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seeleTrying to install 16.04 and the Continue button is disabled on the Prepare screen of installer00:19
seeledoesn't matter if all, one, or none of the options are selected00:19
clivejois it in VM?00:23
seeleusb installer00:24
clivejohave you the resources to run it?00:25
seeleyes.. i7 8gbRAM00:25
seelethe installer isnt hung, i can unselect the options and click back to go to Language selection00:26
seeleContinue on Prepare page just isn't enabled for some reason00:26
seeleis there a command line installer?00:26
clivejoIm not sure if there is00:31
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seelelooks like it might be bug #153200902:08
ubottubug 1529450 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1532009 [master] AttributeError: 'PageKde' object has no attribute 'get_secureboot_key'" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152945002:08
seelethe title shoudl be Kubuntu installer fails to proceed past language selection02:08
seeleanyway... anyone know of a work-around?02:08
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eduslackHello! I migrated from Ubuntu to Kubuntu by installing the kubuntu-desktop package. I had several problems at the end of the process the majority of which I managed to fix.One of the problems I could not solve it on the Kontact application icon that is next to the clock. It is hidden, it appears the space but not the icon.Please someone knows how to solve this problem?03:55
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momoeTo whom it may concern, the Kubuntu.com RSS news feed was updated recently and has broken the XML parsing, http://imgur.com/a/OEK7u07:29
momoe**Edit kubuntu.org07:29
valorieahoneybun: ^^^^07:32
valoriemomoe: thank you07:32
valorieif you want to, you could actually add a trello card for it07:33
valorielink in the #kubuntu-devel topic07:33
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Vorap   08:28
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_thelion_Hi, since yesterday baloo-file-indexer is running "mad". It's using nealry 30% of my RAM (8GB). This is annoying cause I'm writing my thesis on Kile, and baloo is slowing down all processes. What can I do? Shut down baloo? Will krunner still work if i shut down baloo10:07
_thelion_Or is it better to wait until baloo has finished its work?10:10
JohnDroidI never understood what baloo is for, and during 2 month, after I boot up my PC every morning I killed the baloo process10:11
JohnDroidbecause it was eating 1 CPU core at 100% like yoéu10:12
soeethelionroars: disable file search10:12
soeein System Settings -> Search -> File Search10:13
soeebaloo extracts files metadata, indexes files etc.10:13
_thelion_Done, i disabled file search. Thanks a lot :) - is rebooting necessary?10:16
ahoneybunvalorie: not sure about that error as all the lines look the same so it might have been there before I edited it11:15
jorgebuenohi all11:22
jorgebuenowhen I double click to add sharedfolder opens a text file ¿how can I change association to execute and add my sharedfolders?11:24
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BluesKaj'Morning all11:34
jorgebuenoanyone can tell me what application associated has "Add net folders"?11:35
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BluesKajjorgebueno, dolphin network> netattach11:37
BluesKajerr knetattach11:38
jorgebuenoBluesKaj: Thank you. It solves my problem.11:39
BluesKajor dolphin betwork>add network folder if you're looking for the method, jorgebueno11:39
jorgebuenoBluesKaj: The problem was it opens the text editor.11:39
BluesKajwhat does?11:40
jorgebuenoBluesKaj: I add knetattach as default application and it works11:40
BluesKajjorgebueno, yes that's the correct path11:44
jemandHi, any hints how to fix or reinstall ballon search?11:51
hateballjemand: Can you elaborate? What is not working as intended?12:00
jemandAfter system starts baloon_search comes up with a crash  That's  about all12:04
hateballjemand: well you can start fresh by "balooctl disable && balooctl enable"12:06
hateballjemand: and then check on things with balooctl status12:06
jemandit crashes at once again12:06
hateballjemand: do you have a default ~/.config/baloofilerc or have you made any manual changes or so?12:08
hateballjemand: after you run "balooctl disable" do you have any running baloo process?12:09
hateballcheck with ps aux|grep baloo12:10
jemandstill on:  /usr/bin/baloo_file     /usr/bin/baloo_file_extractor12:11
hateballjemand: try restarting your session after disabling, then log in and enable12:13
viewer|5118hi, I'm rather new to Kubuntu (but not to Linux) and I'm wondering why I'm not seeing administrator settings (user management, login manager configuration, etc.) in systemsettings12:17
jemandhateball: It works   THX a lot!12:18
BluesKajviewer|5118, sytemsetting>startup&shutdown, and acountdetails>usermanager12:21
viewer|5118man... I can't believe I missed that... thanks12:22
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platz02was geht aaab13:11
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platz02#invite platz0313:27
platz02invite platz0313:27
platz02invite platz03 +i13:27
platz02invite platz0313:28
user|28280I have an issue with single-click vs double-click settings in Kubuntu 16.04 (Plasma 5.6). I have configured the mouse settings to use double-click to open items. Dolphin is fine with this setting, but some external apps use instead the single-click to open items, such as in the file browser of Clementine (Media player) or open dialog of Libreoffice13:34
user|28280. If I configure single-click to open items, the situation is upside-down: Dolphin uses single-click to open items as expected, but Clementine et al double-click instead. Any idea of the issue? Bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=343418 mentions some packaging issue with Kubuntu: qt4 library libkde.so is missing (fomerly part of kde-workspace-13:34
user|28280bin trusty package).13:34
ubottuKDE bug 343418 in kcm_mouse ""single click" option in mouse settings not working - always behaves as "double click"" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]13:34
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jubo2that UbuntuBSD installer wasn't very kind16:58
jubo2wiped at least GRUB from /dev/sda, maybe more16:58
jubo2I am in LiveCD. What do I do?16:58
jubo2or do I need to tell I want maintenance mode or something like that?16:59
jubo2I cannot see "grubtool" or whatevs it is called16:59
jubo2maybe command line16:59
jubo2I reboot and see the options16:59
jubo2I search engine for "reinstall grub, someone nuked my MBR"17:02
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jubohimm.. got irc,these instructions http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd and some shells17:06
jubohiI think I am good to go17:06
jubohiI just hope that nasty nasty UbuntuBSD.iso didn't do further damage to my data17:07
jubohiUbuntuBSD apparently viciously attacked the system in /dev/sda117:13
jubohinot nice.  nooooot nice.17:14
momoe[00:33] <valorie> if you want to, you could actually add a trello card for it17:14
momoeQuestion, but what is a "trello card" google search turned up obscure results17:15
jubohiNow grub-install says the /dev/sda is Ext2 and does not support something error error error17:15
jubohiI did not need this17:15
jubohiI have many many other things to do17:15
jubohiI gonna tell them in #ubuntubsd. But only after I have resolved this that my main client system is ok17:16
jubohiwhat happens if I write17:23
jubohigrub-install --force /dev/sda17:23
jubohiThe thing without the force complains some rubbish about EXT2 system17:24
jubohiI did a17:26
jubohigrub-install --force --verbose /dev/sda17:26
jubohiI reboot now17:26
jubo2Progress. Original Kubuntu16.04 boots but no GRUB menu17:33
jubo2I should something ... rescan the partitions with some tool that will then update the menu with the proper items17:34
jubo2I think the 'grub-install --force --verbose /dev/sda' did a minimal thing17:34
jubo2seems to be 'sudo update-grub'17:37
jubo2that scanned 'em17:37
jubo2I reboot to see if it works now17:37
BluesKaj-pireset the time out17:38
mparillomomoe: Until valorie returns, she means a kan ban board something like this one: https://trello.com/b/lAVvKdKF/kubuntu17:42
jubo2'sudo grub-update' runs just fine, no errors but the menu where I can select between normal and low latency kernel or memtest86 or whatevs17:43
jubo2that does not appear after BIOS has booted17:44
BluesKaj-pi jubo2 what about the shift key hold down right after the bios page17:47
jubo2BluesKaj-pi: I dunno. I normal boot now and see what happen17:48
jubo2BluesKaj-pi: Yeay for pi17:48
jubo2BluesKaj-pi: Pressing shift did indeed bring the proper GRUB menu up. What is the indication and the ultimate fix?17:52
* jubo2 /j #ubuntubsd17:53
jubo2I've made my complaint at #ubuntubsd about their thing nuking perfectly nice GRUB from the /dev/sda17:58
jubo2BluesKaj-pi: I would like the GRUB menu to come up always. Is possible plos?17:58
jubo2I did some creative commenting out of guessed lines in 'sudo nano /etc/default/grub'18:02
BluesKaj-picomment the hidden timeout line like so: #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=018:06
BluesKaj-piin /etc/default/grub18:07
jubo2I did18:07
jubo2no avail18:07
depptraphi, how can I disable the clipboard application ? The mentioned files in the docs unter /autostart are not there18:08
jubo2but I did comment out an another line as well18:08
jubo2maybe that was wrong18:08
jubo2BluesKaj-pi: I have '#GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true'18:08
BluesKaj-piodd it works here, did you sudo update-grub after the edit?18:08
depptrap(KUbuntu 16.04 and under background tasks the clipboard application is also not listed)18:08
jubo2I should prlly uncomment and switch to false18:08
BluesKaj-pino update grub18:09
jubo2ok. I did that18:09
BluesKaj-pishould work now18:09
jubo2Ok thanks BluesKaj-pi18:09
jubo2I reboot to check18:09
jubo2thanks BluesKaj-pi. that fixed it18:14
BluesKaj-piok , good18:14
jubo2I gonna go boot the secondary OS now and run updates on it while I'm at copper18:14
jubo2Our copper just got better18:15
jubo2but price is high18:15
jubo224 month deal18:15
jubo250€ / month18:15
jubo21000 / 10 Mbit / s18:15
jubo2Not gonna buy at that price18:15
BluesKaj-picopper for?18:15
jubo2laters piippöls18:15
jubo2BluesKaj-pi: Copper to the building connexion box room18:16
jubo2fiber from thereon18:16
mgolden_depptrap: You want to hide it in the system tray?18:17
depptrap_How can I disable the clipboard application to autostart in Kubunt 16.04 ? The config files mentioned in the docs are not existing on my System and the Applcation is not mentioned in the "Background Tasks" view. I cannot allow this application to track my Passwordmanager's usage.18:18
depptrap_*My usage of the PW manager.18:19
mgolden_depptrap: what clipboard application are you talking about? klipper?18:19
depptrap_mgolden_: ah yes18:20
depptrap_mgolden_: sorry, forgot the name..18:20
depptrap_mgolden_: I've searched yesterday for 3h and then gave up18:20
mgolden_So are you copy pasting passwords?18:20
depptrap_mgolden_: exactly, the auto type function isn't working everytime18:20
depptrap_mgolden_: but KeePass is running on most systems and has a merge function, plus it's having all features I want18:21
mgolden_Why don't you just go into klipper and set the clipboard history size to 1?18:21
depptrap_mgolden_: then I've at least 1 inside it18:21
depptrap_mgolden_: I've even tried what happens when I set it to 0, but that doesn't work reliable18:21
mgolden_Do you not want to have copy/paste on the desktop at all?18:22
mgolden_Because in any desktop you'll have a copy-paste functionality18:22
depptrap_mgolden_: I don't want it to be achieved18:22
depptrap_mgolden_: I don't wand klipper to run18:23
mgolden_And you can always find out what's in the buffer by going to a window and typing ^V18:23
depptrap_KeePass automatically cleans the clipboard after x-seconds, but klipper doesn't care18:23
depptrap_mgolden_: I'm well aware that the clipboard is user-wide read/write, even more a reason to not let an application write all this stuff to the disk18:24
depptrap_or should I create a job that tracks klipper's files, and overwrites them completely with zeros after every logout ?!18:24
depptrap_mgolden_: Scenario: I'm using the PW manager to login into smth. Then I let sb else search after something in the browser. Ooops, for the current session klipper still has the passwords in it's cache, what a shame.18:26
mgolden_Not sure I know how to help18:26
mgolden_Did you see this thread?18:26
depptrap_Yupp, seems some genius moved klipper into the plasmashell processs.18:27
depptrap_While it can be disabled, it still tracks the clipboard18:27
depptrap_-> this "tracking" app is hardcoded into plasma now18:29
depptrap_(I've already feard this, after I coudlN't grep it in the process tree)18:29
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Panther96Hi, so I've never used kubuntu and for some reason it doesn't show an option for "using free space on disk" like most distros. How do I setup my partitions manually considering I am dual booting with UEFI Windows 10?18:47
BluesKaj-pi!UEFI  | Panther9618:49
ubottuPanther96: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:49
Panther96I've tried reading the guides online so I have an EXT4 partition 20gb for root labeled "/", a 8gb swap partition that I don't know how set a mount point for, and a /home partition for the leftovers18:49
Panther96Do I need a seperate partition table or can it be on the same one as Windows ?18:50
BluesKaj-piPanther96, ext4 partitions work on GPT18:58
Panther96Thanks. And how would I set the swap partition I created to be used by kubuntu?19:01
Panther96Would I just right click "activate swap" in KDE Partition Manager?19:02
SporkWitchPanther96: do you not have an entry for swap in /etc/fstab?19:03
SporkWitchthe "right" way would be to add the swap entry and then sudo swapon19:04
SporkWitch(the entry will be a little trickier if you're using LVM, especially encrypted LVM; also keep that in mind if you ARE using encrypted filesystems: make sure that your swap is inside the encrypted LVM, or you'll end up with plaintext left on the HDD; this is a Bad Thing™)19:05
paranoidabhican I install KDE Applications 16.08 in kubuntu 16.04.119:39
BluesKaj-piparanoidabhi, 16.08?19:43
paranoidabhiBluesKaj-pi, yeah19:45
paranoidabhiNot sure what you are hinting at. :)19:46
BluesKaj-pihttps://www.kde.org/info/applications-16.07.80.php...assume on can compile and install them on Xenail, which is the latest stable release,19:54
BluesKaj-pixenial even19:55
BluesKaj-pianyway time is up for me..laters19:56
jubo2I told them I will into my blog about incident and if they could offer any kind of theoretical model of explanation of what went wrong and it wiped my GRUB20:14
jubo2They didn't give a noun. One made fun of me.20:15
jubo2no-one else spoke20:15
jubo2In the VirtualMachine it seems to mostly work20:15
jubo2just not Runlevel 620:15
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