ResearcherGood morning04:55
Researcherhi RajRajRaj05:25
Researchermorning dan-05:25
Researcherhi and salaam barlas05:26
Researcherhello chiefjustice05:26
Researcherhi hi hi zmeu05:26
* Researcher slaps Kurwaa around a bit with a large trout05:26
Researchergood morning Kilos05:56
Researchergood morning pavlushka05:56
Kilosmorning Researcher05:57
Kiloshows your wiki page05:57
Researchermy wiki page needs a good doc like pavlushka05:57
Kilosget it up to date man and apply with pavel05:58
Researchersure bro05:58
Kilosim sure he will help05:58
Kilosjust get all your info ready'05:58
Researcheryes bro05:58
Kilosi get excited for you guys05:59
Researcherme toooo05:59
Researcherpvluska hv bad connection06:01
Kiloshe has gone to do some work06:01
Kilosbut yes his connection sucks as well06:02
Researcheryeah he disconnect 100 times a day06:02
Researchersometimes i also stop greeting him wb (welcome back)06:03
Kiloshave you seen his wiki?06:03
Researcherohhh kooool06:03
Researcheri will copy his wiki :D06:04
Kilosman you have your old one, just add what you have been doing since then06:04
Kilosdont remove old stuff06:04
Kilosonly needs updating for the missing years when you loco got sick06:05
Kilosyou didnt stop doing ubuntu work and helping others06:06
Researcher though he was there all the time but motionless but now he speaks Smile :)06:07
Researcherwhy he dont understand that i cant talk with ghosts06:07
Researcherhe needs to update06:07
Kiloshe was shy because he wasnt even approved06:07
Researcherthe channel grown upto 37 nicks06:07
Researcher34 are right now06:08
ResearcherKilos i noticed we have some guests in the channel06:10
Researcherlets speak with them :D06:10
Researcherhi ahoneybun06:10
Kilosyes it has grown06:11
Kilosoh he is most likely sleeping now06:11
Researcheryeah time difference06:11
Kiloshe is in the usa06:11
Researcheryesterday mustu joined in here06:11
Researcheryou remember once you ask me about mustu06:11
Researcherhe joined here and were happy to see this chan06:12
Kilosget him to spread the word06:12
Researcheryeah i asked him to join the team06:12
Researcherbut i think he also suffered with same issues06:13
Researcherhe was a bit rude because his words were clear that he had faced unjust situation here06:13
Researchermustu were used to be an active guy06:14
Kilosjust tell him times have changed06:14
Researcherand he became victom for politics here06:14
Researcherthey intentionally kept him down06:14
Kiloshe can now come back and be supported06:14
Researcheri told him to forget the past06:14
Researcherand hold the lead06:14
Kilosthere will be no more politics here06:15
Kiloseveryone that works with ubuntu and helps other users is welcome here06:15
Kilosthose that come and try make trouble will be bannefd06:16
Researcheryesterday mustu said : i hope u guys aren't brewing any bureaucratic BS like man desi do06:17
Researcherand he was thinking of credit earning and point scorings06:17
Researcherhis mind was not accepting the growth of this channel06:17
Researcheri assured him that this time he will meet true peple06:18
Researcherpeople who truely believe in the phylosophy of ubuntu i.e humanity06:18
Kilosintroduce him to pavel as well then he can learn how things are happening here now too06:18
Researcheractually he had a very short stay06:19
Researcherand he promises to join back today06:19
Researcherhi barlas06:19
Kiloshi barlas06:19
Researcherwelcome back bro06:19
Researcherhow are ya barlas06:19
Researcherglad to see you awake06:19
barlasI am well, thanks06:20
Researcherglad to hear from ya barlas06:20
Researcheri am coming back to pakistan06:20
barlasDon't come back! Stay there!06:20
Researcheron 28th of august till 15 of Sep06:21
Researcherhey its my annual leave06:21
Researcheri will be taking my wife to honeymoon06:21
Researcheri am also planning for birth tourism06:22
Researcherbut its little far06:22
Researcherhi zaki06:39
Kiloszaki ?06:44
Kilosi go do chores Researcher wbb06:44
barlasbirth tourism?06:56
barlasResearcher: When did you get married? :O06:56
Researcherbarlas : i got married 2nd april07:17
Researchernikah made on 9 oct 201507:18
Researcherbarlas : my nikah pictures07:19
Researcherbarlas : my mehndi pictures https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10209326315138724.1073741863.1348464500&type=1&l=22230ad78407:20
Researcherbarlas : the final ceremoney : Rukhsati pictures : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10209326737229276.1073741864.1348464500&type=1&l=078df29a9007:21
barlasResearcher: You didn't invite me :(08:01
barlasResearcher: Which one are you? Asma or Zeeshan?08:02
=== lubmil is now known as lub`
Researcherhi mustu13:04
Researcherhello everyone13:05
Researcherbarlas : I am Zeeshan13:06
mustuhey Researcher13:07
Researcherhow are ya mustu13:10
Researcherglad to hear from you.13:10
Researcherhi RajRajRaj13:10
ResearcherRaj kaisay ho13:10
mustuim good13:11
Researchermustu : what you do in real life ?13:11
mustuResearcher are you a pro Ubuntu user?13:11
Researcherwell i am super pro13:11
=== mustu_ is now known as mustu
mustumore into sysadmin/network stuff13:13
Researcherwb mustu13:13
mustuwhat do u do13:13
Researcheroh cool13:13
Researcheri am I.T manager in OMAN GAS13:14
Researcheralso into finance and accounts13:14
mustuthat's cool... so u r not in PK13:14
Researcheralso ERP manager13:14
Researcheryeah i am right now not in pakistan13:14
Researcheri born in saudi arabia and currently residing in sultanate of oman13:14
Researcherwhat about you13:15
mustuare you alone or is there a group behind this revival13:15
mustui'm residing in pk13:15
Researcherwell there is a huge team effort13:15
mustui would love to know13:15
ResearcherKilos, Pavlushka, Me, and every one here13:15
Researchereven we have people from every corner of this world13:16
mustuare all these guys real?13:16
Researcherfor sure 100% real people13:16
mustuwht do u plan to do on grounds in PK?13:16
mustuto promote Ubuntu13:17
Researcherwell mustu I am promoting ubuntu since 200913:17
Researchermy first ubuntu wiki page was in 200713:18
Researcherand since the 4 version  i am using ubuntu13:18
Researcheri am into linux since 200013:18
Kiloshi mustu13:18
Researcherwb Kilos13:18
Kilosty Researcher13:18
mustuhey Kilos13:19
mustuhave you been involved in the past local events ?13:19
Researchermustu : i am coming to this point13:19
mustuthere were some local activities in past13:20
Researcherevents need a proper management .. a good team leader13:20
ResearcherI respect fawad bhai but to be honest he were too busy for this loco to lead13:20
Researchermost of the said events were fake13:21
Researcherthey never happened13:21
mustue.g. ?13:21
Researcherdue to his ignorance, lack of maintaining the official website .. and his absence played a vital role in damaging the loco team pakistan13:22
Researcheralso he never organized events or helped any one here13:22
Researcheri am the one who were and is here13:23
mustuthere is a fan page and a group on facebook13:23
Researcherwell ....13:23
mustugroup was managed by fuaad13:23
Researcherfan pages and group pages cannot prove the efforts13:23
mustufanpage was a different community13:24
Researcherfawad riaz bajwa13:24
mustuhave you seen the few events at that fanpage?13:24
Researcherhe is foss advocate which cannot be cover in loco team scope13:25
Kilosguys i have to go round up and lock up sheep13:25
Kiloswill be back13:25
Researchersure Kilos13:25
Researchermustu : what is the use of such events when only your personnel people can attend13:25
Researcheri tried to speak with him he refused couple of time said i am a busy person13:26
Researcheri even tried to contact with reference of junaid saeed uppal13:26
ResearcherJunaid bhai is really a good friend of mine13:26
Kilosmustu as long as we all work together to get pk loco running smoothly again so that guys that help others can apply for ubuntu membership then its all good13:26
mustui'm asking to know if we are on same page and fill in each other for what we don't know13:26
Researchermustu thanks for sharing13:27
mustuhave you talked to the fanpage guys ever or participated in any event organized bythem?13:27
Researcherhow i can when i never received any email via mailing list13:27
Researcheri am a team pakistan member since 200813:28
mustuwell because the fan page guys weren't allowed to use official channels13:28
Researcheragain .. limitations13:28
Researcherwho set these rules13:28
Researcherubutnu is not the ownership of loco teams or their leaders13:28
Researcherwe have a proper code of conduct13:29
Researcheralso they train how to run the team smoothly13:29
Researcherthis shows me that some one is trying to be the fish13:29
Researcherhow long he will hold the position for no reason13:29
Researcherif he cannot he should resign and hand over to the correct person13:30
Researchersee this channel today13:30
Researcherwe feel life here13:30
Researcher8 years a was hanging here alone and talking to bots13:30
Researcherthis clearly draws a picture of non confromity13:31
Researcherubuntu not going to give assylum to such people such methods13:31
Researcherwe must help each other13:31
Researcheri am not a paid employee13:31
Researcheri am a volunteer13:31
Researcheri have a vision of brighter pakistan, stronger and smart pakistan13:32
Researcherubuntu invested a lot to help third world countries to get a benefit .. its not just a peace of OS or CD13:32
Researcherits a pure humanity13:32
Researcherwe must respect and show our support in return13:32
Researchermustu : i never get any invitation to join any official/semi official ubuntu facebook page13:33
Researcherinfact fawad bhai ko chahiay tha k mailing list per sab ko update rakhtay13:34
Researcherwe never had any road maps13:34
Researcherwhere we are standing today ?13:34
Researcheri have a agenda .. i setup goals .. and i attempt to achieve13:35
Researcherbut unfortunately team pakistan scores the worst among the rest of the ubuntu teams worldwide13:35
Researchermustu: whats your story, would u like to share ?13:37
ResearcherRajRajRaj : aaj bohat khamosh ho :)13:38
RajRajRajResearcher:  sorry yaaar thora kaam mei busy hu13:38
Researcherchal good hay laga reh munna bhai13:38
mustuI had a bad experience with Fuaad13:39
Researcherplease bro tell us then i will also tell you mine stories with him13:40
mustuwhen I got into Ubuntu I encountered some folks including Fuaad, Haroon and Nouman13:41
mustuand few other guys who were really good at translation13:41
Researcheri were a member of team translation13:42
Researchermustu please continue13:42
mustuFuaad was idle at that time... he didn't responded and neither he was active13:42
mustuI got company from Haroon whn is now in KSa and Nouman who still lives in KHI13:42
Researcheryeah he earns good and he have a higggghhh atitude ,,,13:43
mustuwe started our efforts to reach out to grass root level and play our role in promoting Ubutu13:43
mustuwho Haroon?13:43
mustuWe started Ubuntu Pakistan facebook page13:43
mustuwe were taking it too serious.. two of our meeting minutes are here https://www.facebook.com/ubuntupakistan/notes13:44
mustusorry 1 only13:44
mustualthough Fuaad was idle and in no-resposne mood but soon after we started our activities we received threat from him13:45
mustuHe threatened us saying he can sue us and blamed us to "hijack" "HIS" community13:46
mustuwe were astonished by that BS13:46
mustuhe still have control of the official PK mailing list ... we contacted him but he didn't allowed us to post in the official list about any event..13:46
mustuthe conclusion from all the discussion with him was that he wanted to take and keep all the credit on himself only13:47
mustui believe that's how he manages to make relation in internation industry by claiming such nation wide communities to his self13:48
Researchermusut sorry to interrupt .... loco team pakistan is not the property of FAWAD RIAZ BAJWA ... it is owned by any person any nationality any race who help the cause ..13:49
mustuhowever we gave zero fu*k and continued our efforts...13:49
Researcherwho is fawad to decide.... keep doing your efforst ... and apply for membership here13:50
Researcherwe will help you on all levels13:50
mustuwe volunteered a lot of time in meeting with students, talkgin about Ubuntu... Me, Haroon and Nouman did organized some events.. you can check the album of that page13:51
Researcherwe have a asia pecific board who keep a good eye on the regional activities13:51
Researcherfawad cannot trick any more13:51
mustuI was so passionate that I burned few dozen CDs and organized event from my pocket13:51
Researchersoon we will release the new standard and rules which will surely keep away such (fawad like) people away from doing political tricks13:52
mustuprinted stickers for the CD :p... bought pizzas for all the participants13:52
mustuit was hell of fun13:52
Researchermustu i did that lot of time :) i am now sad that i missed the party13:52
Researchermustu : which city you organized the event ?13:52
mustuthis was my first ubuntu release party I arranged at hardees https://www.facebook.com/ubuntupakistan/photos/?tab=album&album_id=11568733846746913:53
mustuI was in LHR13:53
mustuHaroon and Nouman were in KHI13:53
barlasmustu: Was? Where are you now?13:54
mustulater Babar Zahoor another friend of mine did joined the wave and in next release we organized the release party in 3 cities at same time ...https://www.facebook.com/ubuntupakistan/photos/a.114642205238649.7220.112885985414271/114643625238507/?type=3&theater13:54
Researchernice even i appreciate13:54
Researcheryeah babar bhai is real active .. i am in contact with babar zahoor13:54
mustui remeber the whole night i spent in GIMP to designthe party poster13:54
Researcherbabar zahoor bhai already running a chapter of pakistan open source foundation13:56
Researcherbut it is not a non profit organization13:56
mustuwe printed tees for 14.10 release.. tht was a huge loss :p13:56
mustuBabar is a close friend of mine13:57
mustuit's me at 10.14 party https://www.facebook.com/ubuntupakistan/photos/a.181757988527070.32351.112885985414271/181758018527067/?type=3&theater13:57
Kilosok so i need to find out how to takcontrol of  mailing list Researcher mustu13:58
mustuhowever that was fun ... but there weren't enough shoulders to continue the wave13:58
Researcherwb pavlushka13:58
Researchermustu i like the t-shirts13:58
mustuI did played my best but then I couldn't and no one came forward to continue the wave13:58
mustuHaroon got married.. went to KSA13:59
pavlushkaResearcher: thanks, :)13:59
mustuNoumaan is also occupied with his family n job13:59
Kilosinteresting knowing these facts13:59
mustubut the hurdles are 213:59
Researcheri am also married now and i am also not in pakistan .. but we should not left in the middle ..13:59
Kilossee how one person can destroy a movement13:59
ResearcherKilos : he is a bure business mind person14:00
Researcherand he infact used the ubuntu to increase his bank balance14:00
mustu1 is the BS mindset of Paki people like Fuaad and some other I can't name .. there is a strong desire of getting famous and takign credit in desi guys... they don't justify the word community14:00
Researchermustu : please sorry to say .. dont tell Paki people like ....14:00
Kilosahoneybun can you scroll back today and see what the issues are/were here14:00
mustuThe Open Source Foundation was initiated way back ...14:01
Researcheri am paki and you are paki too, no one is complete .. we all have some lackings .. but that is not the mistake of our country or our nationality14:01
Researcherblack sheeps are very where .. so next time .. exclue the term paki when you are calling Fuaad14:02
Researcheryes i agree you14:02
ResearcherBS mindset people like Fuad ruined the whole show14:02
mustuI travelled to ISB on my pocket expense to layout the details of open source foudnation :p ... but since it's inauguration I have intentionally left it ....14:02
mustuPOSF was the name we decided at that time..14:03
mustuif you are in contact with Babar you can ask him about me ..14:03
mustuMustafa Qasim is my real name14:03
mustuI'm on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Evgenia.Osip14:04
Researchercool let me add you14:04
Researcherrequest sent14:04
mustuare you zeeshan?14:04
Researcherwell i really appreciate your efforts14:04
Researcheryes i am Zeeshan14:04
mustuI left OSFP coz it's all stunts now... PR stunts .. I haven't said these words to babar in person :p14:06
mustuhe is a close friend but I have zero tolerance for BS14:06
mustuI know BS when I see one14:06
Researcheri understand14:07
mustuit's less cruel but identical to what Fuaad was driving..14:07
Researcherwell lets unite together .. and bring ONE WORLD concept here14:07
Researcherregardless to differences .. lets play a vital role14:07
mustuwhenever you see one or few people who drive a community you will see those who love publicity stunts.. they can't hide.. they love the community coz it does give them fame14:08
Researcherwell i have a different prospective14:08
Researcherand i think little different .. as i am supporting for no fame14:08
mustuI give zero fucks to myself or anyone when we are in a "Community" ... we should put the cause above then our personalities14:08
Researcherif you seen my posts on ubuntu loco team facebook page .. i am offering projects support. hosting, servers for free14:08
Researcherbut never for any publicity14:09
Researcheri never ever even told my webhosting company name to tried to promote my personnel ventures ..14:09
mustufb call?14:11
Researcheri am willing to support any guy any one  from any country of this world, who have an interested project but cannot launch due to insufficient funds ... but only one condition, the server os will be ubuntu14:11
Researchermustu yaar woh fb call block hay14:11
Researchercall me on whatsapp14:12
Researcher+968 9875861714:12
Researcherand give me your number14:12
Researcheradd me on whatsapp14:12
mustucallin you14:13
Researcherone minute bro14:15
Researcherwhatsapp is also block here14:15
Researcherbut vpn do the trick14:15
Researcherok guys i have to leave for now14:20
Researcherwill join u back from home14:20
Researchermustu : i am calling that USA number is mine14:20
Researcher+1 903 4846472 is mine14:20
Researcherbrb guys14:22
mustuResearcher m bck15:43
ahoneybunKilos: what am I looking for?15:48
ChiefJusticehi Researcher16:22
ChiefJusticehi all16:22
ChanSebalubmil: smacznej kawy! :)16:45
Kilosoh sorry ahoneybun i was asleep17:00
Kilosthe reason why this loco crashed17:00
Kiloshi mustu Researcher17:00
ahoneybunwhich is?17:01
Kilosthe admin guy made the loco his own private kingdom17:01
ahoneybunhe was doing things he should not have?17:02
Kilosand no one else was allowed to get ahed17:02
* ahoneybun is trying to fix ubiquity17:02
Kilosgood luck17:02
ahoneybunno second in command?17:02
ahoneybunit a few PEP8 erros17:02
Kilosno and also not handing over the reigns when becoming too busy17:02
ahoneybunoh just left17:03
Kilosyes and peeps werent approved in list or anything17:03
Kiloseven refused to discuss anything face to face17:04
ahoneybunis there any chain of command now?17:04
Kilosin this channel they are all working together17:04
ahoneybunvery good17:04
Kiloswe need to find out how to get admin on the mailing list17:04
ahoneybunwhat is the list?17:04
Kiloslemme ask pavel17:05
ahoneybunthe name17:05
Kilosaw hes gone17:05
ahoneybunis it ubuntu.com  or launchpad?17:06
ahoneybuneither one the LoCo should have access17:06
ahoneybunLoCo Council17:06
Kiloscool ill ask for admin there for Researcher and mustu if he is interested17:06
ahoneybunI pinged mhall119 in #ubuntu-locoteams17:07
Kilosi saw ty17:07
* ahoneybun waits for his build to finish17:08
mustuI'm afraid to be admin .... wuld prefer if Researcher can volunteer17:11
Kiloshe will but i need a backup man17:11
Kilosand dont be afraid i will be here and ahoneybun17:12
mustui'm too much occupied and wouldn't want to harm the community for just being the admin17:12
mustusure... I can be the backup17:12
ahoneybunmustu: don't worry, it will be good17:12
Kilosty mustu17:13
Kilosi cant be admin all over17:13
mustusecond I believe we should place filters and procedures so that not a single person can "Own" a community project... only one who's actively working17:13
Kilosbut ill be here if you guys need help and the LC and CC will back me up17:13
Kilosyes we wont make 1 owner but 2 admins17:14
mustuin a community work volunteers always come and go.. but the privileges and procedures should accommodate this dynamic behaviour17:14
mustueverone should have the chance to lead and no one should stick with any privilege17:15
mustuonly then we can make a cause survive by putting it above than personalities17:15
ahoneybunthe LC and CC have access at all times17:15
ahoneybunbut we need some leaders17:15
mustuback in 2010 the LoCo only knew Fuaad and didn't entertained anyoen directly..17:16
ahoneybunyou all can change that17:16
mustuthey used to refer bac to Fuaad and he wouldn't let anyone replace him17:16
ahoneybunby being more open17:16
Kilosmustu yourself and researcher can guide the rest of the team17:19
Kilosand ive asked if you can have the power to hand over admins too17:19
zakihello mustu17:21
mustuhi zaki17:22
mustuWe've built a small community over facebook. I will transfer the ownsership to anyone who can lead.17:24
Kilosmustu you can invite them all here as well. one cant become an ubuntu member from facebook17:25
mustuKilos it's just a fan page for leveraging facebook to stay in touch with local members17:26
Kilosinvite them here as well17:26
mustujust a mean of reaching out to community esp. those who aren't regular on IRC or don't user IRC at all17:27
Kiloskeep you fb group going as well then if they like fb17:27
mustusure will do17:27
Kilosalso let them know they can apply for official ubuntu membership and get a certificate signed by mark17:28
mustuLet's sort it first among us before sharing in public.. maybe we can polish it better for public17:29
Kiloscool its your channel here now, you guys decide17:30
Kilosbut even you should have been able to apply years ago17:30
mustuWe couldn't use any official link in past due to restriction from Fuaad Bajwa. Peopel have almost forgot about the official membership. Let's sort out the details first and then we will promote the membership properly by organizing at least a Webinar or Video Chat over Google Hangout17:31
Kilosubuntu is for everyone, not for creating private kingdoms17:32
mustuKilos are you part of LoCo board?17:34
Kilosnope mustu membership board17:35
Kilosbut we all work together17:35
Muhammad_SaadHoly shit! That's a lot of people. Last time I checked there would be 2 zombies and a bot.18:13
Kiloshi Muhammad_Saad18:14
mustuMuhammad_Saad I've only spoken to few but I've been told that all are real people :)18:14
Muhammad_SaadSounds too good to be true. XD18:15
mustuMuhammad_Saad these cool guys aims to revive the Ubuntu Pakistan community....18:15
mustuit would be fun to have guys like you here18:16
Muhammad_SaadFun to have guys like me? What do you think I am, a clown? :|18:16
mustuwell I would go with your interpretation .. one knows himself beter18:17
mustuKilos Muhammad_Saad has been among the top localization expert18:17
Muhammad_SaadHmm... I don't mind being called an expert. I'll hang around. :p18:18
mustuwhatever it takes man ;)18:19
mustuMuhammad_Saad don't you've a short nick?18:20
Muhammad_SaadHmm.. I should switch.18:20
=== Muhammad_Saad is now known as M_Saad
mustumuch better18:21
Kilosmustu type the first 3 letters then hit tab, it will complete the nick for you18:21
mustuM_Saad you were heavily involved in translation right?18:21
M_SaadI used to be. These days I am busy with physics work.18:22
mustuKilos yep even a single char works if it's unique... but still it was too long18:22
mustuM_Saad no issue.. but I believe you can at least mentor or inspire new members18:22
mustuM_Saad you've at least spent more time with the official team than me...18:23
M_SaadYes I can. If they are willing to sacrifice their souls. :p18:23
M_SaadI hope that whoever they are, they won't compromise on quality like a lot of folks I have seen so far.18:25
Kilosyou can help guide them the right way18:26
barlasM_Saad: Hey18:26
barlasM_Saad: Are you the M_Saad I know?18:26
M_SaadYou here too?18:26
M_SaadOr a better question will be18:26
M_SaadYou still alive, mate?18:26
M_SaadSo how many here are those who actually are from PK?18:29
barlasI am only sure about ChanServ and Kilos18:29
mustuno idea18:29
mustui was invited by zaki18:31
mustubut it seems he himself isn't from PK18:32
barlasResearcher seems to be the one trying to organize everything18:35
pavlushkamustu: he is from my country, :)18:37
M_SaadI wonder what kind of Researcher is he.18:37
pavlushkaM_Saad: me too, :P18:37
barlasHe research people, stalking, in other words :P18:37
mustuat least not what kind of physics researcher you are18:37
mustupavlushka where u from?18:38
pavlushkamustu: From Bangladesh, :)18:38
mustupavlushka good :)18:38
mustuM_Saad r u woking on problems at earth or in space these days?18:39
pavlushkaand I must say, I am really impressed zaki , :)18:39
pavlushkalol @ mustu18:39
M_Saadmustu, too abstract to pin down a specific place. XD18:39
mustupavlushka impressed ?18:39
mustuM_Saad I knew18:40
pavlushkamustu: sorry, I meant to say "I am really impressed, zaki"18:40
M_Saadmustu, these days I am trying to make sense of markov chain monte carlo methods for statistical physics simulations. :p18:41
mustupavlushka why impressed?18:41
* mustu not gonna google the weirdo method 18:42
M_SaadYou coward!18:43
pavlushkamustu: because zaki found you and you are here already, :)18:43
M_Saadpavlushka, oh he's just got too much free time on his hands. XD18:43
pavlushkaI was trying to bring in a guy named osama in this channel, but failed, but I guess zaki is lucky, :)18:44
pavlushkaI have his email address, twitter id, but no response, he is a CSE student I guess in pk.18:45
zakipavlushka: :)18:47
zakihello M_Saad mustu Researcher18:47
mustuhey zaki18:47
M_SaadOh. Hello there.18:47
zakihow are you all, happy to see guys here. :)18:48
M_SaadI am miserable, as usual. :|18:49
* M_Saad is giving a dark aura of misery and despair.18:53
Kiloswhy M_Saad18:54
Kilossmile a while18:54
Kilosthings are happening18:54
M_SaadYou took that seriously? :-/18:54
Kilosi thought you were sad yes18:54
M_SaadOh. Note to self: Don't confuse new people.18:55
Kilosim not new, ive been here about 5 months i think18:55
Kilostrying to get your loco active again18:55
M_SaadCool! :)18:57
Kiloswe need to get Researcher to be here at night as well18:57
Kilosseems married life keeps him busy18:58
* M_Saad is getting high on nostalgia from the old days of spending time on irc.18:58
Kiloshave some coffee18:59
KilosQA coffee on18:59
* QA flips the salt-timer18:59
KilosQA large18:59
QAIn a beer mug just for you Kilos18:59
zakiQA: coffee please19:00
QAzaki: Yessir19:00
Kilosthis is wonderful, from 3 nicks to 40 in 5 months19:01
Kiloszaki you guys are lagging19:01
barlasM_Saad: You are too young to have nostalgia :P19:02
QACoffee's ready for Kilos and zaki!19:03
KilosQA ty19:03
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos19:03
zakiQA: ty19:03
QAOnly a pleasure zaki19:03
M_Saadbarlas: I am an old soul in a young body :p19:04
Kiloshaha im the opposite19:04
xeruspkHello all19:20
Kiloshi xeruspk19:21
Kilosmustu this is great19:21
zakihello xeruspk19:21
mustuhey xeruspk19:23
mustuKilos (y)19:24
xeruspkJust wanted to find out how I can help Ubuntu-pk community19:24
mustuxeruspk well dozen of ways...19:24
Kilosgreat xeruspk you can start by hanging out here and helping Researcher and mustu plan ahead19:25
mustuxeruspk are you located in PK?19:25
mustuRajRajRaj ?19:25
RajRajRajR u from rhel19:25
RajRajRajmustu: did i meet u in rhel19:25
mustuwhat do u mean by rhel?19:25
RajRajRajmustu: nvm19:25
mustuRajRajRaj o_O didn't got tht19:26
xeruspkYes I'm in PK19:27
mustuxeruspk you can execute activities and support online19:28
pavlushkaso far I know that rhel means RedHat Enterprise Linux, :p19:28
mustuactivities in ur local area... I personally believe that in-person activities are more fruitful then any online campaign...19:29
RajRajRajmustu: asl19:29
mustuRajRajRaj lol... what's this Dalnet #Teen ?19:29
RajRajRajmustu: this is phreenote19:30
RajRajRajSo asl please19:30
pavlushkaHello RajRajRaj !19:31
mustuRajRajRaj have we met before?19:31
RajRajRajpavlushka: hey pallavi :19:31
RajRajRajAnd anushka19:31
RajRajRajmustu: yeah i think so19:31
mustuRajRajRaj did you wanted to say in any RHEL event or class?19:32
RajRajRajmustu: ?19:33
RajRajRajI d k19:33
mustuRajRajRaj can you please speak out clearly ?19:33
mustuRajRajRaj I reside in LHR19:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:35
mustuKilos gnite19:35

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