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OvenWerksfor those who can do backports... Ardour 5.0 has hit debian.15:08
autumnahi ovenwerks!15:09
sakrecoerhi OvenWerks ! good news! :)15:10
sakrecoernice news features!15:12
OvenWerksArdour 5 is very different than 4.7. The session file format changes. (5 can load 4.7 files, 4.7 can not deal with 5.0 files)15:13
sakrecoerthat's good!15:14
sakrecoereasy sidechain, midi-busses, OSC... \o/15:16
autumnaLua scripting!15:16
OvenWerksOSC surface control is completely different... but much expanded.15:16
sakrecoerwow... i wonder if we can have that in before feature freeze... :p15:17
autumnawhat is needed to make it happen?15:20
sakrecoernot very clear to me yet... but i think it needs to be in the seeds...15:27
sakrecoerif i read this correctly, it will be synced, since we are still prior to FF https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages#Requesting_a_new_package_for_Ubuntu15:34
sakrecoerwait... FF and DIF15:34
sakrecoeroh, its the same day... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseSchedule15:35
sakrecoertomorrow that is...15:35
sakrecoeri guess i should poke Ross about it..15:36
zequenceI will be doing uploads of all packages that have changes in them today15:41
zequenceHas anything else changed apart from the seeds?15:41
zequenceI could also wait until tomorrow evening, if someone wants to poke around with a package still-15:41
zequenceIf ardour5 is in Debian unstable, it is possible to do a sync request15:43
zequence..after FF, that is. Otherwise it should be imported automatically before Debian Import Freeze15:43
sakrecoerzequence: we are looking into changing the default-settings15:45
zequencesakrecoer: What are you going to change?15:45
sakrecoerthe theme15:45
sakrecoerfrom greybird to numix15:45
zequenceThat can be done even after FF. But, I would suggest fixing the colors before doing that15:45
zequenceTheming would fall under the UI Freeze category15:46
zequencesakrecoer: So, nothing else than seeds yet?15:46
sakrecoercool! thank you! good to know, because we are working on packaging the blue version, so it will not be ready tomorrow indeed...15:47
sakrecoernot that i can think of right now...15:47
sakrecoerzequence ^15:48
zequenceOk. I'll put up a new meta today then.15:48
sakrecoerzequence: maybe ou can shoot a mail to the list, so ross can have a chance to react?15:49
zequencePoke me whenever you need a change fixed. Last cycle we waited much too long with changes, but it was an LTS. This time there's no reasonable reason to hurry.15:49
zequenceIf Ross would like to change something, I'm sure he would have done it already15:50
sakrecoercool! thank you very much zequence ! :)15:50
* autumna catches up to log after dinner15:52
autumnayay (and hi zequence)15:53
zequenceautumna: hi15:53
zequenceAnyone tried snaps yet?15:54
zequenceWould seem like ardour might be suitable as a snap.15:54
autumnazequence: why would ardour be suitable as a snap compared to another package? (asking to understand better)15:55
zequenceIt would be simpler to update it to the most recent version - all though I would not like to have ardour4 be replaced with ardour5. I'd rather have them installed in paralell, and that would also be possible with snaps15:57
autumnaah.. 15:57
autumnaso this is in theory true for software packages? (e.g. krita, blender, etc)?15:58
zequenceYes, all of them might be easier to maintain as snaps15:59
zequenceThere's still a problem with drivers though, as far as graphics go, I think.15:59
autumnaI see15:59
autumnaso audio packages are a go, but wait on anything graphics and video, that uses.. is it just the graphic cards, or is there issues with other drivers too?16:00
zequenceThink there was an issue with Blender. Something with openGL libs16:00
autumnawhich would rule out Krita, blender, and processing too if I ever got to that16:02
autumnaand possibly several other programs16:02
zequenceYou can find snaps with: snap find <package>16:02
autumna(krita has a snap package, but I feel like i read somewhere it too had issues? I might be wrong through)16:03
autumnaI am fairly certain processing and p5.js was never packaged through. p5.js editor just came out for one thing16:04
autumna(just came out for linux)16:04
zequenceHeh, someone just updated ubuntustudio-meta16:09
zequenceIt was infinity, the release manager, a Canonical employee16:10
OvenWerksI agree that installing Ardour 4 and 5 in parallel would be a good choice.16:10
zequenceApparently infinity was poking with seeds for many flavors, and decided to update them all.16:12
autumnasakrecoer, do you think it is enough to give 1 week for final review of the website content before we declare it finished? 16:29
autumnathis is after all the pages are complete16:29
zequenceMajor spamming on the staging site. 922 comments so far17:07
zequenceClosing commenting.17:07
zequenceMail box got kind of full these past two days. Hadn't checked it for a while.17:09
sakrecoerautumna: a week from now? maybe yes, it depends on how available everyone is. but then we have to migrate it too... not too sure how that will work, but i guess we weill figure it out.17:31
autumnaa week only for the review17:31
autumnaas for migration, I am hoping to have a final set of plugins (we are missing a security plugin at the moment, unless the real site has something that isn't on the stage)17:31
autumnawe can put the ticket in17:31
autumnafor that17:32
autumnathen review the content, after that either migrate17:32
autumnaI mean those two can happen at same time17:32
autumnaI'd really deploy the site before the release rush hits through17:32
sakrecoereither migrate, or...?17:32
autumnaoh either migrate or give an extra week or two of user feedback17:32
autumnaas "beta site"17:33
sakrecoerthat would be a good idea. it's probably wise also to do as you say: deploy before release17:33
autumnaso yes, I mean if we can finish our internal review and deploying of the plugins etc by end of august17:35
autumnathat gives us maybe 2 weeks to calmly get feedback and deploy it to main?17:36
sakrecoersounds fair..17:39
autumnaI mean as I said I am not certain we have logistics in place to do a beta open to public17:48
autumnabut it is something to consider17:48
autumnaanyhow I think when I finish the download page the site will be done17:48
autumnafooter, check17:48
autumnasocial media links, check17:48
autumnamerchandise page, check17:48
autumnaartpage will come later.17:48
autumnaoh we need to draft the forum post requesting images, so that I can uncomment the relevant bit in "contribute" section17:49
autumnasorry I am mostly thinking out loud17:50
autumnaI'll email the mailing list later tonight17:51
sakrecoerthinking out loud is good (nice even), email the list is best so everyone can be in on it :)18:00
autumnawill do when download page is done18:23

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