hellslingeranyone know where I can download the ota-12 image? I can't find it anywhere00:21
ogra_hellslinger, http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/stable/ has the metadata for the single bits (and the links to the files in the pool)01:36
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linmobHello, I am using a Nexus 4 (mako) on rc.proposed and managed to setup Libertine. Unfortunately, vivid is quite old (and obsolete), and some packages (e.g. the latest chromium-browser) are outdated (chromium-browser just segfaults). Is there any way to install a chroot that is on a newer or alternatively still supported version (trusty) of Ubuntu? Could I fix this by transitioning to another channel of Ubuntu Phone?08:49
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kaisozhi there!09:32
mimecarhi kaisoz09:34
kaisozhey mimecar! didn't see your greetings :D10:11
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jgdxmterry, hey, got five min to talk about uss/time-date?13:38
mterryjgdx: sure do13:38
jgdxmterry, specifically, I can't seem to locate the London timezone by writing "London, United Kingdom" into the search field.13:38
jgdxmterry, you did some changes to that panel, but do you recall if any of those changed the search code?13:39
mterryjgdx: they did change the search code (allowed it to search in translated names).  But I don't think we've ever searched using the country names and such.  It's trying to find a CITY called London United Kingdom in your case13:40
jgdx(either directly or indirectly by e.g. changing the db of timezones, etc)13:40
mterryjgdx: and the search isn't super smart, it just checks the beginning of the city for example, not sub phrasses13:40
mterryjgdx: I also updated the db of timezones too, when I made my other changes, yes13:41
mterryjgdx: but I don't think your search phrase would have ever worked13:41
mterryjgdx: it would be nice if it did.  It's a sensible search phrase13:41
jgdxmterry, well, we had a test using that exact phrase, but it's uncertain for how long it has failed, but now it does.13:42
mterryjgdx: ah interesting....13:42
mterryjgdx: that does surprise me.  Then I bet I probably did screw something up13:42
jgdxmterry, I guess the old search “engine” was a bit too coupled with the data13:43
mterryjgdx: well I don't *think* we ever searched over country names...  So I'm guessing that we would accept matches on just the first word?13:45
mterryjgdx: I can look into it.  That's the whole test, just typing that in?13:45
jgdxmterry, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23061630/ :)13:46
jgdxmterry, hey, great, thanks13:46
mterryjgdx: I *could* imagine a race there.  Like partial results come in from an earlier string and is still there before updating with no results once search_kb_type returns...  But I'll try and see what the old code did13:52
mterryjgdx: it would really help if you knew the last time that test worked13:52
mterryjgdx: also this isn't super urgent, I assume?13:53
jgdxmterry, we can't seem to find any bug reports for this, and I'm able to set all timezones I want using cities, so not 100% sure how urgent.13:55
jgdxmterry, but we want to fix the test asap13:55
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Guest64811i m using ubuntu phone13:58
jgdxGuest64811, how's it going?13:58
Guest64811thANK YOU13:58
Guest64811DOES IT POSIBLE13:59
jgdxGuest64811, I don't think you can yet, Whats App hasn't created an app for uphone.13:59
davmor2Guest64811: no what's app on Ubuntu Phone, and no way to install android app on Ubuntu14:01
Guest64811DOES IT WORK14:02
k1l_Guest64811: that is not an official app14:02
kaisozdpkg -L *14:09
javier4_make complains about the lack of member h_addr in struct hostent, but in my development/ndk/sources/android/libportable/common/include/netdb_portable.h ther's this line14:14
javier4_#define h_addr  h_addr_list[0]  /* address, for backward compatibility */14:15
javier4_inside hostent definition. What's the problem?14:15
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kaisozI'm planning about contributing to Ubuntu touch and I'm having a look at the band-aids project in launchpad14:20
kaisozI'm having a look at this issue, just to have some idea14:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1234336 in Canonical System Image "Search queries are not escaped" [High,Confirmed]14:21
kaisozwow, that was fast :D14:22
kaisozso, how would be the proper way to start working on this issue for example? should I contact Alejandro J. Cura to talk about it? I've been having a look at the unity-scope-click as well14:22
dobeyGuest64811: there is a webapp for the whatsapp web site interface in the store i think, however you must have a separate device with android/ios running the official app to log in with, and you will not be able to receive push notifications or rely on other advanced features, from it14:22
jgdxkaisoz, yeah, alecu is the person to talk to there. And awesome that you wan't to contribute.14:24
kaisozthank you :)14:25
jgdxkaisoz, checking out the unity-scope-click code, building and running it, then poking at it is probably the next best step :)14:25
kaisozI currently have a full time job as a (embedded) software developer so I won't be able to contribute as often as I would like to :)14:27
kaisozanyway I'll do my best. I've been following the project and now I have a Aquaris E5 so I can start playing :)14:27
kaisozAn I think the band-aids project is an excellent idea to get people involved easily14:30
jgdxkaisoz, cool, and yeah it is! :) If you're interested in app development, there's also #ubuntu-app-devel14:31
jgdxwhere you can discuss scope development as well14:32
kaisozI'm really more interested about helping with the system itself, although I think this kind of bugs are the best way to get the feeling about it14:33
kaisozmaybe there's a better way, I don't know14:33
kaisozI've only contributed to the kernel with a couple of patches to the drivers subsystem, but you work in different way there (as far as I know)14:36
dobeykaisoz: i'm not sure we want to fix that search queries "issue" exactly14:46
dobeyhmm i didn't realize someone added it to band-aids14:47
kaisozso it's a good thing that I asked before :D14:47
kaisozI just went to the band aids project and It's already ordered by importance14:48
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kaisozso, all system related bugs are gathered in the canonical devices system image launchpad project right?14:57
kaisozfrom there they are triaged to the respective projects14:57
dobeykaisoz: i explained that to you the other day.14:58
dobeybut i also don't know what you are expecting is "system related" either14:58
kaisozyeah, it's true, I didn't remember sorry15:00
kaisozwhich systems related I mean all not related to apps or scopes15:03
kaisozmaybe it's not the proper word15:04
dobeykaisoz: some apps and scopes are a core part of the system. c-d-s-i project has bugs linked which affect all levels of packages included in the system images15:08
kaisozaha, well that's perfectly clear now, thanks :)15:09
kaisozgot to go, see you later. And many thanks for the info! :D15:12
kaisozhi again15:44
gb_mkshi, I subscribe to this list: ubuntu-phone@lists.launchpad.net and I´m sending a mail to it but doesn´t arrive or show in the mail list archive. can someone give me advice17:07
dobeygb_mks: if it was held for moderation you would have received an e-mail about it. otherwise, appearing in the archive on the web site is not instantaneous.17:10
dobeygb_mks: is your mail about android and forensiscs tool?17:11
gb_mksdobey: thanks, I sent a mail (and resend it twice). the first one was yesterday. It´s about a bug related with ubuntu-sdk in ubuntu 14.0417:12
gb_mksI didn´t received an email about moderation17:13
gb_mksI copy paste it here https://titanpad.com/bug13856917:17
dobeyoh, i don't know why your mail wouldn't have gone through17:18
dobeymhall119: ^^ can you help gb_mks about why his mail didn't make it to the phone list?17:19
gb_mksyes it´s quite strange,.... I might have made a mistake17:19
gb_mksI sent it to ubuntu-phone@lists.launchpad.net, is that correct?17:20
gb_mksummm strange .. I sent one, nothing happened, then subscribe to the list, sent it again, and nothing happened twice :$17:21
mimecarAre you using the same email address for launchpad17:22
mimecarand for the mail client?17:22
gb_mksthat might be :D17:23
gb_mksgracias mimecar!17:23
mhall119gb_mks: dobey: checking on it now17:49
gb_mksthanks :)17:50
mhall119gb_mks: what was the subject line of your email?17:50
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mhall119dobey: gb_mks: I'm not an admin there, you might need pmcgowan to help17:54
gb_mksI just resend it again and it work correctly.17:55
gb_mksthanks for the help :)17:56
pmcgowangb_mks, it was sent ok but my guess is the subject hit everyones bug filter17:56
pmcgowanI know it hit mine17:56
pmcgowangb_mks, actualy the one you just sent arrived17:57
gb_mksyes, take a look to it because it looks everyone using ubuntu 14.04 might be affected and unable to use ubuntu-sdk correctly17:58
dobeymhall119: oh sorry, thought you were an admin for it18:05
mhall119so did I, but nope :)18:05
pmcgowanmhall119, that can be fixed18:06
* mhall119 accidentally volunteered for more responsibility :/18:12
tsimonq2mhall119: *way* too easy to do ;)18:14
kvmmmif I want to install a new DE, should I just use the Ubuntu Software Center?20:02
PaulfraOSAAAnybody got a project to compile/run on (K)ubuntu 16.04?20:05
dobeykvmmm: install on a phone? or on a PC? the latter you should ask in #ubuntu but basically yes20:14
kvmmmyes, it was a mistake. Sorry20:14
dobeyPaulfraOSAA: what do you mean?20:15
PaulfraOSAAdobey: After actually getting a couple of basic examples running in kubuntu 14.10 I upgraded to 16.04 and now i get problems with running  even the stariting example20:24
dobeyPaulfraOSAA: 14.10? yikes. i have a pure qml app i'm working on and it runs ok under unity7 on 16.0420:26
dobeyPaulfraOSAA: if you build a binary targetted for the 15.04 phone frameworks that uses c++ in the SDK, you probably won't be able to run that binary on a 16.04 PC, because it will be binary compatible20:27
PaulfraOSAAI ran LTS and got thoroughly tired of cmake 2.8 and the like. But it worked then, it doesn't now20:27
dobeybecause it will NOT be binary compatible20:27
dobey14.10 wasn't LTS, 14.04 was20:27
PaulfraOSAAOh, so then it was 14.0420:27
dobeybut anyway, if you're compiling in the sdk with a kit with a 15.04 framework target, but for x86, you'll have to run that binary in a chroot/container to run it on 16.04.20:30
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PaulfraOSAAI now get E: Failed to change to directory ‘/home/expert/programmering/UbuntuTouch/build-myFirstCmakeTouch-UbuntuSDK_for_armhf_GCC_ubuntu_sdk_15_04_vivid-Default’: No such file or directory20:34
PaulfraOSAAI: The directory does not exist inside the chroot.  Use the --directory option to run the command in a different directory.20:34
PaulfraOSAAWell the framework update has never worked for me20:35
dobeyoh hmm, that looks like a problem with the sdk itself. i'd say file a bug against the ubuntu-sdk package20:36
dobeyalso, #ubuntu-app-devel might be a better channel for app dev specific questions20:37
PaulfraOSAAdobey: uhh, thanks for that heads up, I'll try that20:47
PaulfraOSAAAt least now Qt Creator works on my tablet, so I'll be using it for that :)20:48
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taiebotHello hello. Is there a command line to check the status of the brightness sensor ?21:42
mariogripdoes anyone know what format the recovery ramdisk on arale (mx4) is?23:58

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