shakes808How do I copy a file from one account to another account on the same computer?  I tried ->  http://tinyurl.com/gqtm7ep Here is the command I am doing -> http://pastebin.com/XBfpNZsm00:28
shakes808a text file gets put on user2's desktop00:29
cmaloneyshakes808: First: If you're going to chain two sudo commands you'll want to do the following:00:47
cmaloneysudo -s00:47
cmaloney[enter password]00:47
cmaloneycp /path/to/source /path/to/dest && chown user2:user2 /path/to/dest00:48
cmaloneychaining two sudo commands with && won't work00:48
jrwreniirc there is a sudo flag which will pass the success of the subprocess through as success to sudo00:49
jrwrenshakes808: what you did should work. What is in this test file on user2'd desktop?00:51
jrwrenshakes808: make by the source file is also a text file. ;]00:51
shakes808cmaloney: tried it that way and still just puts an empty file on the desktop01:01
cmaloneyDo you have enough disk space? :)01:02
shakes808jrwren: nothing is in the file, just want to rename it over there01:02
shakes808cmaloney: clean computer.  fresh install of ubuntu 16.04.0101:03
shakes808wiped the laptop of any traces of window01:03
cmaloneytry this:01:04
cmaloneyrsync -avip /path/to/source /path/to/dest01:04
cmaloneyand see what that does01:04
cmaloney(as sudo)01:04
shakes808put over an empty file that had a lock on it.01:06
jrwreni claim the source file is empty.01:07
cmaloneyor the file has a lock that needs releasing01:07
jrwrenpastebin output of `ls -al $sourcefile` and `file $sourcefile`01:07
jrwrenand there it is. that is an empty file.01:11
shakes808the source?01:12
shakes808I just had it opened01:12
shakes808let me try it again01:12
jrwrenthe ls command says 0 bytes. read the output.01:13
shakes808.... doing the same thing on the source one.01:13
jrwrenthe file command says it is empty01:13
shakes808jrwren: I see that.  But I had it opened after I downloaded it01:13
shakes808let me download it again01:13
shakes808alright, worked that time.  I don't know what happened.  I had the pdf opened and verifying that what I needed on this computer was there for my son :(  Redownloaded it and it transfered now01:19
shakes808what would cause a pdf to do that?01:20
jrwreni dunno... acrobat reader executes javascript embedded in PDF. mabye it was self destructive message.01:21
shakes808hmmm interesting01:24
jrwreni should have included a ;]01:29
jrwreni doubt that is what happened, but i suppose its possible.01:30
jrwrenpro tip: don't use adobe reader.01:30
shakes808is that the same thing as Document Viewer?01:38
cmaloneyNo, the document viewer is "evince"01:38
shakes808didn't think so01:39
greg-gToday is Debian Day, 23 years old! We have 8 people on staff who are DDs. It feels good :)16:59
rick_h_greg-g: <317:00
jrwrenI love DDs. debian-devel is such a great email list to lurk on. usually, high signal to noise, and great way to learn by following.17:01
cmaloney<3 <317:36
cmaloneyDS9 was awesome18:13
cmaloneyMOst of Benson made the jump to Trek.;)18:13
cmaloneytalk about mischan. ;)18:14
greg-gI was like "DD is kiiinda like DS9" ;)18:16
jrwrenBenson? wtf?18:16
cmaloneyListening to Back to Work live18:17
Scary_Guyhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1768174886795537/permalink/1776277639318595/ playlist is up19:45

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