alkisgflexiondotorg: for large deployments, which version would you suggest? Which one is more supported? The stock 1.12 found in xenial, or 1.14 found in the PPA? If it's the second one, maybe we can file a bug report to backport it to xenial-backports?05:37
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raspberry hi, does anyone here know how to get ubuntu mate recognise homemade joystick? I connected my joystick to the raspberry via SPI and it works, but I need the system to know that it is a joystick and don't know how to achieve that07:36
tioxraspberry: Had you checked to see if it's a recognized xinput device?07:39
tioxxevent, rather.07:39
tioxSorry, got my Microsofts and Linuxes mixed.07:40
raspberryI'm not sure if I understant you. When I type ls /dev/input in the terminal there is no joystick visible07:42
tioxYou can also see if it appears in jstest-gtk; do 'sudo apt install jstest-gtk' and see if it shows when you run jstest-gtk07:43
tioxIf it does not, there was another testing tool but I forgot exactly what it was.07:43
raspberryok installing it right now07:43
raspberryin the screen Joystick Preferences I have no device07:45
raspberrydoesn't that tool for USB joysticks only? because I have it connected via GPIO07:45
tiox...Oh. Hrm. I have no experience with Pis, I just assumed you made it work via USB 2.007:46
raspberryno, because the joysticks that I was given by my boss have to be connected to the GPIO and additionaly with a help of MCP300807:47
tioxHm. Well, had you read this article? https://learn.adafruit.com/retro-gaming-with-raspberry-pi/buttons07:47
raspberryI think yes, because I'm searching info for about 3 days right now. The problem is that my device will not be for games, but for the drone control co articles about retro-gaming doesn't help much07:48
tioxIt's not the most neutral of articles, since adafruit is pshing their software at the end after the build section but it should give you some idea.07:48
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raspberrymoreover from what I remember joysticks that are in those tutorials are connecter each button to its own GPIO which is also far different from what I have07:49
tioxBest thing I can give you.07:50
tioxI have zero expertise in your situation.07:50
raspberryhmm thanks there are some articles that I haven't read yet. Mainly I was searching "how to make GPIO joystick visible on linux" or something like "making own GPIO joystick"07:51
tioxBut, I am adept enough with Google to maybe help myself. Hopefully that search result yielded something.07:51
alkisgraspberry: I think this channel is mostly for desktop environment issues, while for gpio and pi programming it would be best to ask in the #raspberrypi channel07:52
tioxI was going to mention that but I had to give it a shot.07:54
raspberryalkisg yeah, I think you are right, but I've been asking there too yesterday and nobody answered07:54
tioxYeah, that's pretty sucky.07:55
tioxSometimes the right channel don't give you the right help. Damn shame.07:55
alkisgraspberry: I think you basically want to create a linux kernel module to make a joystick out of gpio events07:55
tioxBeen there myself.07:55
alkisgIf that's the case, yeah, even raspberrypi won't be enough for your needs, you'd need to read up on how to create kernel modules07:55
tioxWelp, going to scoot off and do some things elsewhere.07:56
tioxNice talkin',07:56
alkisgbb tiox07:56
raspberryThe problem is that I've heard that the APM Planner has all necessary code to control a drone, but it has to recognize that the joystick is connected to the system. If I would like to write my own code then there will be no problem because I've made for example one of those joysticks to be a mouse07:58
alkisgraspberry: here is an example of what I'm saying, this person created a kernel module to implement a joystick in rpi: https://github.com/recalbox/mk_arcade_joystick_rpi08:02
raspberryhmm so I need to create my own kernel module? Don't know if it isn't too hard for me, but I will try08:04
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kopiascould someone help me why when i press fn+up (brighness up) it also inputs this character: "±"10:41
kopiasany tips howto debug this would be great10:42
kopiasthis charater is useless for me so maybe dirty way would be to remove it from charater map, but i dont know howto10:42
kopiasits lenovo u550 laptop on ubuntu mate 16.0410:43
nightwing09how to download themes for mate?11:37
jinsampiany korean?11:53
jinsampiAny korean here?11:54
jinsampitlqkf dkaneh djqtsi11:55
ouroumov!ko | jinsampi12:08
ubottujinsampi: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko12:08
DarkPsydeLordhi terrans!15:03
rahtgazlol! I didn't want to reply to stevecook on the forums, because it would derail the thread too much, but if people actually voted in Britain, instead of having close to a 70% abstention rate, they wouldn't even be facing the Brexit16:00
LangleyHello, I have some problems playing video on my external TV: SMplayer wont output any audio, unless I have played a video with VLC first. I would just use VLC, but it's not filling the window out in full screen16:33
LangleyOh I fixed VLC, but still dont know about SMplayer16:36
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snietfeldAnyone know how to remap CapsLock to Ctrl? New to MATE and none of the regular methods (gnome-tweak-tool, gsettings) seem to work.18:37
nomicyou can remap keys18:44
nomicusing linux cmd18:44
nomictrouble is18:44
nomiccapslock is always a bit dfferent18:44
nomiccos its not like other keys18:44

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