tsimonq2ahoneybun: "Applications from involved non- developers are encouraged." you messed up, no space between "non-" and "developers" :P00:21
* tsimonq2 runs00:21
* clivejo trips tsimonq200:21
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I did not00:21
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> yofel did00:21
tsimonq2ahoneybun: nuh uhh, you sent the email :P00:21
* tsimonq2 pushes clivejo 00:22
* clivejo laughs00:22
clivejoyou can try!00:22
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I copied it from him though00:22
tsimonq2but Aaron, everybody knows that you have to proofread emails before you send them :P00:23
ahoneybunlooks fine to me tsimonq2(pain in my,.)00:37
tsimonq2looks fine? :/ /o\ o\00:38
ahoneybunit does00:39
tsimonq2well I guess we'll both enjoy my vacation :P00:40
* clivejo nods00:47
tsimonq2clivejo too, enjoy my vacation :P00:53
clivejoI will :P00:56
valorieI will miss you, tsimonq2!01:29
valoriebut enjoy yourself01:29
tsimonq2aww thanks valorie :D01:29
tsimonq2I will :)01:29
valoriedon't let the trolls get ya down01:29
* tsimonq2 kicks clivejo 01:30
clivejodont fall in the river :P01:30
tsimonq2that would be really funny01:31
tsimonq2I'll just shout, "GOSH DARNIT CLIVE!" and family will look at me like "wth?" XD01:31
clivejoIm sure they are used to you by now01:32
tsimonq2well they aren't used to YOU :P01:32
clivejowouldnt batter an eyelid01:32
* tsimonq2 throws http://lubuntu.me/cd-size-poll/ into the air01:33
clivejoBTW I uploaded digikam 5.1.0 to staging-misc if anyone wants to test it02:09
valoriei will in a bit02:19
valorielist is being bombed now due to me running listadmin.....06:34
valorielovely merge requests06:34
tsimonq2alright I think I'm off for the night06:35
tsimonq2and I'll be gone bright and early tomorrow06:35
tsimonq2so o/ until Sunday y'all06:35
valoriehave a wonderful time, tsimonq206:35
tsimonq2(away message has details if you need to contact me)06:35
tsimonq2o/ valorie 06:35
acheronukhmmm. yes. many duplicate emails from the list06:46
acheronukclivejo: ah, so digikam is what you were up to. sorry I didn't get back to you. 06:48
valorieblah, I was going to fix my listadmin.ini first, but: fetching data for macqueen@lists2.rootsweb.ancestry.com ... Died at /usr/bin/listadmin line 1314, <FIN> line 98.07:03
valorierest of the lists run fine07:03
valoriegonna ask my RW guru07:03
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: http://imgur.com/a/OEK7u11:15
ahoneybunsomething up with the xml feed11:16
ahoneybundon't know if it is my fault or not yet11:16
BluesKaj'Morning all11:34
santa_good morning everyone11:47
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> o/ Morning friends11:47
clivejomorning santa_11:47
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Just a quick note11:48
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> I am going aaway on Holiday later today, I'll be back in about a 2 weeks, just in case you miss me11:48
santa_enjoy the vacation11:49
clivejodigikam built against an older version of marble lib11:53
acheronukafternoon :)12:04
clivejohi rik12:04
clivejorik rik, rik rik rik rik12:05
acheronukNoooo. That's not me12:05
clivejogrrrr ovidiu and his catchy song12:05
* acheronuk clicks on http://tsimonq2.net/kubuntusoundboard/12:06
clivejoyofel: regarding digikam needing latest marble lib, how should I do that?  enable staging-apps in the staging-misc PPA?12:06
clivejocopy the package from staging-apps => staging-misc?12:07
clivejoor throw the whole lot out the nearest window in a fit of rage and swearing?12:07
acheronukfrom #ubuntu-release [10:33] <infinity> Come hell or highwater, this mess will migrate today, or I'm stabbing someone. :)12:10
clivejokeep well clear12:11
clivejoI predict with a high probability that he will stab someone12:11
clivejohi slhk12:11
slhkhi clivejo12:12
clivejoup to anything exciting?12:12
* clivejo noticed a couple of commits on Muon :)12:12
soeeanyone using setup liek laptop + connected screen ?12:13
clivejosoee: yes12:14
soeeclivejo: mind testing one bug ?12:14
clivejoIm on 5.7.212:14
slhkclivejo: not really exciting, but there are some new bugs reported in Muon and I'm looking into them... among other things. I'd like to know from you when it would be a good time for a new release12:16
clivejoslhk: Im not sure12:16
clivejoit seems to be building ok on KCI12:16
acheronukEarlier on today I added the kubuntu-ci/unstable ppa to a YY VM to test, and it didn't completely break12:17
clivejoIll grab the debs and install it locally12:17
clivejoslhk: what is the lastest version number of muon?12:18
clivejo!info muon12:19
ubottumuon (source: muon): package manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.6.0-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 337 kB, installed size 2018 kB12:19
soeeclivejo: ok, hmm anyway i you find some free 5 min to test https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36749012:19
ubottuKDE bug 367490 in libkscreen "Disabling laptop screen makes it also external screen disabled" [Major,Unconfirmed]12:19
clivejoeakk thats weird12:20
clivejoIts blanked my laptop screen and moved /most/ of my stuff to the external monitor12:21
clivejobar the task bar thingie12:22
soeebut external one works ?12:23
slhkclivejo: Muon 5.6.0, not that there is much new, but some fixes and more columns in the list of packages ;)12:24
clivejosoee: yes12:25
clivejoslhk: need to bump the version in KCI12:25
clivejoslhk: what version would the next release be?12:45
clivejoare you keeping in step with plasma releases ie 5.7?12:46
slhkclivejo: my idea was indeed to follow plasma, so 5.7 currently12:50
clivejodo you think you will ever release with the main tarballs?12:51
slhkI don't think so, although I could try to follow the same timeline.12:53
* yofel goes whistling the FFE song for apps and digikam..12:58
yofelclivejo: re digikam: good question :/13:00
yofeljust put it into apps I guess13:00
clivejoupload to apps?13:01
* clivejo pokes yofel to put in a KCC nomination 13:01
yofelI'll do that later13:02
soeetesting new wallpaper http://i.imgur.com/klGXK9G.jpg13:29
acheronuksoee: too bright13:29
yofelI can't help but think of some mosaic style road with sidewalks when I see that...13:30
yofelnot that it looks bad though13:30
soeei think of it as a summer wallpaper13:30
acheronukyep. needs sun-glasses13:31
soeehow cool :D14:01
soeei reported small issue and after 1 min it was fixed -.-14:02
=== mgolden is now known as mgolden_
blazesoee: https://youtu.be/S5bH2YC9VdM14:03
soeeblaze: you did that ?14:04
soeethe configuration UI is terrible :)14:05
soeeeach section shoudl be fullwidth14:05
mhall119has anyone heard from rick timmis lately?14:49
soeenot me, only some posts on G+14:50
soeeyou can try to catch him on telegram 14:50
mhall119I don't think I have him on telegram14:51
yofelSick_Rimmit: ^14:51
mhall119yofel: he's not in the channel currenly14:51
yofelno, but the telegram bridge *should* ping him14:52
mhall119ah, ok, didn't know that14:52
yofelbut it's a bit unreliable, so maybe best send him a mail14:52
mhall119if somebody could let him know that I need to talk to him about akademy, I'd appreciate it14:52
soeemhall119: i messsged him on telegram14:53
acheronuk[12:48] <IrcsomeBot> <Sick_Rimmit> I am going aaway on Holiday later today, I'll be back in about a 2 weeks, just in case you miss me14:54
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> mhall119 Hi there I am here14:54
soee :)14:54
mhall119Sick_Rimmit: can you ping me on Telegram? I'm @mhall11914:54
acheronukhave a nice holiday Rick, BTW :)14:55
acheronuk"Canonical will be working with the KDE community to keep making the latest KDE technology available to Ubuntu and Kubuntu users, and expanding that into making Snap packages of KDE frameworks and applications that are easily installable by users of any Linux desktop. "17:23
mamarleySo yet a third packaging operation of KDE for Ubuntu…17:24
acheronukso will kubuntu get back some better support via that I wonder, or just get squeezed into yet a smaller space?17:26
mamarleyIf I gambled, I would bet on the latter.17:26
acheronuk^^ +117:27
mamarleyIt looks like they want to replace the .deb package with Snappy.  What is the deal with all these silly containerization schemes?17:28
* mamarley mutters something regarding his lawn and trespassing.17:28
blazei'm pretty sure they'll drop this snappy shi(f)t very soon18:05
yofelI guess that depends on whether they took the feedback they got during the snappy sprint seriously or not18:07
clivejoI dont understand why Canonical always wants to redesign the wheel18:11
clivejothen pull the plug on it :(18:11
clivejoits like me with new toys18:13
clivejoits all I talk and do for a few weeks then I get bored and more on to something new18:14
* soee knock, knock...18:14
soeeKDE Applications 16.08 Released18:14
* mamarley slaps soee around a bit with a large trout.18:15
mhall119mamarley: not all debs will become snaps, only applications18:15
mhall119yofel: we are taking it very seriously, and hope to have some examples using the new content-sharing interface for you next week18:16
BluesKaj-pidon tell me kubuntu ia dopting the snap ¨thing¨18:17
mhall119BluesKaj-pi: every Ubuntu flavor gets it automatically, we're working to be able to provide snap packages of KDE applications sooner and safer18:18
BluesKaj-piis adopting18:18
mhall119so, as an example, you can get Krita 3.0 as a snap in Kubuntu 16.04 today,  but the archives only have 2.9.718:21
blazegetting native look'n'feel for these snappy apps is really problematic18:22
BluesKaj-piis there a snap repos and package manager18:22
mhall119BluesKaj-pi: yes, `snap` is the command-line tool18:22
blazebut the worst thing is that most of them are not working at all18:22
mhall119currently it only supports one store, Canonicals, but there's work being done to allow adding others18:23
BluesKaj-piIC., ok , will wait 18:23
mhall119blaze: the content-sharing interface will help with a lot of the KDE app snaps, there's also work on a dbus interface that many of them need, and we will keep adding things until they do all work18:24
mhall119in the end you'll be able to stick to an LTS base and still get the new versions of apps as soon as they are released, and that's a pretty nice goal :)18:25
blazei'm more like alpha-beta guy18:27
mhall119well, the snap store also has the concept of "channels" so you can signup to get beta-releases of apps, or even nightly "edge" releases18:28
blazei guess the snaps won't help me to get the newest kernel and mesa18:29
mhall119not on a traditional desktop setup, no18:30
mhall119it can on IoT devices and servers though18:30
acheronukIs kubuntu a bystander in this and we/thay just watch kde and canonical do this? Or is it intended we/they have some direct day to day involvement in delivering this?18:34
* clivejo prepares19:12
acheronukprepares what? Pizza? if so, share...19:13
* clivejo pins back his ears and opens his eyes wide19:13
* ahoneybun likes snaps19:14
ahoneybunI have them on my desktop and lapto19:14
ahoneybunusing the telegram snap a lot19:14
acheronukclivejo: does this require a drumroll?19:14
ahoneybuncan't wait so that can share content, atm can't handle files and links right19:14
clivejopersonally Id rather have better archive access so we dont have to beg to get software in19:15
ahoneybunanyone can upload a snap clivejo19:15
acheronukLP going slow again. 20-30 min wait to build19:17
mhall119acheronuk: Kubuntu members have been directly involved already19:27
mhall119in fact, most of the work so far has been done by them19:27
blazeit was some obscure top secret kubuntu members19:40
acheronukdon't recall any discussion/mention on here19:42
* mamarley neither.19:42
ahoneybuntop secret?19:43
mhall119acheronuk: blaze: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Airclogs.ubuntu.com+kubuntu-devel+snappy19:55
acheronuksome random discussions on snaps, but not any mention of anyone making a concerted effort on this that I see or recall20:00
acheronuknot a big deal. just slightly surprising had not heard of anyone working on it to that degree20:02
mhall119there were discussions in other places, some folks were in-person at a sprint in Heidelberg last month, and I've spoken to sgclark about it in multiple places too20:16
* mhall119 makes a personal note to do that more in this chanel20:16
sgclarkwho what where ?20:16
sgclarkoh yes we are working on snaps at upstream KDE level20:17
sgclarkWhile I may seem to be a obscure top secret kubuntu member at this point due to some major life things, I spent years as an active member. 20:19
* sgclark goes back to work20:20
Mamaroksgclark: you certainly are neither obscure not secret :-)20:20
acheronukdefinitely not :D20:22
acheronukThanks sgclark & mhall119 for clearing that up.20:23
* mhall119 wants to spread conspiracy theories about top secret Kubuntu bases in the middle of the Arizona desert20:24
Mamarokwhut, secret base we have there? and why in the desert?20:25
mhall119because Ubuntu GNOME already claimed the secret volcano base20:26
acheronuka facility somewhere under a few 100 feet of a polar icecap would be my bet for the location20:28
MamarokI am all for the Mars moon20:29
* clivejo couldnt handle desert heat20:34
Mamarokthat's why Phoebos is a good choice, temperature on the sunny side is -4°C20:34
clivejosounds lovely for an early morning stroll20:35
clivejosgclark: who at KDE are working on snaps?20:36
sgclarkclivejo: myself and sitter20:36
clivejoI thought it was just a few common apps to showcase it20:36
clivejothe entire stack?20:36
sgclarkwe are working on most applications20:36
sgclarkdoesn't make sense to do plasma20:36
clivejowhat about apps that share stuff?20:37
sgclarkbut applications and we will be making a runtime of kf5 when that is available20:37
sgclarkwhat do you mean?20:37
clivejolike digikam needs marble and kipi components 20:37
sgclarkthey get built in the snap together20:38
sgclarkit would be considered "parts"20:38
sgclarkdebs "split" everything out, whereas snaps are the opposite and keeps everything together20:40
sgclarkso you have to change the way of thinking of packages :)20:40
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Snaps are cool20:45
blazewindows way20:45
blazethere were already some distros with the same approach20:46
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Windows way?20:46
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> sgclark so we can have Apps 16.08 on a Ubuntu 16.04?20:47
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Well Kubuntu20:47
acheronukor ubuntu if you liked20:48
sgclarkyeah that is the idea20:48
sgclarkthere are still a few things that need to get resolved. Which we are working on.20:49
sgclarkwe being both the snappy team and KDE20:49
acheronukso cherry pick your favourite kde apps, and install those with snaps, and not have to install half or more of kde in .deb form to make them work.20:50
acheronukmakes sense if you like/want some kde apps, but are not a dedicated kde desktop user.20:51
sgclarkthat is the biggest use case indeed20:51
acheronukand if people start being able to use kde apps easily, then that introduces them to the rest, potentially20:51
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Or having the newest apps without a upgrade20:52
sgclarkthat too ^^20:52
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> ie  new Ubuntu release20:52
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> We would still need a machine with latest20:52
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> To build them as they pull the packages from repos atm20:52
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Like Ubuntu yakkey20:53
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Yakketu20:53
acheronukyes, with the apps it's usually just a few with new features you hanker for.20:53
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> But you need a new Qt20:53
blazeoverkill is such overkill20:54
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> 5.6.1 for ex20:54
acheronukI do wonder what the size of these snaps will be?20:55
* acheronuk pokes launchpad20:59
soeedont touch http://goo.gl/cHkpzG when it is resting  ...21:02
soee*dont touch LP21:02
soeethere ws some app to batch image resize i think21:09
soeedo you know what it was ?21:10
valorie!info imagemagick21:12
ubottuimagemagick (source: imagemagick): image manipulation programs -- binaries. In component main, is optional. Version 8: (yakkety), package size 43 kB, installed size 146 kB21:12
soeeah yes: mogrify -resize 1900x *.jpg21:13
soee :)21:13
clivejoacheronuk: would you mind installing digikam from staging-apps for me please?21:16
acheronukclivejo: it already upgraded earlier21:17
clivejoany issues?21:17
acheronukclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23068481/21:19
clivejodid it launch?21:19
acheronukas long as those k/sane changes were appropriate, then I think that was ok21:19
clivejoseem to be old KDE4 being replaced by KF521:20
acheronukIt launches. I don't use it really, so didn't test beyond that.21:20
clivejoits quite good for managing photos21:20
ahoneybunI do that with dolphin21:21
clivejomore advanced features21:21
clivejolocating where the pic was taken, tagging, batch editting21:21
acheronukI'm not a greater photo taker. Or care that much about the ones I do.21:22
mhall119acheronuk: snaps will be pretty big under we get the content-sharing interface working, then we can "share" the KDE runtime between them21:23
acheronukmhall119: ah. I misread 'content sharing' as something else. That makes a whole load of more sense. :)21:25
santa_yofel: the other day clivejo merged part of my 'work3' in master, that included all the commits up to a gbp-ppa fix, the rest are still not merged in master. I mentioned the sunday I was running a rebuild test: well I made a small mistake and I had to repeat it but I got it finised sucessfully21:28
ahoneybunso they made the Power Shell open source and in a AppImage21:28
santa_so to sum up, I think you can/should merge my work3 branch in master21:28
ahoneybunPower Shell snap mhall119?21:28
santa_link: https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/+git/kubuntu-automation/+ref/work321:28
santa_and btw, guys please consider to include the kde4libs patch for visibility, it's very important21:29
acheronukahoneybun: I saw that. I've not used windows for anything too serious for too long now to know if that is worth a damn.21:32
ahoneybunidk if it is or not21:33
ahoneybunI did not get too much into the console when I was on Windows21:33
acheronukthings I did, I ended using cygwin anyway!21:34
mhall119ahoneybun: I'm still hoping for a Skype snap, so I can stop giving Microsoft root-access to my laptop just to talk to my parents21:37
mhall119yeah, tried that, my dad seems to always be able to mess it up, I have no idea how23:03
ahoneybunoh damn23:03
ahoneybunHangouts lol23:04

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