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skayHow do I add go-import meta tags to a repo? I'd like to be able to use "go get" for one of my repos13:52
cjwatsonmwhudson: ^- you might remember13:54
cjwatsonmwhudson: this is specifically for git repositories13:54
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smoseri seem unlucky today16:57
smosercan't get that to load without timeout error16:57
smoser (Error ID: OOPS-141404827b7c46210a1689066127ca83)16:57
smoserthats handy ubot516:58
* cjwatson has déjà vu; we had this on 2016-06-1417:01
cjwatsonIt was standby feedback then17:02
cjwatsonIf it's the same thing then that fortunately means I can more or less follow a script from IRC logs ... waiting for sysadmin17:03
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cjwatsonsmoser: Fixed.17:24
mwhudsonskay, cjwatson: should happen automatically19:31
skaymwhudson: this is what happened when I tried it, but maybe there is a typo or something? https://pastebin.canonical.com/163449/19:33
mwhudsonskay: hmm19:35
mwhudsonoh maybe it's because lp:hexr is bzr or something?19:35
skaymwhudson: hmm, there is an lp:hexr that is bzr. I also created a git repo19:36
skaymwhudson: weird corner case?19:36
mwhudsonskay: ah, you can only go get a project or a series it seems19:37
skayI've worked around it so far by checking things out by hand19:37
skaymwhudson: will it be a new feature one day to get repos in a project?19:37
mwhudsonskay: if we change launchpad to support that, i guess? :-)19:38
mwhudsonskay: file a bug, i suppose19:38
skaymwhudson: I was asking a leading question so I could subscribe to the issue19:38
mwhudsonskay: good good19:38
mwhudsonskay: i am not aware of a bug about this, but i hardly follow launchpad development closely any more19:38
skayno worries19:38
qenghoFor a branch's snap packaging settings, what should "Registered store package name" look like? "foo" or "foo.owner"?19:48
qenghoWould a bad name throw an error?19:48
cjwatsonqengho: It should be whatever you want to publish it as in the store; a bad name will only throw an error if you come to actually publish it23:01

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