JustAnotherIdiotwhy won't autostart work http://pastebin.com/P8BLe83R ?00:16
JustAnotherIdiothexchat starts00:17
JustAnotherIdiotI should remove the first one00:17
wxlJustAnotherIdiot: if hexchat starts, then autostart works. might want to check those commands manually and see why they don't. and get rid of the background operator. you don't need that.00:22
JustAnotherIdiothexchat starts00:23
JustAnotherIdiotthe other commands work in a terminal00:23
JustAnotherIdiotwxl: this is what it is now http://pastebin.com/ijT0YeJ500:25
JustAnotherIdiotwxl: you there?00:36
wxlJustAnotherIdiot: and it didn't work with those changes/00:37
wxlJustAnotherIdiot: you have xterm, right? have you tried using it?00:38
JustAnotherIdiotI added the command mdkir /home/god/blah00:38
JustAnotherIdiotit didn't create a directory00:38
wxlwhat about if you switch hexchat with mkdir00:39
wxlit's the space00:40
wxlmake a script that does what you want to do and call it alone. it will work fine.00:41
wxli'm headed out00:43
wxlfor future reference:00:43
wxl!ask | JustAnotherIdiot00:43
ubottuJustAnotherIdiot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:43
wxl!patience | JustAnotherIdiot00:43
ubottuJustAnotherIdiot: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:43
wxltake care!00:43
AlphaOneI have an OS installed on my laptop, but I wanna dual boot with Lubuntu02:07
AlphaOneI clicked "Something Else" in the installation02:08
AlphaOnenot really sure where to go to resize the partition of my other OS02:08
AlphaOnewhat is swap space?02:21
lynorianAlphaOne, swap space is what your computer uses when it does not have enough ram and needs to write some to disk02:34
elliot-59hey guys, i'm having a bug with my lxpanel resetting width to 150 after every reset. after some googling i found that this issue was fixes in lxpanel version0.8.2 but i have no idea how to update it since 0.8.2 is not on the repos03:30
tsimonq2elliot-59: what version of Lubuntu are you running?03:34
lynorianargh he left but it is in 16.0403:50
AlphaOneok so I just installed Lubuntu on one partition and another OS on another partition.  However, when I boot it goes directly into Lubuntu.  How do I get it to show me the selection screen when I turn the PC on?04:52
AlphaOneI think its called GRUB that I want it to show04:53
lynorianAlphaOne, yes you do want to show grub04:56
AlphaOneyeah that's what I was thinking04:56
AlphaOneI did sudo fdisk -l, and yeah they're still there04:56
AlphaOnethe one I want is flagged as boot as well04:56
AlphaOnebut also for some reason, I have 2 swap space partitions, but I'm not really concerned about that04:56
AlphaOneI just want the GRUB at this point04:56
AlphaOneany idea on how to fix this?04:59
AlphaOne I've managed to install OpenElec OS on one partition and Lubuntu OS on another partition.  However the OpenELEC OS is missing from the GRUB loader.  How do I get OpenELEC to show on the grub loader05:38
AlphaOnenvm, I figured it out05:57
LogitechI have Firefox & Chromium installed on my Lubuntu.  I prefer Chromium, but the "internet" icon next to the start button opens firefox.  How can I change this to have it open Chromium by default?13:44
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