Omnifrogawwww yeahhhh, all new fresh coils02:10
* cyberanger sets off firecrackers for Omnifrog04:42
netritiousback wrst :)19:31
wrstwow netritious, that was quick19:31
netritiousHowdy everyone19:31
netritiousbreaking records today lol19:32
wrsthow are things going?19:32
netritiousok, negotiating a raise today. waiting to hear back.19:33
netritioushow about you wrst?19:33
wrstdoing well, hopefully your afternoon will be full of $$$$$$$$19:33
netritiousone can only hope.19:33
netritiouseveryday now I am having a lxd/lxc epiphany. like, just figured out what to do with the t2.medium reserved instance that's been just sitting there. maybe lol19:36
* |Ubik| files a frivilous lawsuit against cyberanger19:37
|Ubik|reserved instances...  good or bad? lol19:38
netritiousit's fine. i use it for utility work mostly. was there before I was.19:47
netritiousthe "primary" reserved instance is 24/7 t2.medium. it too works fine. runs 5, maybe 6 services using a container for each, wired as needed.19:49
netritiousI quote primary becasue the second one might as well be "secondary."19:49
netritioussomeone purchased use of two t2.mediums for three years up front. still 1.5 years left.19:54
netritiousbetween backups to s3 and volume snapshots, I really can't justify putting the second one to use for anything other than a hot standby. I mean, the resource is paid for, might as well be hot and ready like a little ceaser's pizza, right?19:58
netritious|Ubik|: why is something wrong with reserved instances I should know about?20:02
|Ubik|netritious: Guess it depends... can save money if you're running a lot20:20
|Ubik|but if you don't need it, and you're stuck with it... lol20:20
|Ubik|might as well turn it into an ircd? :P20:20
netritiousaccording to aws reports that one instance with the containers stays at 100% utilization. I'm thinking maybe I could split the load though by distributing between the two. dns, backup mx maybe. idk lol20:23
netritioustop never seems to think the host stays at 100% however, on cpu or ram. it'll peek for a while occassionally, but that's seems  normal.20:25
netritiousand there is only one S in occasionally :$20:26
|Ubik|I think the two reports differ, not sure why, but I've seen that too20:27
|Ubik|chances are cyberanger is skewing up your stats20:27
netritiousmost likely20:27
netritiousI guess deep down I know it's bad practice to put all your eggs in one basket and want to be proactive about it.20:32
cyberangernetritious some people love bad eggs21:49
cyberangerI don't21:49
netritiousNot a fan myself cyberanger22:56

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