ahoneybunmhall119: ping community fund question12:01
knomeahoneybun, i would just ask it, then he or anybody else can answer it when they are back...12:10
ahoneybunone of our kubuntu members did not hear back about his request to attend akademy12:13
knomeyeah... we've recently pointed out that it would be nice to always get a human response relatively quickly12:15
popeyWe try to set expectations on the form. It says expect a response in 14 days. However, half the community team are on vacation right now. So it's tricky12:59
popeyAlso, the person who manages the finance is also on vacation.12:59
popeyahoneybun: who hasn't received a response.13:00
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jcastropleia2: around?18:00
pleia2jcastro: hey18:06
pleia2so, the harddrive on my laptop just died (it's been touch and go for a couple days)18:23
pleia2I am now on my Ubuntu tablet, haha18:23
pleia2trial by fire18:23
pleia2yeah, it's not great18:23
jcastrosounds like a good reason to get a new SSD18:23
pleia2work laptop, I have requested an SSD but they'll probably give me spinning rust again ;)18:24
Kiloswhat a speed difference ssd's make18:24
pleia2just 5 months shy of replacement window for this whole laptop (4 year hardware deprecation cycle)18:24

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