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flocculantballoons: hoping you're still about ;) why is that qa manual tests doesn't have wishlist as an option for status? or has wishlist just disappeared completely now?16:05
balloonsflocculant, wishlist is importance16:07
flocculantmea culpa :)16:08
flocculantand hi balloons :)16:08
balloonsgood evening to you16:08
tsimonq2o/ balloons16:08
flocculanttsimonq2: ahah .. caught you \o/  bug 1559675 you were looking at in May?16:10
ubot5bug 1559675 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Testcase 1302: order of test steps does not correspond to installation manager order" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155967516:10
* flocculant has caught some time for manual testing ;)16:11
flocculantballoons: all good with the new job I trust :) WHERE is the new person :'(16:11
balloonsflocculant, indeed plenty of stuff to test as always :-)16:12
* tsimonq2 runs from flocculant 16:14
tsimonq2flocculant: in all seriousness, I'll get you an MP in a few hours, sorry about the delay16:14
flocculantballoons: something I'm not completely clear on - if *we* test foo and then upgrade happens which then breaks something - should that even happen? happened to xubuntu with 16.04 ?16:14
flocculanttsimonq2: no panic - just catching up - no-one has cared up to now :D16:15
tsimonq2flocculant: yeah I've been distracted myseld16:15
flocculantballoons: kind if a negative SRU :p16:15
tsimonq2flocculant: don't you mean a regression alert?16:15
balloonsflocculant, I'm confused by what you are asking16:16
tsimonq2flocculant: there's a procedure for thaty16:16
flocculantor being blunt - Ubuntu/Canonical broke something :)16:16
tsimonq2flocculant: like I said, raise a regression :)16:16
flocculant bug 159831616:16
ubot5bug 1598316 in gtk2-engines-murrine (Ubuntu) "gtk2-engines-murrine desktop text shadow problem" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159831616:16
flocculanttsimonq2: we marked the thing regression-update16:17
tsimonq2flocculant: then I'd suggest raising it with the release team if it's a major issue16:18
flocculantthough seems I've got a reply on the bug from jbicha now16:18
flocculantthat though is beside the point - someone broke us on LTS16:22
tsimonq2that's not good :(16:22
flocculanton the other hand fix for bug with huge heat is in -proposed :p16:23

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