pittiGood morning05:01
hikikoGood morning pitti05:01
pittihey hikiko05:02
tjaaltonbregma: hi, evemu needs an update, bug 158857105:50
ubot5bug 1588571 in evemu (Ubuntu) "Please update evemu to latest release" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158857105:50
TheMusoHey folks.07:59
willcookegrrrr, no "r" today08:02
willcookeTheMuso, brb08:02
willcookeseb128, finally seeing that Intel bug08:02
TheMusowillcooke: np08:02
willcookeThe only thing I did differently today was try to start loads of applications on login, normally I switch on and then go and get tea08:03
Laneyhappy feature freeze!08:05
willcookeback to normal08:05
* Sweet5hark spammed multiple ppas with various builds yesterday and the mist clears over this trainwreck (somewhat) ...08:05
flexiondotorgLaney, About that feature freeze...08:08
flexiondotorgUpstream MATE team are considering a release of MATE Desktop 1.16 in last September.08:09
flexiondotorgI've been building/testing the development snapshots in a PPA.08:09
flexiondotorgWould I have to apply for an FFe to bump the complete MATE Desktop that late in the cycle or as the lead can I just "do it"?08:10
LaneyDepends if you can get it done before 2100 UTC-ish08:11
* duflu falls off chair. Surprised by Feature Freeze as usual08:12
LaneyYou might have considered uploading the development releases to yakkety all along though, if this was your plan08:12
flexiondotorgYeah, it wasn't a plan.08:12
flexiondotorgThe MATE Desktop 1.16 was originally scheduled for late October.08:12
flexiondotorgBut has been brought forward to hit the Fedora next release.08:13
flexiondotorgThe whole point of MATE 1.16 is improved GTK3+ support. There are no new features.08:13
LaneyThen if there are no new features you don't need an exception to feature freeze08:14
seb128good morning desktopers08:18
seb128hey Laney willcooke flexiondotorg08:18
seb128willcooke, which bug? the projector one?08:18
Laneyahoy seb12808:18
seb128yeah, just go percuted by somebody on bike, some brushes but I'm ok08:21
seb128I'm a bit annoyed though, people are careless whatever they are driving :-/08:21
larsumorning everyone!08:21
seb128that guy was driving in a pedestrian street, fast, not watching around08:21
seb128and not indicating changes of direction08:21
larsuoh, sorry to hear seb12808:22
seb128no worry I'm alright, small brushes on the right arm08:23
TheMusoLater folks.08:23
Laneyon Tuesday a taxi was driving along the cycle lane / pavement thing towards me, just basically using it as the road08:23
willcookeseb128, the missing letterss08:23
Laneyso I stopped and put my bike down08:23
willcookenight TheMuso08:23
seb128hey larsu, how are you?08:23
seb128willcooke, ah, that one, I didn't know you were getting it as well!08:23
seb128intel drivers :-/08:23
Laneyhey larsu!08:24
willcookeseb128, first time today08:24
seb128Laney :-(08:24
larsuseb128: I'm great, thanks! How are you other than that accident?08:24
larsuhi Laney!08:24
seb128larsu, I'm good thanks! it's really summer for some days, which is nice ;-) I also played tennis yesterday, was the perfect evening for it (not cold, not windy, nice people playing)08:25
* larsu is jealous, summer went away here08:25
seb128you? how is Berlin?08:25
seb128oh :-(08:25
larsugrey right now08:25
larsuotherwise awesome as always :)08:25
Laneylarsu: nice guest blog post08:28
Laneyxml literals? crazy08:28
larsuit's the future08:31
larsuit's really, really nice08:31
* larsu has been doing a bit of that in cockpit and wanted to bring it over08:31
larsualso, thanks Laney :)08:32
seb128larsu, how was GUADEC btw?08:32
Laneyhow do you work with jsx variables?08:32
Laneyfirst I heard of them08:32
Laneydoes it get the type of the root element or something?08:33
ochosihi folks :)08:33
Laneylike var foo = <Foo bar="baz" /> is the same as var foo = new Foo { bar : "baz"; }?08:34
seb128jbicha, thanks for the work on the GNOME packages, but do you plan to update all GNOME to the current unstable? that should at least be discussed on the channel before being acted like that...08:34
Laneybut then you get better nesting08:34
seb128hey ochosi! how are you?08:34
Laneyhi ochosi08:34
Laneywhat's up?08:34
larsuLaney: same as a normal variable08:36
seb128happyaron, hey, any news about nm 1.2.4? also do you think you could do a SRU today for bug #1579246 (it's a simple one and sort of an important feature for some users so would be nice to get going)08:36
ubot5bug 1579246 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "802.1x auth issues in 16.04, keep asking for password" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157924608:36
larsuthe literals get transformed to function calls that look something like this: gir.createElement(Gtk.Button, { label: "hi" })08:36
seb128happyaron, if you are too busy let me know and I can do it08:36
happyaronseb128: should be find to make 1.2.4 by today08:40
seb128happyaron, great, thanks, if you don't get it done please at least send me an email with the status by your end of day and push you work so I can pick it up from there08:40
seb128start with -gnome that should be easy08:40
seb128then we can look at n-m itself which has more change (and there is already a SRU in the queue waiting for that one)08:41
larsuseb128: guadec was cool, as usual. good to see everyone again!08:48
ochosigood good, was wondering whether you wanted to tell me about the open issues you had with your themes in 16.10 (or do you have them collected somewhere e.g. as bugreports?)08:48
larsuand half the cockpit team lives down there anyway, so it was good to see them as well08:49
larsutoo bad you guys didn't come (except for desrt) ;)08:49
seb128ochosi, Laney has a trello card somewhere, we should probably tag launchpad bugs as well or something (not sure if that has been done)09:05
ochosioh, the one with the menuitems must sucj09:10
Laneyit's only a little bit09:10
Laneybut it does suck09:10
ochosiyeah, pretty sure it's the border-width09:10
ochosibut really, to get all your issues "just fixed"(tm) a rebasing on top of adwaita's sass would be best09:11
* Laney coughs09:11
seb128there is a bug report about notify-osd displaying css warnings as well, need to check in a vm if that's true09:11
seb128Laney, is the greeter one still valid or what that part of the fixes from mterry?09:11
Laneyyes it is09:11
willcookeanyone doing a release of ubuntu-theme soon?09:11
seb128willcooke, you? ;-)09:12
* seb128 hides from willcooke09:12
willcookeI walked right in to that one09:12
seb128kind of yeah...09:12
seb128joke aside not me, unsure if Laney still had things on his plate he wanted to lan d09:12
seb128but we can always do one if there are changes that are ready09:13
willcookeIt looks like this has already been merged in to trunk...09:14
willcookebut that was ages ago, so maybe its already been released09:14
ochosibtw, is there any way you can clean up those mad version strings?09:15
willcookervr, looks like it's already been released (see comment from L_aney)09:16
willcookervr, but I assume you need it back porting to something older for the phones?09:16
Laneyor https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+sourcepub/6767922/+listing-archive-extra09:17
willcookeah ha09:17
seb128willcooke, speaking of which, would be nice to land bug #1549490 as well, we asked Matthieu for icons before xenial but never merged those09:18
ubot5bug 1549490 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "low resolution checkbox icons" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154949009:18
rvrwillcooke: Version: 14.04+15.04.20160720-0ubuntu1~~vividoverlay1~109:18
Sweet5harkseb128, willcooke: just send you a status update on the LibreOffice ftbfs issue as its a long story by now. tl;dr: There is hope.09:18
willcookeseb128, urgh, forgot all about that09:18
seb128Sweet5hark, hey! I retried build, it's hanging on s390x again, I asked on webops for the pstree log, wait for them to give it back now09:19
willcookethx Sweet5hark09:19
seb128just saw your email, reading09:19
willcookeLaney, rvr - so we need a release for that overlay?09:20
willcookethat =  14.04+15.04.20160720-0ubuntu1~~vividoverlay1~109:20
willcookeHow do we do that?09:21
Laneyit is in there09:21
Laneyso what's the actual problem?09:21
willcookervr < - > Laney09:21
willcookeI'm not really helping here :)09:22
LaneyI don't think I can particularly help either tbh09:22
Laneyjust saying that the thing you are asking about is already there09:22
rvrLaney: The merge proposal seems to have a later date that the package in the archive09:23
seb128willcooke, the bug I just listed, I think the issue was that you didn't know where to put the files, maybe ochosi or Laney can help there09:23
rvrLaney: Hmm... nope... 2016072009:24
* ochosi looks09:24
rvrLaney: Ok, you are right. Thanks!09:25
Laneynope what?09:25
rvrLaney: :D09:25
seb128rvr, willcooke, what was the bug description/issue and on what serie?09:28
seb128rvr, next time please ask on the channel directly rather than starting by pinging people/in some side context and moving half of the discussion there09:29
rvrseb128: I didn't know who was in charge :P09:29
seb128well, more chance to have somebody who knows in a channel than in a query to 1 person09:30
Laneyseb128: it's the gtk theme not an icon theme, they are just in one directory which you just reference files from in the theme09:30
seb128willcooke, ^ what La_ney said about that icon bug09:30
ochosiyup, agreed09:30
Laneythere are now @2 variants, so make it -gtk-icon-source: -gtk-scaled (url ('nonscaled'), url('@2'))09:30
willcookekk - I will take a look this morning09:46
willcookeLaney, do you know if the assets in Ambiance and the assets in Radiance are the same?  I did a quick diff of random files and they /appear/ to be the same.10:09
willcookehmm, also some of the new pngs have the execute bit set10:09
willcookewhich I assume is bad10:09
* willcooke fixes thtat10:09
happyaronseb128: I've pushed both master and xenial branches for the nm-applet, please sponsor when you have time10:10
willcookecool, thanks happyaron10:10
happyaronthe bug has been updated using SRU template btw10:10
Laneywillcooke: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23067083/ some are different10:14
willcookeLaney, handy command, thanks10:15
Laneythat might not mean they are really different10:15
willcookeI'll check those few manually10:16
Laneylike someone could have pngcrushed them or something10:16
willcookeah, the difference with some of them is that they don't exist in the other theme10:19
willcookehmm, this is odd10:19
willcookebut yeah, there are icons in one that are not in the other10:20
willcookegood job you found them :)10:20
LaneySome of them are called radiance-blah10:21
LaneyI assume those are meant to be different10:21
willcookeI'll unpack the new ones over the top10:21
willcookethat should keep the Radiance specific ones there10:21
LaneyYa, it's smart to symilnk them if possible10:26
willcookeI expect the exit status of diff can tell me if they are the same10:38
willcookethen I could script it10:38
LaneyI'd symlink the directories10:39
Laneyand name the ones that are different for radiance with a radiance- prefix10:39
willcookegot it10:40
Laneyreference for the @2 ones: https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/chap-css-overview.html search for "-gtk-scaled"10:41
willcookeLaney, so I should be using the pngs not the svgs here?10:44
LaneyI should think so10:45
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|ln
willcookecool, I understand now10:45
willcookethanks Laney10:45
Laney@2 is for ×2 HiDPI10:46
meetingologyLaney: Error: "2" is not a valid command.10:46
willcooke#startmeeting Laney's anger issues10:47
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Aug 18 10:47:03 2016 UTC.  The chair is willcooke. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.10:47
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Laneyit was German!10:48
Sweet5harkOh, good news: My hometown made it in the top10 of "most livable cities" this year according to the economist.10:51
willcookekeep that quiet, you'll have a load of Brits turning up10:51
LaneyHuntingdon was on the front cover of Crap Towns 2 a few years ago10:51
Sweet5harkwillcooke: well ...10:51
* Sweet5hark wildly points to vienna: they are on place 2, Hamburg only made 10th!10:52
davmor2Sweet5hark: You say that like you are Bragging pretty sure Wolverhampton made both books of the crappest town in britain ;)10:52
Laneysuch national pride10:53
davmor2Sweet5hark: The first book made so many angry they released a second to placate the people complaining that their town wasn't in it :)10:54
Laneytime to plug my claim to fame again10:55
Sweet5harkdavmor2: UK isnt in the top10 once. the english speaking world is still well represented by canada, australia and new zealand.10:55
LaneyMy picture on the front of the Crap Graffiti book10:55
Laneydidn't even get a free copy :|10:55
Sweet5harkLaney: that pink is a lovely choice of color10:56
Laneythe teenagers of the UK are nothing if not artistic10:57
davmor2Sweet5hark, Laney: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crap-Towns-Worst-Places-Live/dp/075221582510:57
Sweet5harkdavmor2: actually english speaking cities still dominate: Australia: Melbourne(1), Adelaide (5), Perth (7) - New Zealand: Auckland (8) - Canada: Vancouver (3), Toronto (4), Calgary (5)10:59
* Sweet5hark has no clue how vienna made place 2: they neither speak english nor german.11:04
davmor2Sweet5hark: it's because Joe Dolce Shaddup you face was number one and kept ultravox off the number one spot ;)11:14
willcookeoki, made a good start, will finish off this week11:25
willcookenow for lunch11:25
seb128happyaron, thanks11:44
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
pittiLaney: gnome-keyring> nice work!12:52
pittihey desrt!13:01
tsdgeosis libreoffice-writer crashing in yakkety for anyone else?13:02
desrthey pitti :D13:05
seb128Sweet5hark, ^ see tsdgeos' comment13:26
Sweet5harktsdgeos: not known yet, thanks for reporting. I assume you have libreoffice-core 5.1.3- something? and do you run some non-english localization?13:38
tsdgeosSweet5hark: 1:5.1.4-0ubuntu113:39
tsdgeoscatalan localization13:40
Sweet5harktsdgeos: I fumbled and we have libreoffice-l10n at 5.2.0 while having libreoffice still at 5.1.4 in yakkety currently. Im working on fixing that right now. You might be able to keep a working libreoffice in the meantime by using en-US localization for libreoffice as a temporary solution ...13:43
tsdgeosSweet5hark: ok, if it's going to be fixed that's fine, i used my arch linux installation yesterday when i needed to use libreoffice13:44
Sweet5harktsdgeos: really sorry about the inconvenience13:44
jbichaseb128: no I'm not uploading all of GNOME 3.22, just some of the apps13:52
jbichaand not apps that changed a lot either13:53
Laneypitti: sweet13:54
Laneypitti: what's up with bos01 amd64/i386?14:13
Laneyit's taking autopkgtest jobs but they don't work?14:13
pitti{"message": "No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.14:14
Laneypitti: see log/bos01-7.log for example14:14
LaneyI saw this happen the other day too14:14
* Laney gets out of the worker14:14
pittiLaney: hm, maybe maintenance on its compute nodes?14:15
pittithere's just one i386 instance running, it should be able to create more, hmm14:15
pittiLaney: they should soon fail again for the third time and mail the logs14:15
pittilcy01 is still AWOL too, meh14:16
* pitti crosses fingers for lgw0114:16
Laneyhow come there are lcy01 and lgw01 buildds running?14:16
pittioh, there are?14:17
pittimaybe lcy01 got rebuilt but we didn't get updated credentials?14:17
Laneylooks like it from https://launchpad.net/builders14:17
LaneyERROR: HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=5000): Max retries exceeded with url: /v2.0/tokens (Caused by <class 'socket.error'>: [Errno 113] No route to host)14:18
Laneycould be a changed cloud configuration14:18
Laneyah, I see the ping14:18
jbichaseb128: I was still hoping to do evolution 3.21.90 today-ish ( bug 1613291 ) after the qt transition if that's ok14:23
ubot5bug 1613291 in evolution-data-server (Ubuntu) "Update evolution stack to 3.22" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161329114:23
Laneythis shared screen thing is annoying14:23
pittiLaney: feel free to reattach and peek :)14:24
pittiLaney: I updated teh creds on wendigo and the cloud worker, cleaned up old images, and now building adt images for yakkety on lcy0114:25
pittihopefully the timeouts went away now after the rebuild14:25
LaneyI was going to poke at bos01 and ask #is about that14:25
pittiLaney: please do; I need to head out for some quick grocery shopping and then we have team meeting14:28
pittiLaney: yay, image building seems to work without a hitch now14:28
pittiLaney: I detached; please let the current image build finish, you can open a new shell with F214:28
* Laney used ctrl-a, c14:29
Laneyhappy shopping14:30
Laneybring me back a Ritter Sport14:30
seb128jbicha, k14:34
pittiLaney: oh, I just picked up two Ciabattas for dinner :)14:36
LaneyI predict falafel in my near future14:37
pittiLaney: perfect, image builds worked14:37
Laneygo turn it on!14:37
pitti$ mv lcy01.disabled lcy01.rc14:39
pitti$ autopkgtest-cloud/tools/cloud-worker-maintenance14:40
pittiLaney: ^ done14:40
Laneypitti: thanks!14:40
* Laney mangles unity-greeter14:55
pittiLaney: I think I'll still go with naming it just bos01.rc and renaming the worker-config-production/ file14:56
pittiLaney: also renaming on wendigo, so that the next rollout works14:56
Laneypitti: Okay, I guess it's easy to bring it back if the situation changes14:56
Laneyguess I'll be cycling a different way to climbing14:57
willcookeLaney, my old halls have been turned in to flats: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-40978395.html14:58
LaneyHOW MUCH?!?!?!14:58
willcookeMy house cost less than that14:59
Laneylooks like a nice building though14:59
willcookeIt was great14:59
LaneyI like that little circly place near there15:00
willcookeI think it's a reservoir, we used to play football on top of it :)15:00
Laneygoing to go around that way-ish to avoid mansfield road15:00
Laneyneed to get to the wells road, climbing centre is at the bottom there15:01
Laneysuch hills though15:01
Sweet5harkwillcooke, Laney: woha that looks awesome ...15:09
willcookeIt didnt look that nice when I lived there :)15:14
Laneyruddy students making the place look a mess15:16
Sweet5harkhey, good news: not only did omnia book my train, they also did use my 25% discount card from Deutsche Bahn. return ticket for 100EUR now instead of flights for 550EUR (plus taxi and whatnot)15:27
pittiSweet5hark: oh, they do that? I always book my train tickets myself because of my BahnCard 5015:28
pittiwell, also because I want a mobile ticket and it's easy to book15:28
pittibut booking international travel is harder, so good to know they do that15:28
Sweet5harkpitti: yep, at least now that do that. also I was sneaky and asked for a train ticket as alternative first, and only later told then I have a BahnCard, can you book that with discount? hrhr15:29
seb128Sweet5hark, where are you going?15:39
Sweet5harkseb128: to the heart of the enemies empire15:39
Sweet5harkbrno, cz15:39
sil2100Hey, anyone here could help me out debugging why my graphical session on 16.04 suddenly stopped working? ;)15:41
sil2100I can't log in and get Unity started15:41
sil2100After getting my credentials in on the greeter, it just stands there and does nothing, I noticed .xsession-errors getting spammed15:41
sil2100With an error (in my locale) something like: upstart: Error while starting the temporary process: resources temporarily unavailable15:42
seb128does another user/guest session work?15:42
sil2100No, the same thing15:42
seb128what is in xsession-errors?15:42
sil2100I had over 600 MB of this message over and over in .xsession-errors15:42
sil2100Didn't upgrade anything, my system suddenly hanged and that's what I got after rebooting15:43
Sweet5harkon the bad news side: this libreoffice ftbfs thing begins to look very nasty. I suspect neither the test nor libreoffice being broken here, but something fundamentally broken on the yakkety-proposed. will write an email on this soon.15:43
seb128what package did you install?15:43
seb128weird :-/15:43
sil2100I reverted the unattended updates I did and removed a few unrelated packages I did install15:43
seb128Sweet5hark, :-(15:43
sil2100Not sure where to look for clues, this happened a bit unexpected ;p15:44
seb128sil2100, try to "initctl --user list"?15:44
sil2100hm, I get an error that UPSTART_SESSION is not set at the environment15:45
seb128I would also to ps ux > log twice and diff15:46
seb128to see if a process keeps respawning or is changing pidf15:46
seb128sil2100, right, if you are in a vt ... is gnome-session running?15:46
sil2100No, I didn't try to log in this time, but when I log in at the greeter, gnome-session is anyway not running (it's probably dying real fast somewhere)15:47
seb128try to strings /proc/`pidof gnome-session-binary`/environ | grep UPSTART_SESSION15:47
seb128hum k15:47
sil2100I can try logging in, was just worried about the spamming of .xsession-errors ;p15:48
seb128well same ^ but with a process from the session15:48
sil2100Since it's always getting dangerously big15:48
seb128but yeah if you don't try to log in you are not going to be able to get those info15:48
seb128or try to install wmaker or something15:48
seb128and see if login into that works15:49
seb128might be easier to debug then15:49
seb128like trying to start bits manually from wmaker15:49
seb128like gnome-session15:49
sil2100Ok, so no gnome-session and upstart is eating 98% of CPU15:55
seb128try the ps diff to see what's being spawned15:56
seb128or gdb stop one and try to see what it's doing15:56
Laneygdb it and see what it's doing15:56
Laneypsychadelic man15:56
seb128or strace -e execve15:57
sil2100Did that, nothing is spawning, just upstart doing it's 'thing'15:57
seb128well gdb or strace to see what is thing is15:57
sil2100Man, gdb says it's busy printing out the error I see in .xsession-errors, heh ;)16:00
sil2100Hard to say where this started, before logging functions pop up I only see nih_main_loop()16:01
seb128no process change if you ps ux > logold16:02
seb128then > lognew16:02
seb128and diff the logs16:02
sil2100No process changes, tried a few times and only the running-times were changing, no new PID16:02
sil2100I need to see what that upstart error might mean16:03
seb128having the exact string would help to grep16:04
seb128you might want to try to start upstart --user manually on a vt or in a non upstart graphical session (e.g waker) to see what that gives you16:05
sil2100For now I found the error string I'm getting in the upstart source code, in init/job_process.c in the job_process_child_reader() function - but that gives me not too many clues16:14
seb128xnox might be able to help you?16:14
xnoxhow far back do i need to read? =)16:18
seb1281 line16:18
seb128upstart error16:18
xnoxsil2100, ~/.cache/upstart/ can have clues16:19
xnoxcheck permissions of the home directory too16:19
xnoxthings dieing quickly and horible -> gl drivers missmatch? e.g. installing nvidia stuff on intel graphics and vice versa16:20
sil2100Too many files there, nothing super obvious16:20
xnoxsil2100, ls -latr16:20
sil2100No package changes have been made, I even reinstalled nouveau drivers just in case16:20
xnoxand look at the most recently updated. Like unit7.log and/or dbus.log16:20
xnoxalso do you have things in /var/crash ?16:21
xnoxsil2100, a good test is to try a guest session -> if that works, it's definately configs/permissions with the user account, rather than system wide stuff.16:22
sil2100Didn't work, the same thing16:22
sil2100In the upstart logs the only recent thing that makes sense is upstart-event-bridge, but it has no errors16:22
sil2100Let me check /var/crash, oh16:22
sil2100No, just some chroot-related crash from earlier16:23
sil2100Not sure what upstart was trying to spawn, it seems like some job process dies really fast (because of 'Resource temporarily unavailable') and just doesn't want to continue16:24
xnoxsil2100, so in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99upstart -> you can pass --debug to upstart16:27
xnoxthen you should know what upstart is trying to launch / fails to launch16:27
xnoxyou can remove ubuntu/unity sessions from /etc/upstart-xsessions to not use upstart user sessions16:28
xnoxbut i'm not sure if that is at all supported or works16:28
sil2100Where will the logs be visible then?16:28
xnoxxsession-errors as it goes to stderr16:28
sil2100Ah, ok, thanks :) Will try16:28
xnoxi hope you do not have any phone/touch stack enabled16:28
xnoxnor systemd user session ppas16:28
xnoxor broken ABI things installed from random overlay ppas.16:28
sil2100No, this is vanilla 16.04 (almost)16:29
sil2100Let me do a reboot16:31
xnoxi guess sil2100's desktop didn't make it after reboot16:48
sil2100xnox: hey, so I noticed something worrying when running upstart with --debug manually16:54
xnoxsil2100, go on =)16:54
sil2100xnox: I would like to pastebinit for you but eh, give me a moment, don't have the tools for that ;)16:55
sil2100But anyway, at one moment I see that upstart is trying to register something strange16:55
sil2100It says job_register: Registered instance /com/blablbabkla... and here seems to be like the path to a crash file that I have in /var/crash16:56
sil2100A pbuilder related crash file16:56
xnoxsudo rm -rf /var/crash/*16:56
xnoxit's probably trying to launch apport crash popup window which fails to launch.16:57
xnoxbut i'm sure there are more problems than just that.16:57
sil2100Actually that's it, it just works now - I was just wondering why upstart was trying to register that16:58
sil2100But forgot about the apport crash popups16:58
xnoxI'll have to go soon and be a human racket for a bit16:58
sil2100xnox: anyway, thanks for your help!16:58
sil2100seb128: you too!16:58
sil2100I have my system back up!16:58
seb128but weird, that was that file taking upstart in loop with gnome-session?16:59
seb128xnox, don't racket people it's not nice:!16:59
Laneyright, night!17:02
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jbichatiheum: ping17:31
willcookenight all17:42
TrevinhoLaney: there's a build failure with new gcc because of Werror=shift-count-overflow in libappstream...18:08
TrevinhoLaney: see https://launchpadlibrarian.net/279664815/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-armhf.unity_7.5.0+16.10.20160818-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz (only in some archs)18:08
TrevinhoLaney: is that something fixed upstream and that we can backport instead of workarounding that in unity?18:08

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