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alan_ggreyback: have you looked at this? (I'm tempted to update, but won't if a review is already in progress) https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/spike-miral-qt-integration/+merge/30316510:51
greybackalan_g: I had a brief look this morning over coffee, was going to review proper after lunch.10:52
greybackwelcome to update it10:52
greybackI mostly was thinking of plan for action to test it out10:52
alan_ggreyback: updated, now you plan can test the combined changes10:55
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alan_ggreyback: did you ever look into the crash I see when apps close?11:42
greybackalan_g: not yet, but the current work I'm doing touches that code so I hope to fix it that way11:43
alan_gOK, I was thinking of poking around, but it clearly isn't the right time just now.11:44
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greybackalan_g: could you do me a favour and check if this compiles ok for you (with MIRAL_ENABLE_TESTS=1): lp:~gerboland/miral/use-cmake-extras13:36
alan_ggreyback: sure. 2 min13:37
greybackI'm getting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23067425/ which I'm presuming is due to my custom mir build (with test LTO disabled)13:39
alan_ggreyback: that's bug 160308013:40
ubot5bug 1603080 in mir (Ubuntu) "mirtest-dev provides an incorrect .pc file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160308013:40
alan_gIt's your own fault for not reporting mirtest-dev bugs when you got it.13:41
greybackI only got that now!13:41
greybackinstead I was getting fail on gtest.a not existing13:41
alan_gHm cmake not happy: "cannot create target "gtest" because another target of the same name exists"13:46
* alan_g suspects a conflict with miral/test13:46
alan_ggreyback: it works on its own, but conflicts with miral/test's gtest stuff.13:49
greybackalan_g: you're on yakkety, right?13:50
alan_gAt least for that trial13:51
greybackit works well for me on xenial+overlay, no conflict. I'll  try yakkety13:51
alan_gOops I mean you can't have both -DMIRAL_ENABLE_TESTS=on and -DMIRAL_ENABLE_QT=ON13:53
greybackalan_g: ah, I see what you mean13:54
greybackyeah, that's step 213:54
greybackfor me, I just hit the fact that Ninja doesn't like the GMock/test script shipped in miral13:54
alan_gAnyway, you just need to hack your mirtest.pc file to build for yourself13:55
* alan_g switches back to xenial (without overlay)13:57
alan_ggreyback: are you planning to fix the conflict with miral-qt?14:00
greybackalan_g: I'm working on it now14:01
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