infinityjbicha: Problem solved by me reviewing and accepting libgnome-games-support.06:56
jbichainfinity: thank you06:57
infinityjbicha: Minor nitpick, debian/copyright assigns copyright of debian/* to upstream (ie: there's a block for *, but no debian/* block), but if that's standard in the GNOME packaging, I don't really care.06:58
infinityAnd 99% of debian/ isn't copyrightable in most jurisdictions anyway.06:58
infinityjbicha: Otherwise, looked good.06:58
jbichayeah, I prefer to let upstream keep the copyright06:59
infinityjbicha: Binaries looked good too.  Enjoy.07:06
oSoMoNwhy does `sudo do-release-upgrade -d` say there’s no new release found when I run it on 16.04.1 ? Shouldn’t it offer yakkety for upgrade?09:23
infinityoSoMoN: What is Prompt set to in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ?09:26
oSoMoNit’s set to "lts"09:26
infinityoSoMoN: I'm going to assume 'lts'09:26
infinityoSoMoN: Right, yakkety isn't an LTS.  So, there you go.09:26
oSoMoNinfinity, thanks, I didn’t know of that option09:27
infinityoSoMoN: It's a twiddle in the Software Properties UI (and in the config file, obviously).  If you install with an LTS, it defaults to LTS, to avoid downgrading people's support length surprisingly.09:28
oSoMoNthat makes sense09:28
Mirvinfinity: Laney: our machinery of not allowing Publish button to work apparently did not work since there is now a new UITK in proposed. just FYI since either something should be done about it or ok for a new delay from that (mostly running unity8 test and possibly rerunning if flaky, running takes 2-3h)09:28
infinityMirv: S'ok, I had to redo my kernel hack, so we're still waiting on that to clear the pipe.09:31
infinityMirv: Come hell or highwater, this mess will migrate today, or I'm stabbing someone. :)09:33
infinityI don't even care who.09:33
LaneyI'll stab a rebuild of unity8 with all-proposed against it once it's published09:34
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sergiusensbdmurray hi there, can you accept snapcraft 2.15 into xenial-proposed please?15:40
argessergiusens: bdmurray i got it16:32
sergiusensoh thanks arges16:32

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