ricotzjbicha, hi, I am a bit sceptical about pushing all those 3.21/22 apps to yakkety without having the matching gtk+06:36
jbicharicotz: we should be ok if GNOME respects their freeze06:37
ricotzthose can easily still receive some 3.21 specific themeing tweaks or even use some newer symbols06:37
ricotzI hope they don't include some conditionals which would require a rebuild later06:38
jovaroHi! I could use some help troubleshooting an issue with the power settings in Ubuntu-Gnome 16.04 for my laptop07:21
jovaroin the gnome-tweak-tool I choose under 'Power', Power Button Action: Interactive; When lid closed: Suspend07:22
jovaroBut what happens is, for the button: suspend. For the lid: nothing07:22
jovaroare there some other settings somewhere maybe that influence this?07:23
mgedminafaiu when the gnome session is running, systemd delegates all power decisions to it07:26
mgedminotherwise it has its own config somewhere in /etc07:26
mgedminI'm running ubuntu-gnome 16.04, and my laptop goes to sleep when I close the lid07:26
mgedminpower button I haven't tried recently07:27
jovaroI'll have a look if I can find anything in /etc/systemd07:27
mgedmin/etc/systemd/logind.conf is the relevant file07:28
mgedminstill, it should be gnome handling these things07:29
jovaroit says suspend there as well07:29
jovarofor the lid I mean07:30
jovarobut there is also LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=yes. I am not sure what that means?07:30
mgedminis it uncommented?07:30
jovaroah no, everything there is commented07:30
mgedminit means closing the lid will always suspend, even if some app says "please don't suspend"07:32
jovaroah I see, thanks for the info07:32
mgedminhave you looked at log messages with journalctl?  what appears where when you close the lid?07:32
jovaroI'll check it out07:33
jovarook first the kernel says unknown key pressed07:37
jovaroand then systemd says Lid closed07:37
jovarohere is everything in journalctl when closing and opening the lid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23066632/07:40
jovaroat the moment there is an external monitor connected, but the behavior is the same when it isn't (Suspend even if external monitor is connected is set to On)07:42
mgedminhere's mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23066640/07:42
mgedminbut I actually unplugged my external monitor just before closing the lid07:42
jovaroI'll do the same just to be sure07:43
mgedmingsettings list-recursively org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power says here:07:44
mgedminlid-close-suspend-with-external-monitor false07:44
mgedminlid-close-ac-action 'suspend', lid-close-battery-action 'suspend'07:45
jovaroOk, the unknown key message from the kernel and then Lid closed from systemd07:45
jovarogsettings is the same here apart from the external-monitor-line07:46
jovaroso maybe it is related to the unknown key message from the kernel than07:47
jovarothis seems to be common for HP laptops, reading a bug report now : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/157412007:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1574120 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Notebook doesn't suspend when lid is closed after update to 16.04" [Medium,Confirmed]07:52
mgedmininteresting workaround in #5!07:53
mgedminTIL about systemd-inhibit07:55
mgedminamazing redundancy07:56
jovarowhat does TIL mean?07:56
mgedmintwo separate inhibitors for "multiple displays attached", one from my session, and one from the gdm login session that is always running in the new gnome architecture why god why07:56
mgedminTIL = "Today I Learned"07:57
mgedminso if I understand things correctly, changing the "suspend when external monitor connected" switch in tweak tool does nothing07:57
mgedminbecause the background gdm login session that also runs gnome will inhibit the suspend anyway07:57
jovaroI'll give the workaround a try, that requires a reboot right?08:05
jovarook that works08:14
mgedminit's a shame logind doesn't emit a "not suspending because <reason>" message08:15
mgedminwould make this sort of issue easier to debug08:15
jovaronow it suspends, with or without monitor plugged in, regardless of the external monitor setting in the gnome-tweak-tool08:19
mgedminbecause LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=yes is default, according to the logind.conf manual page08:23
jovaroI am note sure I am getting it, so the option in the gnome-tweak-tool will never work because of the default value in the logind.conf file?08:28
mgedminAFAIU yes :/08:29
mgedminone of the reasons why it will never work is that08:30
mgedmin(the other reason is the background gdm session that issues its own inhibitions)08:30
jovarowonderful :/08:30
jovaroI changed the value in the logind.conf file now, let's see what happens08:31
jovarono difference08:35
jovarobut with an external monitor, the computer shouldn't suspend right? Because of the default value of LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited and also because of the background gdm session?08:37
jovarothe workaround was to suspend even when docked, so systemd probably believes that the laptop is docked permanently08:45
jovaromgedmin, do you have a /sys/devices/platform/dock.0/docked file?08:47
jovarook, there we have it then probably08:47
mgedminit says 0 inside08:47
jovaroI don't08:48
mgedminin fact I have three dock.* directories, all of which have docked with a 0 inside08:48
pchooHi all, has anyone got any advice on installing Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 on an optimus laptop?08:49
jovaroI don't have any dock.* directories.. I'll google a bit on that08:49
jovaromgedmin, could you check the value of /proc/sys/vm/laptop-mode ?08:58
mgedminno such file08:58
mgedmin/proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode says 008:59
jovarosorry, wrong -_ :)08:59
jovarook thanks, thats the same for me08:59
damolimaHow do I resize a "Movies" window?09:23
damolimaHow do I find the name / command of a program that uses a translated, generic name?09:23
mgedminyou can alt-rightclick-drag anywhere in the window to resize any (resizable) window09:26
mgedminthis is customizable and I don't remember what the defaults are; could be alt-middleclick-drag09:27
mgedmincould be super-{middle/right}click-drag09:27
mgedminor you could grab it by the (invisible) border, just outside the window, where the mouse cursor changes shape09:27
mgedminagain, this assumes the window is resizable09:27
mgedminMovies -- is that Totem or what?09:27
mgedminre: 2nd question -- one trick (if you're not using wayland) is to run xprop in a terminal, click on the window, then look at the properties09:28
mgedminWM_CLASS is often helpful09:28
mgedmin_NET_WM_PID gives you the pid you can then look up with ps09:28
mgedminto get the full command09:28
damolimaxprop wors, thanks, and yes it's totem.09:57
damolimaWhy would a window support maximize but not resize? They're not fullscreen so it cannot be a fixed resolution. Is there any way to force it to beP10:03
damolimaAlt+middle +drag worked, THANK YOU!10:05
damolimaID still like to enable borders, I know "normal" CSS but not where in the theme to look. But that's less important now.10:09
damolimaSorry for being so slow to respond.10:10
FuraiHey, how can I debug ubuntu gnome dash? I have two custom installed versions of firefox, normal and dev one. I have for both dekstop entries.20:45
FuraiBut when I luaunch dev version it shows up as the normal firefox.20:45
jbichacheck the Exec= line of your firefox dev .desktop20:51
jcjordyn120is there a ubuntu-gnome offtopic channel?22:12
jbichathis channel isn't very talkative22:13
jcjordyn120oh okay22:13

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