Unit193pleia2: There's also ~/.local/bin/04:03
flocculantno images again Dave :)06:43
Unit193[04:37:30] queuebot:#ubuntu-release: Unapproved: accepted xserver-xorg-video-intel [source] (xenial-proposed) [2:2.99.917+git20160325-1ubuntu1.1]08:54
ochosijust saw the email08:56
ochosi(from the lp bug)08:56
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flocculantochosi: wonder how many people affected will comment the verification tag :p11:09
astraljavaochosi: flocculant: Are you referring to the intel driver bug? I just noticed it as well, will have to enable -proposed for that.12:12
pleia2if we only get one nomination, do we get an XPL again? :D12:35
akxwi-davedave nominates Pleia213:04
pleia2I need to sleep sometimes probably /o\13:05
akxwi-daveYou can do that on the flight to Philly  :-)13:06
akxwi-daveonly been their twice.. god how big is that airport13:06
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pleia2knome: we got a pair of really nice #LoveXubuntu submissions :)13:27
pleia2knome: there's still that one in the queue, what are we doing with it?13:37
flocculantpleia2: if we only get 1 nomination then I guess you all go to wing and a prayer :)14:06
flocculantknome pleia2 - can we possibly social media the intel test please :) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-users/2016-August/009560.html14:19
pleia2flocculant: oh, should this fix the missing cursor thing for everyone?14:21
flocculantpleia2: for xenial evryone's yea :)14:22
flocculantif anyone else has a problem *shrug*14:23
pleia2ok, people on the social media will be excited, so I'll have to craft this carefully14:23
flocculantpleia2: yea for sure it's \o/14:23
flocculantpleia2: I guess 'we need to test AND comment at bug # or it won't be released - no stories at bug please' :p14:24
* pleia2 nods14:24
flocculantone of the times it would have been really helpful if ubuntu was affected ;)14:24
pleia2ok, posted on twitter, fb and g+14:26
flocculantflexiondotorg: I believe the intel thing affects you - you might want to check out -proposed14:26
flocculantpleia2: thanks <314:26
pleia2my cursor survived suspend \o/14:35
* flocculant checks the bug ...14:36
pleia2my comment is there :)14:38
flocculantthanks pleia2 :)14:53
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flocculantknome: at https://launchpad.net/~knome is display name your name or is name your name? 15:00
flocculantlaunchpad succeeds in confusing the old man :p15:00
flocculantor pleia2 ^^ :)15:00
flocculantbluesabre ochosi: what's going on with bug 1598316 then?15:08
ubottubug 1598316 in gtk2-engines-murrine (Ubuntu) "gtk2-engines-murrine desktop text shadow problem" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159831615:09
flocculantsome update lands and screws things up - how does that get allowed? 15:09
flocculantwhat can we do now? 15:09
flocculantpretty sure I've had this discussion lol 15:09
* flocculant commented at bug15:24
flocculantgot a reply - which I replied to - perhaps a comment from ochosi or bluesabre there16:22
ochosiflocculant: i'll reply to jeremy (again) and state that the bug is not fixed anywhere16:37
ochosii think it was an oversight that it landed16:37
ochosiand the most likely way this is going to get fixed is if someone bisects murrine and finds the offending commit16:37
ochosias it is fairly unmaintained, there shouldn't be too many updates and it shouldn't be too hard16:38
flocculantochosi: kind of got some response - apparently it was an SRU *shrug*16:40
flocculantwhich I obviously knew nothing about 16:40
flocculantseems xubuntu-bugs doesn't get those murrine bugs16:41
flocculantmaybe worth dealing with perhaps16:41
flocculantochosi: also - I know you've been replying there - I'd not blocked *that* bug, just the intel one :D16:43
flocculantwas getting messages faster than I could read lol16:44
flocculantochosi bluesabre - left -release and murrine to you to argue technically]17:15
knomeflocculant, "Pasi Lallinaho" is my display name18:01
knomeflocculant, if you go to your own page and press "Change details" it's very obvious :)18:02
flocculantknome: well that's where I went :)18:14
ochosihmm, nice, the regression potential for the murrine patch was noticed quite early on: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk2-engines-murrine/+bug/1294699/comments/1918:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1294699 in gtk2-engines-murrine (Ubuntu Xenial) "Xubuntu desktop crashes in call to cairo after setting fixed-width bitmap (pcf) GTK font" [Medium,Fix released]18:15
ochosijust went on to be ignored18:15
flocculantochosi: mmm18:15
flocculantwhich perhaps adds weight to us ading that package as one of ours18:16
ochosihm, well it certainly affects us quite a lot (as long as xfce is all gtk2)18:17
ochosibut the question in this particular case is what is more important, visual noise or the crash/es that was fixed18:17
flocculantochosi: well18:17
ochosiand anyway, the best avenue would be to fix the fix18:18
flocculantof course18:18
flocculantbut the QA issue being we didn't know about SRU18:18
flocculantwell - originally :)18:19
flocculantbluesabre: not sure what time you'll be about - iso's not building due to issue with some apt python package, there was talk in -release a few hours ago - perhaps you could check that out18:38
flocculantseems the same issue is kicking out printer unless you install packagekit - at least I appeared to need to add that to get printer(s)18:39
Unit193I should likely clarify, I accepted under the presumption I wouldn't be the only one on the council. :P21:09
ochosiwhat about all the 192 other units?21:11
Unit193Not enough room in the council.21:11
Unit193Erm, anyone else hit exo?21:22
knomehappy to see Unit193 being nominated21:22
Unit193knome: Because you're silly.21:22
* knome dances the silly dance21:23
knomenah, even if we don't consider the fact we're silly :P21:23
knomewe didn't mention in the XSD whether the candidates need to list any information and future plans21:24
knomebut maybe that's not exactly needed now as the potential candidate group is people who are active anyway21:24
Unit193bluesabre: Heeey, so upgrading exo kind of screws the env.21:26
ochosiUnit193: rly? what happens?21:26
ochosii built and installed it locally, all seemed well21:26
Unit193ochosi: Check the output of `env`, $HOME is unset in new terminals.21:26
ochosioh fun21:27
Unit193(Note, didn't restart because shouldn't have to. :P )21:27
ochosiwell i'm not sure how that would happen21:27
ochosibut then again i dont have the exo changelog in my head21:27
ochosiso i'll leave it to bluesabre, conveniently21:27
Unit193I pulled the one from xfce4-gtk3.21:28
ochosiit wasn#t there yet when i tested it21:28
ochosii think i'm still using it21:28
Unit193dpkg -l | grep exo21:28
Unit193(As in, all packages are there, -helpers, etc.)21:29
ochosiUnit193: 0.11.0-0ubuntu1 for all packages21:34
Unit193ochosi: 1. Did you reboot?  2. `env` looks good?21:35
ochosii guess i did meanwhile...21:35
ochosibut i don't remember what i did when i built it21:36
ochosienv looks good to me21:36
Unit193Time to poke a VM.21:36
ochosianything in particular (apart from HOME) that i should be looking at?21:36
Unit193As long as it's about ~70 lines rather than about ~13, you're good. :P21:37
* ochosi starts counting the lines...21:37
bluesabremy env is fine21:46
knomeo hai bluesabre 21:46
bluesabreI'd imagine xfce4-session would be a more likely culprit21:46
bluesabrehi knome21:46
Unit193bluesabre: Downgrading fixed it.21:46
bluesabreUnit193: well, that makes it look like the bad guy :D21:47
bluesabreI wonder what the trigger is21:47
ochosiah right21:47
ochosii think i had heard of that before21:47
Unit193Still might help to restart the session, but downgrading is nicer right now.  Trying it in VM of ocurse.21:47
bluesabreI have exo-0.10.7 installed for -121:48
bluesabreand 0.11.0 for -221:48
ochosii have 0.11.0 for everything ;)21:48
ochosiand things are still fine21:48
bluesabreI'll poke around and see if I find anything21:49
Unit193VM did the same thing.21:56
bluesabrerebooting now21:57
Unit193Just restarting lightdm. P21:57
Unit193...Now rebooting.21:58
Unit193bluesabre: Does this depend on newer xfconf or something?22:01
bluesabreUnit193: nope22:01
bluesabreUnit193: and yep, env is trashed for apps launched from whisker22:01
Unit193Rebooting the VM fixed nothing.22:01
bluesabrefine from keyboard-shortcut launched apps22:01
bluesabreand in indicator applet is dead22:02
ochosinever noticed, i always use kb shortcuts22:02
bluesabreso thats fun22:02
bluesabreI'll try to work on that tonight :)22:02
Unit193I don't have whisker, used kb to open it...22:02
Unit193TTY is good. :P22:02
bluesabredinner time, bbl22:08
Unit193bluesabre: Eat well.22:09
knomethe dinner?22:09
bluesabregot my env back22:47
bluesabreindicator and systray applets still dead :(22:48
bluesabreUnit193: this commit is suspect: https://git.xfce.org/xfce/exo/commit/?id=9155cf5703c54f79e3bf76b6f5da2f4475ee784423:02
Unit193bluesabre: You broke the PPA, but that's OK because I did too with xfconf. :D23:04
bluesabrewe'll fix it23:04
Unit193Oh gosh.. :P23:05
Unit193...I thought about trying to delete the PPA and then re-add everything else back, buuut. :P23:05
Unit193(Because that's the exact version of xfconf that will work, once the panel or whatever is patched.)23:06
bluesabrealmost certain its that commit now23:09
bluesabre       /* try to run the command */23:10
Unit193Well, that'd be easy to test+revert.23:10
bluesabre-      succeed = gdk_spawn_on_screen (screen, NULL, argv, NULL, G_SPAWN_DO_NOT_REAP_CHILD | G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH, NULL, NULL, &pid, &err);23:10
bluesabre+      succeed = g_spawn_async (NULL, argv, envp, G_SPAWN_DO_NOT_REAP_CHILD | G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH, NULL, NULL, &pid, &err);23:10
bluesabreplaying with it now23:11
bluesabreseemingly the correct way to do it https://osdir.com/ml/commits.gnome/2011-01/msg11044.html23:20

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