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rbasakrharper: could you help triage bug 1583819 please? I'm not sure about it.03:46
ubottubug 1583819 in kvm (Ubuntu) "vcpu0 unhandled rdmsr" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158381903:46
rbasakstgraber: do you have an opinion on the proposed fix for bug 1531184 please?03:47
ubottubug 1531184 in dnsmasq (Ubuntu) "dnsmasq doesn't start on boot because its interface isn't up yet" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153118403:47
stgraberrbasak: it's probably fine. Note that anyone who actually has the dnsmasq package installed on their system is likely to run into other problems, so not a big priority for us.03:49
stgraberrbasak: (dnsmasq-base is what we care about in the distro and that doesn't ship the init script)03:49
rbasakstgraber: OK, thanks04:08
andreabediniI'm having issues preseeding an installation. I have "d-i tasksel/first multiselect standard, cloud-image" in the preseed file but the tasks do not seem to get installed, suggestions?06:24
andreabedinisame with "tasksel tasksel/first multiselect standard, cloud-image"06:34
rightshiftAnyone got any good links on systemd service creation?09:34
rightshiftI've created one that starts a process, but i'm having trouble incorporating the stop09:34
hateballrightshift: Had a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers ?09:35
rightshiftThanks i'll check it out09:35
radish_Hi! Does anyone know when https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-5696.html will be fixed? I'm just wondering because neither RedHat, SuSe, nor Deboan/Ubuntu have released a patched kernel while distros like Arch and Mageia have already released an update.09:42
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maswanradish_: next regular round, probably no more than a week or two10:05
radish_maswan: thanks for the information10:10
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venkat_330After enabling apparmor ::  my lightdm session does not open up : operation="mknod" profile="/usr/sbin/lightdm" name="/run/lightdm.pid" .. http://pastebin.com/JQwpB6ev10:36
rbasakvenkat_330: apparmor is enabled by default, so it might help to explain what you have done differently on your system. But also, a lightdm problem isn't a server question, so try asking in #ubuntu. Relatively few people will be able to help you with lightdm here.10:44
rightshiftHow do I echo a status for my systemd service e.g. on start it should say "service started" on stop "service stopped" etc11:02
rightshifti've got it starting and stopping, but it doesnt return any info11:02
OerHekssystemctl status name.service11:02
FManTropyxso I do "apt-get install update-manager-core"11:47
FManTropyxthere is a required step that refers to karmic/lucid11:48
FManTropyxor I just run do-release-upgrade?12:05
UssatI am having a odd issue here when installing 2 packages on 16.04. The packages are samtools and bcftools. I am building the server for a researcher here at work. The two packages are disctinctly different, have different uses, commands etc, but sem to conflict and overwrite each other. I install them via standard apt-get commands, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/23061365/. Any advice here how to get both packages installed at the same12:17
Ussattime ?12:17
ivoksUssat: install them at the same time?12:19
Ussathave both packages installed.12:19
ivoksso, here's what packages say:12:19
ivoks$ apt-cache show samtools12:19
ivoksall good12:20
UssatI have looked at that12:20
ivoks$ apt-cache show bcftools12:20
ivoksBreaks: samtools (<< 1.0)12:20
UssatRight, I know that12:20
Ussatthat is the problem12:20
UssatI need both of them12:20
ivoksit looks to me like they do come from the same source12:21
ivoksHomepage: http://samtools.sourceforge.net12:21
ivoksHomepage: http://samtools.github.io/bcftools/12:21
ivoksi'd say samtools is an older version12:22
UssatYes I am aware12:22
Ussatolder version of what ? they are different toolsets12:22
ivokssamtools package installs samtools, which is outdated and not maintained by the upstream12:24
ivoks(they say so on their webpage)12:24
ivoksnew version of samtools, 1.x, looks like it's not packaged12:24
Ussatso youre saying the samtools functionality has been rolled into bcftools ?12:24
ivoksno, i don't know that12:25
ivoksit looks like samtools is now a group of multiple toolsets12:25
ivoksone of them is called samtools12:25
ivoksand one is bcftools12:25
ikoniabcftools isn't bcfg is it ?12:26
ivoksand it doesn't look like that the version of samtools (from the github) is available in the archive12:26
Ussatok.....I see what ya saying now12:27
UssatSo....latest bcftools is there in archive but not samtools.......so my options look limited, compile up samtools (which is ... eww) but seems like only option12:28
ivoksit's not that complicated12:29
ivoksit depends just on couple of libs12:29
ivoksmaybe you are lucky and it has debian/ in its source12:29
ivoksnope, it doesn't12:30
UssatNo, not complicated just hate having compiled crap on there because, keepinp updated sucks is all12:30
ivoksthen there's this thing called snappy12:31
Ussatnot familiar with that12:31
ivoksit would allow you to compile once12:31
ivoksand then just distribute to all your machines automatically12:32
ivoksand anyone could install it, on any other distro12:32
ivoksit would require you to invest an hour or so to create your first snap, but it will pay of in the long term12:33
Ussatfortunately, its only 2 systems12:33
Ussattest and prod12:33
Ussatyea reading asbout it now, looks promising, thanks12:33
ivoksi think i might snap this, just for fun :)12:34
Ussatthanks for the help ivoks12:45
FManTropyxCannot update compressed archives!!!12:50
ivoksUssat: i'm building a snap of samtools right now, let me see how usable it will be12:54
Ussatok thanks12:55
ivoksUssat: these tools usually need access to files you have in your home directory?12:56
UssatWell, not nessarially in home dir, but in a folder on the server, yes, the raw genetic data that the tools manipulate13:03
Ussatso I found a samtools at https://launchpad.net/~nebc/+archive/ubuntu/bio-linux/+packages?field.name_filter=samtools&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=13:10
Ussatopinions on that ?13:10
Bert_2Hi, since we've upgraded to 16.04 we've been having weird issues with SSH + lookup. We have a backup service that uses a keypair with authorized_keys to do rsync. We use a from entry with the domain of the backup server and this used to work just fine. But since the upgrade auth.log is mentioning that the IP does not match the from. Even though when I nslookup the IP or dig the domain in the from ent13:17
Bert_2ry they both work fine on the machine in ...13:17
Bert_2... question. One machine that still runs 14.04 works fine and when I change the from entry to have the IP instead of hostname/domain it does work fine. Anyone know about some kind of change in 16.04's openssh or resolv system that might have triggered this?13:17
maswanwell, first suggestion is to use "getent hosts" to check resolving instead of dig/nslookup/host which talks directly to dns instead of using the libc resolver13:19
Ussativoks, so I found a samtools at https://launchpad.net/~nebc/+archive/ubuntu/bio-linux/+packages?field.name_filter=samtools&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=13:22
ivoksUssat: there you go13:23
ivoksUssat: still an old version13:23
UssatYea, looks like whats installed by apt-get anyway. Sent a email asking about that13:24
Ussatseeing these rsmatools, sent a email to researcher about them, they LOOK the same to me, but I wont be the one useing them13:24
Bert_2maswan: they're not in the hosts file, if that is what you mean13:28
Bert_2maswan: and getent hosts and then the domain or IP as a lookup give the correct output13:32
maswanBert_2: What IP does the auth logs say it connect from?13:37
maswanor hostname for that matter13:37
Bert_2maswan: it says the internal it,
Bert_2which backup.intern.ulyssis.org resolves to13:38
Bert_2and also reverses to13:38
Bert_2which is all correct13:38
Bert_2but it seems from auth.log that ssh isn't converting or something13:39
smoserhallyn, fyi, https://github.com/willsALMANJ/pentadactyl-signed is now providing signed pentadactyl builds13:53
smoserseems working for me, and seems also to mean i can use the awesome bar again... it was *really* slow in vimperator13:54
rharperrbasak: sure, I'll look at it13:55
hallynsmoser: oh, nice, i'll need to try that13:56
hallynwhat is the awesomebar?13:56
hallynwhat kills me invimperator is that ctrl-t to pull up editor often doesn't work13:56
smoserawesomebar == typing in the location bar (or 'o type here') and watching it complete and picking something13:57
smoserie, its the only way i can find anything13:57
smoserctrl-t ?13:57
kgirthoferhey all - what is the best way to dynamically block ddos ips?14:08
maswanhttps://www.sunet.se/blogg/showerthoughts-ddosing-an-important-social-institution-and-fixing-it-part1/ and https://www.sunet.se/blogg/showerthoughts-ddosing-an-important-social-institution-and-fixing-it-part2/ has some good ideas14:12
maswanIf you're talking about banning IPs on the host to not get through to the application, you're probably better off with a caching layer on top of the application if it is that fragile.14:14
yanchohi. i'm doing an upgrade and got this error after the restart: A start job is running for raise network interfaces (2 minutes of 5 mins 1 sec) - any idea what I can do please?14:45
jgrimmrbasak, fyi->https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/iscsitarget/+bug/161375816:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1613758 in iscsitarget (Ubuntu Yakkety) "[RM] iscsitarget should be removed from Yakkety" [Undecided,Fix released]16:18
jgrimmrbasak, wrt to your mentioning https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/iscsitarget/+bug/161262716:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1612627 in iscsitarget (Ubuntu) "iscsitarget-dkms fails to build on linux-generic-lts-xenial kernel " [Undecided,New]16:19
rbasakjgrimm: interesting, thanks.16:22
yanchoanyone can offer some guidance as to why my eth0 is not getting a dhcp after I updated from 15.10 to 16.04 please? I removed auto eth0 and did dhclient -r and dhclient but to no avail.17:08
sarnolddid you get error messages in dmesg? logs? on the terminal?17:09
yanchosarnold: no - no errors .. and with static ip it works17:14
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patdk-wkis there a dhcp server on the network?17:24
yanchopatdk-wk: yes17:49
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brianwbetter to post here... :)20:24
brianwCan anyone help me with authenticating to AD on 16.04 Server? I followed this; https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/sssd-ad.html . I am able to su to an AD user only from the root user. I get su: System error otherwise. I also cannot SSH to the Ubuntu server using an AD user, stating pam preauth stopped it.20:24
sarnoldcan you pastebin the pam errors?20:27
brianwauth.log ?20:29
brianwshould I increase logging on pam and sssd ?20:30
brianwI know it authing to the ad, because I get a different error if I use a wrong PW20:30
sarnoldI'd hope the standard verbosity would be useful to start with..20:31
brianwWhich log?20:31
brianwsyslog does not say much20:31
sarnoldauth.log or perhaps journalctl -u su or _COMM=su or something? I'm still getting the hang of these journals..20:32
brianwsarnold, me too20:35
sarnoldbrianw: argh, sorry, nothing obvious :( good luck, time for me to run..20:49
brianwForum post I guess. Or mailing list? Which is best for ubuntu server stuff?20:50
brianwI usualy use centos. The AD server is a centos samba4 server.20:50
eatingthenighthello, been a little confused by this and was hoping someone here could offer insight. when i connect my sever to my ldap server and sudo su - ldapuser i have a home directory created. However no passwd entry or shadow entry is added because it's handled through pam20:57
eatingthenighthow can i create an ldap user without the extremely hacky `sudo su - ldapuser`20:57
bekkseatingthenight: just omit su.20:58
bekkseatingthenight: sudo executes a command as root.20:59
eatingthenightso you are saying run sudo - ldapuser?21:00
bekkseatingthenight: no. what are you trying to do? "sudo su - ldapuser" invokes sudo for being able to run "su - ldapuser" which actually logs in as ldapuser.21:01
bekkseatingthenight: Thats your way of solving a specific issue - which one?21:01
eatingthenightroot issue is create ldapuser on the machine21:03
eatingthenighthaving to switch to the user and have pam magically create the user seems hacky21:04
bekksthats how it works.21:04
eatingthenightwell that works then, just thought someone might have a cleaner way.21:04
bekksThat IS the clean way.21:04
eatingthenightha, alright well i feel better about it now.21:05
bekksThe unclean way would be asking the ldap for all users and create all users.21:05
eatingthenightjust wanted a sanity check21:05
eatingthenightthanks bekks!21:05
eatingthenighti can remove my "super hack to create ldap user comment from my ansible script now" :)21:06

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