mamarleysoee: NVIDIA 370.23 is out. :)10:13
* mamarley is, of course, working on the package.10:15
soeeit is my job to announce it ;D10:19
mamarleySometimes these new major releases can be tricky.  Especially with no changelog posted yet…10:22
mamarleyI'm not saying this one is or isn't yet.  Just sometimes they can be.10:24
soeestill it does not include much http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/105855/en-us10:29
mamarleyI don't see anything packaging-relevant in there.10:31
* mamarley crosses fingers.10:31
mamarleyWell, it packages cleanly.  That's a good sign.  Now for the guinea-pigging…10:34
mamarley(I haven't uploaded it yet; I need to check if any kernel module patches are necessary.)10:36
mamarleysoee: It appears to work. :) Now I just have to get the packaging ready for the rest of the Ubuntu releases, then I can upload.10:52
soeethan i can test :)10:52
mamarleyThis driver also compiles against Linux 4.7 without a patch.10:54
ricotzoh nice :)11:45
ricotzmamarley, make sure to base it on the current 367 ppa packaging11:45
ricotzand check if the 4.8 patch still applies11:46
mamarleyricotz: Already based on the PPA packaging, and do you mean the 4.7 patch?  We don't have a 4.8 patch yet.11:52
mamarleyRegardless, the 4.7 patch is no longer necessary.11:52
ricotzif so, you didnt base it on the current packaging11:52
mamarleyOh, you must have uploaded something more recently that I didn't see.  Darn.11:53
* mamarley starts over.11:53
ricotzupdated it last week11:53
ricotznvidia-graphics-drivers-367 - 367.35-0ubuntu2~gpu16.10.2 (changes file) ricotz 2016-08-1111:53
* mamarley slaps himself around a bit with a large trout.11:54
mamarleyI will let you know when I am ready again.  Sorry.11:55
ricotzmamarley, didn't you add the ppa yourself? you should have noticed by receiving this update11:57
mamarleyricotz: I do have that PPA enabled, but I also have my staging PPA enabled, which has 367.36.02 in it.  Therefore, I never saw the update.12:46
mamarleyI didn't upload anything to the main PPA though, so no harm done.  I can just re-upload it in staging.12:47
mamarleyThe 4.8 patch is definitely still needed.12:56
mamarleyThis code uses "goto".  I have a bad feeling that I am about to be attacked by a velociraptor…13:00
mamarleyricotz: I have uploaded everything to https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages.  It isn't published yet though.13:54
ricotzmamarley, thanks, will take a look later14:27
ricotz... including a test-run14:27
ricotzmamarley, so, you forgot to tweak the 4.8 patch-number in dkms_nvidia.conf.in which must start with [0]16:57
mamarleyOh, sorry, I didn't realize that was required.  I will fix that.16:57
ricotzif dmks doesnt find a [0] (and so on) it skips patching16:59
mamarleyricotz: Should I leave the numbers for all the commented-out patches as they are?17:00
ricotzwill be back in a few hours17:07
mamarleyI apologize for the error.  The fixed packages are now uploaded.17:09
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mamarleyricotz: soee states in another channel that he has tested 370.23 and that it works for him.  I have also tested it on two systems and not had a problem.19:36
soeehttp://i.imgur.com/QusGYfs.png yes19:38
ricotzmamarley, looks good20:13

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