SaviqMirv, hey, not really, would need to look into it06:28
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MirvSaviq: hmm, ok. I'll try to run some unity8 testing still on my xenial krillin and attach that to the report, but it may be something got fixed along the way compared to beginning of the year06:45
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mterrySaviq: do we have resources to reduce the flakiness of our test suite?13:59
Saviqmterry, I think we need to scrounge some13:59
tsdgeosmterry: what's flacky nowadays?14:07
mterrytsdgeos: a thumbnailer branch was hitting a failure in Dash::test_mainNavigation.  We were hitting some failures in our own recent silo, but I don't remember the names14:08
tsdgeosmterry: Dash::test_mainNavigation is a sdk bug that i've just fixed14:08
Saviqyeah that's the first thing to do14:08
mterryoh nice  :)14:08
tsdgeoswill be in next sdk release whenever it happens14:08
Saviqanalyze what's actually flaky :)14:09
mterrytsdgeos: where is the sdk fix?  michi is curious14:17
mterrySaviq: every time we restart an autopkg, we should note the failed tests14:18
Saviqmterry, yup, and/or analyze http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/u/unity8/14:18
tsdgeosmterry: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/abstract_button_bind_mouse_earlier/+merge/30256414:29
mterrytsdgeos: thanks14:35
oSoMoNdednick, I’ve seen you’ve linked a branch to bug #1596524 , please let me know if I can help with testing16:40
ubot5bug 1596524 in Canonical System Image "/usr/bin/webbrowser-app:11:QScopedPointer:qGetPtrHelper:QOpenGLContext::d_func:QOpenGLContext::functions:QSGDefaultLayer::invalidated" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159652416:40
dednickoSoMoN: just need to test it works on all devices before proposing16:44
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