ducassegood morning everybody06:19
Bashing-omAhhh ,, great ,, the day crew is arriving . Hiya ducasse :)06:23
OerHeksheya ducasse06:25
ducasseeverybody good? :)06:45
Bashing-omJust 'bout to the point of retirement for the evening .06:49
ducassego get some sleep, Bashing-om06:50
Bashing-omsoon .. see how what I left hanging .. works out .. no bad job left undone .06:51
Bashing-omStill hang'n .. but no resolution in sight . gone gone is me :)07:13
BluesKaj'Morning all11:34
ducassewb BluesKaj, are you happy with the rpi3? i'm thinking of ordering one so i can use the rpi2 for experiments..11:40
daftykinsi solved the problem with my pi3 talking to my onkyo receiver, so it's a proper music streamer now11:42
BluesKajHI ducasse , I haven't formed an opinion yet ..not sure what I'm going to do with it next  :-)11:43
ducassehi, daftykins - how's the soldering going?11:54
daftykinsah i've done nothing since that motherboards capacitors11:54
ducasseBluesKaj: i use the rpi2 as a media box with openelec, would be nice with a bit more oomph though11:54
daftykinsi always hear the pi3 is a lot faster for Kodi but i wouldn't use one personally11:54
ducassei was thinking of replacing the rpi2 with a 3, and use the 2 for electronics tinkering11:55
ducassethe rpi3 still won't do hevc, which is a drawback11:55
daftykinsbut then HDR capable HEVC has only just been birthed really, some low power device will turn up eventually11:57
ducasseyes, the openelec people are sponsored by a company that makes one - wetek something, i think. looks nice, and has a proper remote and other things the rpi lacks.11:58
BluesKajyeah , already have kodi on this pc and it works well, no need for redundancy. I'm thinking of using the rpi3 as a pc/media system for my den..I still have an ethernet connection and monitor there11:58
daftykinsyay wired \o/11:59
daftykinsducasse: mmm i think they might even be kodi devs o0 or ex-devs11:59
ducassethe openelec people are doing a good job, it does the job well.12:01
daftykinsnah that project died, they all moved to libreelec i heard12:02
daftykinsbecause openelec is way behind on the release front12:02
ducassenews to me, last i heard was a new beta was coming?12:03
BluesKajalso have an old unresueable pc that should be sent to recyling ..never seem to get around to throwing thjose things out12:03
BluesKajunrescueable even12:05
daftykinshoping to reduce my collection very soon12:05
BluesKajspellcheck here is hopeless12:05
ducassealso have an old pc here i don't know what to do with, i've thrown out everything else. it quickly piles up :)12:07
BluesKajdaftykins, oh btw I tried libreelec, seemed ok , but too retrictive for my taste ..probly a good tv box OS if that's all one needs it for12:46
daftykinsBluesKaj: oh yeah, i only really consider Kodi for dedicated HTPCs to be honest, a fully OpenGL 10 foot UI program for a desktop or laptop app makes no sense to me :>16:34
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OerHeks... https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/powershell-is-open-sourced-and-is-available-on-linux/18:53
baizonand nobody will use it :D18:59
baizonbash > powershell18:59
Bashing-om"ksft: " .. *me* bangs head on table again .19:34
OerHeksoh, he is on 14.04 with LTS stack20:00
OerHekssilly we didn't know20:00
OerHeksohhh i love frankenstein-ubuntu20:06
daxI see why HWE is a thing, but it sure does make support harder.20:07
daxI assume 14.04 + xenial HWE = no fglrx?20:08
Bashing-omdax: No .. we are Nvidia .. have ben trying for 2 days to get the GUI to load with proprietary drivers .. uh huh .. HWE bites us back .. seems like .20:09
OerHeks.. vmware..20:18
daftykinsdax: yeah that's my deduction, due to the kernel version + x.org, but also you'll hit legacy status cards like a .nl fella we had in -uk earlier today21:26
daftykinsnot quite sure why they come in for support :(21:26

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