aisraelAny recent packaging change with Juju 2 in xenial? I just updated to beta 15 and now the (symlink?) from /usr/bin/juju to /usr/bin/juju-2.0 is gone00:20
marcoceppiaisrael: yeah, that's been gone for a while00:23
marcoceppiaisrael: you can do the following to add it back00:24
marcoceppiaisrael: it's actually juju1 that breaks it up00:24
marcoceppisudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/juju juju /usr/bin/juju-2.0 3000:24
marcoceppithen sudo update-alternatives --config juju00:25
marcoceppiaisrael: ^^00:27
aisraelmarcoceppi: Huh. I remember when juju-1 was changed. I thought I'd installed this vm after that, though00:29
marcoceppiaisrael: 1.25.6 was released00:36
marcoceppiwhich reset that, probably00:36
aisraelAha, that'd be the culprit!00:36
aisraelmarcoceppi: when you have a chance, could you kill any instances owned by aisrael? Seems I've hit my quota01:07
marcoceppiaisrael: ehhhhh, it's not easy to find instances by you01:08
marcoceppiaisrael: what region01:08
aisraeloh. us-east-1. That's the issue, isn't it?01:08
marcoceppiaisrael: not nessisarily01:08
* marcoceppi helps01:09
marcoceppiaisrael: seems there's a 20 instance cap on us-east-101:09
marcoceppiwhich is not right01:09
* marcoceppi contacts amazon _again_01:10
aisraelmarcoceppi: Weird. us-west-2 is working, fwiw01:10
* marcoceppi frees up more resources01:10
marcoceppiI may have to start actualy reaping01:11
marcoceppilots of activity, which is awesome01:11
aisraelYeah, that's a good problem to have01:12
marcoceppius-east-1 might be boned, everything there is legit, us-west-2 seems to have way more capacitt, despite having a butt load of instances running01:15
aisraelis it a hard resource cap set by amazon?01:17
marcoceppiyeah, it's typicall 20 instances per region01:18
marcoceppiI've contacted them like 12 times about increasing01:18
marcoceppius-west-2 got an increase01:18
marcoceppibut none else did for whatever reason01:18
aisraelThis is working well enough for my mini charm school, so I'm off for the night. Have a good one!01:37
thumpermarcoceppi: still hanging around?02:46
thumperor lazyPower02:46
marcoceppithumper: I am02:46
thumperfor the python library that (most) charms use02:46
thumperwhen you call hook tools02:46
thumperare you explicit about format?02:47
thumperand if so, which?02:47
marcoceppiyes, json02:47
thumperI'm just about to land a change that changes the default from smart to yaml, and remove smart02:47
thumperwhich will make zero difference if you say "json"02:47
thumperexisting behaviour will be kept if you use the feature flag "smart-formatters"02:48
thumperbut I'm thinking most charms use the charm tools code02:48
marcoceppithumper: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charm-helpers/charm-helpers/devel/view/head:/charmhelpers/core/hookenv.py#L33002:48
marcoceppithumper: odds are there will be like 2 charms this affect02:48
marcoceppithumper: and those charms have bigger problems02:49
kjackalHello Juju World!07:41
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jcastromagicaltrout: around today?12:27
Anita_Hi Matt13:43
Anita_This is regarding IBM-WXS design doc13:44
Anita_Did you get a chance to go through the mail?13:44
mbruzekNot yet this morning I just got in.13:44
mbruzekLet me read it13:44
mbruzekAnita_: OK I am up to speed.13:47
mbruzekAnita_: What is your question?13:47
Anita_The third charm of ibm-wxs i.e ibm-wxs-client can be deployed in two topologies13:48
Anita_one is standard and another is mixed. In case of standard topology, ibm-wxs-client is a standalone/normal charm. in case of mixed topology, ibm-wxs-client is subordinate charm13:49
Anita_in the metadata. yaml, subordinate charm will be having either true or false.13:50
Anita_So thought of splitting ibm-wxs-charm as two charm. for standard : ibm-wxs-client ( not a subordinate one) and for Mixed topology charm ibm-wxs-was-client13:51
Anita_ibm-wxs-was-client is a subordinate charm.13:52
Anita_Is this approach correct?13:52
mbruzekAnita_: You would have to name the subordinate charm something different than the "regular" charm. At that point you will have a different layer for the two, but what you are telling me is the IBM WXS application software would be the same between those two charms?13:58
Anita_In both topologies, wxs client charm function is same. In case of standard, wxs-client can be used through command-line. Where as in case of Mixed, users are allowed to use Websphere Console UI to use wxs-client14:00
Anita_IBM WXS Software packages are different for different topologies14:01
mbruzekAnita_: What is the reason that the charm needs to be a subordinate in the first place? does the WXS software need to run on the WAS server? Or are there simply configuration differences between the two scenarios?14:01
mbruzekAnita_: OK I see you answered my quest in the previous statement14:02
Anita_In case of sub-ordinate charm, WAS ND will deployed. The installation path will be exposed by WAS ND. Under the same installation path, WXS Client needs to be installed14:03
mbruzekAnita_: The approach you have outlined seems OK then. It seems like more work for you (the author) to have 2 charms and potentially more confusing for the user to know which ibm-wxs charm they want to deploy and how to correctly relate them in the situation they want.14:05
mbruzekAnita_: The README for each charm would have to describe the situation where this charm would be used, and how it is different than the closely related one.14:06
Anita_is there any other method to specify in the metadata.yaml to have both subordinate and non-subordinate charm, depending on user's topology option?14:06
mbruzekAnita_: No not that I know of.  I brainstormed about this a little bit after reading your email. I came up with 2 possible options.14:07
Anita_can you please let us know?14:08
mbruzekOption 1) You make the charm a subordinate only, and relate it to ibm-was-nd (code would have to detect if nd was installed and install appropriately), and in the case where it is client only relate the subordinate to a ubuntu charm, which is the most simple non-subordinate charm.14:09
mbruzekOption 2) Re-evaluate the requirement of subordinate. Make the ibm-wxs-client a non-subordinate and see if you can pass all the software/information over relations, so the ibm-wxs-client -> ibm-was-nd does everything it needs to the ibm-was-nd charm, with the absence of the relation it simply sets up as a stand alone line.14:11
mbruzekAnita_: However if the path is clearer to make a subordinate and non-subordinate charm that is also a valid option. But the README on both charms would have to be very clear about what situation to use the different charms.14:13
Anita_In case of both options, user's options are to be taken?14:15
mbruzekAnita_: I don't understand the question. Can you rephrase?14:16
Anita_Option 1) I understood, But Option 2) I could not get. In case of Option 2) - If its a non-subordinate charm and user selects "Standard Topology", it will be normal charm. But if user selects Mixed Topology, ibm-was-nd will pass the informations to ibm-wxs-client and then ibm-wxs-client will proceed?14:19
Anita_But in case of Mixed topology, ibm-wxs-client needs was-nd to be installed on the same machine.14:19
mbruzekAnita_: Right. In the case of Option 2) the ibm-wxs-client would not be a subordinate and you transfer the software to the ibm-was-nd server. It *can* be done but may be very complicated14:24
Anita_Hmm Option 1 will be a better Option.14:26
Anita_In case of Option 1 I have a query.14:27
Anita_Option 1- subordinate charm. If user selects standard topology, then user will be having a simple ubuntu charm and add-relation with ibm-wxs-charm. If user selects Mixed Topology, user has to deploy ibm-was-nd-dm charm and ibm-wxs-client charm and have to do add-relation between ibm-was-nd-dm and ibm-wxs-client. Am I correct?14:30
mbruzekAnita_: Yes that is correct. The code would have to detect if was-nd was installed on the host system, and that code should not be too hard.14:35
Anita_Ok. Actually currently I have implemented partially ibm-wxs-client on WAS-ND. after add-relation between ibm-wxs-client and was-nd-dm, was-nd-dm is exposing the installation path, user name, password and profileName. Those informations are being used by ibm-wxs-client to install WXS Client.14:38
Anita_Is this approach correct?14:39
Anita_ibm-wxs-client needs to be installed under the same installation path of was-nd-dm. installation path, user name, password and profileName are configurable for was-nd-dm charm14:48
mbruzekAnita_: That looks correct. For the connection to ibm-was-nd-dm you should create a relation that exchanges that information.14:49
Anita_While relation will be departed, wxs needs to be uninstalled from was-nd-dm. But once relation departed, wxs client will not have those above informations. So is it better to store those informations in a file and use those for uninstallation?14:51
Anita_Actually Installation path and profile name can be extracted from was utility files. But admin and password needs to stop the running process and uninstall wxs client14:54
mbruzekAnita_: Breaking a relation has two parts. *-relation-departed and *-relation-broken you should be able to get the values from the relation in the first one *-relation-departed, if not the ibm-wxs-client should know the value from the last *-relation-changed event and can store that in a key value store that is provided14:58
Anita_mbruzek_:The latest design doc sent was having changes of split charms for wxs client. Will revert to the earlier design.15:02
mbruzekAnita_: OK good luck and if you encounter implementation problems let me know.15:03
Anita_mbuzek_:Thanks a Lot for clarifying all the doubts and for your time.15:03
mbruzekyou are welcome, have a good night.15:03
Anita_mbruzek_: Will let you know if i will have any problem while implementing.15:04
bleepbloopAny ideas why trying to import a file that was exported from juju would throw a `unmarshal errors: line 1: cannot unmarshal !!str `xenial` into charm.legacyBundleData`16:23
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beisnermarcoceppi, <3 the requirements of requirements dance:  https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/246    thoughts?17:10
mayurisaprehi all.. i can have subordinate charm with global scope right?17:11
marcoceppibeisner: wtf17:11
marcoceppimayurisapre: it will need a scope: container to define where it deploys to, but scope: global is implicit for all othe rrelations17:12
mayurisapreso what i want is .. subordinate charm should access to some processes in principle charm.. at the same time i dont want my subordinate charm to be deployed on each unit of principle charm..17:15
mayurisaprewhat is the way to achieve this?17:15
marcoceppimayurisapre: you can't have both, if you need access to a process on the running machine, but don't want the charm on that machine there's no way to rectify those two properties17:18
marcoceppimayurisapre: could you elaborate your usecase more?17:18
bwallissorry I couldn't find documentation on this anywhere, but is there any way to place the juju controller inside the default model?17:28
bwallisit used to happen by default in older releases17:29
marcoceppibwallis: any reason why you'd want to?17:29
marcoceppibwallis: well, the controller was the only model17:29
bwallisyea, it burns a machine17:29
bwallisi don't have any low powered compute, and don't want to run it virtual17:29
marcoceppibwallis: if you want to put stuff with the controller, you can `juju switch admin`17:29
bwallisi tried that, but it seems the juju-gui doesn't place nicely17:29
marcoceppisince admin is the model where the controller lives17:29
marcoceppibwallis: juju-gui comes out of the box now17:30
bwalliswith the controller model17:30
marcoceppibwallis: `juju gui`17:30
bwallislet me try bootstrap again17:30
marcoceppi(everyone kept deploying --to 0, so we decided to do it for you)17:30
bwallisyea :)17:30
bwallisthat part is OK, it just doesn't seem to work well with the controller model17:30
bwallisor maybe my juju gui was just broken17:30
bwallisi'm bootstrapping right now, so will try again17:31
marcoceppibwallis: well the juju-gui charm is no longer needed for 2.017:31
marcoceppiwhich is why it was probably breaking17:31
bwallisso, don't deploy it then? because yea i did last time17:31
bwallisi can see in the logs it is installing, almost finished17:31
bwallisso i'll give it a whirl17:31
marcoceppibwallis: just type `juju gui --show-credentials`17:32
bwallisyea, when i connected to the GUI last time, no models were available at all17:32
bwallisthe usual model drop down was missing17:32
bwallisi don't actually use the GUI for anything anyway, but want to show it off during a demo17:32
bwallisso it's not a massive problem for me17:33
marcoceppibwallis: yeah, there was sometime around beta12-14 that the gui broke becaues of API changes17:35
bwallisyea, I think it was beta13 I was on17:35
marcoceppibwallis: those should all be fixed now so long as you're on beta1517:35
bwallisso bootstrap is finished, it says it installed the GUI, but I can't see any processes using tcp 80 or 44317:36
bwallison the controller17:36
bwallisthis is was maas rc4 and juju beta1517:36
marcoceppibwallis: just type `juju gui --show-credentials`17:37
marcoceppigui runs on a different port17:37
marcoceppiit's built onto the API server17:37
bwallisyou're absolutely right, port 1707017:37
bwallislet me try17:37
bwallis@marcoceppi: works! thanks!17:39
marcoceppibwallis: cheers!17:48
cholcombecoreycb, so i ran debconf-get-selections on openattic.  I see a bunch of stuff in there. Do all debconf questions have default answers?17:53
coreycbcholcombe, I'm not really sure17:53
coreycbcholcombe, if not then the charm would have to configure things I suppose17:54
coreycbcholcombe, where's the package located?17:55
cholcombecoreycb, http://download.openattic.org/17:55
cholcombebetter yet: http://apt.openattic.org/pool/main/o/openattic/17:55
coreycbcholcombe, the debian source is at: https://bitbucket.org/openattic/openattic/src/d9caeb7619363c9126a77a2f4e206ad33d351014/debian/?at=development18:00
coreycbcholcombe, you could grep through that and find the debconf questions18:00
cholcombecoreycb, :)18:00
coreycbmaybe there's defaults18:00
magicaltroutjcastro: you rang?18:59
magicaltrouti am around jcastro i just can't read the screen :)19:15
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