paddatrapperMorning everyone 05:21
Kilosmorning inetpro superfly andrewlsd sicelo drussell and other lurkers06:01
MaNIany tshwane people here?06:08
Kiloshi MaNI im here and inetpro and chesedo06:10
Kilosand theblazehen i think06:10
MaNIhave you received your electricity accounts this month?06:12
Kiloswe get ours when sis goes to post office06:13
Kilosso most likely by the weekend06:13
magespawngood morning06:14
dlPhreakmagespawn, Kilos, MaNI, etc, how are you all doing?06:14
Kiloshi dlPhreak magespawn 06:15
MaNII have a property in centurion that is sitting in an estate that needs to be wound up, the executor has not sent me the rates this month to sort out with the tennants, I'm just trying to figure out if there is some delay in lights and rates being sent out, or if the executor is being lazy/incompetent06:17
Kilosoh my06:20
Kilostheblazehen should know if they have been sent out06:20
Kilosthey are in town i think06:20
Kiloswe need to go to post office06:20
dlPhreakI found this fun little commnand on commandlinefu.com which generates a random password from a dictionary:06:35
dlPhreakprintf '%s-%s-%s-%s\n' $(grep -v "[A-Z]\|'" /usr/share/dict/american-english | shuf -n 4)06:35
dlPhreakand it gave me this:06:35
dlPhreakLol Ikr06:37
Kilosi go start doing chores06:43
theblazehenhey all06:49
theblazehenMaNI: I don't handle the utilities myself06:50
theblazehendlPhreak: Is it sad I recognise xkcd's by the numbers?06:50
theblazehenhttp://xkcd.com/705/ and http://xkcd.com/208/ <- me irl06:51
theblazehenOr I like to think so06:51
theblazehenhttp://xkcdsw.com/1845 I guess..06:53
theblazehenhttp://xkcd.com/487/ http://xkcdsw.com/1115 https://xkcd.com/660/ 06:54
theblazehenhttps://xkcd.com/349/ too true06:54
theblazehenWell. Sorry about the xkcd spam..06:54
dlPhreakhaha nah it's brilliant06:54
dlPhreakI love xkcd06:56
theblazehenI've seen literally all of them06:56
theblazehenMultiple times06:56
* theblazehen wonders how well the firefox sqlite database is done06:57
theblazehenI have a feeling that right clicking on "History older then 6 months" and choosing "Open all in tabs" is a bad idea06:58
dlPhreakObviously you don't clear your browsing history often enough.06:59
theblazehendlPhreak: That's what ^P is for07:00
theblazehenI suppose because of the way the codes work, I have to clarify that it's ctrl shit p07:01
theblazehenBecause terminal can't see difference between capital and non capital if ctrl is held07:02
dlPhreakI'm generally unconcerned about my browsing history because it's not like anyone is going to use my computer soon.07:04
dlPhreakThat is unless they know how to use AwesomeDE07:04
dlPhreakAnd how to type in Dvorak07:05
theblazehendlPhreak: Tried colemak?07:11
theblazehenYou mean AwesomeWM?07:11
theblazehenOr did someone add more stuff to it07:12
nsnzeromorning all07:12
theblazehenhey nsnzero07:13
dlPhreaknsnzero: hi07:13
nsnzeroif your startup time  is slow run " systemd-analyze blame " to find the culprit 07:13
theblazehennsnzero: systemd-analyze critical-chain07:14
theblazehenor plot, then save to svg07:14
dlPhreaktheblazehen: You are correct, AwesomeWM. I have not tried Colemak but I don't actually use Dvorak, I just have a shortcut key to switch between qwerty and dvorak so that I can screw with people typing on my pc..07:14
theblazehendlPhreak: I'll admit, I also thought of doing that07:15
nsnzerotheblazehen: your knowledge is a blessing to us all  07:16
theblazehennsnzero: Haha, ty07:16
theblazehenhttps://github.com/Seitanas/kvm-vdi/issues/38 sometimes I laugh so I don't cry. Sometimes I do both.07:43
theblazehen(Look at refereced commits)07:43
theblazehenI show him remote code execution. He escapes a character I used07:45
theblazehenI show him another. He escapes (Well, gets rid of) other characters I used07:45
theblazehenAh well. Time for round 307:45
calhaxmawnin all'!07:49
dlPhreakhowzit calhax 07:52
calhaxjust  another day in paradise... :P07:52
theblazehenhey calhax07:52
theblazehenI swear, I'm gonna tell him to stop making things worse07:53
calhaxtheblazehen, worse?07:59
theblazehencalhax: First security fix changed second order sql injection into direct sql injection07:59
theblazehenAnd I had to change my shell from straight socat to echo xxx | base64 -d | bash08:00
theblazehenNow gonna change to \` and later in the command ;doBadStuffCmd08:00
theblazehenMaybe I shouldn't say how publically until it's fixed08:01
calhaxthats beyond me right now lol but it sounds masterful! 08:03
theblazehenIt's too simple08:06
theblazehenSo simple I'd feel guilty not fixing it08:06
theblazehenBecause literally anyone would easily find it08:06
Kiloshi calhax 08:10
calhaxhey Kilos 08:10
Kilosfirst time here?08:10
Kilosoh no08:10
calhaxhahahaha, Kilos you killed me!08:11
calhaxhow is BL on you newbook08:21
calhaxsorry, messed up...08:27
dlPhreakOMFG. Twitter uses Vim-style keyboard shortcuts. Mind. Blown.08:28
theblazehendlPhreak: try hjkl in youtube08:29
theblazehenAnd if you reddit, in RES08:29
andrewlsdMaNI: I'm Tshwane today (but not normally)08:31
dlPhreakI know about RES but for some reason I never knew about twitter shortcuts. Only found it out by habitually pressing j to go down.08:31
theblazehendlPhreak: BTW, rtv for reddit if you want a terminal client08:32
theblazehenI like terminal apps. They never open new windows and break my tiling08:32
theblazehenAnd they can't try to make a "pretty"" ui08:32
andrewlsdtheblazehen: +108:33
dlPhreakHahaha theblazehen you're so linux master race!08:33
theblazehendlPhreak: haha ty08:33
calhaxPHP is killing me08:35
theblazehencalhax: I agree08:35
superflycalhax: told you so08:35
theblazehenmy hobby: https://github.com/search?q=mysql_escape_string+OR+addslashes&ref=searchresults&type=Code&utf8=%E2%9C%9308:36
calhaxI feel it depleting my soul... LOL08:41
Kiloswb calhax you must listen to the fly08:42
Kiloshii chesedo you here?08:43
Kilosdid you read the message from maaz08:43
calhaxyeah, its just so different, I learnt wrong the first time08:44
chesedohi Kilos and all others08:53
chesedoKilos:  is the comment on trello08:53
Kiloshi chesedo 08:53
superflychesedo: no, on your merge proposal on Launchpad08:54
Kilossuperfly where are the comments for the africa site please08:54
Kilosty superfly 08:54
chesedook ty superfly08:54
superflytheblazehen: I can't even. Just looking at some of that PHP melts my brain.08:55
* chesedo will check it... am swamped with studies atm08:55
theblazehensuperfly: I know :(08:55
theblazehensuperfly: did you see how after the developer fixed code twice, I *still* have RCE?08:55
roabishguys, i need help, no not that kind09:06
roabishcan anyone assist with custom dhcp option tags09:07
theblazehenroabish: What do you need?09:11
calhaxKilos, theblazehen ^^09:11
roabishspecify option tags 161 162 184 and 18509:13
roabishchecked online there is no support09:13
superflytheblazehen: indeed. this is why you use a framework like CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, Yii09:14
roabishlet me explain, i have a wyse thin client 09:14
superflytheblazehen: I mean, if you HAVE to use a braindead language09:14
Kiloshi roabish welcome to ubuntu-za09:14
theblazehensuperfly: Exactly :)09:14
theblazehenroabish: What server? ISC dhcpd?09:15
theblazehenAnd can you apply other options?09:16
roabishoption 161 server address09:16
roabishoption 162 final path in ftp server09:16
roabishoptio 184 and 185 is the ftp username and password09:17
roabishi specify the option tags in the config and the server runs without any errors but the thin client still doesnt pick up the right details09:18
theblazehenroabish: Sure. Can you run a `tcpdump -w /tmp/dhcptcpdump.pcap udp port 67` on the dhcp server09:18
theblazehenthen try boot the thin client09:18
theblazehenthen ^C the tcpdummp, copy it to your local machine and open it in wireshark09:18
roabishcool will try, please hold09:19
theblazehen`tcpdump -w /tmp/dhcptcpdump udp port 67 or 6809:20
roabishcool will try that and report back, setup everything on it's own network09:23
roabishthanks bud, getting closer, fixed some stuff in the dhcp config so it doesnt prompt for ftp username or password09:46
roabishnow i just need to point it to the correct ftp path09:46
Kilosroabish you are welcome to hangout here with us 24/7 you know09:47
Kiloswe arent just a support channel09:47
Kiloswe are friends as well09:47
Kilosyou getting too clever theblazehen 09:47
theblazehenKilos: Haha, ty :)09:48
roabishsweet guys ,09:54
roabish will do09:54
roabishits alive!!!!09:59
roabishit works09:59
Kilostheblazehen bow09:59
Kiloswell done guys09:59
* theblazehen bows10:00
theblazehenroabish: What did you do?10:00
roabishrookie mistake10:00
theblazehenOr is it the classical "Attaching a debugger makes it work case"?10:00
roabishpicked up from others guys config10:00
theblazehenI've done that10:00
roabishwindows guys dont know that WYSE and Wyse are NOT THE SAME THING!!!!!10:00
theblazehenOkay, well, I've done that a *long* time ago then..10:01
roabishyip, should have started and finished the project myself10:01
roabishnot let other guys work on it10:01
theblazehenYeah. 10:02
Kiloswell roabish at least you found us now so thats good10:03
roabishthanks theblazehen and guys, going to clean up the rest of the configs, only 50% working thus far10:03
roabishbye the end of the day everything should be 100%10:03
theblazehenroabish: Alright, cool10:03
Kilosgood luck10:04
Kilosand come back10:04
roabishwill do, thanks guys10:04
calhaxtheblazehen, superfly any comments? https://7chan.org/pr/src/LearnPythonTheHardWay2ndEdition.pdf10:32
Kilosi was told to try byteofpython10:33
theblazehencalhax: +110:33
theblazehenAlso, clicking on link crashes quassel. lol10:35
dlPhreakPython the hard way is truely the way to go.10:37
dlPhreakAlso dive into python.10:37
thatgraemeguyanyone else using mirror za.archive.ubuntu.com?11:18
thatgraemeguyand if so, please see if 'sudo apt update' is working ok for you?11:18
ra1v3nZa.archive.ubuntu.com occasionally goes down .... just switch to another for the download and then reset11:23
thatgraemeguyyeah trying that now11:23
superflythatgraemeguy: I stay away from it11:23
thatgraemeguythis pc has been running with the default since 2010. guess i've just been lucky :-)11:24
KilosSymmetria is supposed to be looking after that now isnt he, our archive was pointed to kenya11:28
Kilosor has it been changed back to here11:28
thatgraemeguytrying neology mirror11:30
Kilosthats what i use11:30
thatgraemeguyMaaz: seen cuttingedge11:31
Maazthatgraemeguy: cuttingedge was last seen 1 year, 1 month, 22 days, 16 hours, 48 minutes and 16 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-06-30 11:42:46 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-02-01 08:12:56 PST11:31
thatgraemeguymmm ok then, LOL11:31
Kiloslol it seems to work quite reliably11:31
thatgraemeguyya I imagine so11:31
Kilosno idea why he disappeared11:31
thatgraemeguycuttingedge is an old school internet nerd, I'm sure he has that thing well-oiled11:32
thatgraemeguywe were nerding out on IRC in the mid-late 90s before most people knew what a modem was11:33
thatgraemeguytrying not to get kicked from #5fm or k:lined by Gaspode11:34
thatgraemeguywell I guess that ended at some point11:36
* ra1v3n twiddles thumbs11:49
ra1v3nI feel like I missed out on so much11:50
ra1v3nA good chunk of the 90's and 00's I was battling depression11:50
theblazehenra1v3n: I feel you man. All good now?11:57
ra1v3nyeah all issues resolved11:57
theblazehenGlad to hear11:57
theblazehenAh.. That sweet, sweet feeling of a build passing. When it's the first build you're running on a new project, with a freshly installed build system11:58
magespawnthatgraemeguy: that would also be about the time i first got online at home '93ish13:03
MaNIback when the internet was still good13:24
thatgraemeguyif 9600baud dial-up is your thing, then sure13:25
MaNInot the speed - the actual concept13:26
thatgraemeguyeh I'm not sure in which way the contemporary internet is worse than it was 20 years ago o_O13:27
MaNIspam was almost non existent, and messengers had random chat features on which you could actually find people on the other side of the world to have meaningful chats with13:27
MaNInow it's just spam, and people flashing their genitals13:27
MaNIto name a few examples13:27
thatgraemeguythat's hardly the technology's fault13:27
thatgraemeguymore down to how you use it13:27
MaNIwho said it was the technologies fault13:27
MaNInot me13:28
MaNImore the level of person using the technology13:28
thatgraemeguyperhaps I don't speak for everyone, but I don't really see spam, nor people flashing their genitals13:28
thatgraemeguymaybe time to revisit your surfing habits :-p13:28
MaNIokay you are obviously just deliberately misunderstanding13:28
MaNII'll stop wasting my time13:29
ra1v3nwhat was that dudes issue13:43
magespawnokay than13:43
magespawnthen too13:43
ra1v3nspam .... get a spam filter13:43
ra1v3nadds .... get an add blocker13:44
ra1v3nand if you are routinely seeing other users genitals...... then you are browsing some dodgy sites13:44
theblazehenYeah, it was better back then. As long as you're browsing on archive.org, and still have your convenient modern sites in other tabs, and popup blockers, and no email from then, and a fast connection, and ...14:16
roabishi r back, dropped the mirc for nettalk14:22
MaNLIgnore the technology. I'll give an example, back then you had e.g. ICQ, it had a 'random chat' feature, you could use it to randomly pair with and talk to people anywhere in the world. You could actually use it and talk to people, and have meaningful conversations, you would not even run into spam bots.14:27
MaNLThat quite simply doesn't exist anymore, it's gone, the era of spam and instant gratification has taken that away, the closest thing you will find to that now is 'chatroulette' or similar, and I guarantee all you'll get on that is people flashing their genitals.14:28
MaNLI doubt Anyone who denies that there was a fundamental shift in this regard from then to now, was there at the start. 14:29
MaNLThe internet had an 'innocence' of sorts back then - and it was awesome because of that - no amount of 'technology' or uber bandwidth will ever replace the loss of that for me - and I'm a tech enthusiast so I'm not saying that because I hate technology or something, it's just the simple truth.14:30
MaNLThe early internet was a small closed off community that only certain people could access and because of that it was awesome.14:30
theblazehenthis reminded me of http://craphound.com/overclocked/Cory_Doctorow_-_Overclocked_-_When_Sysadmins_Ruled_the_Earth.html ... try listening / port scanning for people on tcp/1337?14:38
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
magespawnhey all, could i have the cory link again computer hung for some reason15:56
magespawnhad to reboot15:57
magespawnno worries got in the history16:04
calhaxEvening :)17:46
Kiloshi calhax and other lurkers17:46
calhaxhahaha lurkers?17:46
Kilosyeah they lurk but say nothing17:47
calhaxhaha, so I have a true blue issue...17:48
calhaxi install xubuntu and its awesome the only issue is the graphics is very choppy, any suggestions17:48
Kilospavlushka ^^17:48
pavlushkacalhax: hello!17:49
pavlushkaKilos: hello17:49
Kiloshi pavlushka 17:49
Kiloscan you help calhax 17:50
pavlushkacalhax: can you give us a screenshot first?17:50
calhaxscreen shot of?17:56
calhaxsorry was afk17:56
Kilosyour choppy screen17:56
calhaxits hard to show, its kind of like the driver isnt installed, i know its intel HD graphics 17:56
Kiloscalhax how much ram have you got18:00
pavlushkacalhax: while i am checking on you , meanwhile you check this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk2-engines-murrine/+bug/159831618:03
calhaxdoing it18:05
pavlushkaand calhax , if you can paste the result of "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" on paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link, :)18:05
pavlushkasorry calhax ,correction " if you can paste the result of "sudo ubuntu-drivers list" on paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link, :)18:05
Kiloshere is some more to look at after https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/first-xubuntu18:08
pavlushkacalhax: then try running this command "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall".18:09
pavlushkaand calhax if you can post a screenshot of your desktop in http://pasteboard.co and give us the link.18:11
SEpticevening all18:19
Kiloshi SEptic 18:20
SEptichey Kilos18:21
SEpticcome right with your audio adapter?18:21
Kilosnope had a lazy kinda day18:22
SEpticaah, so a good day then18:22
Kilosstill battling to get kde to see the webcam18:22
SEpticoh deat18:23
Kilosneed to do something but googling gives big work18:23
pavlushkacalhax: and by sayng choppy , you mean wavy or a bit inconsistence?18:24
pavlushkaevening SEptic !18:25
SEptichey pavlushka18:28
Kilossigh now ubuntu channels are being spammed18:29
pavlushkawhassup SEptic ?18:30
magespawngood evening18:31
Kiloshi magespawn 18:31
SEpticnah much, chilling for now18:31
Kiloshi kulelu88 18:34
* pavlushka preparing for his signature call18:35
pavlushkaahoy ZA!18:35
SEpticoh hi magespawn18:45
SEpticrude of me18:45
magespawnhi SEptic 18:48
magespawnno worries18:49
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:35
magespawni am also off, good night all19:38
SEpticme too19:43

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