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alpasovhi enyone there?12:08
alpasovi just install the ubuntu studio and I have very iritating problem. After log into the system, startup the display center, and it turnin on into a hundred of windows12:10
alpasovhow can I fix it?12:10
sakrecoeralpasov: what is turning on into a hundred windows?12:23
alpasovdipslay properties12:23
alpasovwhere I set the resolution etc12:24
sakrecoeralpasov: you mean, the one in "settings manager" right?12:24
sakrecoerdoes it show as if you had 100 screens, or does the window where you do the settings open up 100 times?12:25
alpasovbut particulary only monitor settings is turning on12:25
sakrecoernot sure i understand what you mean by "turning on"...12:26
alpasovsorry my english :)12:26
sakrecoernp.. lets figure this out :)12:27
sakrecoerdo you have multiple screens?12:27
sakrecoeri mean, like dual-display?12:27
sakrecoeralpasov ^12:27
alpasovits just12:28
sakrecoerjust one screen, ok...12:28
alpasovwindows of setting of the monitor12:28
alpasovi close it12:29
alpasovit still12:29
alpasovopens up12:29
alpasovi have actualy a "100" of this windows12:29
sakrecoerand can you do any settings in one of the 100 windows of setting? or is it frozen?12:29
sakrecoerwhat happens if you open another setting in "setting manager" ?12:30
alpasovyes i can do everything in all windows12:30
sakrecoerok, so close them all down, and try open another setting in there...12:30
sakrecoer(you don't have one of those gaming mouses with automatic turbo click? :p)12:31
alpasovyes but this is happened after every reboot12:32
sakrecoeronly with the window for display settings?12:32
alpasovafter a some time it stopped12:33
alpasovthats why I can spek to you12:33
sakrecoerok... but, just let me e on the same page as you: you don't have a gameing mouse with automatic turbo-click?12:34
alpasovno :)12:34
sakrecoervery odd thing...12:34
sakrecoeralpasov: if you open a terminal and type "xfce4-display-settings"12:36
sakrecoerdoes it also open up 100 times?12:36
alpasovok wait12:36
alpasovbut wait12:37
sakrecoerhm... very strange...12:37
alpasovits happens again!!12:37
sakrecoeryou installed 16.04 right? and did you check that your ISO had the right checksum?12:38
alpasovyes this is 16.04 but I`m not shure the other thing12:39
alpasovhow I check it?12:39
sakrecoeron this link: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/16.04.1/release/MD5SUMS you will see a bunch of numbers and letters, next to a "*ubuntustudio-16.04"12:40
sakrecoeralpasov: do you still have the iso you used to install?12:41
sakrecoerthe one you downloaded...12:41
alpasovyes I burn it12:41
sakrecoerok, but the file, do you have it on another machine? or was it downloaded on the machine you just installed the new version on?12:41
alpasovI have on a usb12:42
sakrecoerbut wait...12:42
sakrecoerthe file right? the one called "ubuntustudio-16.04.1-dvd-amd64.iso" or "ubuntustudio-16.04.1-dvd-i386.iso"12:43
sakrecoerif you do have that file on the USB, put the USB in your computer, mount it, and open a terminal12:44
alpasov1 min12:44
alpasovits no so easy when windows still popup12:46
sakrecoerits ok, i'll be a hear for a while :)12:46
sakrecoeri'll be *here12:46
sakrecoeralpasov: try to stop the windows from poping up with "killall xfce4-display-settings" in a terminal12:48
alpasovok I mount it12:50
alpasovactually widows huriccane stopped12:51
alpasovso how i check checksum?12:52
sakrecoeralpasov: are you familiar with the terminal or not at all? i need you to cd into the USB... that should be "cd /media/YOURUSERNAME/USB_devicename12:52
alpasovi knew some12:54
sakrecoerif you have other drives in there, you can see what is in /media/USERNAME/ by typing "ls /media/YOURUSERNAME/12:54
alpasovbut terminal is a still enigma12:54
sakrecoer:) i understand, don't worry, we take it slowly :)12:54
alpasovok in my its not happening12:58
alpasovhow I can change it12:58
alpasovmounted iso open in terminal?12:59
sakrecoercan you type this in your terminal for me, and then send me the link that will show in your terminal?12:59
sakrecoerls /media/YOURSUERNAME | pastebinit12:59
sakrecoeryou have to replace YOURUSERNAME with your username..13:00
sakrecoeralpasov, or whatever your username is in your computer13:00
alpasovsounds simple :)13:00
alpasovmedia/alpasov/Ubuntu-Studio 16.04.1 LTS amd64$13:01
alpasovthis is that iso mounted13:01
sakrecoeralpasov: you didn't type what i asked you13:02
sakrecoertype this: ls /media/alpasov/ | pastebinit13:02
alpasovok sorry13:03
sakrecoerand don't worry, it is hard at first :)13:03
alpasovits ok? :)13:03
sakrecoercan you do this now: ls /media/alpasov/Ubuntu-Studio\ 16.04.1\ LTS\ amd64 | pastebinit13:04
sakrecoerok, we can't checksum the iso, because its not there... your usb is a bootable one...13:06
alpasovbut actually I copied iso ont he destktop13:06
sakrecoeris it on your desktop now?13:07
alpasovyes because when I put usb I dont have a mouse13:07
alpasovonly broken touchpad13:08
alpasovI should tell this13:08
sakrecoerif it is on your desktop do this:13:09
sakrecoerin a terminal:13:09
sakrecoermd5sum ~/Desktop/ubuntustudio-16.04.1-dvd-amd64.iso13:09
sakrecoerafter a moment the terminal should show you this:13:10
sakrecoer8cd41a7d930e37dda51b3ca64cffbdec *ubuntustudio-16.04.1-dvd-amd64.iso13:10
sakrecoerif the number at the begning is different, then the iso had a problem downloading..13:10
alpasov8cd41a7d930e37dda51b3ca64cffbdec  /home/alpasov/Pulpit/ubuntustudio-16.04.1-dvd-amd64.iso13:12
sakrecoerok, that looks alright13:12
alpasovso what now?13:12
sakrecoeri'm affraid my technical knowledge is too limited...13:13
alpasovok . It seem simple, but :)13:13
sakrecoeryou could try ask in #ubuntu ... but you mentioned your mousepad was broken, could it be interfering with your mouse?13:13
alpasovits indepenend13:14
sakrecoerright.. if it was, it wouldn't go bananas when you start display settings from terminal13:14
alpasovmaybe I get used to this :)13:15
sakrecoeryou hsouldn't have to...13:15
sakrecoeralpasov: are you speaking portuguese?13:15
alpasovno :)13:15
alpasovI`m from Poland13:15
sakrecoerok, sorry... i thought maybe "pulpit" was desktop in portoguese...13:16
alpasovmaybe I don`t know13:16
sakrecoeralpasov: try ask here maybe: #ubuntu-pl13:16
alpasovok thank you very much for the help13:17
sakrecoerit's the polish ubuntu support channel13:17
sakrecoerwell... i'm sorry i couldn't help you fix it..13:17
alpasovno problem13:18
sakrecoerbut i wish you the best of luck :)13:18
alpasovgood day to you13:18
sakrecoerfeel free to stick around, maybe someone else will show up that can help you13:18
sakrecoeryou too have a good day!13:18
studio-user324tengo una pregunta15:05
studio-user324instale en una maquina ubuntu studio y la maquina simplemente no lo ve sigue subiendo en win 1015:06
studio-user324lo que he hecho y estoy en eso, es regrabandolo, con la diferencia que ahora desactive uefi15:08
autumna!es | studio-user32415:08
ubottustudio-user324: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:08

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