DJonesHeh, and the answer to redrose's question is Unit193 (Or at least his ppa)13:06
nuit_I would like to voice a concern about operator abuse18:27
k1l_nuit_: you are obviously trolling with "<nuit_> Using Linux promotes ill health and poor social skills" in a technical support channel. so please dont waste volunteers time with that.18:29
nuit_Well i was being sincere but didn't know it was strictly for technical support18:29
nuit_Im sorry18:29
nuit_Is there a more socially oriented space where we csn discuss that area of software freedom?18:30
ubottumdeslaur called the ops in #ubuntu-meeting ()18:32
elkyi'm not sure we have any channels where saying "linux promotes ill health and poor social skills" is appreciated to be fair.18:39
nuit_I apologize18:39
nuit_I just believe the quotidienne of software freedom isn't something to be shied away from18:40
elkyi'm not sure i follow you with that. i speak no french.18:42
nuit_The everyday18:42
nuit_Pardon my french18:42
elkyinsulting people for using linux should not be part of "the everyday" of our channels.18:42
nuit_That wasn't my intention, however the technologies we use impact our lives in multiple heterogeneous ways18:43
elkyif, in theory, we directed you to another channel, what would you try discuss?18:44
nuit_Both the implicit and explicit ways technology usage impacts the structure of our daily lives, and the potentials for emancipation18:46
nuit_As well as power relations, focusing on class, race, and gender perpetuated through proprietary, free, and other software18:46
nuit_Taking foucaults rejection of the repressive hypothesis in vol 1 of history of sexuality as a starting point for the articulation of a site of resistance in regards to technology in the context of diffuse Imperial sovereignty18:48
elkyis that what you think you were doing in #ubuntu?18:50
wxlbesides, that's all irrelevant to the topic of conversation at #ubuntu, which is support.18:51
nuit_wxl my apologies as i said earlier i didn't know it was exclusively for that18:52
nuit_elky partially18:52
nuit_It was a case of a performative utterance18:52
wxlwhen i join a channel, it tells me the topic. what client are you using that this is not the case, nuit_ ?18:52
wxli should add the first four words of the topic are "Official Ubuntu Support Channel"18:53
wxlit also tells me the irc guidelines and the code of conduct.18:53
elkynuit_: before i subject anyone else to your "discussions" you need to go and learn how to have proper conversations that don't go from "why should i use ubuntu" to "linux promotes ill health and poor social skills" in response to people answering you.18:54
nuit_I am afraid i haven't noticed that wxl18:54
nuit_In any case i deeply regret the incident18:54
nuit_elky what is propriety other than a malady of the middle classes?18:55
elkyif attacks on people's health and social skills are your opening act, then i honestly cannot in good conscience suggest anywhere to you.18:56
elkyyour ban is not going to be lifted, as you need time to think seriously about your behaviour, and i'm not going to point you at others until you have figured out how to remedy your own social skills.18:58
nuit_Thank you for the consideration, i hope you reconsider19:00
PiciWas it even a ban? or just a kick?19:00
k1l_just a kick19:00
k1l_@mark nuit_19:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:06
wxlmight want to mark nuit too. same ns account.19:10
k1l_you mark the username and the bot makes an entry with the hostmask and the backlog in that channel19:11
Unit193DJones: Hmm?19:52
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