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smoserharlowja, 'rejected' seems so mean.15:22
smoserwrt https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30260915:22
brian_price_Hello, random question. Is cloud-init 2.0 currently on hold or is there work or plans being discussed somewhere?15:51
smoseron holser_16:29
smoserhold even :)16:29
smosersorry holser_16:29
smoserrangerpb, https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30330316:29
brian_price_ohh heh, okay thanks.16:30
wznoinskhi all16:38
rangerpbsmoser, lgtm17:43
rangerpblarsks, u might want to peek at it too17:44
larskssmoser: seems like a reasonable idea.  I left a comment re: simplifying is_azure, but functionally everything seems fine.17:54
smoserlarsks, i know that you'll tell me that i'm over-concerned, but the is_azure that i have there is probably 100x faster than grep17:57
larsksI think you are placing too much value on execution efficiency and not enough on code legibility, but the end result is that both options deliver the same answer and the difference in execution time is probably not noticable.  So go with what you have :)17:58
smoseralri largely agree, but i dont think the code is non-radable and avoiding another program execution and one more fork in boot i think is useful.18:05
smoser^ that shows the relative performance18:05
smoserit is minimal i agree. and its also liekly that 'grep' is already in the vfs layer during boot because some other script used it (probably for something very similar)18:07
smoserharlowja, https://code.launchpad.net/~ajorgens/cloud-init/python26/+merge/29657518:11
smoserthat doesnt work. simply doesnt work18:11
smoserright ?18:11
smoseros.uname is always a method, not a property18:11
harlowjaoh man, i got rejected18:20
harlowjasmoser will u still be my friend18:20
smoserharlowja, ^18:23
smoserhow did / does that work ?18:23
harlowjanot sure u are my friend anymore18:23
harlowjai'm a reject18:23
harlowjasmoser maybe it never worked?18:24
harlowjathough why it neverr blew up18:24
harlowjathats another question...18:24
prometheanfiresmoser: 0.7.7 has py3 support (from reading the notes)20:37
prometheanfireif so, which py3?20:37
smoserprometheanfire, probably 3.4+20:38
prometheanfirek, that's what I was thinking20:38
prometheanfirecan we get https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/blob/master/app-emulation/cloud-init/files/cloud-init-0.7.6_p1212-gentoo.patch in :P21:00
prometheanfirethe init files are already there21:00
harlowjapropose a branch ?21:04
prometheanfiredoes cloud-init follow the openstack review process?21:13
smoserprometheanfire, not openstack. launchpad . see HACKING.rst21:18
prometheanfireclone so slow21:22
smoserprometheanfire, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23068496/21:27
smoser7 seconds here.21:27
prometheanfireya, second try was fine21:29
prometheanfirealso, lolmake :P21:29
prometheanfireinstalling requirements and tests requirements in a virtualenv doesn't install the nosetests321:32
prometheanfirebinary which it expects21:32
smoserrun tox21:33
prometheanfirethat's not what hacking says to do21:33
smoserdoes it really.21:33
smoseri should read that21:33
smoserrun tox21:33
prometheanfire    make test pep821:34
smosertox does the right thing.21:34
smoserand will then run python 2 and python3 too21:34
prometheanfireI forgot about our /sbin/ip vs /bin/ip thing...21:34
smoseroh? do we have that hard coded somewhere?21:34
smoserthat just needs fixing21:35
prometheanfirewell, in the patch21:35
smoseryeah. i got to run, but we should not run by full path.21:35
smoserso patches welcome on that.21:36
smoseri have to run21:36
prometheanfirewant me to include that as an addtional commit on the same topic?21:36
prometheanfireit'd be easier for me at least21:36
prometheanfiredone, https://code.launchpad.net/~prometheanfire/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30333921:43
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