraspberryyoure welcome10:59
ouroumovdevbie, what kind of hardware are you running on?11:05
waltersraspberryi going11:06
waltersraspberrylater in 30minutes i came back11:07
devbieouroumov, it's a JNC9KDL-2550 motherboard: cedar trail-d processor d2550 + nm10 chipset11:09
ouroumovdevbie, is the screen res really 800x600?11:10
devbieouroumov, it's not 800x600: i was deliberately playing safe. it seems that the install didn't recognise the screen resolution, setting it to 2704x1050 when the maximum should really be 1680x105011:12
devbiethe screen is a dell p221311:13
ouroumovThat is one uncommon res. :o11:13
ouroumovBut well anyway I guess it happens.11:14
devbienow i (sort of) know how to fix it11:15
devbieouroumov, the system recognises to displays: VGA-1 & LVDS-1. My screen is connected to port VGA-1 (I don't know why they both are '-1', not '-0'...). Somehow LVDS-1 is on and affecting the resolution on VGA-1. All cworks fine when I switch off LVDS-1...11:24
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waltersraspberryhello im  here12:00
=== linmob_ is now known as linmob
waltersraspberry have you see the ubuntu phone?12:08
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, yes. I have one.12:08
waltersraspberryis the phone good12:09
ouroumov"Good" is subjective. I prefer this phone to other alternatives, but it could be way better.12:10
waltersraspberryi think the ubuntu phone will be better the phone need time but this is a good idea from ubuntu12:11
waltersraspberryhave the phone buttons12:11
motion228hello new user here12:12
motion228about to start downloading ubuntu mate12:12
waltersraspberrylinux is on android12:12
ouroumovhi motion22812:12
motion228i have a question12:12
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, no12:12
waltersraspberrylinux kernel12:12
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, Android runs on Linux12:12
ouroumovmotion228, please ask. :)12:12
waltersraspberryohh sorry i have false intepret :)12:13
waltersraspberryi dont unterstand why use peoples windows when linux is better and free12:14
motion228i have a pretty old and slow laptop with 3gb ram and the processor is AMD Turion(tm) X2 dual-core mobile RM-70 2.00Ghz12:15
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, there's a lot of reasons.12:15
motion228my system type is 64-bit12:15
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, for starters, it's mostly due to the fact that Microsoft have contracts with OEMs to force Windows down people's throats.12:16
motion228should i download the 64 bit version of ubuntu mate even though on the download page its says thee 64 bit is for computers with over 3gb ram and fast proccesors?12:16
ouroumovmotion228, I would say yes, get the 64Bits version.12:17
waltersraspberrywhy i going to the next Media markt and i see anyone windows ?i dont see linux and when i asked people about linux they dont know about him12:17
motion228thanks, just wanted to make sure.12:17
motion228also should i dual boot with windows or erase windows completely? im afraid my laptop will go slow if i dual boot.12:18
ouroumovmotion228, there will be no speed difference between a full erase and a dual boot12:18
waltersraspberryit s very a pity12:19
motion228alright thanks!12:19
waltersraspberrythat many peoples knows about linux operating system12:19
ouroumovmotion228, you should make your choice based on the software you need12:19
ouroumovmotion228, if you don't think you can find the equivalent of some of your windows software on Ubuntu MATE, then you should not erase and do a dual boot.12:20
motion228i dont do any gaming on my laptop and i dont need photo/video editing software12:20
waltersraspberryhave you tried virtualbox12:20
waltersraspberryohh sorry12:20
motion228i will mostly just use for browsing and download movies and tv shows12:21
ouroumovmotion228, in that case, I'd recommend you to make a backup of the files you have on windows and once that's done, to use the "Erase disk and install" option12:21
motion228is there an advantage in erasing windows?12:21
motion228mabye ill need it one day12:22
waltersraspberryi have erasing windows12:22
waltersraspberryi have make not right12:22
ouroumovmotion228, there is no advantage in erasing windows but the disk space you gain.12:22
ouroumovmotion228, if you think you'll need windows some day, then go for a dual boot.12:23
ouroumovmotion228, if you need advice on how to install in dual boot mode, I can provide.12:23
waltersraspberrywhich windows have you motion22812:23
waltersraspberrywhy is motion228 quit12:25
ouroumovWho knows. Maybe he hit ALT+F4 by mistake.12:25
waltersraspberryokay :)12:25
waltersraspberryhave you tried dual boot ouroumov12:26
ouroumovYes, 6 years ago.12:26
waltersraspberrywhich operating system12:26
waltersraspberry i have tried but i have make a Error12:27
ouroumovI made an error *12:28
waltersraspberryohh i must learn better english thanks :)12:28
motion228hello its me again, sorry my internet disconnected.12:28
ouroumovActually, I'm not sure one can "make" and error at all.12:28
ouroumovDoubt is hitting me hard.12:28
ouroumovWelcome back motion22812:28
motion228i have a question regarding disk space12:29
waltersraspberryhmm i very like the new operating system ubuntu mate :) its better than raspbian12:30
motion228currently when i open "my computer" i see 3 hard drives local disk C witch has 18.7 Gb free of 46.9 and local disk D and F witch are both empty and have 92 Gb free12:31
motion228can i dual boot?12:31
motion228and can i install ubunta mate on a different hard disk thank what i have on windows12:32
waltersraspberryi have read 8gb is enough to install the operating system is this right12:32
ouroumovmotion228, yes. But you'll have to remind me how things work under windows: are C: D: and F: actually separate disks? Are they all internal disks?12:32
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, on a RPI, yes.12:33
waltersraspberryyes i have tried but not enough12:33
waltersraspberryit say not enough memory12:33
motion228there all seperate disks12:34
ouroumovwaltersraspberry, did you use the Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 iso for rpi?12:34
motion228there under "hard disk drives"12:34
waltersraspberryyes i use it12:34
waltersraspberrybut already on a 64gb samsung class 10 evo plus micro sd12:35
ouroumovmotion228, but from what I remember of windows it's possible to have on a unique disks multiple labels such as C: on a drive, and D: F: on one other drive (two partitions)12:36
Qommand0rgot one of those in my phone, waltersraspberry12:36
waltersraspberryyes is a good card12:36
motion228so should i just install ubuntu mate on the same hard drive that windows is installed on which has 18.7 Gb free? and then download all my software and other stuff in the two other hard drives?12:37
motion228or will it go slow if theres little spcae?12:37
ouroumovmotion228, no. If you really have an other empty drive available the easiest is to use that.12:38
waltersraspberrymany peoples in the web has said raspberry pi 3 not boot from him but it works and the card was very cheap 15€12:38
ouroumovmotion228, proceed as follow:12:38
ouroumovmotion228, boot the live USB in install mode. Then at the partitioning step when the installer propose various options such as "Erase disk and install", pick the "Something Else" option12:39
ouroumovmotion228, Select the drive that you want to use for the install, ie one of the empty drives, and then click "Create new partition table"12:40
ouroumovmotion228, Once the new partition table is created hit the green "+" sign to create three partitions:12:40
waltersraspberryseeing that several functions in the ubuntu installation are is including an install ubuntu means among other system12:40
ouroumovmotion228, one with type "ext4", mount point "/", size 40000MB12:40
ouroumovmotion228, one with type "Linux Swap"12:41
ouroumovSwap size = 6GB12:41
ouroumovmotion228, the last partition: type "ext4", mount point "/home", size: all remaining space12:41
ouroumovfreaking kvirc12:42
ouroumovfreaking kiwiirc, whatever that is12:43
waltersraspberrywhen this year is cold i open the window and my pi would not hot12:44
ouroumovmotion228, what was the last thing you read before disconnecting?12:44
motion228the part were you told me to install in one of the empty drives it will create three disk partions12:44
ouroumov<ouroumov> motion228, one with type "ext4", mount point "/", size 40000MB12:45
ouroumov<ouroumov> motion228, one with type "Linux Swap"12:45
ouroumov<ouroumov> Swap size = 6GB12:45
ouroumov<ouroumov> motion228, the last partition: type "ext4", mount point "/home", size: all remaining space12:45
ouroumovNext make sure the installer is set to put the bootloader on the disk you partitioned (most likely it will be labeled /dev/sdb if it's the secondary drive)12:46
ouroumovmotion228, and that should install it fine without touching windows. Next to enable the double boot you have to change the boot order in the bios so that the first disk in the boot sequence is the disk you've just installed Ubuntu MATE on.12:47
ouroumovAnyway, I gotta split.12:47
ouroumovSee you later, maybe.12:47
motion228Thanks for the help man12:47
waltersraspberryits it possible to make boot images  on the raspberry pi not on other computer12:48
waltersraspberry#ouroumov when you come back said me12:57
DarkPsydeLordHello terrans13:12
raspberryhi, does anyone here know how to get ubuntu mate recognise homemade joystick? I connected my joystick to the raspberry via SPI and it works, but I need the system to know that it is a joystick and don't know how to achieve that14:07
waltersraspberryhow you connect the controller14:08
raspberryvia mcp300814:09
raspberryto the GPIO ports14:10
waltersraspberryuse emulators14:10
raspberrybut if I use emulator will I still be able to make one joystick acts as a mouse and the other as a normal 4-axis joystick?14:11
waltersraspberry   have you tried14:12
raspberryno, right now I have written a python script in which one joystick is a mouse and the other doesn't do anything14:13
waltersraspberrytry the question on #raspbian14:13
raspberryok thanks14:14
waltersraspberryit is a other server14:14
waltersraspberryyou can joined with #raspbian14:14
waltersraspberryi try to found a other server who is better supported14:16
waltersraspberrytry #raspberry-dev14:19
waltersraspberryi mean #raspberrypi-dev14:19
SjjsjsksShould i install mate gtk2 or gtk3?16:24
SjjsjsksAnyone here. Help please!16:24
SjjsjsksWhat should i install? Mate gtk2 or mate gtk3?16:25
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kladif I connect to my desktop using vnc for some reason the menu panel icons (e.g. volume) have a what background to them. any ideas on how I might fix that?17:04
kladmy ~/.vnc/xstartup is just the defaulty one with mate-session &. I'm sure its my fault somehow, just not sure why yet :)17:14
pavlosklad, maybe changing the theme might help17:27
pavlosklad, read in some post ... gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.background active true17:29
kladyeah, changing the theme kinda works. specifically, blackMate theme will change those colors but thats the only one that seems to17:39
kladthe active background thing didn't appear to help17:39
Akulican you just right-click the panel and change background color?17:40
kladwell, its not actually the panel itself? like for the volume it shows up as a 16x16 (or whatever it is) white square with the volume picture infront of it17:43
kladand there is a 1px spacing in between the icons which does show the normal bar color17:44
kladas a side note i'm not sure why the indicators are even there. they don't show up on the normal desktop.17:48
kladand they arent turned on in settings17:48
Akulithat looks really awful17:49
christophhow can i choose another nickname18:29
christophbecause the nick that i use ist registered mhm...18:29
te_lanususe /nick nickname18:30
=== te_lanus is now known as batapete
=== batapete is now known as te_lanus
christophmhm cannot change nick while banned on channel18:30
christophmaybr now18:31
christophte_lanus: well its says cannot change nick while banned on channel18:33
te_lanuschristoph: maybe contact the channel Operator18:34
=== o is now known as Guest20736
Guest20736i new user in obunto18:36
christophflexiondotorg: hello18:38
christophflexiondotorg: i cannot change my nick because i am banned18:39
christophflexiondotorg: maybe your can help me18:39
christophflexiondotorg: thank you18:39
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