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balloonspitti, more questions about juju-core :-) Thanks for the response about access, I felt like it was open as I saw the proxy, but we weren't sure. Anyways, still looking for an autopkgtest run: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/yakkety/update_excuses.html#juju-core14:19
balloonsyou can see I removed 32-bit arches as we don't support them. This I think is holding the package?14:20
pittiballoons: right, they need to be removed from -release, not (just) -proposed14:38
pittiballoons: and their reverse dependencies too (conjure-up, charm, charm-tools)14:39
pittiballoons: i. e. this at least requires an upload of charm14:40
pittiballoons: but still, are you sure that's the right solution? nobody cares about powerpc, but i386 and armhf are quite important arches14:41
balloonspitti, well given the amount of work you are laying out, no. But if we hit build issues on arches we don't support (like the ppc issue that triggered this), we can get stuck it seems14:42
balloonsso what would you suggest? even to remove powerpc it sounds like we'd have to change charm and charm tools14:48
balloonspitti, ^^ any thoughts? If we just leave it alone, is there any alternatives when a build breaks?15:37
xnoxballoons, archive admins can remove binaries from the release pocket of development series. Thus a package with failing powerpc can migrate.16:51
xnoxand continue migrate until next time powerpc manages to build again.16:51
xnoxthe problem is not in failing to build, the problem is in regression of previously building. Which can be tweaked.16:51
xnoxnot so much luck with released series. e.g. xenial. Because released pocket is frozen after release and never changed.16:52
balloonsxnox, right. This affects both xenial and yakkety, and we want to SRU back to xenial where it also fails to build16:54
balloonsxnox, so given that xenial is frozen actually, we have to fix the ppc build. There's really no way to land without doing that?16:55
xnoxballoons, so imho just talk to slangasek. there shouldn't be a need to change packages.16:55
xnoxlet it continue to fail to build on powerpc16:55
xnoxand one can fiddle on the archive things for it to migrate (in yakkety case)16:55
xnoxand release sru (in xenial case)16:55
xnoxhowever slangasek is afk atm, so email him.16:56
pittiballoons: the obvious alternative is to fix it :)16:58
pittiballoons: as the previous version builds, and we have porter boxes, doing a git bisect should be fairly straightforward to see what broke it?16:59
balloonspitti, is there a way for me to run a different build on a ppc box without uploading an entire new package?17:00
balloonsI have an idea on what is breaking it17:00
balloonsthe bigger issue is that we may run into issues where we don't have an updated version of go or a dependency building on powerpc, and thus we could get stuck on releasing juju. So I was thinking of aligning the package with our intended client support17:01
pittiballoons: "ssh porter-powerpc.canonical.com"?17:01
balloonsI've never worked with those boxes17:02
* balloons tries17:02
pittiit has xenial and yakkety chroots17:02
pittiI'm afraid I don't have any other powerpc machine either; infinity might have some17:03
pittiballoons: anyway, for y at least it would be acceptable to remove the powerpc binaries of juju-core and its rdepends (which is just one AFAICS), so not insurmountable17:03
pittibut obviously we prefer to actually keep it working, especially if the breakage is very recent17:04
pittiis there no useful error message in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/279211511/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-powerpc.juju-core_2.0~beta15-0ubuntu1.16.10.1_BUILDING.txt.gz ?17:05
* pitti can't see any, but then again I have 0 experience with go..17:05
balloonspitti, ack. I will make an effort to find out exactly what is broken and try and fix it. Given xenial is set, it seems like continuing to support 'all' arches is the easiest path, despite us not actively supporting those clients17:05
* pitti back to dinner, bbl17:05
balloonspitti, it's abstract yes. But I believe it's an old dependency on ppc17:06
balloonspitti, night! ty17:06

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